Chapter 365: Human Effort Is The Decisive Factor

As for what was going on with Lu Qing, Xia Ning did not know what to comment at this moment.

At least they were colleagues before. To be in this situation made her heart ache a little, but people had different goals in life.

“Don’t be mad. Wait till I’m back to deal with this,” Xia Ning said suddenly.

But Zheng Ziming was not happy. “We can’t wait for you to go back and then deal with it. Otherwise, they’ll think they have their way. I’ll stay with you for one more day and go back to S City the day after tomorrow. Once I’m done dealing with everything, I’ll come back and see you.”

Xia Ning knew Zheng Ziming’s determination, so she nodded. “Fine.”

With her here, Qiao Yu probably would not show up in front of her all the time. His moves were so lame this time. It was definitely something she had done before.

However, she still felt somewhat different. As for what it was, she could not really tell.

Not too far away, He Jun heard Zheng Ziming and Xia Ning’s conversation. But he did not want to say anything and was ready to leave.

Just then, Zhang Tingting walked over and darted a look towards Xia Ning and Zheng Ziming’s direction. She asked, “What’s going on? It seems to be quite a scene over there just now.”

He Jun took a look at her. “Better not probe into these things.”

“I’m not doing anything, just curious. Tell me please,” Zhang Tingting asked. “What happened? Were they in a fight?”

“No. It seemed to be related to the agency and her manager. Young Master Zheng is going back the day after tomorrow,” He Jun answered. This was definitely not confidential, so it would be okay for him to share.

Zhang Tingting nodded. “Oh, that’s why. It must be a big deal.”

“But this Xia Ning is good as well. She’s the second-biggest shareholder of an entertainment company at such a young age,” He Jun sighed with awe. They could be working hard for their entire life but still end up being second or third-tier actors.

Zhang Tingting looked towards Xia Ning’s direction and did not speak.

So what if she is the second-biggest shareholder? Who knew where the shares were from. Some people were born rich but some were not.

Qiao Yu was learning from Director Zeng but he suddenly got a message.

He opened his phone and clicked in. It was a photo in which Zheng Ziming was hugging Xia Ning. The background was dark but he could still identify the people!

There was a line below, ‘President Qiao, are you willing to see your own woman getting hugged by another man?’

“What’s going on?” Zeng Jun next to him asked as he saw Qiao Yu staring at the phone in silence with a straight face.

Qiao Yu took back his gaze and turned to Zeng Jun. “Nothing, just work. It’s fixed. Director Zeng, please go on.”

Zeng Jun took a look at Xia Ning who was not too far away and said suddenly, “She’s just like her father, stubborn and determined. Once they make decisions, it’s hard to change.”

Qiao Yu followed Zeng Jun’s eyes and Xia Ning’s slender figure immediately stuck in his brain.

“I thought I was like that as well. Anything I decided could not be changed,” Qiao Yu said suddenly. He turned to Zeng Jun and Zeng Jun looked back at him as well. “Therefore, I believe that human effort is the decisive factor!”

If she could do it, he would also be able to do it.

In SE Entertainment, two people came out of the elevator.

Lu Qing saw Fu Yao in a youthful and lively outfit, and said with a smile, “Your outfit is nice today. When you see Director Xu later, do a good job. Director Xu really likes young and lively girls. Don’t be boring like Xia Ning.”

Fu Yao smiled slightly and said with determination, “Sister Lu Qing, rest assured. I won’t let you down!”