Chapter 366: Make Fu Yao A Star

The location for the audition was in a hall on the third floor of a five-star hotel. The audition is for the role of the female lead of a youth idol drama.

That was partly why Fu Yao was dressed in a very youthful and bright outfit, looking somewhat like a student. Normally, the roles for youth idol dramas need the young and pretty. Otherwise, people would say they found aunties to play girls.

Of course, there were actresses who had young looks with good acting skills. That would be a different story.

There were a lot of people on the fifth floor. Because Director Xu only required a young actress with good acting skills and he did not care about the actress’s popularity, many managers brought their own newcomers with potential for the audition.

Even though Director Xu was used to making youth idol dramas that many people on the Internet would call crazy as hell, the dramas still had good ratings. Whoever played major roles in his shows would always become stars.

“This one didn’t send a script beforehand. You have to pay attention later.” Lu Qing pulled Fu Yao inside and reminded her as they were walking.

Fu Yao nodded with a smile. “Sister Lu Qing, don’t worry. I’m all prepared. This kind of role is not very challenging.”

Lu Qing looked at Fu Yao’s confident look and nodded. Artists should be like Fu Yao, whose thoughts were all written on her face, unlike Xia Ning who would hide everything in her heart without telling her manager.

Did she ever think of her as her manager?! Well, she was the second-biggest shareholder, why would she take her seriously?

“Ah, Sister Lu Qing from SE? Come on in, come on in.” The receptionist at the door knew Lu Qing, so she smiled and welcomed them.

Because Xia Ning was exposed to the public before, Lu Qing was also investigated by many as well. No matter what a loser she was before, with Xia Ning in her hand, she would not have to worry about her career.

The receptionist looked towards Lu Qing’s back. Why was her Goddess not here?

Ever since she saw Xia Ning’s sharp words against the reporters, she became a big fan.

“Sister Lu Qing, why is Xia Ning not here?” The receptionist asked.

Lu Qing darted a look at the girl in front of her and frowned. “I don’t think I need to explain it to you.” As she spoke, she walked directly towards the inside.

The receptionist was surprised. She moved out of the way to let her in.

Fu Yao took a look at the receptionist and said with a smile, “Sister Xia Ning is out filming a movie. She can’t make it.”

The receptionist saw the two walking past her and her face was not looking good. What the heck? Did she start to give people attitudes now that Xia Ning got famous?

To be honest, if it was not for Xia Ning, she would never have recognized her.

Previously, Lemon’s fans were saying her manager was not good and that was why she got all the dirt. Now that she saw this, no wonder.

Plus, as she knew, the invitation was sent to Xia Ning. What did she mean by taking a newcomer with her? It couldn’t be that she wanted to use Xia Ning’s fame to help the newcomer?

What a stupid manager!

As she was thinking, the receptionist’s face changed a little. She took out her phone and took a photo of Lu Qing and Fu Yao immediately.

Lu Qing took Fu Yao in. Many noticed the two.

But seeing that it was not Xia Ning, many actresses and their managers felt relieved.

They’ve heard that Director Xu invited Xia Ning specifically to the audition. What kind of honor was that?

Lu Qing noticed the people around them were looking over and felt proud. How long has it been since she enjoyed this kind of attention? As long as she can make Fu Yao a star, there will definitely more eyes on her.

Looking around, Lu Qing found Director Xu’s seat and walked over directly.