Chapter 367: Absolutely Worth It!

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Director Xu was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties. His real name was Xu Zhenghua. He had directed a lot of popular youth idol shows and was very famous in the domestic show industry. Did he have an inflexible personality? Not really. In fact, he was kind of unruly.

At this moment, he was sitting in the judge’s seat and discussing something with people around him.

“Director Xu, how are you?” Lu Qing walked to the front and reached her hand out to Director Xu. “I’m Lu Qing, manager from SE Entertainment. I brought with me Fu Yao from our company to do the audition. Please take care of her.”

Fu Yao walked up as well and said, “Director Xu, hello. I’m Fu Yao. Nice to meet you.”

Director Xu looked up at Lu Qing and darted a look at Fu Yao. He then nodded. “How are you?” After that, he turned to the people around him again.

“Let me tell you. The sittings here need…”

Lu Qing found that Director Xu not talking to her and her face turned a bit ugly. She only came because she got his invitation. What kind of attitude was that?

“Director Xu, we brought Fu Yao here specifically for the audition. You know the artists from our SE are always of very good quality. She will not let you down.”

Suddenly, Director Xu turned to the assistant next to him. “Didn’t I tell you already? Anyone who’s here for the audition needs to line up in the front. Did you pass this along? I don’t care about face here, only order and principles matter!”

Lu Qing heard this and her expression turned even worse. So Director Xu was not taking her seriously. What did he mean by only order mattered? If that was the case, why would he send a special invitation to them?

Even Fu Yao was slightly panicked in her heart. So this Director Xu was not really happy with her?!

The assistant darted a look at Lu Qing and then said to Director Xu in a low voice, “Director, these two came with your special invitation. That’s why we did not stop them.”

Director Xu looked up again at Lu Qing. “I remembered I invited Xia Ning. Where’s Xia Ning?”

“You probably know that Xia Ning is in the middle of filming Director Zeng’s movie,” Lu Qing answered. “She doesn’t have time to come, so she recommended the SE newcomer with the most potential to take her place.”

Hearing this, Director Xu’s expression turned bad. He stared at Lu Qing. “What do you mean? Are you saying my TV show is not as important as Zeng Jun’s movie, so Xia Ning just put me off like this?”

Lu Qing heard this and her expression changed slightly. She suddenly realized what she just said could lead Director Xu into thinking that Xia Ning looked down upon his script. Before she could speak, Director Xu’s voice sounded again.

“The special invitation is annulled. This entire show will not use anyone from SE.”

Fu Yao heard that and looked at Lu Qing at once. What was going on now?

Lu Qing’s heart dropped. She rushed to say, “Director Xu, this is all Xia Ning’s fault. How could this affect all the other artists at our SE? Weren’t you happy with SE’s artists before?”

Director Xu’s face was cold. He did not speak.

Lu Qing knew it was her chance. She continued, “Director Xu, Xia Ning is never good at listening to me. She wants to be popular, to become the Movie Queen and I can’t really stop her. See, I know you invited her for the audition and was afraid that you would get mad at her for not coming. Therefore, I brought SE’s most talented newcomer here for the audition. Give her a chance. If you don’t like her, just take it as we never showed up today. If she is suitable for the role, isn’t that perfect?”

The person who did not come today was Xia Ning and it had nothing to do with them. Sacrificing Xia Ning’s name to help others would be absolutely worth it!