Chapter 368: You Are Definitely Not Xia Ning’s Manager

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Director Xu darted a look at Lu Qing and then at Fu Yao who was standing there nervously. He frowned a little. “Since you are already here, then…”

Before he could finish, the assistant next to him said suddenly, “Director Xu, your phone call.”

Director Xu took the phone, stood up and went to the side to take the call.

Fu Yao stared at Director Xu’s back view and said to Lu Qing in a low voice, “Sister Lu Qing…”

Seeing the worry in Fu Yao’s eyes, Lu Qing replied in a low voice, “Don’t be nervous. Director Xu was already heading in the right direction just now. Just be your best self later.”

Fu Yao heard this and was so happy in her heart. She nodded at once. “Of course!”

On the other side, after Director Xu took the call, he came back and continued to read the script.

Lu Qing saw Director Xu’s attitude and was a bit confused. She said with a smile immediately, “Director Xu, so we’ll line up over there and wait for the audition.”

“Didn’t I just say? I will not use anyone from SE for this show,” Director Xu said coldly.

Lu Qing’s expression changed slightly. She said unpleasantly, “Director Xu, Xia Ning was the one who offended you. It was not Fu Yao! You can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.”

Director Xu looked up at Lu Qing and frowned slightly. “I’m asking you to leave. Didn’t you hear me?”

Lu Qing was a bit deflated by Director Xu’s cold and sharp eyes.

But Fu Yao was not willing to give up. She said directly, “Director Xu, are you saying that as long as that person is not Xia Ning, you will not use her? I debuted just a year later than Xia Ning. Both of us are newcomers. So why can you only see her and not me, Director Xu? If I get this role, I will definitely do better than her.”

Lu Qing looked at Fu Yao next to her in shock. She did not expect her to be so daring as to say this in front of Director Xu.

Since Fu Yao was this determined, she, as the manager, should, of course, be on her side.

“Director Xu, I’m their manager and I know the two better than you. Xia Ning is getting better resources just because she’s SE’s shareholder. Fu Yao is the one that you should really use.”

Director Xu frowned slightly. He turned to the assistant next to him. “Isn’t the audition starting soon? Clear the room.”

The assistant said at once, “Yes!”

Seeing that Director Xu was still holding the same attitude as before, Lu Qing got upset as well. “Director Xu, what on earth do you want? You sent the invitation but you won’t let us do the audition now!”

“I was inviting Xia Ning, not anyone else from SE.” Director Xu glanced at Lu Qing coldly. “I want Xia Ning only.”

Everyone was curious about what Lu Qing was saying to Director Xu. Now that it was a big scene here now, people started to look over.

From their angle, Lu Qing was just a manager who was taking advantage of the fame of one of her new artists. She did not respect others and started to outrightly threaten the director with another newcomer.

She definitely didn’t know her place!

Fu Yao could not take the fact that they were being kicked out. Plus, she could feel the ironic scrutiny at her from others around them, as if she was the Ugly Duckling.

“Director Xu, I don’t know what’s so good about Xia Ning. She has so much dirt on her and her acting skills are not as good as others say. She’s not suitable for this TV show at all.’

Lu Qing heard this and followed immediately, “Yeah, Director Xu, Xia Ning is really not a good fit for this show. On the contrary, Fu Yao has a clean background without any gossips. Also her acting skills…”

Director Xu looked at Lu Qing and said suddenly, “Now I believe that you are definitely not Xia Ning’s manager.”