Chapter 370: Dirt Magnet

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Just as Xia Ning was painstakingly shooting the movie in W Province, a piece of news surfaced online out of the blue.

The manager of a newcomer with the last name X brought another of her new actress to make a scene at an audition, forcing the director to use his people.

The conclusion from the news is that someone is getting famous and people under her started to be divas as well.

So who was this newcomer with the last name X? There were a few actresses with the last name starting with X.

The power of netizens should not be underestimated. No, it was more like whoever leaked the news was very powerful.

Soon, someone narrowed the targets down to the actresses who went to Director Xu’s audition.

Someone quickly found out that Director Xu specifically invited Xia Ning from SE Entertainment to the audition. But that day, Xia Ning’s manager brought a newcomer from SE and said that Xia Ning did not have time for TV shows and that was why she brought another newcomer to replace her as the female lead.

It was obvious that she was saying a female lead role in a TV show did not impress Xia Ning and she thought another newcomer actress would be good enough. She was definitely not respecting Director Xu’s work and not even Director Xu himself.

People were normally very interested in this kind of gossips, but this time…

“I was wondering why Xia Ning did not get any dirt lately. So it’s because she’s in W Province shooting a movie. But since she’s already in W province, why would someone try to stir the water? She’s really a dirt magnet.”

“Why would everyone think about Xia Ning whenever there’s new gossip? I just don’t understand. She doesn’t really look like a b*tch.”

“Agreed. But I have a theory. Maybe everyone is waiting to see those who are behind the gossip being slapped hard in the face.”

“Have you been bought over by Xia Ning? Her manager and junior went to the set and made a big fuss. A lot of people saw it. Her personality is questionable and her manager and the people around her are just so-so.”

“I think it’s just so tiring to be Xia Ning’s fan. She’s just bringing bad things upon herself as a result of her bad character. I definitely think Xia Ning is not what she looks like.”

Half of the people were questioning Xia Ning but the other half trusted her.

When Xia Ning saw the news online, she had been sleeping in the hotel.

She knew it was not that simple. Lu Qing really disappointed her.

She was thinking that even if they had to part ways, they could still maintain the peace on the surface. Therefore, she thought that they could use the time to calm down. But it didn’t seem like she understood her intention.

“Asteria, I regret keeping Lu Qing in the company so much!” Zheng Ziming blamed himself. “I didn’t expect her to be like this. When Song Xiaoyun left, she told me Lu Qing couldn’t achieve a lot with her dark thoughts and control freak problem. That was why she left SE. Because with such a manager, she would not be able to go far.” He thought it was just Song Xiaoyun’s excuse.

Xia Ning darted a look at him and curled her lips. “It’s not too late to find out. I didn’t really lose anything because of her.”

Zheng Ziming exhaled a little. “The dirt this time was a surprise. Don’t worry. I’ll go back now and take care of it.”

“Don’t be so nervous!” Xia Ning turned to Zheng Ziming. “I know what I’m doing.”

Zheng Ziming frowned and said in a low voice, “Leave this to me. You should focus on the movie.”

“Are you leaving tomorrow?” Xia Ning asked.

Zheng Ziming answered, “Yeah.”

“Be careful then,” Xia Ning said. “I’ll come back as soon as I’m done.”

Zheng Ziming nodded. “Sure. I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Late at night, in a parking garage under a hotel, a few shadows were acting sneaky.

After some time, a somber voice sounded.

“I don’t believe she’ll be able to survive this!”