Chapter 371: Make Sure She’s SafeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

While the Internet was accusing Xia Ning of being a diva, Fu Yao and Lu Qing were not exactly enjoying their lives either.

In the condo, Fu Yao was sitting on the couch looking nervously at Lu Qing, who was browsing her phone with a serious face.

“Sister Lu Qing, what do we do now? Many people on the Internet are badmouthing us. If more take this side, we are done for, right?” Fu Yao pressed her lips together and her face was full of panic.

She wanted to be famous but she did not want to be thrown dirt at.

Had she known earlier, she would not have said anything along with Lu Qing. Then perhaps, it wouldn’t have made it to the Internet.

Lu Qing looked at the comments online with a cold face. There were people saying bad things about Xia Ning but there were also many people calling her, the manager, outrageous. Xia Ning’s fans especially were saying she was the one using Xia Ning’s name to make a fuss, sullying her name.

What kind of joke was this? Without her, there would not be the Xia Ning today.

“What are you afraid of?” Lu Qing glared at Fu Yao all of a sudden and said. “Even if the sky falls, there will be someone holding it. Plus, the Internet is not focusing on us right now.”

Fu Yao looked at Lu Qing and said with hesitation, “Sister Lu Qing, you are saying…”

Lu Qing sneered. “This is not our fault at all. It was Xia Ning who didn’t think much of Director Xu’s script. That was why she asked you to go.”

Fu Yao looked surprised. She darted a look at Lu Qing and nodded. “Sister Lu Qing, you are right. It was Xia Ning who asked me to go to the audition instead of her.” But she was still somewhat hesitant in her heart. “But what if Xia Ning and her people knows? Will it be…”

“Don’t forget, Young Master Zheng is not in S City. As long as I don’t help, no one will come and clarify for her.”

Seeing the determination in Lu Qing’s eyes, Fu Yao nodded without saying anything else.

But she was extremely scared in her heart. She thought Lu Qing and Xia Ning were very close before and did not expect her to be so ruthless when it was time to turn against Xia Ning.

Good thing she was not her enemy.

But at least, with her cousin’s help, Lu Qing would probably not treat her like this.

Just then, Lu Qing’s phone rang.

She saw the number and the cruelty on her face went instantly away. She picked up the phone with a big smile.

“Hello, honey. I know. Fu Yao’s with me right now. Nothing is going to happen. Sure. I know how to take care of myself. You too,” Lu Qing said to the other side of the phone with a very intimate tone.

Fu Yao watched Lu Qing’s sweet face like a little girl in love and felt very awkward. How much was Lu Qing in need of a man? She even fell for a guy like her cousin and she was completely controlled by him. That was such a disgrace to women.

Lu Qing finished the call and said to Fu Yao, “You should stay here tonight. Tomorrow, I will send out something to clarify for you and push everything to Xia Ning.”

Fu Yao came back to herself and said at once, “Thank you, Sister Lu Qing.”

Lu Qing did not speak. She looked at her phone with a cold face. Don’t blame her. If she had to blame someone, blame herself for being in too many people’s way. Plus, she was the one who started the fight.

In the small town in W Province, Xia Ning went to Zheng Ziming’s room when she got up early in the morning.

“How’s it going? Have you packed?”

Just at this time, Zheng Ziming was sitting on the bed searching for something. He looked up and saw Xia Ning coming in and said with a smile, “Yeah. My flight is tonight, so I will leave in the afternoon. I can still go with you to the set in the morning.”

Xia Ning walked in and said helplessly, “I’m not a kid that needs your company.”

“But I want to,” Zheng Ziming looked at her and said with a smile.

Seeing his serious face, Xia Ning smiled. “Ok, fine.”

When Xia Ning was gone, Zheng Ziming made a call. “She’s doing a racing scene in the afternoon. With me here, I can make sure she’s safe.”