Chapter 372: UnsettledTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After she got to the set, Xia Ning did not see Qiao Yu. That was very rare and she felt much better already.

Lin Nan walked over and did not see anything wrong with her. He felt relieved and tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry too much about what they say on the Internet.”

Xia Ning turned to him and said with a smile, “I know. If I worry about all those, I will probably be worried to death.”

“What’s going on with your manager?” Lin Nan frowned. “And that newcomer under her. Don’t busy yourself only to pave the way for others and be taken advantage of.”

“I know what to do. Don’t worry, Brother Lin,” Xia Ning smiled and said. “Now I’m still focusing on the movie.”

“That’s right. Young Master Zheng is leaving today. He’ll definitely be able to resolve this well later.” Lin Nan nodded. “For artists, sometimes if they don’t have a great manager, even if they have great talent, it will be a waste. It’s because of the darkness of this circle.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Ziming is going back to resolve this. I had a lot of hesitation earlier. But now, I will let Ziming decide what to do.”

“I know you are a rational person,” Lin Nan said with a smile. If she was concerned about her old friendship with that manager, he would not mind helping her take care of her.

However, being treated rationally by her did not mean it was always good. Just like him. He was definitely not as close to her as before.

But last time when she played Zhang Tingting’s role, she made him understand that their relationship can only progress until this. Everything was just business. At least, they could still be friends this way.

“Oh right, there’s a racing scene this afternoon,” Lin Nan said suddenly. “Are you ready?”

Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan and replied with a smile, “Brother Lin, do you not trust my driving skills?”

When he heard these words, Lin Nan’s mouth moved a little. It was not like he had never seen her driving. She had skills that should not belong to a girl.

It was so clean and sharp as if she was not afraid of any danger. Did she really have superior driving skills or was she just not concerned about life and death?!

“No matter what, when it comes to driving, it’s never too much to be careful,” Lin Nan said.

Xia Ning nodded. “I know.”

The morning scenes started very soon.

Zhang Tingting just finished acting with Xia Ning. She saw Xia Ning wiping off her sweat and walked up with a smile. “Xia Ning, there’s a racing scene in the afternoon. My life will be in your hands then.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “Miss Zhang, that sounds serious.”

“But I heard your driving skills are good. I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Zhang Tingting continued as if she did not catch the coldness from Xia Ning. “But I’m so jealous of you. You have great acting and driving skills. You are pretty and rich. That’s a typical Paris Hilton.”

“Miss Zhang, what do you want to say?” Xia Ning stopped wiping and looked at Zhang Tingting.

Zhang Tingting smiled a little. “Nothing, I was just making a comment. Good luck in the afternoon.” As she spoke, she turned around and left.

Seeing Zhang Tingting’s back view, Xia Ning frowned a little. She did not know why but she was starting to feel somewhat unsettled.

In the hotel, Qiao Yu was just done with work. He said to Chen Hong, “Someone on the Internet started to throw mud on Xia Ning again. Do you know what to do? Pay attention to her manager.”

“Yes, Boss!” Chen Hong nodded. “Miss Xia’s racing scene is this afternoon. Aren’t you going to see it?”

“Yes. Let’s go now.” Qiao Yu took his suit and started to walked outside.

Chen Hong watched Boss’s back view and smiled slightly. Work was accumulating like a mountain but he only had one person in his eyes. That made him more human.