Chapter 373: Malfunctioning Brake!

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For the entire morning, Xia Ning did not see Zheng Ziming anywhere. She thought he might be walking around the town or buying local souvenirs, so she did not pay much attention.

But she noticed one thing. The car that was supposed to be used in the movie was taken out by someone.

“Where to find another car now?” Another assistant director was a bit anxious. Even though they did not say explicitly what car was needed, that particular car still needed to meet the standards. If they were to do a racing scene, the speed needed to get high enough.

Zeng Jun’s expression was somewhat serious as well. He turned to the assistant next to him. “Didn’t I ask you to arrange this earlier?”

“Director, this, I…” The assistant sounded wronged.

Lin Nan and Xia Ning looked at each other. If this was somewhere else, it would not even cause any problem. But here, in the middle of nowhere, where were they supposed to find an appropriate car?

“I have one that might work.” Qiao Yu’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Lin Nan turned to Qiao Yu and frowned. Even though he was no longer Qiao Yu’s opponent in the game, whenever he saw this person, he just could not help but hate him.

Yes, thinking that Xia Ning gave her only love to a person like this, he felt disturbed.

Xia Ning darted a look at Qiao Yu and did not speak. She turned around to look elsewhere.

Zeng Jun had no other options and eventually accepted Qiao Yu’s proposal.

So Chen Hong drove Qiao Yu’s car here.

This scene was about Yi Sha being upset about Hua Nu killing random people. She was very unhappy and annoyed. Therefore, she threw her in the car and raced the car at a very high speed so that Hua Nu would feel scared by the danger of death.

After a while, Zhang Tingting still did not come. Zeng Jun was a bit upset.

He Jun explained that Zhang Tingting drank too much last night, so she had to come in late.

Zeng Jun looked extremely unpleasant. But they could not postpone the scenes today. He asked his assistant to call Zhang Tingting and told her if she did not show up today, she would never have to show up.

After about half an hour, Zhang Tingting arrived. She apologized to the crew one by one and put on her costume and got ready.

Xia Ning saw Zhang Tingting sitting at the passenger seat and raised her eyebrows slightly. The suspense in her heart before went away immediately.

The car belonged to Qiao Yu and Chen Hong drove it over. It could not be that there was anything dangerous in this one. Moreover, Zhang Tingting herself was in the car.

After this, Zhang Tingting’s life would be in her hands, okay?

Therefore, she must have been overthinking.

Zhang Tingting stared at Xia Ning and said suddenly, “I’m a bit afraid. Xia Ning, be steady.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her and curled her lips. “There’s nothing steady about racing.”

Zhang Tingting saw Xia Ning’s bright smile and got surprised. She put on an awkward smile. “No matter what, please take care of me, Xia Ning.”

As soon as Zeng Jun finished shouting one two three, the filming started.

The car drove out onto the road and the bus from the filming team followed right after her.

Xia Ning pressed on the gas pedal and hit 100 km/h immediately. There was a turn in the front and she drifted through.

The faces of the crew behind her changed. Was this a woman’s driving? Why did they have the feeling that they were in a racing game?

Qiao Yu was also on the bus behind Xia Ning. He stared at the person in the driver seat and felt somewhat strange. Did she care nothing about her own life or was she just born bold?

When in Cambridge, she also liked to drive by herself but she had never been so wild.

“Well done. Next scene.” Zeng Jun sent out the command. The racing scenes were done one by one so that the actors could rest a little.

Xia Ning’s car was accelerating when she heard Zeng Jun’s command. She pressed on the brake, but she quickly realized the brake was not working!