Chapter 374: A Calm Heart!

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To whoever that drove, a malfunctioning brake was a lethal danger.

Xia Ning never expected this to happen to her.

On the passenger seat, Zhang Tingting realized that something was off as well. “Xia Ning, did something happen?” she asked.

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “Are you afraid?”

“Ah?” Zhang Tingting looked at her in confusion.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “I just have this feeling of wanting an extreme racing experience today. It’s an honor to have you as my partner.”

“Xia Ning, what are you doing?” Zhang Tingting’s expression changed slightly.

Xia Ning did not talk. She turned the wheel and looked at the mountain road not too far from them. She drove towards that direction at once. Zhang Tingting was holding the handle and staring at the calm girl next to her.

The bus behind them, of course, noticed the weird situation on Xia Ning’s side.

“What’s going on?” Zeng Jun said with a frown.

Qiao Yu looked at the car before them with seriousness. “Maybe something happened that’s out of our expectation. Stop the bus. I need to go and see.” He called Chen Hong directly, “Prepare a car for me.”

“President Qiao, what do you mean?” a staff asked.

Zeng Jun also looked at Qiao Yu, as if he had the same question.

Qiao Yu looked at Zeng Jun. “She’s not someone who would do crazy things. This only means something is going on.”

Zeng Jun darted a look at Qiao Yu and said to people around him, “Ask someone to drive up and follow her to see what’s going on!”


Qiao Yu got out of the bus. When Chen Hong drove over, he took his place and drove to follow Xia Ning.

Bam bam bam… Hearing the sound of the front bumpers hitting the guardrail by the mountain road, Zhang Tingting’s heart was jumping out of her chest. It was cliffs on the side. If they fell, there would be no chance for them to survive!

The fear in her heart got larger and larger. “Ah… Xia Ning, stop, stop the car now!”

“Can I stop it?” Xia Ning looked to the front and said calmly. “Once you entered the car, the results have already been determined. The two of us will have to live together and die together! So just calm down.”

When she was racing before, the person on the passenger seat would never be a coward like Zhang Tingting.

“Are you crazy? Don’t hit the guardrail!” Zhang Tingting yelled. “Even if you want to die, I don’t!”

Xia Ning decided to ignore her. She checked the dashboard and the speed was already lowered. But they seemed to be close to the mountain peak as well. She frowned a little. In this case, she would have to hit a rock. But that would be dangerous too.

Just at this time, a white car drove past her. Her heart jumped. Who could this be?

The corner of her eyes looked over and happened to see the person in the driver seat – Qiao Yu!

Suddenly that white car drove to the front of her car and the speed went down. Obviously, he was braking.

Xia Ning’s expression changed. Was he crazy?! Wasn’t he worried about what might happen?!

The next moment, her car hit the car in the front. Bam! The car in the front stopped. Her car got blocked so the speed went down.

The brake was not working and when the car could not move forward, of course it would have to go backward. Xia Ning felt that the car was going downhill faster and faster.

“Ah…” Zhang Tingting was crying out. “Xia Ning, stop, stop it now!”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “The brake is not working. Did you forget?”

Qiao Yu’s action stopped her car from moving forward. But he seemed to have forgotten that it was downhill now and it would only be more dangerous.

Just at this time, the white car started again. It made a turn and drove down.

When the two cars passed each other, Xia Ning happened to see Qiao Yu in the driver seat and Qiao Yu was looking at her as well. When their gazes collided, her heart calmed down suddenly.