Chapter 375: The SaveTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She couldn’t really say why she calmed down. Maybe it was because she thought that he wanted to die with her or something else.

Her brain was blank right now and that was all she could think of.

She could not really think of anything more.

On the other side, Qiao Yu turned his wheel. Bam! The car hit the guardrail. And then came the sound of two cars colliding.

The front of the car was completely out of shape. The bumper on the driver’s side was all destroyed as well.

Feeling the car stopping, Xia Ning suddenly felt relieved in her heart. She looked at Zhang Tingting next to her and said, “Why don’t you get out now?”

Zhang Tingting was scared to death and did not move after a long time.

Xia Ning walked out of the driver seat and looked at the car behind theirs.

Qiao Yu was sitting in the driver seat. He looked at Xia Ning. “Were you hurt?” He did not seem to have noticed that the door on his side was blocked.

Xia Ning looked at him and nodded. “Thank you. I’m fine. How are you getting out?”

Back then, because of him, she almost lost her life. Since today he saved hers, this debt could be settled now.

Qiao Yu took a look at the back seat and said calmly, “I’ll get out from the side.” As he spoke, he lowered the back of his seat and got over to the other side, opened the door and got out.

Xia Ning noticed the bruise on Qiao Yu’s arm. Did he get hurt when he was driving just now? Xia Ning moved her eyebrows a little and wanted to say something to Qiao Yu, “You…”

“President Qiao, thank you so much just now. Otherwise, I would already be dead!” Zhang Tingting looked at Qiao Yu gratefully.

Qiao Yu ignored Zhang Tingting and said to Xia Ning, “A car will be here momentarily to pick us up.”

Xia Ning nodded and did not talk.

Zhang Tingting looked like she was still in shock and said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, you probably don’t know, but I was so scared just now. I thought I was going to die. Thank God you got here.” As she spoke, she turned to Xia Ning. “Xia Ning, you are good. Didn’t you know whether the brake was working or not before you started driving?”

Xia Ning looked at Zhang Tingting and curled her lips. “Are you blaming me?”

Being scrutinized by Xia Ning, Zhang Tingting was a bit scared. “I didn’t mean that. I was just talking…” She thought hard and said suddenly, “I was just talking about the person who brought the car here. Was this a murder?”

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and curled her lips without saying anything.

Zhang Tingting followed Xia Ning’s line of vision and happened to see Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu darted a look at her with cold eyes.

Zhang Tingting suddenly realized something. “It can’t be that this car… is President Qiao’s?” That was not right…

Qiao Yu did not speak to her. He looked at Xia Ning. “Are we waiting here or leaving first?”

“Let’s go. It’s cold here,” Xia Ning said calmly and started to walk down the hill.

Qiao Yu followed Xia Ning. They kept distance and did not talk anymore.

Zhang Tingting looked at the car that was stopped with deep eyes. They seemed somewhat complicated.

When Zeng Jun’s people arrived, Xia Ning and the other two were already halfway down.

Seeing that they were fine, everyone felt relieved.

“Why did the brake stop working? This needs to be investigated.” Qiao Yu asked.

Chen Hong looked serious. This could be big or small. If it was actually what he was thinking… then it was targeting Boss.

The rest did not speak. It would definitely be better for President Qiao to take care of things like this.

The bus took Xia Ning and the rest back to the set.

Seeing Xia Ning coming back in one piece, Lin Nan felt immediately relieved.

“It’s great that you are fine. I was scared to death,” Lin Nan said. If there was another car, he would definitely have driven there.

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Thanks for your concern, Brother Lin.”

And Zhang Tingting was pulled to the side and comforted by He Jun.

Wen Jing got a call suddenly and her face turned pale. She ran over and said to Xia Ning, “Sister Xia Ning, something bad happened…”