Chapter 377: Maybe It’s Just A Misunderstanding

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Xia Ning stopped for a second and turned to those who were speaking. “Isn’t this your chance to be the female lead, just as you wished?” When she was done, she turned around and left.

The face of the actress who was just speaking turned pale. She complained, “What kind of attitude is that? I obviously didn’t mean that…”

The tall man in front suddenly turned around and glanced at her. All her attitude went away immediately. She lowered her head and didn’t even dare to breathe.

Qiao Yu moved his eyes away and turned to Director Zeng. “Zheng Ziming is a very good friend of Xia Ning’s. He was in a car accident and it’s reasonable that Xia Ning needs to take some time off.”

Zeng Jun took a look at Qiao Yu. He then turned around and said to the crew behind him. “We didn’t prepare the cars well today. It’s a problem on our side. Relevant artists can take the day off. Others should continue filming.”

“Sure, Director Zeng. I’m on it now,” his assistant replied at once.

Qiao Yu saw that everything has been arranged and turned around and left with Xia Ning.

Lin Nan saw Qiao Yu leaving and wanted to go as well. But he still had more scenes today and could not leave.

Earlier, he had let Qiao Yu save Xia Ning. And now, when she is in the most distressing situation, that person was still there accompanying her. He was afraid that she would be moved by such small acts of kindness and before she knew it, she would be jumping back into the fire.

After all, he had given her a failed marriage. If it happened before, it would happen again.

In the taxi, Xia Ning was sitting in the backseat with her hands clamped together. She was murmuring something.

Next to her, Qiao Yu saw her pale face and said in a low voice, “Don’t be nervous. We don’t know what’s going on now. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.”

It was as if Xia Ning did not hear this at all and was still praying by herself.

This was the first time he had seen Xia Ning so panicked. In his memory, that girl always had a big smile on her face and was living completely under the bright sun. But recently, she had changed his entire impression of her.

She drank, and drank a lot. She loved to race, with great driving skills. She would curse with really bad words. Moreover, she was not really an enthusiastic person.

If she was like this before, the old him would never even notice her.

But now that he knew the truth, was he willing to give up?

No, he had no such thought. On the contrary, he wanted to be closer to her. It was not until recently that he finally realized that he was into this person. No matter what difficulty or pain they had to go through, he wanted to be with this person.

When they got off the taxi, Xia Ning ran into the hospital directly.

Qiao Yu paid the driver and followed her.

“Where’s Zheng Ziming?”

Xia Ning shouted out loud the moment she got in. She looked at the nurse at the front desk and rushed over immediately. She hit the counter with one hand. “Tell me, where’s Zheng Ziming? Where is he?”

The nurse was scared by her. She met her cold eyes and stepped back unconsciously.

Qiao Yu followed at once and said to the nurse, “Did you admit a patient today? He’s in his twenties, not local, and was in a car accident.”

The nurse darted a look at Qiao Yu. She was surprised at first, probably because she did not expect to see such a handsome man here. She answered immediately, “There was a guy who was not local and was sent here because of a car accident just now. He’s in the emergency room.”

The second she heard this, Xia Ning rushed towards the emergency room at once.

“Thank you!” Qiao Yu said to the nurse and went after Xia Ning.

The nurse watched Qiao Yu’s back and could not help but say, “So handsome!” In the years that she had lived, this was the first time she saw a perfect man like this, just like a TV star.

But why did the woman look crazy? That was kind of scary. Must be a psycho!