Chapter 378: Why Would You Care About The Feelings Of Someone Like Me

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The hospital in the small town was not really that good. The pieces of equipment were outdated. The lights in the hallway were so dim that it made people feel depressed. The pungent smell of medicine plus the humid air could even make people want to throw up.

The light outside the emergency room was on. A slim figure was leaning against the wall next to the door. She wanted to hear what was going on inside but at this moment, her ears were as if they were being blocked by something. All she could hear was her own heartbeat.

No, it was the urge that her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

It was confirmed. The male injured in the accident was from S City, named Zheng Ziming.

When she saw Zheng Ziming’s ID, her entire body was shaking. She did not dare to believe and could not believe the person in the emergency room was him.

A shadow enveloped her in the front all of a sudden. Seeing her somewhat lonely and cold face, he frowned a little. “He’s going to be okay,” he tried to comfort her.

As a matter of fact, his feelings now were complicated as well. Seeing her getting worried and angry for another man, he felt that emotion called jealousy starting to grow in his heart. If it was him, would she do the same for him?

Zheng Ziming had been by her side for over a decade. During that time, they were close. He was jealous but he had to take it.

Sometimes, rationality can really drive people crazy!

Because he could not keep his rationale for anything related to her.

Xia Ning was looking down, her eyes calm but empty. It was so blank that it was as if half of her soul was taken away from her body.

That fear hidden in her heart came out again. Yes, that car accident back then took the most important person in her life.

That moment, all the sounds in the world turned into sad and mournful tunes. Her world turned gray.

“I finally understood Ziming’s feeling when he slapped me back then.” Xia Ning closed her eyes, tears running down her face like crazy.

There was nothing more precious than life itself. However big the difficulty was, however deep the sadness was, as long as there was life, there was nothing that could not be fixed.

Scenes after scenes popped up in her brain.

“Are you mad or upset? Go away. I didn’t ask you to be by my side.” She was sitting in a wheelchair after the surgery. She threw the food that he prepared for her on the ground. He was being nice and grabbed another one but she threw it out again.

“You are not yourself right now. I’m not gonna fight with you.” He picked up the lunch box from the ground and wanted to get another one for her.

“I’m in a good mood and I don’t want to see you. Don’t forget who you are and don’t forget why you need to be following me!” She looked at him with irony in her eyes. “I am wondering if the food is poisonous or not. After all, you’ve been working for me every single day. If I die, don’t you get freedom back?”

Pah! His slap landed right on her cheek.

“Asteria, we’ve been friends for so many years. And this is what you think about me? Do you know how I felt when you were in surgery? You don’t!” He then mocked himself, “After all, why would you care about the feelings of someone like me!”

That was the first time they were ever in a fight. For three days, he did not come visit her.

She knew she was being way out of the line back then. She was really in a horrible mood at that time.

Now she finally felt what he felt years ago. Her heart was up in the air and she was afraid that if she relaxed a little, he would be gone. She could not imagine what that would be like. And she dared not to.

The arrangement of fate cuffed him to her.

She was willful and she was wild. But he could only let her be.

If at that time, the hands of fate pointed to another direction, would he have suffered less because she was gone?

Qiao Yu saw the sadness on Xia Ning’s face and could not say a thing. He was also imagining what he would feel back then, had he known she was in a car accident.

Ding! The light above the surgery room went off. The door was opened.