Chapter 379: Out Of Danger

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Ding! The light above the surgery room went off. The door was opened.

Xia Ning took back her thoughts immediately. She turned around and walked towards the surgery room.

Qiao Yu’s eyes followed her and he happened to see the doctor walking out.

“Doctor, how is he?” Xia Ning asked at once.

The male doctor took off his mask and looked at Xia Ning. “You are the patient’s friend, right? He’s injured in the head and is still in a coma. He needs to stay in the hospital.”

“Is he in danger of dying?” Xia Ning grabbed the doctor’s arm and asked in a low voice.

That male doctor looked at the person in front of him and seemed confused. He thought he had seen her somewhere before. But he still answered, “This needs to be determined after some time in the hospital. After all, it’s the brain that’s injured.”

Xia Ning’s face turned paler after receiving an uncertain answer. Yes, the brain was the most complicated part. What if… The more she thought about it, the more perplexed she got.

“No matter what, I want him to be okay!” She yelled at the doctor.

Doctors were usually pretty familiar with the feelings of the patients’ family and friends. The doctor nodded and said, “I’ll try my best!”

“I don’t want your best! I….”

“Can he be transferred to another hospital?” Qiao Yu interrupted Xia Ning. He grabbed one of her arms and tried to ask her to calm down.

Xia Ning darted a look at Qiao Yu and did not talk anymore. She covered her face with one hand and forced herself to stay calm. Zheng Ziming was right inside. That wall might be the line between life and death.

The doctor answered, “I suggest he be transferred to a better-equipped hospital as well. The patient is kind of stable right now.”

“Thanks!” Qiao Yu nodded and turned to Xia Ning. “I’ll ask people to prepare to get him to the capital of W Province. There are more hospitals there. When he’s more stable, we can get him back to S City.”

“I’ll go with you!” Xia Ning said without thinking.

Seeing the determination in Xia Ning’s eyes, Qiao Yu nodded. “Fine.”

Just at this time, Zheng Ziming was pushed out. There were bandages over his head and his face was full of scratches. He was still in a coma and connected to an oxygen cylinder.

“Ziming!” Xia Ning ran over immediately. She put her hands on the stretcher and followed him along. Seeing him lying on the stretcher without a sound, she felt a strong heart ache.

Ever since they were kids, this guy cared a lot about his face. If he knew he was so ugly right now, he would probably be stomping his feet.

But she should rather see him being upset and not something like now – as if he was going to leave her any second.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning leaving with Zheng Ziming and thought that when Zheng Ziming woke up, they would have to have a serious conversation about her.

When Zheng Ziming was sent to his ward, Xia Ning was right by his side. Qiao Yu arranged the rest regarding the transfer to another hospital.

That night, a helicopter arrived on the roof of the hospital. Xia Ning left with Zheng Ziming and Qiao Yu.

When they got to K city, the capital of W Province and settled Zheng Ziming, it was already midnight.

In the hallway, Xia Ning was sitting on the bench and thinking about what happened throughout the day. She had the feeling that she was in still in a dream.

Seeing the black screen of her phone, she touched it with her hand. Finally, she made a call.

Once the phone was through, she could not hold back her tears anymore. She cried and said, “Ziming was in a car accident. I was so afraid… afraid that he might not wake up forever.”

“I know. He’s so good. God would not have taken him.”

“I’m in K City. It’s all arranged in the hospital. The doctor said his situation is not too bad. I know. I will take good care of myself. You don’t need to come over. Yes. Goodnight.”

Xia Ning hung up and felt that her mood got better. She wiped off her tears and wanted to stand up and see Zheng Ziming. She looked up and saw a tall shadow walking towards her.