Chapter 380: A Moth Drawn To Flames

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Xia Ning hung up and felt that her mood got better. She wiped off her tears and wanted to stand up and see Zheng Ziming. She looked up and saw a tall shadow walking towards her.

She looked a bit awkward. Remembering that she was not quite herself just now, she got even more embarrassed.

She lowered her head and said, “Thank you for today.”

“No worries. My pleasure,” Qiao Yu said calmly and sat straight down next to Xia Ning.

Now Xia Ning could not really leave. She had just thanked him a moment ago. If she left, who knows how ungrateful he would think she is.

“Are you hungry? Do you want me to get you something?” Xia Ning asked suddenly. “I don’t think we ate anything for the entire day.”

Qiao Yu looked at her. “How much do you hate sitting with me?”

A lot! Xia Ning said to herself. But she denied at once, “Of course, I don’t hate it.” Seeing his cold face, she raised her eyebrows and sat down.

It was not like she was afraid to see him that she did not want to sit with him. It was more of her feeling awkward.

Based on their current relationship, the two of them should not be sitting together in this peace today at this moment.

The two sat on the bench and neither spoke. The air was extremely awkward.

“You don’t need to go back…”

“You and Zheng Ziming…”

They looked at each other with a somewhat surprised face. The next moment, they moved their eyes away. It was getting weirder.

Xia Ning looked to the front and frowned a little. Shouldn’t he let her talk first at this moment? Why was he not saying anything! Of course, he was just like before, not gentlemanly at all.

“You can go first.” Xia Ning wanted to remind him of a gentleman’s attitude.

“Why didn’t you get together with Zheng Ziming?” Qiao Yu’s question followed at once.

Xia Ning was immediately speechless. Wow, he had no idea how to be a gentleman to a lady. But this was just like Qiao Yu. In his world, there was probably nothing called modesty but just the so-called equality.

The truth of equality now was, this time she owed him, so she had to be patient with him to reach that equality.

However, this question sounded somewhat funny.

“Why would you ask about this?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu, baffled.

Qiao Yu answered calmly, “Probably because this person is forever by your side. Knowing he got hurt, you were so sad. He must have an irreplaceable place in your heart.”

When they were in England, it was like this. Back then, seeing Zheng Ziming running after her every day, he would feel odd. Now that he thought about it, it must be jealousy. Too bad he did not understand it back then.

Therefore, he missed the opportunity to tell her about his feelings.

The place Zheng Ziming had in her heart? Xia Ning stared at the white wall and curled her lips slightly. “He is important. He’s a very important person.”

“Like family?” Qiao Yu asked.

Family? Xia Ning murmured the word and her eyes were a little blurry. She said suddenly, “He’s more important than family.”

If Zheng Ziming was more important than family, what would he and Enoch be? Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning next to him and felt a little bitter in his heart. Maybe she had never included them in her world.

“Are you sure he feels the same way as you? Maybe he…”

Xia Ning pressed her lips slightly and something occurred in her mind. All of a sudden, she looked at the man next to her and curled her lips. “You think everyone in the world is like a moth drawn to flames?”