Galactic Dark Net

Alternative Names:GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网

Genre:Sci-fi, Adventure, Xuanhuan, Drama, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Authors:秒速九光年, Sonic Nine Light Year



When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe.

Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.

Chapter 1: A Belated Gift Chapter 2: Galactic Dark Net Chapter 3: Super Inheritance Chapter 4: Drug Index Numbers Chapter 5: Making Galactic Coins Chapter 6: Pinned To the Top Chapter 7: Esper Power Crystals Chapter 8: Void End Chapter 9: Pressure Exam Chapter 10: Rank SSS Power Chapter 11: Little Devil Girl Chapter 12: Li Qi’s Worry Chapter 13: Extraterrestrial Raiders Chapter 14: Temporary Formation Chapter 15: Sacrifice Chapter 16: Earth’s Rage Chapter 17: Zero-degree Brain Region Healing Potion Chapter 18: Origin of the Ten Thousand Paths Chapter 19: Pathless Origin Chapter 20: Potential that’s Against the Rules of Heaven! Chapter 21: Perfect Score! Chapter 22: Goodbye, Ye Weiwei Chapter 23: Li Yu Chapter 24: Under the Candle Light Chapter 25: South Pole Base Chapter 26: Mad Training Chapter 27: Reached Two Stars! Chapter 28: Deeper Layer of Dark Net Chapter 29: Live Broadcast of Death Chapter 30: Base in Danger! Chapter 31: Thorn Bird Raider Group Chapter 32: The Dangerous Night Chapter 33: Past Three Stars! Chapter 34: Han vs. Thorn Bird Raiders Chapter 35: Penta Kill! Chapter 36: I still got a bunch of tough bones! Chapter 37: Galactic Chess of Chaos Chapter 38: Monsters Chapter 39: Golden Injections Chapter 40: Half of the Heart of Darkness Chapter 41: An Enhanced Version of Han Chapter 42: The First Esper Legion of Earth is here Chapter 43: Equipment of the Dead Chapter 44: C-Class Extinction Domain Chapter 45: Ancient Battleground Chapter 46: Skinner Chapter 47: Exploring the Battlefield Chapter 48: 90 Million GC Chapter 49: Nazca Base Chapter 50: Long Chuan
Chapter 51: Tactic Wolf Fang! Chapter 52: Operation Divine Sword Chapter 53: Old Mo’s Visit Chapter 54: War Approaching Chapter 55: Tragedy at Sydney Chapter 56: Gathering Chapter 57: Set Sail Chapter 58: Close the doors, Let the Dogs out: Chapter 59: All on the Line Chapter 60: Four Eyed Celestial Dragon! Chapter 61: The Wolf Fang That’s everywhere Chapter 62: Violent Siege Chapter 63: Darkness Awakened Chapter 64: Sally Empire’s Deadly Trap Chapter 65: The King of Darkness Chapter 66: Death of Luo Yuyin Chapter 67: Completely Annihilated Chapter 68: Back to the Spotlight Chapter 69: Pinnacle of 3 Stars Chapter 70: The Forbidden Art Chapter 71: Lan Feng Chapter 72: Meet Again Chapter 73: Before the Flowers and Under the Moon Chapter 74: Promise Chapter 75: Nightmare Chapter 76: Strongest Man on Earth Chapter 77: The Han with a Huge Bounty Chapter 78: Predicament and the People that Returned from the Distant Chapter 79: Good News and Bad News Chapter 80: The End of Fate Chapter 81: Disaster Mode, ON! Chapter 82: The Tragic Siege Chapter 83: Fatality Rate – 90% Chapter 84: Dark Fusion Beasts – Earth Claw Chapter 85: Run like Hell! Chapter 86: Valley of Bones Chapter 87: Aeon Blood Seep Chapter 88: Killing Machine Chapter 89: Four Powerful Cards in Hand! Chapter 89.2: Four Powerful Cards in Hand! Chapter 90: Irrevocable Chapter 91: Either the Fish Dies or the Net Breaks Chapter 92: Star Pierce Moon Slayer Chapter 93: Lunar Mark Chapter 94: The Helpless Earth Chapter 95: Underground Cemetery Chapter 96: Condensed Crystal Chapter 97: Close to Gene Factory Chapter 98: Earth’s Decision and Han’s Trouble Chapter 99: If a Mountain is in the Way then the Mountain will be destroyed
Chapter 100: Base Chap 101: The Mysterious Egg Chapter 102: Striking Back! Chapter 103: Han Vs. Kunlun Chapter 104: Demon Strike! Chapter 105: Another Half of Heart of Darkness (Part 1) Chapter 105: Another Half of Heart of Darkness (Part two) Chapter 106: Second Generation Starship Chapter 107: Champion! Chapter 108: Flagship and Slave Trade (Part One) Chapter 108: Flagship and Slave Trade (Chapter Two) Chapter 109: Zagreb Galaxy Chapter 110: Alien Race Slave Chapter 111: WHO ARE YOU?! Chapter 112: Rewarding Trip (Part 1) Chapter 112: Rewarding Trip (Part 2) Chapter 113: White Face Devil, Han Wu! Chapter 113: White Face Devil, Han Wu! (Part two) Chapter 114: Still Dare to Come? Chapter 114: Still Dare to Come? (Part Two) Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part one) Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part Two) Chapter 116: The Relic Ghost Chapter 117: Reverse Seal (Part One) Chapter 117: Reverse Seal (Two) Chapter 118: Flagship Shipyard Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part One) Chapter 119: Han vs. Relic Ghost (Part Two) Chapter 120: Relic Ghost, dead! (Part One) Chapter 120: Relic Ghost, dead! (Part Two) Chapter 121: Han’s Illegal Evidence Chapter 122: Han Lang, the “Lang” that means Homeless Chapter 123: Oblivion Domain (1) Chapter 124: The Disappeared Ancient Maple Leaf Chapter 125: The Power of Faith! Burst of the Void. (Part One) Chapter 125: The Power of Faith! Burst of the Void. (Part Two) Chapter 126: The Man that Puts His Life on the Line(Part One) Chapter 126: The Man that Puts His Life on the Line(Part Two) Chapter 127: Path of Heaven – Sky Break Strike!(Part one) Chapter 127: Path of Heaven – Sky Break Strike!(Part Two) Chapter 128: Star Beast version Earth Claw!(Part one) Chapter 128: Star Beast version Earth Claw!(Part Two) Chapter 129: Task Accomplished! Chapter 129: Task Accomplished!(Part Two) Chapter 130: Demon Claw Chapter 130: Demon Claw(Part Two) Chapter 131: Anyone that sees it must die!(Part One) Chapter 131: Anyone that sees it must die!(Part Two) Chapter 132: Didn’t Eradicate Root after Cutting Grass, Trouble!(Part One) Chapter 132: Didn’t Eradicate Root after Cutting Grass, Trouble!(Part Two)
Chapter 133: Starship Battle! Chapter 134: Midair Jump Kill Chapter 135: Han vs. Quasi-warlord(Part One) Chapter 135: Han vs. Quasi-warlord(Part Two) Chapter 136: Demon Thief Group – The Three Addicts Chapter 137: Ghost Axe Class Carrier Chapter 138: Path of Earth, Ground-Shattering Godly Hammer(Part One) Chapter 138: Path of Earth, Ground-Shattering Godly Hammer(Part Two) Chapter 139: 63rd Star Sector Chapter 140: The Missing Old Mo and War Sprite Ares-class Equipment Chapter 141: Violent Slaughter Chapter 142: Black Lake, Star-Moon Silvery Bell Chapter 143: Genu of Darkness Chapter 144: Impasse, Han vs. Star Beasts!(Part One) Chapter 144: Impasse, Han vs. Star Beasts!(Part Two) Chapter 145: Final Battle – Star Ape King!(Part One) Chapter 145: Final Battle – Star Ape King!(Part Two) Chapter 146: Fatal Blow and Old Mo’s Secret Chapter 147: Destination, Undercurrent Fortress Chapter 148: The Hidden Leaders Chapter 149: Executions Chapter 150: Nuclear Attack! Chapter 151: New Governor, New Risk Chapter 152: 4 King Kongs Chapter 153: The Deadly A-43 Relic Chapter 154: Operation Code Name – Hell Expedition Chapter 155: The Strongest Expedition Team’s Departure! Chapter 156: Quasi-Warlord Carson, Dead! Chapter 157: The Prophecy and Second Layer of Extinction Domain Chapter 158: A Bet with Life! Chapter 159: Dark Apostle! Chapter 160: Endless Nightmare! Chapter 161: The Spiral Leading to Death! Chapter 162: Triple Dimension Explosion Chapter 163: The Most Resonant Syllable! Chapter 164: Dark Apostle, Dead! Chapter 165: Only Survivor Chapter 166: Turbid Star Field Chapter 167: Destination – Headhunter Star System Chapter 168: The Headhunter Race with Ripped Off Facial Skin (Part One) Chapter 168: The Headhunter Race with Ripped Off Facial Skin (Part Two) Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute (Part Tw0) Chapter 170: Star-Strangling Boa! Chapter 171: Four Elites Vs. Star-Strangling Boa Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part One) Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part Two) Chapter 173: Creature inside Egg vs. Star-Strangling Boa Chapter 174: Birth of Ares-Class! Chapter 175: The Alliance’s Resolution and the Power of Ares-Class
Chapter 176: Back to the Alliance (Part One) Chapter 176: Back to the Alliance (Part Two) Chapter 177: Hopeless Alliance (Part One) Chapter 177: Hopeless Alliance (Part Two) Chapter 178: Back Home (Part One) Chapter 178: Back Home (Part Two) Chapter 179: Project Butterfly Chapter 180: Path of Man – Tearing Heaven and Earth! Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part One) Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part Two) Chapter 182: Encounter! Chapter 183: Moonlight Goddess vs. Hell’s Angel! Chapter 184: Robot-murdering Bugs Chapter 185: A Group of Freaks (Part One) Chapter 185: A Group of Freaks (Part Two) Chapter 186: God and Human Chapter 187: Dark Apostle, Dead! (Part One) Chapter 187: Dark Apostle, Dead! (Part Two) Chapter 188: Han vs. Queen Bug (Part one) Chapter 188: Han vs. Queen Bug (Part Two) Chapter 189: The Dark Apostle and Puppet Technique Chapter 190: New Weapon, Ghost Claw! Chapter 191: Duo-Horse Galaxy (Part One) Chapter 191: Duo-Horse Galaxy (Part Two) Chapter 192: Path of God! Demon! Devil! (Part One) Chapter 193: Magical Virtual Reality Pod (Part One) Chapter 193: Magical Virtual Reality Pod (Part Two) Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part One) Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part Two) Chapter 195: Cruelty and Shock Chapter 196: The Power of Demon Claw Chapter 197: Fusion beast, Flying Crocodile Chapter 198: Trade, Thousand Mile Soul Chaser (Part one) Chapter 198: Trade, Thousand Mile Soul Chaser (Part Two) Chapter 199: Universe Valley Chapter 200: Demon Claw (Part One) Chapter 200: Demon Claw (Part Two) Chapter 201: Style of a Master! Chapter 202: Tracking Star Squirrel. Chapter 203: Duo Claws versus Star Squirrel Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part One) Chapter 204: Silver Fox (Part Two) Chapter 205: Two Battlefields, New Journey (Part One) Chapter 205: Two Battlefields, New Journey (Part Two) Chapter 206: Path of All Gods, Open! (Part One) Chapter 206: Path of All Gods, Open! (Part Two) Chapter 207: The Most Combat-Capable Beast-Tamer in the History Chapter 208: Seeds and Kill Chapter 209: Six Stars, Passed! Chapter 210: Han’s Caused Trouble Again
Chapter 211: My Name is 9527 (Part one) Chapter 211: My Name is 9527 (Part two) Chapter 212: Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts (Part one) Chapter 212: Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts (Part two) Chapter 213: New Attempt Chapter 214: Unfaithful Fusion Beast Chapter 215: #1 Communication Station Chapter 216: Seeing Fran Again Chapter 217: Scroll Activated! Chapter 218: Han’s Path of God! Chapter 219: God Blocks, Kill Gods! Chapter 220: Chasing Thousands of Miles to Kill Chapter 221: Demonic Sand Castle Chapter 222: Mobile maze, Unlimited Gerbils Chapter 223: Birth of The Sand Monster Chapter 224: Path of God, Power of Faith! Chapter 225: Full Integration, Chaotic Battles of Souls! Chapter 226: Birth of the Strengthened Demon Claw Chapter 227: Judgment Arena Chapter 228: Humanoid Weapon and Puppets Chapter 229: A Swarm of Starry Spiders Chapter 230: Starry 7-Eyed Chapter 231: Battle, Terrifying Puppeteer Chapter 232: Laser Canon Battle! Chapter 233: Witch Clan Sha Emperor Chapter 234: Total Annihilation of Puppet Army! Chapter 235: Han versus Sha Emperor Chapter 236: Hand of Darkness Chapter 237: Jian Jia Chapter 238: Time to Kill! Chapter 239: Flood, Poison, Nuke Chapter 240: Death of the Scorpion King Chapter 241: Wrath of the Judges Chapter 242: Border Battlefield Chapter 243: Completely Out of Control Chapter 244: Border Legion Chapter 245: Battlefield Metronome Chapter 246: Difficult Victory Chapter 247: Energy Coating Chapter 248: Destination Station Chapter 248: Five Star Level Genetic Beast Chapter 250: Auction Center Chapter 251: Beast Speaker Hall Chapter 252: The Han that’s being thought of Chapter 253: Invitation Chapter 254: Uncle Shui Chapter 255: Men’s nature, evil at birth! Chapter 256: One Hundred Million! Chapter 257: The Angry Zhu Yanan Chapter 258: The Angry Zhu Yanan
Chapter 259: Tracking and Ghost Transition Station Chapter 260: Return with Full Harvest Chapter 261: A Group of Assassins Chapter 262: Hunchback and Men-Eating Ant Chapter 263: One Versus Six Chapter 264: Han’s Army Chapter 265: The territory of fire Chapter 266: Striving of the Old Warriors Chapter 267: The Path of Demon! Switch on! Chapter 268: Han vs. Fire Drake Chapter 269: The Real Body of the Fire Drake Chapter 270: Fire Drake, Dead! Chapter 271: Complex Attack Stream! Chapter 272: Suppression Chapter 273: SENIOR QUASI-WARLORD Chapter 274: Destination – Delifesi Chapter 275: The Apostles were Getting Ready Chapter 276: The Slaves Chapter 277: Turning Point Chapter 278: Sixteen Apostle’s descend Chapter 279: King Fantasy Neptune’s Request Chapter 280: Utterly Betrayed Chapter 281: The staff Chapter 282: Ingenious work Chapter 283: Neptune’s transformation Chapter 284: Tri-force Battle Chapter 285: Undefeatable Foe Chapter 286: Who’s Tougher! Chapter 287: Aurora Light Ascension of Warlords Chapter 288: Death and the number zero apostle Chapter 289: Three Idiots’ Enemies Appeared! Chapter 290: SIMA HUNFENG Chapter 291: Reincarnation Chapter 292: Mastering the Path of Yao Chapter 293: The Smell of Yao Chapter 294: Three-Eyed Monster Chapter 295: Death of #5 Chapter 296: The Body was Dead, but the Soul Survived Chapter 297: Trapped on Bridge Chapter 298: Trap Valley Chapter 299: The Execution Squad Chapter 300: Code Name – Mad Dog Chapter 301: Name of the Dark King Chapter 302: Departure Chapter 303: Unreliable Teammates Chapter 304: The Man with the Biggest Balls in the Galaxy Chapter 305: Cloud of Devastation Chapter 306: This time, We have to Use Everything! Chapter 307: Loss for Both Sides Chapter 308: The Ancestors Return to the Galaxy
Chapter 309: The Space Rift, the Mysterious Woman Chapter 310: Luoying and Luojin Chapter 311: The woman who dares to love is most beautiful Chapter 312: Farewell Chapter 313: About Soul Beasts Chapter 314: Soul Hunter Chapter 315: Treasure of the God King Chapter 316: Black Egg got detected Chapter 317: Wall of Sighs Chapter 318: Banshee Class Chapter 319: Fierce Demon Soul Beast Chapter 320: Sanctuary in the Woods Chapter 321: Soul Kill Chapter 322: The Insidious Li Xiang Chapter 323: Han + Luo Ying = Problem Solved Chapter 324: God King Harvey Chapter 325: God King, Transform! Chapter 326: Soul Mirror Chapter 327: Han vs. Soul Beast Chapter 328: Black Egg, Arise! Chapter 329: The Secret of Sarcophagus Chapter 330: Flying Feather Bow Chapter 331: Yue Linda Chapter 332: This is Dark Net Chapter 333: Rushing Back to Earth Chapter 334: Earth Army’s Despair and Retaliation Chapter 335: Mutation of Earth Chapter 336: Solar Legion! Chapter 337: Absolute Domination Chapter 338: Star God! Chapter 339: Battle of the Stars Chapter 340: Death of Pluto Chapter 341: Pluto Chapter 342: Duplicate of the Three-Eye King Chapter 343: Encountering and Tracking Chapter 344: Tomb Adventure Chapter 345: The Second Humanoid Weapon Chapter 346: Power of Han + Pluto King Chapter 347: Apostle Zero’s Third Eye Chapter 348: The Black Egg that Digs out Eyes Chapter 349: Metal Life Form and the Guess about the Third Eye Chapter 350: Speculation about Black Egg Chapter 351: The Last Half of a World Destroying Dragon Knight Chapter 352: Intermediate Warlord Chapter 353: Big Incident! Chapter 354: The Snitch Chapter 355: Judgement Chapter 356: An Inescapable Prison Chapter 357: Han’s Rebellion (2 chaps in 1) Chapter 358: Flying Feather's Heavenly Strike
Chapter 359: Tanding’s Reinforcement Chapter 360: The 9527 that No Longer Hid Chapter 361: Neural Control Chapter 362: Enemy Interception Chapter 363: A Direct Blow to the Enemy's Head! Chapter 364: Tragic Escape Chapter 365: The Expansion of Zero-Degree Brain Region Chapter 366: The Cursed Triangle Chapter 367: In Search of a Training Dimension Chapter 368: Seeing Linda Again Chapter 369: Dimension - Wolfhead Chapter 370: Frost Wolf Chapter 371: The Most Important Lesson in Life Chapter 372: Remolding Life! Chapter 373: Nirvana of the Blue Star Chapter 374: Three-Eyed White Wolf Chapter 375: Spiritual Blue Organism Chapter 376: Han vs. the White Wolf! Chapter 377: A Desperate Battle Between Cornered Beasts Chapter 378: Backup is Here! Chapter 379: Crystal Lotus Chapter 380: Holy Training Ground Chapter 381: Studying Law of Space Chapter 382: String Theory and Mysterious Invitations Chapter 383: Tribal Battle Chapter 384: Reinforcement Chapter 385: Organisms of Fate, Liquid Nether Chapter 386: Stomp! Chapter 387: Three Birds with One Stone Chapter 388: The God Tree and Underground Garden Chapter 389: Cannibal Flower and Golden Sky Garden Chapter 390: It was actually Silver Fox? Chapter 391: Karma Is a B*tch Chapter 392: Back from the Dead! Chapter 393: Undead Flying Eagle Chapter 394: Golden Bloodline Chapter 395: Three-Eye King and Undead King Chapter 396: Orphan Xiao Bao’s hardship Chapter 397: The Ruins of the Sirius Tribe Chapter 398: Meeting Solo Chapter 399: The Resurrected Sky-Howling Wolf Chapter 400: The Second Person that can Teleport Chapter 401: Five Hidden Cards! Chapter 402: Blood Rebirth! Chapter 403: Chaos Everywhere! Chapter 404: The Crazy Man who was Late Chapter 405: Howling Forest's Bloodline Chapter 406: Golden Tome Chapter 407: About the Golden Bloodline Family Chapter 408: Memory Capsule Mutation
Chapter 409: Journey in the Golden Tome Chapter 410: Big Thief Silver Fox! Chapter 411: 3 Kings 8 Gods and 1 Dragon Rider Chapter 412: Silver Fox, the Verge of Getting Screwed Chapter 413: Silver Fox - Genetic Evolution! Chapter 414: A Promise with Wai Late Dao Chapter 415: Eternal Power Chapter 416: Golden Tower! Chapter 417: Soul Break! Chapter 418: Soul Injury Chapter 419: The Girl on the Verge of Eruption Chapter 420: Attending the Meet Chapter 421: Masters Everywhere Chapter 422: Trap - Beast Soul Net! Chapter 423: The End of Luck Chapter 424: Black Hole - Blood Soul Formation! Chapter 425: The Edge of Chaos Chapter 426: Black Egg vs. the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm Chapter 427: Black Skull Coffin, Open! Chapter 428: Difficult Situation, Certain Death! Chapter 429: Crystal Insect - Armor-Breaking Flying Demon! Chapter 430: Exchanging Blows! Most Chaotic Fight! Chapter 431: Soul-Steal! Trial of God! Chapter 432: Black Egg, Xiao Bao, Evolved! Chapter 433: Three-Eyed White Ghost! Chapter 434: A Meet at Veins Vortex Chapter 435: The Seventh Path of Void Chapter 436: The Bloodline of Pathless and Black Egg Chapter 437: Stomping the Milky Way Alliance! Chapter 438: Unreasonable Training! Chapter 439: Lawless and Limitless! Soul Strength Breakthrough Again! Chapter 440: Second Generation Explosive Insect - Sky Fire! Chapter 441: Destination - Veins Vortex! Chapter 442: Stranded with No Reinforcement Chapter 443: Incredible Strategy, Wrong Direction Chapter 444: Making My Own Path! Chapter 445: Appeared! Dragon Gate Flying Feather! Chapter 446: Goodbye, Dragon Gate Flying Feather Chapter 447: Wolf Fang doing its thing again... Chapter 448: Lu Shui Qiu Lin's Rage! Chapter 449: The Mighty Uprising! Chapter 450: The secret of Dragon Spirit Grass Chapter 451: Danger and Challenge Chapter 452: Destination - The Ninth Floor of Grand Golden Tower Chapter 453: Three-Eye White Ghost Evolved! Chapter 454: A Hopeless Situation for Black Egg! Chapter 455: The Second Key Lesson in Life Chapter 456: Han vs Three-Eye White Ghost Chapter 457: The Death Star! Chapter 458: Dragon Gate Flying Feather Clan, Aced!