Chapter 1528: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (5)

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The corner of Jun Ling’er’s eyes reddened. “You previously swore that you didn’t befriend me because of my identity as a daughter of the Jun Family. You behaved uncaring of my status too and even ridiculed those people who approached me because of my status, but now, you…”

Ye Rong was startled, and her tone was apologetic. “Ling’er, people who don’t look out for themselves will be destroyed by heaven and earth combined. I need to consider my clan too, I hope you can understand me.”

People who don’t look out for themselves will be destroyed by heaven and earth combined?

Jun Ling’er stumbled and nearly fell onto the ground, but Yun Luofeng was thankfully next to her and grasped her shoulders.

“It’s good that you were able to see a person for who they are through this. You should feel glad.”


Jun Ling’er bit her lips. That’s right, she should feel glad. If it were not for this matter, she would not be able to see this woman’s true colors.

“Jun Ling’er.” Cao Yueqin was disdainful of Yun Luofeng’s words. “Do you see? Your friend already became my lackey and your fiancé… he will eventually be my man as well!”

Hua Yifei’s family background was very bad, but he was quite talented. With his talent and looks, it would not be a poor match.

Suddenly, a pair of chilly, dark eyes turned to her, and the white-robed girl smiled. “What? You want to be beaten up again?”

Cao Yueqin shuddered, and her body turned icy under Yun Luofeng’s gaze. She harshly clenched her teeth. “Hmph, wait until my grandfather returns! I will take care of you soon! Let’s go!”

Without turning back, she walked to the street.

“Miss Cao.” At this time, a servant of the Jun Family walked over. His manner was polite, but his tone was very normal and without any reverence. “Family Head wants to see you.”

Cao Yueqin snorted and haughtily said, “I got it. Tell him I will return immediately.”

As for Jun Ling’er, she entered the restaurant and did not pay attention to why her father wanted Cao Yueqin. She was full of anger without anywhere to vent it, so she naturally did not want to see Cao Yueqin again.

Jun Estate

Inside the estate, Jun Xuan could see the white-robed elderly man approaching from the air in the distance. His face was full of excitement, “I respectfully welcome Master’s return to the clan.”

“We welcome Old Family Head’s return to the clan!”

After Jun Xuan knelt down, everyone else also knelt, and their loud voices rang above the estate.

In the air, a white-robed elderly man stood with his hands behind his back, bearing an immortal demeanor. He stepped down, as though a path was opening up beneath his feet.

“I merely passed by here and came back for a look. I still have something urgent that needs my attention. Also, I heard that the Qinglei Clan came to besiege the Jun Family?” The old man’s brows were slightly knitted.

He probably did not expect these people to be so gutsy as to besiege the Jun Family!

“That’s right.” Jun Xuan slowly stood up. “Master, this disciple has something to report.”


“It’s like this, the Qinglei Clan dared to besiege the Jun Family because… they kidnapped your granddaughter, Master.”


Jun Xuan’s words immediately sent the old man flying into a rage. “These people have a lot of nerves! They dare to touch my granddaughter! My granddaughter uneasily escaped danger but then was kidnapped by someone? Where are those bastards? Has their clan been annihilated yet?”

Just escaped danger but then was kidnapped?

Jun Xuan was stupefied, uncomprehending of Grandfather Jun’s words. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. “The attackers have lost their lives inside Jun City, as for clan annihilation… not yet…”