History's Strongest Senior Brother

Alternative Names:History's Strongest Martial Brother, Hssb, Shi Shang Zui Qiang Shi Xiong, Sử Thượng Tối Cường Sư Huynh, 史上最强师兄

Genre:Fantasy, Xuanhuan, Action, Adventure, Martial Arts

Authors:Ba Yue Fei Ying, 八月飞鹰, August Eagle



The first time Yan Zhaoge crossed worlds, he landed in a martial warrior civilization that was at the peak of prosperity. He ended up in the book storage building of the the Divine Palace, which collected and preserved the classics of the entire world from all fields of knowledge. However, a world class calamity struck soon after and even the Divine Palace was destroyed.

Yan Zhaoge’s soul once again crossed over, but this time he arrived in the same world, except countless years have passed.

With his brain full of rare books and classics from the era of peak prosperity, Yan Zhaoge’s second crossing over to the present era was like a gamer who was used to playing hell mode suddenly finding himself playing the game on easy.

That was just way too awesome.

But before that, he needs to fix a certain problem.

“I’m not a main character? In fact, I’m actually the main character’s love rival and the antagonistic Mr. Perfect senior martial brother? This script is wrong!”

Chapter 1: I Got the Wrong Script! Chapter 2: Dragon against Dragon, a Stand Off Between Kings, Which is the True Dragon? Chapter 3: Performing a Great Play Chapter 4: A Yan Zhaoge Who Does Not Follow the Script Chapter 5: The Two Are Not on the Same Level Chapter 6: Indifferent to Life and Death, We Can Fight If You Are Not Convinced Chapter 7: Ye Jing’s Thoughts Chapter 8: Adversary from the Past Chapter 9: Taking the Road Less Traveled, Acting Cool without Explanation Chapter 10: Close the Door, Release the Ye Jing Chapter 11: Using Equipment to Crush the Opposition Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an inauspicious omen for Yan Zhaoge? Chapter 13: Whip your face until it’s bloody! Chapter 14: Kicking people out without restraint! Chapter 15: Wearing out steel shoes searching for something before finding it in front of you! Chapter 16: Being made a scapegoat Chapter 17: Don’t look for treasure in front of Ye Jing Chapter 18: You can’t just take anything you please! Chapter 19: The fallen main character halo is quite durable! Chapter 20: The odd metal tablet Chapter 21: The trouble shoved onto his head Chapter 22: Yan Zhaoge’s gonna get it? Chapter 23: Questioning Yan Zhaoge Chapter 24: His defence Chapter 25: Counterattack Chapter 26: The Final Verdict Chapter 27: The Rewards Chapter 28: Six Spirits Demonic Fist, All-round increase in power Chapter 29: Becoming an outer aura Martial Scholar! Chapter 30: Flaunting a non-existent authority Chapter 31: The New and Old Hegemons Chapter 32: Mr Dong and the Sacred Sun Saint Chapter 33: Slapping his own face Chapter 34: Ye Jing Reappears Chapter 35: Flames of Fury Chapter 36: The off-track Main Character Chapter 37: Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, Maiden of Extreme Yin Chapter 38: Collect some interest first Chapter 39: A certain person’s piled-up psychological shadows Chapter 40: The Lin family maiden leaves seclusion Chapter 41: What a valiant girl Chapter 42: A Sword-light flashes, Momentous Events Occur! Chapter 43: What they say doesn’t count Chapter 44: Suppression of realms, Martial arts Chapter 45: Like a father beating his son! Chapter 46: Mid outer aura stage, is enough Chapter 47: Late outer aura Martial Scholar, don’t just focus on running away ah! Chapter 48: My strongest point is that I’m low-key Chapter 49: The Phoenix Awaiting Nirvana Chapter 50: The Eastern Tang’s Sixteenth Prince
Chapter 51: Dangers lurking all around Chapter 52: I also have a bad temper Chapter 53: The Expert Reborn Chapter 54: Even a draw will count as my loss! Chapter 55: Zhao Hao, a good person Chapter 56: The Red Flower Withers Chapter 57: What the public loves to hear Chapter 58: No Trivial Matter Chapter 59: The Most Important Thing Chapter 60: You won’t find the people you want, only a pair of fists! Chapter 61: The Sacred Sun Clan comes knocking Chapter 62: Repelling them head-on Chapter 63: No longer in the early outer aura stage Chapter 64: Actions always speak louder than words Chapter 65: There was a Yan Wudi before, there is still a Yan Wudi now! Chapter 66: No longer viewing him in the same light Chapter 67: Pressuring Yan Xu Chapter 68: Zhao Hao is indeed a good person Chapter 69: A rare opportunity Chapter 70: Glacial Dragon’s Roar Chapter 71: Hidden undercurrents surging Chapter 72: Late outer aura stage—stepping into the air! Chapter 73: The time to shine has come once again Chapter 74: The Sacred Sun Clan’s scheme Chapter 75: One thing leads to another! Chapter 76: Enemies approaching the city gates! Chapter 77: I’m happy, what do you care? Chapter 78: Don’t look down on librarians Chapter 79: Enemies pressuring the border Chapter 80: The Battle of Spirit Wind Canyon Chapter 81: Xiao Shen, where’re you going?! Chapter 82: The ferocious Yan Zhaoge! Chapter 83: Plans cannot keep up with changes Chapter 84: Life is like a stage, fully dependent on one’s acting skills! Chapter 85: Broad Creed Mountain’s pain Chapter 86: Lacking most in time Chapter 87: Was this within your predictions? Chapter 88: If you want to blame someone, blame Yan Xu Chapter 89: The Iron Lion King Chapter 90: Elder Yan, long time no see Chapter 91: Direct Confrontation! Chapter 92: Now, what do you have to say for yourself? Chapter 93: Throwing dirty water, I can too Chapter 94: None of them can think of escaping! Chapter 95: Murderously pursuing Ye Jing and Yan Xu! Chapter 96: Slapping him flying! Chapter 97: This Yan wants you dead at midnight, who can keep you alive till dawn! Chapter 98: A great harvest Chapter 99: The fire seed within his dantian Chapter 100: Things get more and more major!
Chapter 101: Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Chapter 102: I’ve indeed never put you in my eyes Chapter 103: Domineering! Chapter 104: Not singing the Ploy of the Empty City Chapter 105: Good people don’t live long, calamities endure a thousand years Chapter 106: Striking the hot iron still requires one to be tough Chapter 107: Borrowing a chicken to lay an egg Chapter 108: One who loves eating Chapter 109: To be rewarded Chapter 110: The future is uncertain Chapter 111: Qilin Spring Baptism Chapter 112: A solid foundation, a step further Chapter 113: Martial Repository Chapter 114: Big Dipper Sword VS Big Dipper Sword! Chapter 115: What you can do, I can too; what you can’t do, I can also do Chapter 116: From where he fell, to stand up once again Chapter 117: The problem caused by his father Chapter 118: Yan Zhaoge given the cold shoulder? Chapter 119: How to chase the leaders? Chapter 120: Working together in unison Chapter 121: A tour that begins flightily Chapter 122: Cloud Portent Mountain Chapter 123: Asking for people at the door? Chapter 124: When discussions fail, fight! Chapter 125: Attack, can’t break through; Defence, can’t hold through! Chapter 126: You have to pay your thanks after taking a beating! Chapter 127: You can wait to regret it Chapter 128: Jingle Chapter 129: No longer of use Chapter 130: Holding their heads high Chapter 131: An inspirational story that moves the entire Eight Extremities World Chapter 132: A sincere Yan Zhaoge Chapter 133: You are so innocent, while I am so full of schemes Chapter 134: Big Dipper Body Ying Longtu Chapter 135: Stepping into the Xiantian Martial Scholar realm Chapter 136: The third target Chapter 137: The Central Heaven Region Yans and the Zhao Region Yans Chapter 138: Faster than you! Chapter 139: Thunder Rumbling Young Master Chapter 140: Sacred Artifact Fragment Chapter 141: Beat to the draw! Chapter 142: With preparation comes assurance Chapter 143: A cooked duck can also fly Chapter 144: The two Sacred Artifact fragments becoming one Chapter 145: Broad Creed Young Master VS Thunder Rumbling Young Master! Chapter 146: Specifically waiting for you to deliver yourself to me Chapter 147: A fight between dragons and tigers Chapter 148: True Dragon Leaves Abyss Breaking Heavenly Thunder! Chapter 149: Gaining the Sacred Artifact fragment Chapter 150: Heavenly Connection Meet
Chapter 151: A disciple of the younger generation different from the norm Chapter 152: Meeting Zhao Hao once more Chapter 153: A dangerous figure! Chapter 154: Aftereffect Chapter 155: Testing Yan Zhaoge’s mettle Chapter 156: Under that famed name the warrior exists true Chapter 157: Something about this scene isn’t quite right Chapter 158: Monetary Black Hole Chapter 159: Brutal Chapter 160: Open your eyes a little wider Chapter 161: Clashing head-on! Chapter 162: You are quite a good punching bag Chapter 163: Embarrassing them all the way back to Infinite Boundless Mountain Chapter 164: News from Heavenly Thunder Hall Chapter 165: If you want to do a job well, first prepare the necessary tools Chapter 166: Aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth Chapter 167: Three Young Masters congregate Chapter 168: The persistence that is not understood Chapter 169: Worthy of their name Chapter 170: Broad Creed Young Master and World Illuminating Young Master Chapter 171: Want to spar a bit? Chapter 172: The strongest beneath Heavenly Connection Chapter 173: True Target Chapter 174: Treating a mid-grade spirit artifact as a toy Chapter 175: Just happen to be lacking a wolfskin cushion Chapter 176: If you want to make a move, just shut up and do it already Chapter 177: You do a two-combo, I’ll do a three-combo Chapter 178: The crowd of geniuses lower their heads Chapter 179: The Yan Zhaoge who causes the numerous stars to lose their shine Chapter 180: The catastrophic Nine Underworlds Chapter 181: Since you’re courting death, I’ll grant your wish Chapter 182: The Xie Ziyi who suffered a blow Chapter 183: The roaring right eye Chapter 184: Fighting the black-robed masked man once more Chapter 185: Adding some spice for the enemy Chapter 186: Someone once thought this way as well, and then he died Chapter 187: Forcing others to the dark side Chapter 188: Cruel and Merciless Chapter 189: The disdainful Zhao Hao Chapter 190: All of you here, are trash Chapter 191: Killing consecutively! Chapter 192: Gao Zhe, you want to die once more, is it? Chapter 192: Decimating everything that stands in his path! Chapter 193: Just who’s the ant here? Chapter 194: Just who’s the ant here? Chapter 195: Gains one after another Chapter 196: Expressing admiration Chapter 197: Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord! Chapter 198: A recurring year, performing something major Chapter 199: Still underestimated you originally
Chapter 200: An unprecedented reward Chapter 201: Remains from before the Great Calamity Chapter 202: The fortune that might exist Chapter 203: The Heaven Returning Divine Pill Chapter 204: I really didn’t mean it this time Chapter 205: The youngest Martial Scholar Chapter 206: Fourth Level of the Martial Repository Chapter 207: Broad Creed Mountain’s origin, News on the Divine Palace Chapter 208: The fragment that fell from the sky Chapter 209: Golden talisman forming qi, Opening furnace to forge treasures Chapter 210: The Fourth Extreme Yin Bout Chapter 211: Feng Yunsheng’s resolve Chapter 212: Yan Zhaoge’s method Chapter 213: Improving by leaps and bounds Chapter 214: Stepping into the late Xiantian stage! Chapter 215: The Yan Zhaoge incomparable to the past Chapter 216: The changes in Yan Zhaoge’s status Chapter 217: Assassination! Chapter 218: Pillar of the Divine Palace! Chapter 219: Natural disasters and human-induced occurrences Chapter 220: The helpful Black Nightmare Mountain Chapter 221: Left hand leading a panda, right hand… Chapter 222: A storm arising once more Chapter 223: Wanting more Chapter 224: Have I been too nice these past two years? Chapter 225: Don’t look at him, I was asking you Chapter 226: You are not in a position to ask Chapter 227: Spirit patterns of before the Great Calamity Chapter 228: The results of the investigation Chapter 229: Second refinement of the pillar of the Divine Palace Chapter 230: A discovery that causes Yan Zhaoge’s heart to beat wildly Chapter 231: Coming over to apologise Chapter 232: Apology gift or present? Chapter 233: This bro is a good guy Chapter 234: Continuing to give presents, each revealing their formidability Chapter 235: One finishes singing and the other ascends the stage Chapter 236: Meeting Lin Zhou once more Chapter 237: Retainer, Martial Grandmaster! Chapter 238: You again? Chapter 239: Dark Light Sword, Immortal Crane Wings Chapter 240: A Lin Zhou who wants to vomit blood Chapter 241: The legendary crow’s mouth Chapter 242: Flying through the heavens, tunnelling through the earth Chapter 243: Farewell, Old Crawling Worm! Chapter 244: Wanting his old life! Chapter 245: Returning in glorious victory! Chapter 246: The pyramid of the Eight Extremities World Chapter 247: Stepping into the Heavenly Connection stage! Chapter 248: Double happiness Chapter 249: As a father
Chapter 250: Momentum like breaking bamboo! Chapter 251: If you’re not a Martial Grandmaster, don’t come to die Chapter 252: Too successful Chapter 253: The abnormal Yan Zhaoge Chapter 254: Reversal! Chapter 255: Fighting out a future Chapter 256: Suppressing the Nine Underworlds Chapter 257: All thanks to you! Chapter 258: Additional gains Chapter 259: You lack the qualifications Chapter 260: The old Chief entering seclusion Chapter 261: The position of Chief Chapter 262: A Yan Zhaoge as stable as Mount Tai Chapter 263: Major movements Chapter 264: Devil Shattering Arrows Chapter 265: Coming to the door for guidance Chapter 266: Sikong Qing’s persistence Chapter 267: Advancing towards the Martial Grandmaster realm Chapter 268: The calm before the storm, ends! Chapter 269: Returning home to quell chaos Chapter 270: I am the Family’s laws! Chapter 271: You’re still sorely lacking Chapter 272: The voice beside his ears Chapter 273: The Devil Saint attacks! Chapter 274: A battle at the Martial Saint realm! Chapter 275: Without much of a difference in cultivation level, I am the superior! Chapter 276: All preparations set Chapter 277: Sending the lord into his coffin Chapter 278: Knowing of the tiger’s presence, yet still heading up the mountain Chapter 279: Someone who came back from hell Chapter 280: Yan Zhaoge’s three sentences Chapter 281: Thunderbolt-like methods Chapter 282: Origins of the Decimating Abyss Chapter 283: The perilous sword Chapter 284: The Martial Repository does not simply contain an otherworldly expert Chapter 285: Revealing his true colours Chapter 286: Amongst Martial Grandmasters, I’m invincible Chapter 287: All stay behind for me Chapter 288: The Sacred Sun Clan moves Chapter 289: Vanquishing evil for the Eight Extremities World Chapter 290: The Heavenly Thunder Hall also moves Chapter 291: Reversal! Chapter 292: Yan Zhaoge coming to reinforce Chapter 293: The key to breaking the situation Chapter 294: Faced with danger, not shrinking back! Chapter 295: You think that I cannot beat you? Chapter 296: Grand Reversal Chapter 297: Dream on! Chapter 298: The berserk lion roars! Chapter 299: Definitely won’t let you destroy Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 300: The eternal Iron Lion King! Chapter 301: Carrying the coffin, returning to Broad Creed Mountain! Chapter 302: All of you must die! Chapter 303: You want eternal life, I grant you eternal slumber Chapter 304: Something that attracts Martial Saints Chapter 305: Preparing a ‘gift’ for the Sacred Sun Clan Chapter 306: East Rising leaves seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan advances North! Chapter 307: Under attack! Chapter 308: Broad Creed Mountain VS Sacred Sun Clan! Chapter 309: Yuan Zhengfeng emerges from seclusion! Chapter 310: Pay with their lives! Chapter 311: Yan Zhaoge’s killing formation! Chapter 312: I’ll make you bleed Chapter 313: The stifled Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Chapter 314: The vexed Sacred Sun Clan Chapter 315: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Chief Chapter 316: Targeting somewhere out of their expectations Chapter 317: The site of the Sacred Sun Clan’s weakness Chapter 318: Eternally sitting over Broad Creed Mountain Chapter 319: A pressing goal Chapter 320: Advancing together, I am the victor! Chapter 321: Adding on a gift! Chapter 322: The fifth Extreme Yin Bout Chapter 323: Two Maidens of Extreme Yin! Chapter 324: Numerous flowers congregate! Chapter 325: The Extreme Yin Bout, officially begins Chapter 326: The two flowers! Chapter 327: Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts Chapter 328: The one who went turncoat Chapter 329: Let’s see who can’t make it into the second round! Chapter 330: Feeling like they were slapped Chapter 331: Phoenix swallowing the moon, Dragon’s roar resounding the nine heavens! Chapter 332: Turning the tables! Chapter 333: Yan Zhaoge’s preparations Chapter 334: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Maiden of Extreme Yin Chapter 335: On the North Sea! Chapter 336: Second level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, mid Spirit Vessel stage! Chapter 337: Hope! Chapter 338: Through another method! Chapter 339: Small things, great deeds! Chapter 340: Luck! Chapter 341: I think that I can Chapter 342: The graveyard forged by Yan Zhaoge! Chapter 343: A Martial Saint’s legacy site Chapter 344: Body of a true dragon! Chapter 345: Obtaining the treasures! Chapter 346: Blood Spring and golden lamp, a black wind howls Chapter 347: Someone is thinking too much Chapter 348: Dragon soaring through the skies, unstoppable in thunderbolts! Chapter 349: Yan Zhaoge’s trademark weapon
Chapter 350: Unexpected gains! Chapter 351: Enjoying the fruits of their victory Chapter 352: Dragon’s blood refining body Chapter 353: A victory from ten thousand li away Chapter 354: Yan Zhaoge’s super long distance stifling rod Chapter 355: Shaking your foundations! Chapter 356: Two Sikong Qings Chapter 357: A woman disguised as a man? Chapter 358: Looking for Sikong Qing Chapter 359: Capture Chapter 360: Seeing many different versions of herself Chapter 361: As incalculable as the innumerable stars in the sky Chapter 362: Winning without fighting Chapter 363: A wish of strangling Chapter 364: The cities of East Dragon Island Chapter 365: The flustered Li Jingwan Chapter 366: Silently charging up a big move Chapter 367: What is hard for others, is like strolling over flat land for him Chapter 368: Unexpected assault Chapter 369: How to overturn the raging tides Chapter 370: Slamming straight on Chapter 371: Rampaging through great distances Chapter 372: Yan Zhaoge’s plan Chapter 373: Worthy of his name is Yan Zhaoge! Chapter 374: Not here, not here, still not here Chapter 375: Tiding out a patch of heavens Chapter 376: The matador Yan Zhaoge Chapter 377: History is always so shockingly similar Chapter 378: An abnormal situation Chapter 379: Two pieces of bad news and a piece of good news Chapter 380: Yan Zhaoge cracks the situation Chapter 381: Three things Chapter 382: Let it…explode! Chapter 383: Reversing the situation, turning defeat into victory Chapter 384: In this Eight Extremities World, who in the future can stand against him? Chapter 385: Great gratitude and great enmity Chapter 386: There are always more plans than difficulties Chapter 387: News on Lin Zhou Chapter 388: The Jade Sea becomes a Fire Sea Chapter 389: Exploding more, invoking a chain reaction Chapter 390: Path ahead blocked, pursuers behind Chapter 391: Between life and death Chapter 392: Wait to drink the waters of the East Sea dry Chapter 393: I alone am more than sufficient to defeat a hundred of you Chapter 394: The end of Lin Zhou Chapter 395: The real goal Chapter 396: Battlefield of Martial Saints Chapter 397: The pagoda within the deep abyss of flames Chapter 398: Yan Zhaoge controls a dragon Chapter 399: True dragon leaves sea, cultivating aura into essence
Chapter 400: Yan Zhaoge’s nickname Chapter 401: Ever so naturally the centre of attraction Chapter 402: The possibility of counterattacking into the Flame Devil World Chapter 403: Those who’ve tried it all say it’s good Chapter 404: Words said in jest now turned true Chapter 405: Whereabouts Chapter 406: Heavens beyond our heavens Chapter 407: Further refining the dark green bamboo branch Chapter 408: The possibility of surpassing Chapter 409: There are many scenes in Broad Creed Mountain Chapter 410: The legendary senior apprentice-brother Yan! Chapter 411: Yan Zhaoge’s gift! Chapter 412: The one they want to kill the most Chapter 413: Yan Zhaoge’s new weapon Chapter 414: um, click it Chapter 415: That instant of the heart Chapter 416: Marsh of Illusory Sea, Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow! Chapter 417: The door opens! Chapter 418: Very good, powerful, but also very dumb! Chapter 419: The half mirror! Chapter 420: Great awkwardness! Chapter 421: Directly fighting is better! Chapter 422: How can the matters of scholars be called stealing? Chapter 423: Enhancing cultural interaction! Chapter 424: Wings grown on a tiger’s waist Chapter 425: Demonic bloodline cultivators! Chapter 426: Giving a blind man a seductive look Chapter 427: Old eagle hunting little chickens Chapter 428: Want to gang up? Chapter 429: Bloodline of the highest grade! Chapter 430: Flying away house and all Chapter 431: Pan-Pan’s aftermeal exercise Chapter 432: Sweeping through a kingdom Chapter 433: A martial practitioner with a special physique Chapter 434: When Yan Zhaoge’s interested, someone’s gonna be in for it Chapter 435: Greetings, Young Master Chapter 436: Snow Crane Message Chapter 437: World beyond worlds, wounds of the heavens Chapter 438: A pressing question! Chapter 439: Green Dragon Mountain! Chapter 440: A calamity for the entire Floating Life World! Chapter 441: One sword shooting east Yan Zhaoge! Chapter 442: Utter dominance Chapter 443: Descendants meeting their ancestor! Chapter 444: My Young Master’s way of resting Chapter 445: Smiting thee dead! Chapter 446: I don’t feel like being a hero today Chapter 447: Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge Chapter 448: There are three treasures in the Floating Life World Chapter 449: My mood, your fate
Chapter 450: Authoritative words Chapter 451: Someone different from others Chapter 452: The whereabouts of the other half mirror Chapter 453: The opening dimensional passageway Chapter 454: Twin swords duelling four dragons! Chapter 455: If we save the wrong guys, just slaughter them afterwards Chapter 456: Minding one’s business Chapter 457: With the sweep of a hand Chapter 458: Sounds pleasing! Chapter 459: This parting may be eternal Chapter 460: Returning to the Eight Extremities World Chapter 461: The legend left behind by Yan Zhaoge! Chapter 462: A major incident! Chapter 463: The treasure that seals the Earth Domain Chapter 464: Yan Di enters seclusion! Chapter 465: The Sixth Extreme Yin Bout Chapter 466: Things begin to stir! Chapter 467: The conflicted East Rising Lord Chapter 468: Treasure of Divine Sun! Chapter 469: Pincered from two sides Chapter 470: Fire singeing their brows Chapter 471: Every second counts Chapter 472: Great Flame Devil King! Chapter 473: Yan Di leaves seclusion! Chapter 474: The current strongest of the Eight Extremities World! Chapter 475: Breaking their spines again! Chapter 476: Yan Zhaoge’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation! Chapter 477: The situation reverses Chapter 478: Nine Underworld True Devils!!! Chapter 479: Placing oneself in peril in order to survive! Chapter 480: Fleeing in the face of danger! Chapter 481: Always regretted Chapter 482: In life, all one asks for is a guilt-free heart Chapter 483: Death to the Devils! Chapter 484: True martial soul, ten leaves blossoming ten flowers Chapter 485: Intolerable by the heavens, Sacred Artifact Extreme Yang Seal Chapter 486: Obtaining the Extreme Yang Seal Chapter 487: Wanting to drink yet unwilling to bear the load Chapter 488: The heavens have always blessed the fortitudinous Chapter 489: Decisive battle! Chapter 490: It’s time! Chapter 491: Well calculated out Chapter 492: Since I dared to give you the formation diagram, I naturally have a way to deal with you Chapter 493: Sealing the East Sea Chapter 494: Killing two birds with one stone! Chapter 495: Immediate encounter! Chapter 496: Friend or foe Chapter 497: Against trash such as you, how much strength would I need? Chapter 498: You are already dead Chapter 499: The lawless Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 500: Martial Saint legacy site!!! Chapter 501: The world is a dangerous place Chapter 502: Many different ways to fight Chapter 503: Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish Chapter 504: What happened back then Chapter 505: Three incidents Chapter 506: Good thing in the Bewildering Mist Sea Chapter 507: What I want to do is not something that they can prevent Chapter 508: Yan Zhaoge churns the sea, turning degenerate into miraculous Chapter 509: The upright Yan Zhaoge Chapter 510: Decisive battle at Deep Sea Corridor Chapter 511: Are you sure you want to get beaten up by me? Chapter 512: When a dragon wants to eat a tiger, why masquerade as a pig? Chapter 513: Just one move! Chapter 514: The youngest Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster! Chapter 515: No good end comes to those who malign me Chapter 516: Awakening! Chapter 517: The shedding of a Martial Saint! Chapter 518: You should have known better than to come provoke me Chapter 519: So what if I kill you? Chapter 520: I’m really not the sort of person to bear grudges Chapter 521: Soaring to prominence, destined to be a legend! Chapter 522: Cultivating in a second Heavenly Scripture! Chapter 523: A wastrel who burns away high-grade spirit artifacts like firewood Chapter 524: Kidnapped someone’s daughter and ran off? Chapter 525: They didn’t elope, right? Chapter 526: Searching Chapter 527: Bright starlight Chapter 528: You have standards Chapter 529: Well and properly trapped Chapter 530: Who’s the more arrogant? Chapter 531: I’ll make your nine fingers into eight fingers Chapter 532: Just one of your finger’s not gonna cut it Chapter 533: Beam of the Divine Palace Chapter 534: Mid Essence Talisman stage Chapter 535: Reunion Chapter 536: Truth and falsehoods Chapter 537: Direct confrontation Chapter 538: Don’t be flustered Chapter 539: Who dares to touch my junior apprentice-nephew Chapter 540: World shocking Chapter 541: Breaking another of your fingers! Chapter 542: Kill! Chapter 543: Death of the Blood Dragon Chapter 544: This Yan Zhaoge, cannot be offended Chapter 545: The truth is revealed, death by a single palm Chapter 546: I’ll decide on my spoils of victory Chapter 547: Trapping a Martial Saint Chapter 548: Beat him when he’s down Chapter 549: The dragon gate opens!
Chapter 550: Claiming his life when he is enfeebled Chapter 551: The decimation sent their way Chapter 552: The Brilliant Thunder Sect that got hit out of nowhere Chapter 553: The path back to the Eight Extremities World Chapter 554: Refutation Chapter 555: Emotions Chapter 556: A bolt from the blue! Chapter 557: Stirring something out of nothing Chapter 558: A great net Chapter 559: Great happenings Chapter 560: Heaven Spying Orb Chapter 561: Bright moon above the sea, Distant horizons sharing the moment Chapter 562: Burial ground of numerous dragons Chapter 563: Riding on a dragon! Chapter 564: There’s no need to wait for next time Chapter 565: Buy one get one free Chapter 566: Myriad dragon hordes Chapter 567: Superior to in the past! Chapter 568: Obtaining the Sacred Artifact! Chapter 569: Ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, late Essence Talisman stage! Chapter 570: I’m back! Chapter 571: With my heavenly altar, who amongst Martial Grandmasters can stand against me? Chapter 572: Whoever has defamed or framed me, just drop dead already Chapter 573: Skinhead Shen, run again for me to see? Chapter 574: Slaying Shen Li! Chapter 575: Where is Yan Zhaoge? Chapter 576: You’re not qualified to fight with me Chapter 577: Battling a Sacred Artifact with a bamboo cane Chapter 578: My clone is not at the first level of the Martial Saint realm Chapter 579: It’s otherworldly experts I am beating! Chapter 580: It’s your direct lineage I am beating Chapter 581: All stay behind, don’t even think about running Chapter 582: The two of you will die rather more pitiably Chapter 583: Acting cool to their own deaths Chapter 584: Levelling the World Illuminating Peak Chapter 585: World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie, dies! Chapter 586: Yan Zhaoge returns! Chapter 587: The hand of judgment Chapter 588: Reinvestigating the case! Chapter 589: I want to kill you, so what if you’re unresigned? Chapter 590: A single glance to render you dead Chapter 591: The decisions of the old! Chapter 592: The entire world is shaken Chapter 593: As long as I still breathe, to Broad Creed Mountain I must go! Chapter 594: One hand raising the heavens, one hand covering the heavens! Chapter 595: A good mission Chapter 596: A Broad Creed Mountain that is armed to the teeth Chapter 597: He who no one dares to provoke Chapter 598: The stunned Huang Guanglie Chapter 599: It was me who killed them
Chapter 600: Old Man Mo’s gift! Chapter 601: Treasure of light and darkness Chapter 602: There’s a girl who’s caught my eye Chapter 603: The abnormal Yan Wudi! Chapter 604: I just like this part of you Chapter 605: Congratulations from all around Chapter 606: Gloriously coming for revenge? Get wrecked! Chapter 607: Chaotic devils beneath sun and moon, My sabre shall hence break Chapter 608: Sounding so arrogant, come down if you dare? Chapter 609: Thank you for coming, you’re welcome to come at any time Chapter 610: Miraculous sabre Chapter 611: Vast Ocean World once more! Chapter 612: His very presence is intimidation Chapter 613: A single person stirring the world’s power balance Chapter 614: I’ll give you a lesson Chapter 615: Yan Zhaoge, the living legend. Chapter 616: A former playmate! Chapter 617: The World beyond Worlds that is miraculous beyond words Chapter 618: Good fortune right beyond the door Chapter 619: The virtuous Yan Zhaoge Chapter 620: Shocking the Dim Darkness Sect Chapter 621: The cunning Yan Zhaoge Chapter 622: Transcending Mortality, I see Lord Primordial Chapter 623: Relax, relax Chapter 624: It’s not me who should leave Chapter 625: I must stop when you ask me to? Chapter 626: Can’t beat a Martial Saint? Transcend Mortality Chapter 627: Coming is easy but leaving is hard Chapter 628: Killing a Martial Saint Chapter 629: The Dim Darkness Sect that is messed with yet further Chapter 630: The path of a Martial Saint Chapter 631: I’m still very popular Chapter 632: Awaiting with bated breath! Chapter 633: Too low level, can’t catch his eye Chapter 634: You can’t not admit it! Chapter 635: More highly skilled Chapter 636: Where there are crises there are also opportunities Chapter 637: Hopping along for a ride Chapter 638: Ritual of Dim Sun and Cold Moon Chapter 639: A chance arrives Chapter 640: Who it belongs to is not up to you! Chapter 641: Changes in sun and moon that overturn the heavens and earth Chapter 642: Your martial arts are far from proficient Chapter 643: A resounding slap Chapter 644: Cold Sun Divine Sabre Chapter 645: Going about it another way Chapter 646: Yet another ‘Sikong Qing’ Chapter 647: As if able to see her future Chapter 648: Questioning Chapter 649: Many gains with a single action
Chapter 650: Yan Zhaoge goes fishing, the willing bites the hook Chapter 651: So what if I have designs on you? Chapter 652: Overturning a powerful force with a subtle one Chapter 653: Who will be reduced to the dust of bones? Chapter 654: Legendary, miraculous feat Chapter 655: Accruing a great debt of gratitude Chapter 656: The world within the Earth Devouring Burner Chapter 657: True dragon hides its head without a trace Chapter 658: Old dog, let me give you some pointers Chapter 659: An unexpected surprise Chapter 660: Thank you for your great gift Chapter 661: An unprecedented path Chapter 662: Stealing his credit Chapter 663: Fanning the flames Chapter 664: Mind if I use my mouth? Chapter 665: How would it be so easy to steal my credit? Chapter 666: The way you eat is too ugly Chapter 667: How is it possible to not leave his name behind after a good deed? Chapter 668: The truth is out, reputation blown! Chapter 669: Squaring off Chapter 670: Precisely fitting my intentions Chapter 671: Twelve breaths of time! Chapter 672: You will temper my blade Chapter 673: Hence does Sainthood descend! Chapter 674: Rampage! Rampage! Chapter 675: Only extinction! Chapter 676: Your fate, I decide! Chapter 677: Not giving any way to escape! Chapter 678: Killing his way out! Chapter 679: A major background? Chapter 680: Not just blustering Chapter 681: A legend amongst legends Chapter 682: A divine vessel above! Chapter 683: Better not to act Chapter 684: Between victory and defeat Chapter 685: The youngest Martial Saint! Chapter 686: True motive Chapter 687: Aboveboard scheme Chapter 688: Yan Zhaoge’s aim. Chapter 689: This is a family Chapter 690: Who can allow the likes of you to distort facts? Chapter 691: Exposing them straight in the face Chapter 692: A wonderful experience Chapter 693: The heavens of the Royal Reed Sea change Chapter 694: Historical secrets Chapter 695: Doubts alleviated! Chapter 696: With us, it will be different Chapter 697: First meeting Chapter 698: Also caused by this Yan Chapter 699: Losing without battling, winning without battling
Chapter 700: A new generation arises! Chapter 701: The Radiant Light Sect’s chains Chapter 702: Flowers bloom only sometimes, blossoming or wilting hard to tell Chapter 703: Mausoleum of the Dim Radiant Emperor Chapter 704: No mishaps can be condoned! Chapter 705: Beating the grass to startle the snake Chapter 706: All or nothing Chapter 707: Killing formlessly Chapter 708: The Emperor’s vanished corpse Chapter 709: Something that Yan Zhaoge is drawn to Chapter 710: Remnants of the Divine Palace, Door of White Jade! Chapter 711: Clashing and deceiving Chapter 712: Behind the great door Chapter 713: A great mystery Chapter 714: The man-crazy young girl Chapter 715: The existence atop the altar Chapter 716: Supreme Treasure, Dim Radiant Wheel! Chapter 717: Embryonic Immortal Artifact Chapter 718: You should be awakening from your dream Chapter 719: One loss after another Chapter 720: The most suitable treasure! Chapter 721: Peerless Infinity of Primordial Beginning, one of a kind Chapter 722: The snow crane of Kunlun Mountain Chapter 723: Daoism and Buddhism! Chapter 724: Double happiness! Chapter 725: Please move aside Chapter 726: Without all five Virtues, you are but a featherless phoenix Chapter 727: I never hide my name Chapter 728: I also like trashing weaklings Chapter 729: The result of going all out Chapter 730: Similar palm arts Chapter 731: Yuan Zhengfeng’s whereabouts Chapter 732: Enemies meet on a narrow path Chapter 733: The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind Chapter 734: On the same boat Chapter 735: The Floating Gate World Chapter 736: A fake descends Chapter 737: Help me to do two things Chapter 738: Blocking your way out Chapter 739: Accompany me as I cultivate here Chapter 740: Cultivating in a third Heavenly Scripture! Chapter 741: Reigning the world with a single arm Chapter 742: The old man’s fortuitous encounters Chapter 743: Fourth of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, Heart’s Will Thunder! Chapter 744: Everyone, the race starts now Chapter 745: If I had known, I would have blocked your path Chapter 746: The fate of the Grand Xuan Dynasty Chapter 747: An Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a dead wife Chapter 748: Accepting battle Chapter 749: Roc expels the sun, sword of shocking thunder
Chapter 750: Turning the impossible into a possibility Chapter 751: Tragedy to befall the Radiant Light Sect Chapter 752: Sword of the Prime Clear lineage Chapter 753: The endangered Radiant Light Sect Chapter 754: Yin and yang coexisting, gradually improving Chapter 755: The Radiant Light Sect falls Chapter 756: The Grand Xuan Dynasty invades the Eight Extremities World Chapter 757: Taking them from behind! Chapter 758: It seems you don’t want this anymore Chapter 759: Kunpeng overturns the sea, ripping through the three realms! Chapter 760: Sweeping away all enemies! Chapter 761: If you’re so great, come get me then Chapter 762: The heavens and earth cannot stop my advance! Chapter 763: One sabre opening the way! Chapter 764: Wherever we are, I can still defeat you! Chapter 765: Slaying the Xuan King! Chapter 766: Same art but of different lineages Chapter 767: A new site for their base Chapter 768: Difference in martial scriptures Chapter 769: Fiery phoenix at the ocean’s depths Chapter 770: More tyrannical than you! Chapter 771: Faster than you Chapter 772: Heaven Swallowing Sword Box Chapter 773: Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool Chapter 774: Not having it good even after death Chapter 775: Advancement to the second level of the Martial Saint realm! Chapter 776: Forsaking the depraved for the righteous? Chapter 777: You are unlucky Chapter 778: A battle long overdue Chapter 779: Wherever you go, my Broad Creed Mountain can still take care of you Chapter 780: Phoenix bone Chapter 781: Those looking for trouble should go line up Chapter 782: You cannot stop me from killing who I want to kill! Chapter 783: Revival of the Taotie Chapter 784: Did I allow you to leave? Chapter 785: The evil sword is born Chapter 786: Ascending to the heavens and seizing the moon! Chapter 787: A good chance to kick them when they are down Chapter 788: Time for vengeance to be had! Chapter 789: Closure at last Chapter 790: Wealth even greater than the Southeastern Exalt’s Chapter 791: Ferocious dragons must cross the river, fearsome dragons will soar the skies Chapter 792: Kidnapping Chapter 793: The divine pill from the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace Chapter 794: Overwhelming treasure Chapter 795: Preparations for Broad Creed Mountain Chapter 796: The monks can run but not the temple Chapter 797: The seal hidden in the depths of the soul Chapter 798: Golden Court Mountain, Southeastern Exalt Chapter 799: Meng Wan’s origins
Chapter 800: The famed Yan Zhaoge Chapter 801: Treasured collection Chapter 802: Three Yan Zhaoges Chapter 803: People fear fame Chapter 804: You guys are really having fun Chapter 805: Real Yan Zhaoge, fake Yan Zhaoge Chapter 806: Truth and falsity cannot be reversed Chapter 807: Demonspawn, show your true form! Chapter 808: Switching a live person Chapter 809: True origins Chapter 810: Divine Palace’s Pill Hall and pill furnace Chapter 811: Immortal Ending Sword and Immortal Trapping Sword Chapter 812: Supreme treasure of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace Chapter The ultimate wastrel Yan Zhaoge Chapter 813: The ultimate wastrel Yan Zhaoge Chapter 814: Golden pill pointing the way Chapter 815: Realm of divine pills, seven distinct levels! Chapter 816: A fiery beauty Chapter 817: So you are Yan Zhaoge? Chapter 818: Grand Clear direct lineage! Chapter 819: Taiji vs Taiji Chapter 820: Yan Zhaoge’s mockery Chapter 821: Deciding the battle in a single move Chapter 822: Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace! Chapter 823: Moving afterwards yet securing the advantage Chapter 824: Gossip on bigwigs Chapter 825: Meeting a match Chapter 826: Where the water is dry, watching the clouds rise high Chapter 827: Obtaining the furnace Chapter 828: Doubly rewarded Chapter 829: Numerous efficacious pills of differing functions Chapter 830: The thriving Buddhism Chapter 831: The two sides of the wall Chapter 832: The roar from beneath Five Elements Mountain! Chapter 833: Who is trapped beneath this mountain? Chapter 834: Rain of swords slaying Buddha Dragon Chapter 835: Big monk, let me send you on your way Chapter 836: Maybe you don’t dare to kill ’em, but I do Chapter 837: The mysterious stranger and the vengeance that never came Chapter 838: You will have died for nothing Chapter 839: Learning how to flip over the wall Chapter 840: Returning to the World beyond Worlds! Chapter 841: Knocking out and kidnapping? Chapter 842: His mother’s handiwork Chapter 843: An unexpected relationship Chapter 844: Not leaving anyone alive! Chapter 845: The one who played dead and fled Chapter 846: Undying at the same cultivation level Chapter 847: There is nothing a single palm cannot solve; if there is, well, another palm then Chapter 848: A battle between Exalts
Chapter 849: His mother’s origins Chapter 850: Secret legacy, the mysterious sixth Emperor Chapter 851: Returning to the southeast Chapter 852: Undivinable by Oracle Divination Chapter 853: Broad Creed Mountain, World beyond Worlds Chapter 854: The wealthy Yan Zhaoge Chapter 855: The martial art that came for free Chapter 856: Nodding off and someone sends a pillow Chapter 857: Accepting the gift Chapter 858: Looking forward to a perfect result Chapter 859: The swindling Yan Zhaoge Chapter 860: Are you kidding me? Chapter 861: Yan Zhaoge enters seclusion Chapter 862: Top defensive location Chapter 863: Take no prisoners, accept no surrender! Chapter 864: The sword of time Chapter 865: The long prepared Yan Zhaoge Chapter 866: Shen Lingzi meets an obstacle Chapter 867: The best and final chance Chapter 868: The decisive battle arrives Chapter 869: Yan Zhaoge ascends Chapter 870: News of an Immortal Artifact Chapter 871: There are always those few people who can create miracles Chapter 872: Sabres that split and extinguish the heavens Chapter 873: Star Plucking Practitioner Chapter 874: Staging a robbery amidst a fire Chapter 875: Yan Zhaoge sees Divinity, starfire illuminating the sky! Chapter 876: The Yan Zhaoge who has truly ascended into the World beyond Worlds Chapter 877: Made to beat high-grade Sacred Artifacts! Chapter 878: If you’re capable, come battle. If you’re not, shut up. Chapter 879: One sword quelling the chaotic heavens! Chapter 880: Yan Zhaoge’s self-created martial art Chapter 881: Sweeping through his enemies! Chapter 882: Gonna slay them all! Chapter 883: Challenging the Star Plucking Practitioner! Chapter 884: You asked to die, so who will die but you? Chapter 885: The new hegemon of the Royal Reed Sea Chapter 886: The spoils of war are always the best Chapter 887: The leaf of a ginseng fruit Chapter 888: Tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, body of a Human Immortal Chapter 889: Southern Exalt Chapter 890: Rulers of two Territories Chapter 891: The Grand Xuan Dynasty becomes history Chapter 892: The invitation from the Brocade Emperor Chapter 893: The problematic Immortal Artifact Chapter 894: The marriage plan Chapter 895: Enforcing the agreement Chapter 896: The guest comes but the host is missing Chapter 897: The missing Brocade Emperor Chaoter 898: Drawn into an unrelated conflict
Chapter 899: Immortal Artifact coming for revenge Chapter 900: Could it have been intentional Chapter 901: One halberd breaking the world Chapter 902: Immeasurable Heavenly Lord Chapter 903: Immortal Court of Daoism, Blessed lands of Buddhism Chapter 904: Sincerely devoted to the dao, the Heavenly Lord’s blessings cometh Chapter 905: The orthodox way, the devilish path and the external dao Chapter 906: What role does the World beyond Worlds play? Chapter 907: The Xue Chuqing who goes about things a different way Chapter 908: Based on mood Chapter 909: My mother, you really know how to run Chapter 910: What do I know? I know that your death draws near Chapter 911: Is this guy even human?! Chapter 912: A figure rarely seen in ten thousand years Chapter 913: Cohabiting with the heavens Chapter 914: Vicious Chapter 915: Little Sword God Chapter 916: Slaying an Exalt Chapter 917: The end of the line for the Vast Yang Exalt Chapter 918: The most powerful family Chapter 919: Number one figure in the dao of the sword in post-Great Calamity times Chapter 920: Senior Brother married Junior Sister, Junior Brother married Senior Sister Chapter 921: Sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Seeing Divinity stage Chapter 922: The upcoming battle between Emperors Chapter 923: A shocking genius Chapter 924: Earth Exalt Chapter 925: Feng Yunsheng’s friend Chapter 926: Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel Chapter 927: Nongli Mountain, West Peak of Daoism Chapter 928: Losing before even seeing him Chapter 929: The arrogant, overbearing Yan Zhaoge Chapter 930: Nongli Mountain loses all face Chapter 931: Seeing him in a different light Chapter 932: Before the battle commences Chapter 933: Leakless True Immortal Chapter 934: The Brocade Emperor Chapter 935: The learned see the skills, the ignorant watch the show Chapter 936: Heaven Opening Scripture Chapter 937: A gathering of Exalts Chapter 938: The end of the battle Chapter 939: This life eternally belongs to the Yan Family Chapter 940: Path to the Immortal Bridge Chapter 941: The other half of the whisk Chapter 942: A disaster of extermination Chapter 943: A golden crow amidst the sea Chapter 944: In the depths of the white clouds Chapter 945: Those who arrive first may not succeed, the able takes all Chapter 946: Golden Crow Remnant Soul Chapter 947: Slaughtering Golden Crow! Chapter 948: Who really represents the magnificence of the sun?
Chapter 949: A big mistake Chapter 950: An ancient legacy Chapter 951: Major gift from the onset Chapter 952: The Phoenix Prince is angered to death Chapter 953: A fight breaking out at once Chapter 954: The ambition of Yan Zhaoge Chapter 955: Yan Zhaoge’s question Chapter 956: Breaking the phoenix Chapter 957: Entering the southern Blazing Heaven Territory Chapter 958: Thunderbolt blood Chapter 959: Giving early condolences Chapter 960: Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder Chapter 961: One-eyed dragon Chapter 962: Already slaughtered by me Chapter 963: Upper Exalt Chapter 964: Two centuries ago Little Sword God, one century ago Heavenly Young Master Chapter 965: Here’s lesson number one Chapter 966: Yan Zhaoge’s lesson number two Chapter 967: Rampaging all the way back! Chapter 968: Great Ape King Chapter 969: The Yan Zhaoge who goes against the usual flow Chapter 970: Audacity rivalling the heavens Chapter 971: Let this Yan see how many heroic figures there are here! Chapter 972: Voice quaking Vast Spirit Mountain! Chapter 973: Alliance Chapter 974: The outcome of playing petty tricks Chapter 975: A hundred thousand troops shall not hinder my path! Chapter 976: What difference does it make if you all attack together? Chapter 977: Slaying Azure Dragon Chapter 978: Claiming his old life Chapter 979: No one at all who can fight Chapter 980: Fearsome and domineering Chapter 981: It’s useless whoever comes Chapter 982: Simply killing him Chapter 983: Great axe chopping Wutong! Chapter 984: Peerless genius Chapter 985: Scaring away the numerous heroes Chapter 986: If I said I’d rampage all the way back, I’ll rampage all the way back Chapter 987: Circumference Mountain is a good place Chapter 988: Destined to become a legend Chapter 989: Since I have come here, this place is my territory Chapter 990: Yellow river floods troops Chapter 991: You could only enter because I let you Chapter 992: Stronger, more domineering! Chapter 993: Kill! Kill! Chapter 994: Spent their whole lives living as dogs Chapter 995: All dead, every single one of them Chapter 996: Yan Zhaoge, the fallen deity Chapter 997: Fame shaking the world Chapter 998: From Solar Luminary Young Master to Fallen Deity
Chapter 999: Broad Creed Mountain’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Chapter 1000: Fortune awaiting at home Chapter 1001: Yan Di Chapter 1002: The momentum lies with me, I am unstoppable Chapter 1003: Humans versus Immortals Chapter 1004: The imperious embryonic Immortal Artifact Chapter 1005: Dim Radiant Twelve Arts Chapter 1006: Ten great Sacred Artifacts Chapter 1007: A newly ascended legend or a fleeting shooting star Chapter 1008: The Yan Family’s wives Chapter 1009: Martial Saint retainer Chapter 1010: A terrifying person Chapter 1011: Seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, early Immortal Bridge stage Chapter 1012: Official opening ceremony, Broad Creed Mountain gives invitations Chapter 1013: The Exalts return Chapter 1014: The phoenix weeps blood Chapter 1015: Seeking assistance Chapter 1016: Unprecedented event in the Royal Reed Sea Chapter 1017: A big stage, I like it Chapter 1018: A visitor, Earthly Young Master Chapter 1019: Young Chief Yan and Second Young Master Chen Chapter 1020: Even without me, my legend lives on Chapter 1021: Everything rests on today Chapter 1022: Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony Chapter 1023: Six Exalts gather at Broad Creed Mountain Chapter 1024: Some things can and cannot be done Chapter 1025: Battle of Human Exalts Chapter 1026: Immortal Bridge VS Human Exalt Chapter 1027: Sabre breaking yin yang cleaving Red Sea Chapter 1028: Palm pressuring heaven earth suppressing fiery phoenix Chapter 1029: Skill shocking an Exalt! Chapter 1030: Taiyi Fist Chapter 1031: The beaten phoenix Chapter 1032: The Heaven Emperor descends Chapter 1033: The focal point of the battlefield Chapter 1034: The river flows again Chapter 1035: The most impossible figure appears Chapter 1036: Yan Zhaoge’s counterattack Chapter 1037: Earth Mother Dao Ritual, Later Earth Text! Chapter 1038: Stomping on the shoulders of an Emperor Chapter 1039: The arrogant, domineering Yan Zhaoge Chapter 1040: A Human Exalt as a junior apprentice-nephew Chapter 1041: Not just a single great backer! Chapter 1042: So what if we are overbearing! Chapter 1043: An Exalt perishes Chapter 1044: Father and son, Duo Fallen Deities they are Chapter 1045: Gradually becoming the well-deserved East Peak of Daoism Chapter 1046: Shallow water cannot sustain true dragons Chapter 1047: Kunlun’s God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects Chapter 1048: Geniuses of Daoism
Chapter 1049: The reason behind seeking to capture Xue Chuqing Chapter 1050: Millennia old secret Chapter 1051: To, Kunlun Mountain! Chapter 1052: Things still aren’t over yet Chapter 1053: Head of the Ten Exalts Chapter 1054: Because I find it interesting Chapter 1055: Where it all began Chapter 1056: Scheming while fleeing Chapter 1057: A deep valley within Kunlun Mountain Chapter 1058: Affecting the entire World beyond Worlds Chapter 1059: Arms dealer Yan Zhaoge Chapter 1060: Hidden Sea Sword, Wind Thunder Manor Chapter 1061: Conquest Chapter 1062: Skills suppressing all around Chapter 1063: A Fallen Deity who pointlessly dabbles in everything Chapter 1064: Amongst thousands, two have sailed Chapter 1065: The compromised Emperor Chapter 1066: Difficult to identify as friend or foe Chapter 1067: The dead are departed Chapter 1068: A meeting long overdue Chapter 1069: The madman whose actions are hard to predict Chapter 1070: The Brocade Emperor descends to the Eight Extremities World Chapter 1071: Thoughts regarding the Sacred Sun Clan? Chapter 1072: Feng Yunsheng’s whereabouts Chapter 1073: True problem Chapter 1074: Fulfilling another’s wishes Chapter 1075: Fallen Deity VS Heavenly Young Master Chapter 1076: Do whatever you want. If I change my technique, I lose Chapter 1077: Like swatting a fly Chapter 1078: Superior in all aspects Chapter 1079: Grand Longevity Banner Chapter 1080: The fun in swatting flies Chapter 1081: Dense Encompassing Emperor Chapter 1082: Land of tranquil stream Chapter 1083: Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder Chapter 1084: Searching the Nine Underworlds Chapter 1085: Sword God, Sword Devil Chapter 1086: Twelve Devilish Gods Chapter 1087: The peak of the Devils Chapter 1088: The dead Emperor of the devilish dao Chapter 1089: A light burning after death, abstruse mysteries left through millennia Chapter 1090: Feng Yunsheng’s message Chapter 1091: Eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, mid Immortal Bridge stage Chapter 1092: Sovereign of the Immortal Court Chapter 1093: A venomous tiger eats not its offspring? Chapter 1094: Gigantic black Buddha! Chapter 1095: The real ace up Yan Zhaoge’s sleeve Chapter 1096: Two madmen are worse than one Chapter 1097: Being surprised by others Chapter 1098: The same method once more
Chapter 1099: Strong exterior, weak interior Chapter 1100: Yin and yang of Taiji, black and white Brocade Emperors Chapter 1101: Contest between two Emperors Chapter 1102: Young but with great seniority Chapter 1103: Roving Jade Heavens Chapter 1104: Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler Chapter 1105: First meeting with bigwig of the Prime Clear lineage Chapter 1106: Jade Clear direct lineage and Prime Clear direct lineage Chapter 1107: Old residence of the Sword Emperor Chapter 1108: Lotus pond deciphering sword, Immortal Exterminating Sword Manual Chapter 1109: What a Fallen Deity indeed! Chapter 1110: The depressed sword cultivators of the Prime Clear lineage Chapter 1111: Getting to know each other through sparring? Chapter 1112: A frank ‘I lose’ Chapter 1113: Sword Dao Ever Through Straight Centre True, Vile Wretches Often End Impure Impaled Cold Chapter 1114: Subtle, wondrous fate Chapter 1115: The thick dark history Chapter 1116: Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands Chapter 1117: Titles cannot be randomly assumed Chapter 1118: The Emperor who is not like an Emperor Chapter 1119: The World beyond Worlds’ number one Emperor Chapter 1120: News on the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace Chapter 1121: The newly appointed Southern Exalt Chapter 1122: Things Chen Qianhua would do Chapter 1123: Long since having an owner, Southern Heavens Sheer Sword Chapter 1124: One Sword Shocking God, Earlier Heaven Nascent Form Chapter 1125: I have strong morals Chapter 1126: Grand harvest of Grand Clear direct lineage supreme martial arts Chapter 1127: History’s Most Exaggerated Exalt’s cave manor Chapter 1128: The spectacular Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion Chapter 1129: Finally, after a long time Chapter 1130: One year of cultivation equivalent to others’ many years Chapter 1131: Mass anticipation Chapter 1132: To the highest bidder Chapter 1133: Limited stock, high demand Chapter 1134: The unethical merchant Yan Zhaoge Chapter 1135: The bastard’s a no-show! Chapter 1136: No lack of customers Chapter 1137: Income skyrocketing Chapter 1138: Three year anniversary Chapter 1139: The tribulation beckoneth Chapter 1140: A certain wily fatty Chapter 1141: Two full generations beneath her husband?! Chapter 1142: Operation Capturing Crane begins Chapter 1143: One after another Chapter 1144: Ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Immortal Bridge stage! Chapter 1145: Ninth level Martial Saint vs True Immortal! Chapter 1146: A truly unforgettable scene Chapter 1147: We have been waiting for this day too Chapter 1148: I help my kin, not logic
Chapter 1149: Inextinguishable in earlier heaven, presiding loftily in universe Chapter 1150: Yan Di returns Chapter 1151: Sabre overshadows the earth! Chapter 1152: Yan Di battles Upper and Lower! Chapter 1153: Yours is but a sham! Chapter 1154: Creation Sabre, Extinguishing Heaven! Chapter 1155: The heavens crush the earth! Chapter 1156: Yan Zhaoge goes 1v2 Chapter 1157: Sword in hand, even Immortals flee! Chapter 1158: We cannot coexis Chapter 1159: If others won’t reap your old bones, I will! Chapter 1160: Today’s battle is only the beginning Chapter 1161: Mother and son mee Chapter 1162: Counterplan Chapter 1163: Exalted Solar Luminary Chapter 1164: Heavenly Lords of Daoism Chapter 1165: This is just a great big pit waiting for someone to fall inside i Chapter 1166: Joy and tragedy Chapter 1167: The battle that shook the World beyond Worlds Chapter 1168: Central Kunlun, East Broad Creed Chapter 1169: Tit for Ta Chapter 1170: Barge in Kunlun Mountain Chapter 1171: Destroy Your Mountain and Pull Out Your Tree Chapter 1172: The Leakless True Immortal versus the Tranquil Profound Immortal Chapter 1173: The Road From True Immortal To Profound Immortal Chapter 1174: The Search For Astro Sovereign Chapter 1175: The Demonized Buddha Chapter 1176: Encountering The Female Emperor Chapter 1177: Beat Around The Bush Chapter 1178: Meeting Astro Sovereign At Las Chapter 1179: Exalted Water Luminary Chapter 1180: Thousands Of Years In Suppressing A Demon Chapter 1181: New Nine Luminaries Of Kunlun Chapter 1182: Instruction From Astro Sovereign Chapter 1183: The Cause Before, The Effect Today Chapter 1184: Female Emperor's Pas Chapter 1185: Even If You Would Hate Me For This Chapter 1186: I Have Already Gone Crazy Thousand Years Ago Chapter 1187: Jie Mingkong Opened Her Eyes Translator: DragonRider Chapter 1188: The Moment You Saw That, Retreat Translator: DragonRider Chapter 1189: No One Knows Her Better Than You Translator: DragonRider Chapter 1190: Astro Sovereign Showed Up Translator: DragonRider Chapter 1191: Regret for Thousands of Years Chapter 1192: The Possibility of the Immortal Court Getting Involved Chapter 1193: Come After Concealed Sovereign Translator: DragonRider Chapter 1194: You Have To See Me Chapter 1195: The Shadow In The World Beyond Worlds Chapter 1196: Not In The Same Camp Chapter 1197: Astro Sovereign Blocking The Door Chapter 1198: Sword Sovereign's Message