Chapter 10

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (10)

Translated by: Niladri

“I didn’t expect that we would die like this.” Lu Heng smiled bitterly and said this to Xiu Yi Te.

The Queen’s spiritual net has locked down the entire planet. Once the mech tries to break through the mental network and leave the atmosphere, the electronic device will be attacked by the Queen’s spiritual power. In other words, the three of them were trapped on the planet. To add insult to injury, the Queen sent a large number of guardian zergs to search for their tracks.

It has already been the tenth day. The continuous battles have made Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng exhausted. What is even more deadly is that the energy of the mech is about to be exhausted in such a high-intensity battle.

“Little Nana, you are too pessimistic, I promise you can go back to the capital star for the Star Festival.” Xiu Yi Te’s face was a little tired, but his eyes were bright. “I have a plan. But right now, there is still some time, Let’s chat first.”

“What is it, you are deliberately creating trouble.” Lu Heng frowned.

However, Xiu Yi Te made an expression of exaggeratedly holding his chest and put on a crying face: “Little Nana is fierce to me, I am nervous. When I am nervous, I forget all the plans in my head.”

Lu Heng sat down helplessly. Xiu Yi Te understood that look. Lu Heng agreed to his request.

“Actually, without me saying, you should know what I want to ask…”

“Why are you so concerned about this matter.” Lu Heng felt a little puzzled. Xiu Yi Te was a particularly free and easygoing person. Apart from his ideals, he never had a special attachment to anything.

“Because I don’t think you are happy, Reiner.” The look of Xiu Yi Te was unusually serious. “And, I think the root cause of these things is related to me.”

Lu Heng was been silent for a long time. Despite having countless words to say, he did not know where to start. Reiner, who was born into a political family, was keenly aware of the situation in the early days that the condition of the wind and thunder was very subtle. Standing alone outside the various legions, it indeed had a formidable strength. Currently, Wind and thunder has already become utopia for all the best military personnel. Among the top graduates of each league every year, the first choice is always the wind and thunder.

The Marshal is getting old, and there have been many reports of critical illness recently. But despite this the wind and thunder was blossoming in radiant splendor. How could this not touch the sensitive nerves of other regiment heads? Xiu Yi Te’s father, Reese, had a high prestige among the people, and the Second Legion’s military exploits have been outstanding. If coupled with the support of the wind and thunder, there is simply no doubt regarding identity of the next Marshal.

Although Xiu Yi Te was unruly, usually indifferent to the affairs of the legion, and never participated in the struggle for rights, but after all, General Reese was his father. Therefore, the eyes that kept a watch on the wind and thunder were not just a few.

“I heard that the Marshal’s time is running out,” Lu Heng paused. “In the intrigues of the upper echelon, it is safer to destroy a resource than doesn’t bring any benefit to themselves. Therefore, a wind and thunder that can’t be governed will be far less threatening than a unified wind and thunder.”

[T/N: Basically, a chaotic and disorganized group is better than a unified one]

Xiu Yi Te was not a stupid person, he just has been too lazy to care about these intrigues. He believed that with the wind and thunder far away from the capital star, being stationed on the border for a long time, one could purely focus on defending the human alliance and fight the Zergs.

However, he was able to do whatever he wanted with a peace of mind solely because of Lu Heng’s mediation in his stead. To this end, Lu Heng suppressed his own nature, and he did not hesitate to interact with the high-level military departments to participate in the struggle for power. One must know that Lu Heng did not care about his family’s arrangements and applied to the military academy because he loathed the darkness in politics.

Xiu Yi Te, after thinking these matters through, grabbed Lu Heng’s hand. His jaws were trembling because of being clenched too hard: “You…”

Uttering this from his mouth, he didn’t know what to say. He could only hold Lu Heng in his arms, and his iron-like arms hooped around Lu Heng.

Lu Heng was somewhat uncomfortable. He pushed Xiu Yi Te out with a slight push: “You don’t have to feel guilty. Wind and thunder is not only your ideal, but also mine. Matters like these, should be handled by a compatible person.”

After that, Lu Heng examined Xiu Yi Te from top to bottom, gave a scornful look and said: “This person, naturally, cannot be you.”

Xiu Yi Te pretended to be angry and said: “Little Nana, are you looking down on me?”

Later, he saw Lu Heng gently raise the corner of his mouth, and realized from his smile that he didn’t blame him. Looking at Lu Heng’s smile, he felt his heart jerk a few times, and it seemed that something had become different. Lu Heng actually looked very good, and Xuyite suddenly realized it. The slightly raised corners of his eyes, the straight nose, and the soft, gently smiling lips, made the whole person look dazzling.

“Can you tell me your plan?” What made Xiu Yi Te regret was that Lu Heng quickly put away his smile and returned to the usual serious look.

Afterwards, Xiu Yi Te explained his plan. Through spiritual resonance, the two would double their spiritual power, attack the Queen’s spiritual body, and then take the opportunity to escape from the planet. The two parties that use the spiritual resonance must completely trust each other, and there should be no suspicion or misunderstanding in their hearts in order to succeed. Therefore, Xiu Yi Te solved this issue beforehand.

After confirming the plan, the two men took Carlo in the repair cabin and sneaked into the Queen’s lair. The closer they could get, greater the damage they could cause by the spiritual attack.

After destroying a few waves of guardian zergs, they reached the cliff again. Xiu Yi Te lit a fire using a huge pile of firewood, and took out a few pieces of meat cut from the zergs from his space button and began to roast: “Come, eat to your fill. Later we must have full strength to carry out the plan.”

Lu Heng looked at the man in front of him who could be calm, no matter what the situation was, he could only choose to listen to him. He sat down and cooperated to start seasoning the zerg meat.

“Actually, I think that we can try a completely different approach. In front of others, we can pretend to behave normally, but when we are alone, we can be intimate with each other and sleep together like before. How good would it be!” No matter how long it has been, Xiu Yi Te still feels unfamiliar with Lu Heng’s indifferent appearance.

“First of all, I suspect that there are soldiers from other regiments on the wind and thunder.” Lu Heng gave him a look. “Secondly, we never slept together.” [T/N: Literally “sleep”]

Xiu Yi Te made a wounded expression. Seeing that Lu Heng did not pay attention to him, he had to focus on the business: “A traitor? Do you suspect anyone?”

Lu Heng shook his head: “There are some clues, but I don’t know who it is.”

The two people who had enough to eat and drink, had a good spirit and were ready to resonate. The spiritual power of Xiu Yi Te was more aggressive, and he was the primary body.

The more powerful the spiritual power, in the face of external spiritual power, the stronger the reaction and the situation may go out of control. Therefore, Lu Heng branched out a spiritual force tentacle, and tentatively entered the spiritual space of Xiu Yi Te.

What surprised Lu Heng was that his spiritual force was completely accepted, and there was no sign of any rejection. Lu Heng looked at Xiu Yi Te with a complicated expression and closed his eyes, fully integrating his spiritual power into the spiritual space of Xiu Yi Te.

Although it was the first time that spiritual resonance was carried out, the two men did so very smoothly and quickly twisted the two spiritual forces into a giant rope. Lu Heng handed over control, and Xiu Yi Te controlled the spiritual power of the two and turned it into a giant spear, which was to be smashed into the Queen’s spirit body.

At this critical moment, when their lives were hanging on the balance, perhaps the compatibility between Carlo and Xiu Yi Te’s spirit force was too high, his spiritual strength was unconsciously released and entangled in the spiritual strength of the two. The spiritual resonance was a very dangerous thing, and it needed to be at a delicate balance point. If it was altered by Carlo’s spiritual power, the three people could either be dead or severely wounded.

Xiu Yi Te, who was controlling the spiritual power of the two, had no spare force to save him. Lu Heng had to bite his teeth and forcibly split a small part from his own spiritual source, turning it into a spirit barrier and shielding Carlo’s spiritual power. The severe pain of the mental source being split made Lu Heng’s face pale instantly.

At the same time, the Queen’s lair resounded with a shrill cry, and it seemed that their attack worked. The spiritual network of the Queen as thick as a city wall suddenly became unstable. Xiu Yi Te once again manipulated the spiritual powers of the two, turned them into a long knife, and cut a gaping hole on the spiritual power net along the line of the weakest place.

“Now!” Xiu Yi Te summoned his mech, and picked up the somewhat weak Lu Heng and jumped in. Then he used the mech to grab the repairing cabin along with Carlo, and like a free bird that regained freedom, he plunged headlong into the gap and flew out into the space.

“It doesn’t matter if Carlo is outside?” Lu Heng asked, and did not stop the operation.

“The repair cabin has a circulatory system installed anyways, so he cannot die.” Xiu Yi Te’s fingers danced on the operation panel.

Lu Heng felt that the attitude of Xiu Yi Te towards Carlo was somewhat weird. He has always been the protector of Carlo, and he was afraid of any harm befalling the child of his benefactor. Now he directly threw him into the repair cabin outside the mech. Although the cockpit space was relatively narrow, it was barely enough to squeeze in the repair bay. The cockpit was always much safer compared to the mech’s arms.

“How are you feeling Reiner? Forcefully dividing the spiritual power is not a trivial matter.” Although Xiu Yi Te did not have the time to focus anywhere else, apparently, he did not miss that incident. “Not good, after we return Dr. Irene will probably not be able to give you the requisite attention. No, no, no, let’s go to Horst Star for a checkup. I know a good doctor, specializing in the field of spiritual power…”

“Okay, Xiu Yi Te. As long as you quiet down, I would feel much better.” Lu Heng had a headache and rubbed his forehead.

Xiu Yi Te looked at Lu Heng’s pale face. Putting on an expression of zipping shut his mouth, Xiu Yi Te indicated that he won’t fuss anymore.

After a while, Lu Heng looked at the radar screen and felt that the situation was a bit strange: “The Queen did not send troops to pursue us. This is not right.”

“When I first attacked the Queen, I also found that its spiritual defense was a little too weak.” said Xiu Yi Te, “This should not be the strength of the Queen.”

In any case, the two have already arrived near the wormhole, and the Queen’s anomaly was being investigated by the scientists of the institute. This time, after successfully escaping from the jaws of death, both Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng were exhausted, and only wanted to go back to the main ship and have a good rest.

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