Chapter 12

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (12)

Translated by: Niladri

The Atlantis planet was similar to the the blue planet of humans, the vast ocean surrounding a few continents. This planet, for the human beings who had just left their mother planet, brought peace and tranquility that no other place could provide. Today, all buildings on the planet Atlantis are protected by federal law and could not be dismantled secretly.

Therefore, Lu Heng’s secret base was still standing erect on the same position in the coast as it had many years ago. Listening to the sound of the waves hitting the rock wall, Lu Heng slowly walked up along the long spiral staircase. The iron gate leading to the top of the roof had rusted, and it made a harsh sound when pushed away. Even so, the ramrod back that appeared in front of Lu Heng has not changed.

Lu Heng walked over and sat down beside Xiu Yi Te.

The jacket of Xiu Yi Te carelessly lay aside. He only wore a black training vest, showing strong muscle lines. His whole person was like a strong black panther, but now the big cat felt a bit languid. The hot and humid sea breeze blew the red hair of Xiu Yi Te into a disheveled mess, and he was too lazy to take care of it and kept gazing at the distance silently.

Xiu Yi Te suddenly saw a cold face. He turned his head and saw a familiar bottle between the slender fingers of Lu Heng. That was the wine they had often drunk when they were young. Xiu Yi Te took the bottle and the two remained silent. They just sipped the wine quietly until the wine bottomed out.

“These bastards of the Military Headquarters!” Xiu Yi Te raised his head, drank the last bite of wine and finally spoke.

Lu Heng just looked at him slightly and kept staring at him without any sound.

“Without any support, Wind and Thunder alone are to carry out the task of assassinating the Queen. Oh…” Xiu Yi Te laughed mockingly. “In their eyes, nothing compares to that [Marshal’s] position. Such a good opportunity is actually used as a bargaining chip in their struggles!”

“So?” Lu Heng asked.

Xiu Yi Te was stunned.

Lu Heng raised his mouth and revealed a faintly smiling expression: “So you have no confidence?”

“How is that possible! Even if there is only wind and thunder, this task is no problem!” This was not arrogance. Athough Xiu Yi Te’s brain was somewhat muddled because of alcohol, but regarding the strength of the wind and thunder, he has always been clear. Without the support of the rest of the legion, at most it made the task more difficult.

“Then why are you so depressed? We are not going to ask others to understand. As long as we do not forget our original purpose, it’s enough.”

Xiu Yi Te looked at Lu Heng. In Xiu Yi Te’s eyes those have always appeared to be an ancient well, and now they were like a river of stars. Xiu Yi Te was attracted by the beautiful light, and everything around him as if ceased to exist. Even the perpetual sound of the waves that displayed his sense of existence disappeared as well. Xiu Yi Te could only hear the sound of his heartbeat, only seeing Lu Heng’s beautiful eyes. He slowly collected himself and was drawn to that starry brilliance. As they got closer and closer, he couldn’t help but hold his breath, and just when he was about to touch them, he was blocked by something.

At this moment, Xiu Yi Te wanted to destroy the thing that blocked him. However, his remaining reason made him snap out of it, and then Xiu Yi Te saw Lu Heng’s palm against his forehead, his face was incomprehensible.

The atmosphere was very silent for a moment, and Lu Heng regained his usual expressionless expression: “What do you want to do?”

The face of Xiu Yi Te flushed red in a flash: “You, there is a leaf on your face…”

Lu Heng’s eyes made Xiu Yi Te feel that he was an idiot. Sure enough, the next thing that Xiu Yi Te heard made him want to dig a hole and bury himself.

Lu Heng said: “There is no vegetation within one kilometer.”

The night was deep, and the faraway galaxy, under the curtain of night appeared dazzling. The hot and humid sea breeze gently stroked them. Lu Heng bent his left leg, his right hand on the ground, a rare pose of a relaxed, quietly watching the waves under the night. Suddenly, he felt his right leg sink. Lu Heng looked down and saw that Xiu Yi Te was lying on his lap.


Perhaps Lu Heng’s expressionless face staring at people was too lethal. Xiu Yi Te leaned over and hugged his waist: “The potency of this wine is too strong, I am a little dizzy, let me rest a while.” ”

Lu Heng stunned and decided to be too lazy to care about a drunkard, whether it was true or not, whether he was as drunk as he claimed.

Xiu Yi Te held Lu Heng’s thin waist and smacked his mouth at the angle he could not see, feeling that his ears were starting to get hot again.

“Now speak, what’s going on?” The two moond of the Atlantis star have already gone halfway in the sky. The breaths Xiu Yi Te were very steady, but Lu Heng knew that he was awake.

“The analysis report of the First Research Institute came out, and the Queen is evolving. The report time is seven days ago. For five days, the shit resolution discussed by the military is that the wind and thunder would perform the assassination of the Queen mission, and there would be no reinforcement.” Xiu Yi Te spoke with a smile of derision “You can’t say that there would be no reinforcement. The inter-space television station is going to reinforce us with 20 fully automatic live broadcasting machines!”

“Live broadcasting?”

“I don’t know which idiot came up with it, saying that this mission has a great impact. In order to respect the citizen’s right to know, the whole process of the task execution must be broadcast live.” Xiu Yi Te was also irritated and scratched his head. “What is even more stupid is that the top of the military has actually voted in favour of it.”

After learning the news, Xiu Yi Te immediately sent a message to the top of the military to revoke the order, nothing has changed. The Queen’s evolution was such a once-in-lifetime opportunity, even if it was dangerous, Xiu Yi Te and ‘Wind and Thunder’ would not miss such an opportunity. Perhaps the top of the military department wanted to take advantage of this, only to bite then to death by refusing to give a little reinforcement. As for the live broadcast, the military explained that the news of the Queen’s evolution, unsure how, was leaked out, and was raging on the entire star network, resulting in being forced by public opinion pressure, to open the live broadcast.

The intentions of the tops of the military are actually obvious. Without reinforcements, the only choice for Xiu Yi Te is to let the elite members of the wind and thunder use the No. 1 agent to go through the wormhole to perform the task. The consequences of using No. 1 agent was almost foreseeable, and no matter whether it was successful or not, for the person performing the task it was only a dead end.

In this case, although it was for the task, the inside of the wind and thunder would inevitably produce dissent and the prestige of Xiu Yi Te will also be reduced. Then they will find ways to gradually split and swallow the wind and thunder, and add this formidable strength to their own armies.

“The safety of thousands of border stars cannot compare to their power struggles apparently. But from another angle, is this also a testament to our strength?” Xiu Yi Te was actually consoling himself.

“This is the result of not attending the “General History of Mankind” class when you were in the military academy.” Lu Heng came up with a sentence that sounded unrelated.

However, Xiu Yi Te quickly understood what he meant: “Yeah, if I had listened to this class with you, maybe I wouldn’t have been be so idealistic.”

The struggle for power has been permeated throughout the development of human civilization. Whether it was peace or war, intrigue for the sake of their own interests has always been the unchanging primary aspect.

“However, if you didn’t have such a heart, the wind and thunder would not have been the utopia for all outstanding soldiers.”

Xiu Yi Te looked at Lu Heng under the starlight. Perhaps because of all that drinking, his cheeks were a little flushed, accompanied by his soft and low voice, and even the wind around him became a little gentle, and the chaotic mood of Xiu Yi Te became tranquil at this moment.

A huge projection suddenly appeared in the sky above the port, and began to play a nostalgic movie “Escape from the Blue Planet.” The Blue planet was once the mother planet of all human beings. After being discovered by the Zerg, the human beings who were still backward in science and technology were not able to resist the Zerg army. Human beings were forced to give up their homes, and humans evolved in the process of fleeing. At that time, an army of evolved humans accidentally discovered the queen of evolution. They were desperate to assassinate the queen at the expense of their lives, in exchange for the two hundred years of human rejuvenation.

“Hey? This is the weekly open-air movie. The last time we watched a movie together here was 20 years ago.” Xiu Yi Te showed a look of nostalgia.

Lu Heng did not answer the words, but quietly admired the magnificent epic. Xiu Yi Te looked at his concentrated side face and relaxed his mood, immersed in the plot. A detail in the movie suddenly brought an inspiration to Xiu Yi Te.

“Reiner, I have a bold idea. The Queen’s control over the spiritual network is weakest in the final stage of evolution.” The more he said, the more he felt the plan was feasible.

Lu Heng nodded to him to continue.

“We can imitate the psychic signals of the Queen, send orders to all the guardians to leave the nest to explore, and then wait for the opportunity to sneak into the assassination of the Queen.”

“This plan is feasible.” Lu Heng immediately turned on the light brain and began to simulate the execution of the task.

Xiu Yi Te quietly looked at Lu Heng’s serious look. Between them, he was the one who always put forward an idea. The details of the specific implementation were all considered by Lu Heng. As long as there was Lu Heng, an idea full of arrogance could also be successfully implemented.

“According to your idea, after calculations, to assassinate the Queen and successfully retreat, the minimum number of people who can perform the task can be reduced to two.” For a long time, Lu Heng looked up and made two slender fingers on the repair.

Xiu Yi Te excitedly grabbed Lu Heng’s extended hand: “Sure enough, as long as you are there, nothing is impossible!”

Lu Heng’s plan was to cross the wormhole again by him and Xiu Yi Te, simulating the psychic signals of the zergs and approaching the Queen’s lair. Waiting for it to reach the final stage of evolution, when the control of the spiritual network was the weakest, he would then simulate the Queen’s psychic signals to control all the guardian zergs to leave the nest, and Xiu Yi Te would be responsible for entering the nest to assassinate the Queen.

Once the Queen was killed, the Guardian would certainly be alerted, so there must be a person who would have to simulate the Queen’s psychic signals throughout the journey so that those who entered the nest could evacuate smoothly. The task of other members of the wind and thunder was to defend the other end of the wormhole and prevent the guardians who were baited to leave the nest from entering the human alliance planet through the wormhole. After all, the other end of the wormhole was not far from the several residential planets. If the zergs were allowed to enter, the consequences were unimaginable.

The plan to assassinate the Queen was finalized.

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