Chapter 14

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (14)

Translated by: Niladri

After disappearing for a few days, Xiu Yi Te finally appeared in front of Lu Heng. Without saying anything, he took Lu Heng on the shuttle and travelled to the nearby asteroid belt with him.

“What are you looking for?” Lu Heng sat in a resting chair with a glass of red wine that was refilled by Xiu Yi Te, “Do you need my help?”

“You just obediently sit there and rest, you can taste the red wine that I have treasured for twenty years.” Xiu Yi Te said without facing him, “Found it!”

The small shuttle quickly landed on an asteroid. Lu Heng jumped from the hatch and found himself stepping on the knee-deep water. All that could be seen was a sparkling surface of water that had spread up to the horizon. Other than that, there was nothing else.

“What, is this scenery not unique?” Xiu Yi Te jumped behind Lu Heng, and he was quite proud of himself as evident from his tone.

“Is there any resources available here? Is it useful for this mission?” Lu Heng looked at Xiu Yi Te with some doubts.

“Your eyes are always full of mission.” Xiu Yi Te winked at Lu Heng. “Let’s wait.”

Standing in the water with Xiu Yi Te, Lu Heng felt that he looked stupid right now. He tried to pry something from Xiu Yi Te’s mouth, but the latter only gave him mysterious looks, and he would not tell Lu Heng the purpose of his trip.

At the moment when Lu Heng’s patience was about to disappear, the sun disappeared into the distant horizon. The night shrouded the asteroid, and as the curtain of night fell, this vast water landscape slowly glowed like a dazzling sea of flowers, instantly illuminating the whole place. Lu Heng’s eyesight quickly discovered that these starry lights came from a glowing transparent creature similar to jellyfish. They rocked gently along with the waves, giving off the appearance of a radiant nebula.

“Happy birthday, Reiner.” The voice of Xiu Yi Te rang behind him. “This is also the 53rd anniversary of our meeting. I saw you for the first time, at your three-year-old birthday party.” [T/N: It’s the future, so humans live longer. 53rd isn’t considered as “old”]

“On that day, there was a birthday cake that a certain little devil had messed up.” Lu Heng’s voice showed a smile.

Xiu Yi Te was embarrassed and scratched his head: “Didn’t I compensate you?”

“Oh? The cake I was gifted did not reach my stomach.”

Xiu Yi Te, somewhat embarrassed, brushed back his hair and shifted the topic: “Do you still remember the wish you made at that time?”

Recalling the exact words he used while wishing, Lu Heng suddenly stopped talking, and it was really a black history that one found unbearable to recall. At that time, there was a cartoon popular among children, called the son of Starry Sky. The little Reiner was a loyal viewer and fanatic of this show.

“No.” Lu Heng was silent for a long time and spit out a word.

Xiu Yi Te glanced at Lu Heng’s embarrassed look, and gave a wicked smile: “It doesn’t matter, I will help you remember. At three years old, the little-you said, I want to be like the son of the stars, be in the ocean of stars, playing “Little Star”…”

Lu Heng was a little bit anxious, and thought of interrupting him, but saw that Xiu Yi Te took out a huge box from the space button.

“Birthday gift, open it.” He smiled and handed the remote control button for opening the box to Lu Heng.

The remote control button also seemed to carry the body temperature of Xiu Yi Te, in fact, without needing to open; Lu Heng already knew what was in that box. Only Lu Heng never thought that this gift would be given to him. Because in the original world line, Lieutenant Colonel Reiner had not seen this asteroid in his memory, and did not receive any such birthday present.

The incessant urging of Xiu Yi Te won over Lu Heng. He pressed the button, and the exquisite outer box slowly opened like a flower petal. Its inside housed the exquisite piece of art- tears of the starry sky.

“I always remembered your wishes at that time, and I have played this scene in my mind many times.” Xiu Yi Te took a step back and it was a very gentlemanly gesture. “I haven’t heard you play the piano for a long time. Today, may I have this honor and listen to you playing “little star”?”

Lu Heng looked at the man who was relaxed and easy normally, but now he was very serious, but his mouth is cruelly spit out a word: “No.”

Xiu Yi Te, on receiving this big blow sat down on the water, and his expression was that of exaggeratedly mourning: “You can’t be so ruthless. You know that I was desperately searching for this planet, and I had been staying in this asteroid belt for a week. Its ownership has also cost all my savings.”

Xiu Yi Te’s present look was like a dog who brought his most beloved toy to his master to obtain his love, but instead got maliciously kicked to the ground, really pitiful .

Lu Heng finally couldn’t help but smile softly, and then said to Xiu Yi Te, who looked at his smile. “I haven’t played the piano for a long time. I still need to practice, when I have time for that, I’ll play again.”

After saying this, Lu Heng regretted it. Perhaps because of this scenery, this atmosphere has made him impulsive enough to say such irresponsible words. Lieutenant Colonel Reiner died in the mission of assassinating the Queen, and Lu Heng would leave in about the same time.

“Really?” Xiu Yi Te’s eyes lit up.

Looking at that expectant face, Lu Heng swallowed his words. A piano piece, with the memory of Reiner, plus Lu Heng’s intensive spiritual force, taking time to practice a few times should be no problem, just to give a gift to his best friend.

“That’s good, wait for my birthday. When the time comes for birthday present, you will come here with me and use the tears of the starry sky to play ” little stars”.” Xiu Yi Te was happy and somewhat elated by his success.

This time, Lu Heng did not say anything more. He only looked at the distance in silence, and Xiu Yi Te, who was immersed in joy, did not find his strange.

The work of guarding Carlo was exactly carried out by Andrew’s team. It was not appropriate to object, because the other teams were busy training to prepare for the assassination of the Queen, and no one was willing to take this boring and meaningless work. Therefore, Andrew, who had consistently maintained the image of a good old man, came forward and took over this task.

However, his team members were somewhat dissatisfied, because the assassination of the Queen must go into the history of the task, no one was willing to miss it, so when Andrew walked upto the door of the confinement room, he smiled and let his team members participate in the run-in drill. After guarding for a while, no one suspected him.

Opening the door to the confinement room, Andrew saw Carlo huddled into a corner and the food on the table was completely untouched. The smile on his lips deepened.

“Carlo, are you okay?” His voice sounded like a spring breeze, and his mouth smiled like a gentle moonlight.

For Carlo in desperation, this was a ray of sunshine into the abyss, and he felt a touch of warmth.

“Andrew…” his sentence had not been finished yet, when he started sobbing and was unable to speak out.

Andrew patted the shoulders of Carlo. “I know that you are not willing to leave the wind and thunder, you are very talented, and I don’t want to see your talents buried like this.”

Andrew’s affirmation calmed Carlo’s emotions slightly: “I just lacked an opportunity to prove myself. adjutant Reiner was biased against me and would not give me this opportunity.”

“Currently, there is such an opportunity for you to prove yourself. I believe that you can grasp it. The commander will definitely look at you…”

Twenty minutes later, Carlo’s face glowed again, and the bright eyes rekindled the willingness to fight. Even if he was still being held in the confinement, he was not afraid. As long as you are willing to work hard, there is no difficulty that can’t be overcome.

And Andrew, who left the inn, had a smile on his face.

According to the analysis of the images transmitted by the institute, the Queen was about to enter the final stage of evolution. At this stage, the Queen was the most vulnerable, but the duration of this phase was extremely short. The best chance to kill the Zerg was only once.

The final stage of the Queen’s evolution, countdown- 5 hours.

All the members of the wind thunder were gathered in the tactical hall to make the final preparation before the war. On the stage, Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng confirmed the various tactical arrangements again. After all, this task should not go wrong. An hour later, Lu Heng and Xiu Yi Te would pass through the wormhole to the Queen’s Nest.

An automatic holographic camera floated in midair, and everything that would happen during the entire mission was under the supervision of all citizens of the Human Alliance.

“All mech maintenance teams, please do the final inspection of the armor that you are responsible for.”

“All squads, please check the area that you are responsible for, for the last time.”

“All preparations complete, the logistics personnel, take the auxiliary ship to withdraw from the front.”

This was the convention of wind and thunder for dangerous tasks, after all preparations were done. The logistician would evacuate via the auxiliary ship to avoid the influx of logistics personnel who have no strength in the battle.

Just after the evacuation of the logistics personnel, there was a commotion in the position of the Eighth Mech Team. A mech warrior suddenly rushed to his teammates, but was quickly kicked off by another. More and more people were involved in the chaos of the group, rushing to maintain order, but they did not know why they lost their minds and beat them up.

Lu Heng saw that the guards he had sent were involved in the scuffle. He wanted to go see it in person, but he was stopped by Xiu Yi Te: “The things are not quite right, I will go with you.”

The two talented people took a few steps towards the other side, and then Xiu Yi Te stopped. He smelt something doubtful, and tried to decipher the smell. His face changed greatly: “It is Carlo’s pheromone, how can he be here?”

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