Chapter 15

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (15)

Translated by: Niladri

Six hours until the final stage of the Queen’s evolution.

Carlo felt a little uneasy, and felt something big was going to happen. His sixth sense had always been accurate, because the last time this feeling occurred was when his father had died.

Carlo began to recall the conversation with Andrew a few days ago. In these few days, whenever emotions such as frustration, despair, or resentment clouded his mind, Carlo would recall that conversation to save himself from desperation.

On that day, Andrew had said: “When the wind thunder performs the assassination of the Queen’s mission, I will bring away a member of my squad with similar body structure as you and hand you over his identity. You will take the opportunity to go to the mission instead of him. This is your best chance to prove yourself. As long as you make great achievements in the mission, the commander will definitely look at you and let you stay.” [T/N: They will probably in suits and/or mechs so face won’t be visible]

As Carlo was immersed in thoughts, the door of the confinement room was opened. It was Andrew who came in, carrying a person whose face was hidden, on his shoulder.

“Exchange the clothes with him, and then I will take you out.” He put the man on the bed, then turned and kept an eye on the door.

Carlo quickly changed his clothes and put a quilt on the person lying in bed. He suddenly felt something in the back of his neck and the feeling quickly passed. He turned back, only to see Andrew’s hand retreating from his neck.

“There was some dirt.” Andrew smiled slightly: “I want to buckle yourself up for the task, I believe you can do it.”

Carlo squinted and nodded. Andrew had always been so gentle, unlike Xiu Yi Te, although he was very caring towards him, his attitude had always been always awkward. What’s even worse was that even if they were together in the same place, adjutant Reiner would be there as well.

Even if adjutant Reiner was always cold toward Xiu Yi Te, every time he saw Reiner, his whole person will rush forward like a big dog that tried to please his master. Oops, it’s not so good to think of it. Carlo secretly stuck out his tongue.

But even then, only Xiu Yi Te could make Carlo have the feeling of being close to one’s heart and a dependable. Anyway, the lieutenant colonel Reiner was just a Beta, they were just good friends. If Omega must marry an Alpha, then he will only choose Xiu Yi Te. Carlo has thought so secretly in his heart more than once.

Five hours until the final stage of the Queen’s evolution.

“What is this situation? Is the wind and under up to some mischief?”

“Is there an Omega mixed in?”

“Such an important task, they are taking the fate of mankind as a joke!”

“Must do a thorough investigation, there must have been some shady deals”.

“I think this must be a conspiracy of the Zerg. According to my many years of research, the Zerg must have evolved into a parasitic bug. The Omega must have been parasitized by the Zerg to destroy the plan to assassinate the Queen…”

“Really? Have the Zergs really evolved into a parasitic bug? It’s terrible.”

“I have been guaranteed by my squad, yes, people who are interested can go to my personal homepage and have detailed research reports.”

“Wow, it’s my idol, Mr. Xiu Yi Te is just way too strong~”

The chaos in the tactical hall was broadcast live on the star network, the whole star network was seething with excitement, and the messages were rising at a rate of millions per second.

Lu Heng looked at Xiu Yi Te and slowly approached the center of chaos, trying to bring Carlo to the isolation room. However, there were too many people around Carlo, and the strength of the team was so strong that there was no way to stun so many elite fighters in a short time. What’s more, Xiu Yi Te also began to be affected by Carlo’s pheromone, and his mind began to get confused.

Carlo’s pheromone was very strange. Even the Beta Reiner could smell the sweetness in the air that was saccharine and greasy, almost capable of causing suffocation like drowning in water. Not to mention the Alpha in the mechs, the more powerful Alpha, the more they seemed to respond to this pheromone, it was simply not possible to resist approaching Carlo.

This is not right; Carlo seems to have been injected with hormone element. The hormone elements were used by Omega, which had defective glands, and could help them successfully go into estrus. However, a healthy and pure Omega, with the use of the hormone element, could probably make the Alpha of the entire planet lose their minds.

He saw that the situation was continuing to go out of control, the army of armored mechs were battered and bloody even without entering the battlefield. The members of the wind and thunder mech division were all crème-de-lcrème, every casualty would be a great loss.

Lu Heng made a decisive link to the intelligent system of the Starship and quickly certified his identity: “Start the emergency plan X.”

A mechanical voice was broadcasted: “Starting emergency plan X will release high-concentration hypnotic gas in the starship. This gas is only effective for Omega in estrus and Alpha affected by Omega pheromone. After inhalation, sleep time is 24 hours. Confirm commencement?”


A few minutes later, the chaotic hall restored calm. Unexpectedly, Xiu Yi Te still stood still, his eyes were red, and he was weakly walking towards Lu Heng, swaying. Lu Heng walked a few steps forward and held him before he fell.

Xiu Yi Te grabbed Lu Heng and the blue veins on the back of his hands were visible: “Lieutenant Colonel Reiner, I order you to force me to wake me up.”

Xiu Yi Te knew Lu Heng too well. He knew that Lu Heng would continue to perform tasks, but it was inevitable that if a single person went, he wouldn’t return.

“From prior cases, forced awakening have been observed to lead to the collapse of the spiritual field, the level of spiritual power will be reduced to F, and then you can no longer drive the mech.” Lu Heng’s tone was still calm.

“Damn the f*cking spiritual force! Damn the f*cking mech! I don’t care! I only care about you!” Xiu Yi Te’s arms were like a pair of steel tongs, and Lu Heng’s hands felt faintly painful. He had red eyes, and they were glaring daggers. He wanted to stab himself in order to stay awake. It’s just that the struggle was futile, and after a while, Xiu Yi Te eventually succumbed to fainting because of the medicine.

There were very few people standing in the hall, all of them were Beta. The remaining few combatants were not enough to perform the tasks as originally planned.

Lu Heng’s calm and indifferent face made the panicked crowd calm down a bit. One person asked: “Lieutenant Colonel Reiner, what should we do now?”

“Start the emergency defense protocol.” Lu Heng issued a methodical command, and let the rest of the people move the sleeping Alpha in the hall back to their room. And he went to Carlo to examine him carefully, and found a very fine pinhole behind the neck.

It seemed that some people tried to help Carlo, and brought him out of the confinement room. As for who this person was, Lu Heng had a guess in his heart, but he still needed tangible evidence.

Lu Heng was going to go alone to the Queen’s Nest. Their original plan was to retreat after the success of the assassination. This required two people to cooperate; and if one did not consider the retreat, with the ability of Lu Heng, this task could also be completed by one person.

{You haven’t done anything before and now that the moment of your death has arrived, how are you able to gather the attention of the public in such an imposing manner?} The little assistant who had been watching was finally unable to hold back and mentally asked it’s doubts to Lu Heng. As a newcomer, Lu Heng was really good. The entire job was smooth and natural, and it did not warrant issuing an OOC warning even once. [T/N: Out Of Character- Behaviour differing from that of host body]

{Do you know what the butterfly effect is? The light brain that I deliberately damaged was the wing of this little butterfly.}

{I have started to admire you a bit. Then are you going to die now? Don’t be afraid, our little assistants have their own pain immunity system. In order to prevent employees from having psychological shadows, the death in the task is painless! }

{Not in a hurry, I have to light a few fires.}

Lu Heng picked up Carlo, who was in a coma, and left the shooting range of the holographic camera. The people on the star network were shocked by Lu Heng’s decisive hypnosis. All the big-shot Alphas in star network were shocked. Until Lu Heng disappeared in front of the camera, they recovered.

“He just forcibly hypnotized the 90% of the wind and thunder? He doesn’t plan to perform the task?”

“Reiner Hart is a sinner of all mankind! The wind and thunder’s failure in this mission should be sewn in the cloth having “shame” written on it!”

“Strongly demanding that Reiner Hart be court marshaled! He should be sentenced to exile for a lifetime!”

“I suspect that he is also a Zerg spy. This parasitic bug is terrible!”


Regardless of how the star network was raging, Lu Heng had no energy to spare. After throwing Carlo into the bed in the confinement room, he found a very small device from the crack in the ceiling.

There, Lu Heng placed a anti-shielding camera placed in the confinement room. Lu Heng knew that there was a traitor in the wind and thunder, but he could not confirm his identity before putting Carlo in. After the accidental estrus event of Carlo, the mysterious man showed clues, and several encrypted communications monitored by the Starship Intelligence System were evidence.

Although he couldn’t know the content of the communications, they let Lu Heng knew what the mysterious man and the forces behind him were planning to do. He had always done a thorough job, and placed anti-shielding cameras on key locations of the starship.

This kind of camera would not be affected by the shielding field, Lu Heng got it from Alex. Only this technology was still in the experimental stage, it was not mature, the life of the camera was extremely short, and after recording once, it had to be scrapped. Only at this critical moment, Lu Heng was willing to bring them out.

Lu Heng brought out the images, and what happened in the confinement room in the recent days was recorded. The most important thing was Andrew’s scene against Carlos. Finding the person of interest*, Lu Heng contacted Alex and asked him to help investigate all the communication records since Andrew entered the wind and thunder. [T/N: *suspected person. RAW used ‘object of suspicion’]

Three hours until the final stage of the Queen’s evolution.

The angry star network people saw the holographic image in front of them suddenly switch. What appeared in front of them was Lu Heng sitting behind his desk.

“I am the adjutant of Wind and thunder, Lieutenant Colonel Reiner. Now I will report the results of the investigation.” Lu Heng in front of the camera still looked the same, with furrowed brows, a straight mouth and an extremely serious look..

Lu Heng posted the video records from the camera and the communication records of Andrew and Wayne on the star network, including the encrypted communication saying “sabotage the mission at all costs.”

Star network suddenly burst out like a boiling pot, because Admiral Wayne had always appeared in front of the public in an image of integrity, and because they filthily competed for power and disregarded the importance of the overall situation, making them feel guilty about crazily insulting Wind and thunder, and Lu Heng.

“I said that Wind and thunder and Lieutenant Colonel Reiner were innocent. He is the glory of our Beta. The person I admire most is him!”

“These things cannot be forged?”

“What fart, those video records are all in military encoded format. Can you fake one for me?”

“But what about the assassination of the Queen? I live in the Blue Dream Star. We are often attacked by the Zerg. My father and brother are both dead under the claws of the Zerg. It’s hard, I thought this would allow us to live our days in peace…”

“Damn Wayne! Damn! He should be court marshaled, he should be sentenced to death!”

“Yes, you should restore the capital punishment for Wayne!! This hypocrite, this scum!”

The public opinion on the star network has changed another trend. Lu Heng glanced roughly and didn’t care too much to leave the office.


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