Chapter 17

Additional Chapter (1): The Marshal Observation Diary

Translated by: Niladri

My name is Reiner Aiden.

Yes, my parents are the crazy supporters of Marshal Reiner Hart. I am 28 years old and was born in the year of Marshal Reiner Hart’s sacrifice, so in its entirety, there were at least a dozen Reiners at the same level in my school.

My parents chose this name for me, naturally hoping that I will become a great person like Marshal Hart. However, my idol is Marshal Xiu Yi Te.

Xiu Yi Te Reese, the youngest marshal in the history of the Human Alliance. Unlike Marshal Hart, Marshal Xiu Yi Te was a controversial figure. After he took over the position of Marshal, he quickly seized his rights by means of iron and blood, greatly weakening the forces of the various Legions and holding the entire military firmly in his hands. The unwilling army leaders launched a rebellion, but were suppressed by the Marshal Xiu Yi Te with absolute strength. [T/N: Rights= power/priviledges/rights as Marshal]

Regarding his actions, public opinion was mixed.

The praising side thinks that he has cleaned up the murky waters of the military. After that, the whole army from top to bottom wholeheartedly fought and quickly expelled the Zerg to the remote galaxies that are not suitable for human habitation, and the Zerg lacking resources, even if managed to produce a queen can no longer pose a threat to humanity.

Opposing side believes that he is too arbitrary and used his rights to win people over, and the entire military has completely become his.

However, these controversies do not affect Marshal Xiu Yi Te as he is the most eligible bachelor in the whole Alliance yet no one dared approach him. Yes, Marshal Xiu Yi Te is still single, and there has never been any scandal. Young and handsome, with a high degree of authority and independence, it is not a strange thing that Alpha was the dream lover of all Omega and even Beta.

My family has another crazy admirer of Marshal Xiu Yi Te, my younger brother. An Omega, my younger brother was adored at home; I have never dared to violate any of his requirements. On the first day of Xiu Yi Te becoming a Marshal, younger brother asked me to record every move about him. So, here is this marshal observation diary.

x Year x Month x Date

I reported to the Marshal House on the first day today, so nervous. When the captain of the guard heard my name, his expression was a bit complicated. Doesn’t he like Marshal Hart? It shouldn’t be, he was a charismatic person.

When I saw Marshal Xiu Yi Te, his formidable imposing manner was several times stronger than in a holographic projection. At that moment, I didn’t even dare to breathe.

Marshal Xiu Yi Te is just as rumored, serious in speech and manner, and stern looks. Just when I reported my name, his look seemed to ease for a moment. After a while, I heard him say: “You have a good name.”

So excited! Among the several recently recruited guards, Marshal Xiu Yi Te spoke a few words with only me. Maybe it was due to my name? It is said that the two marshals were good friends.

x Year x Month x Date

My younger brother, the idiot, actually wanted me to open a back door to infiltrate into the Marshal House. My mother also helped to ask for help. It was really noisy. When he saw the attitude of Marshal Xiu Yi Te towards the sticky Omegas, he would never dare to have such stupid thoughts.

Today, when the marshal was training, I found a very strange thing. The marshal’s neck seemed to have two nameplates hanging. The nameplate was bound to genes. Isn’t there only one piece for each soldier? Whose was the other nameplate? Unfortunately, the nameplate just fell out of the marshal collar, when he immediately pinned it back, and so failed to see the name above.

In addition, the marshal is really strong, a pair of pro-guards has been beaten, must have hurt.

x Year x Month x Date

Today, someone came to the marshal, wearing the white gown of the research institute, with decent looks, and directly broke into the marshal’s office. The marshal, while working did not allow anyone to disturb. I waited for him to be thrown out by the marshal, but after a few minutes, actually received an order to make tea.

To be honest, I was really shocked. Being the Marshal’s own guard for a long time It’s been the first time I’ve seen the Marshal’s look like this. How do you say it, some gentleness and some nostalgia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the thing that made the marshal show such an expression. I only saw it as a photo album.

When I was in the class, I asked an old team member to say if the man was a lover of the marshal. The marshal was so special to him. The other person looked at me like looking at an idiot, only to say that it was the family of the marshal’s sweetheart.

The marshal actually has a sweetheart; this is really a big news! However, as a qualified guard, I will never disclose this news.

x Year x Month x Date

The marshal did not like the classic song “Escape from the Blue Star”.

At today’s banquet, a famous pianist played the first “Escape from the Blue Star” and said it was for the Marshal. As a result, the Marshal was furious and let the pianist be thrown out of the Marshal House.

x Year x Month x Date

The Marshal House has a room that everyone was forbidden from entering. The marshal is a workaholic, and the daily schedule is full, but no matter how busy, the marshal will stay in that room for a while.

Today, I didn’t mean to pass by. I saw the marshal in the room, and the door was not closed. There seemed to be a piano inside, and the sound of the piano could also be faintly heard. It seemed to be “Escape from the Blue Star.” It’s strange that the marshal doesn’t hate this song very much, he hated when anyone else played it before him.

But I don’t dare to look at it for long. The previous person found to be spying on the room was kicked out of the guards. I don’t want to affect my future for curiosity.

x Year x Month x Date

There was a big incident today, with residual zergs appearing in the territory of the Human Alliance through a new wormhole. In fact, it is not a big deal. The Zerg is only a low-level zerg, and an ordinary mech unit can deal with it. The wormhole is just an asteroid belt with no resident stars. But the marshal actually rushed over, driving the legendary mech.

x Year x Month x Date

I am in a complicated mood now.

Today the marshal met a mercenary squad, and the squad sent the marshal a thing. I was there at the time.

It was a mech, tattered, and a big hole was broken in the cockpit. It can be seen from the traces that it was forcibly pulled apart by the Zerg, and the driver’s experiences can be imagined.

The zerg eats everything.

“Mech Encyclopedia” is a compulsory course for every military school student. How can I not recognize this mech?

Morning light.

Owner, Rainer Hart.

The expression on the face of the marshal, I can’t even bear to think about it. That excruciating agony, I can feel even standing a few meters away. After that, the Marshal waved his hand and everyone left.

At the moment I closed the door, I seemed to hear the voice of the marshal.


I suddenly knew the identity of the lover of the marshal mentioned by the senior.

With this, the diary is sealed up.

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