Chapter 18

The peerlessly talented demon ba she (1)

Translated by: Niladri

The Section Chief of soul purification department was in a good mood, as the department had a new person. The newcomer’s efficiency was also high. Although the Section chief daren did not have time to carefully look at the detailed execution of the newcomer’s mission, but he decided so based on the data of the overall system feedback. The new plane was operating stably, and the soul of the client was 100% clean. A bowl of primary Meng po soup was sent to the reincarnation department.[T/N : daren= addressing someone in a respectful mannerMeng po- ]

Yesterday at the regular meeting, the Section chief of Meng Po Department was so happy that the powder on her face almost got wrinkled. She thought that the soul of this intensity, even after purification, at least had to use high-grade Meng Po soup to wash the memory and be sent to reincarnation. One must know that the high-grade Meng Po soup was a scarce resource, and parting with even a single bowl will cause her heartache for quite a while. So the Section chief of Meng Po department gave the Soul Purification Department an S in the departmental mutual evaluation process, even though the Soul Purification Department did not get S from the Meng Po Department for hundreds of years. [T/N: S>A>B>… not sure if it’s the highest, but it’s quite high]

Perhaps in this year’s departmental assessment, we may be able to get into the top three, the section chief happily drank his tea. However, when he saw the final report of the system assistant 666, the tea in his mouth almost choked him.

“A thread of love has been broken! Is it the thread of love between the sons of fate? Ultimately, this is a diplomatic incident. The destiny department will surely come looking for trouble…” The minister’s teacup fell to the table and made a clanking noise.

“No, the thread of love between the sons of fate is broken, how can this plane run smoothly.” The thread of live between the sons of fate was one of the cornerstones of a plane. If a change occurs, the entire plane would become unstable or even crashes may occur.

The section chief carefully examined the operational data of the plane, which was indeed very stable and even more stable and smooth than before.

“Strange, must report this to be researched.” The minister put a ‘pending’ seal on the evaluation column of the closing report.

Whatever went through Lu Heng’s mind on receiving the ‘pending’ evaluation, he repressed it and did not let it show on his face. The work of soul purification department was very busy, and Lu Heng soon ushered in a second client.

‘Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling’. [T/N: 蓬荜生辉: péng bì shēng huī]

When the client came in, Lu Heng had only these four words in his mind. When the said person sat down opposite to him and tapped the table gently, Lu Heng recovered from his reverie.

The other person was no stranger to this situation, he hooked the corner of the mouth, and the smile startled Lu Heng awake from his absentmindedness: “My name is Zheng.”

Zheng, the king of demons (1), his original form was the demonic ba she, from a plane where the mortals and the demon race resided. He was a demon king, who had lived for tens of thousands of years. He had lost interest in everything in the world. There were only two things in his heart: one was cultivation and ascending, and the other was guarding the demon race. He had a very deep sense of camaraderie with the demon race. The demon race gave him shelter to grow up in when he was young. After becoming a demon king , he took up the burden of guarding the demon race.

When Zheng bumped into a thunder dragon after shedding his skin for the first time, and was beaten badly with scars on his entire body and only one breath was left, a rabbit demon took him back and nursed him. Later, the rabbit demon fell, and the child was entrusted to him, and he raised the little rabbit for three hundred years, teaching her cultivation and providing her all the top resources. The whole demon race thought that this little rabbit was their queen. No one believed that he only took care of her as a younger generation, including the little rabbit demon herself, called Bai Li.

Bai Li felt that Zheng was very good to her, and her worries increased when she heard rumors among the demon race that Zheng wanted to marry her. After Bai Li read stories about mortals, when Zheng went to seclusion, she decided to “escape the marriage” to find the life she wanted. In fact, the entire demon territory was covered by Zheng’s divine sense, and the departure of Bai Li was no exception. Zheng didn’t put it in my heart. It’s normal for a young adult to go to the world to to gain experience. There were a lot of top-level magic weapons on Bai Li, so staying alive would not be a problem.

However, when he got the news of Bai Li again, it was through a letter in the paper crane she sent. It said that after she was seriously injured, she was recuperating in a cultivation sect, and wanted Zheng to pick her up to return to the Demon territory. That trip made Zheng experience a life worse than death, since it was a trap leading Zheng to be imprisoned by the ancient demon locking array of the cultivation sect.

Being imprisoned for one hundred years, that cultivation sect continuously treated Zheng as a source of refining materials for immortality pills of alchemy, drawing blood from him, plucking his scales, peeling his skin and muscles, all these cruel treatments were not enough to exhaust a demon king’s vitality. Zheng saw Bai Li again, when she had become a demon king. Bai Li mobilized the demon race saints, forcibly breaking the ancient demon locking array and saving Zheng.

Zheng’s vitality was seriously injured and returned to the demon territory to recuperate. The wound was not healed yet, when the demon territory faced disaster, forcing him to come out. It turned out that after he went into seclusion, Bai Li said that she would avenge him and went in search for people who participated in the event that year. After that, he don’t know how there was involvement with the holy monk of the Fanyin Temple, only that they had an ill-fated relationship for several years. The holy monk achieved enlightenment, broke their relationship and returned to Fanyin Temple to lead a pious life. Bai Li couldn’t let it go, and pressured the Fanyin Temple to bring forth the holy monk. The holy monk only sent a young Buddhist monk to give his reply to Bai Li, that he did not want to have any Karma with her.

The obsession made Bai Li on the verge of becoming a devil. She half-destroyed Fanyin Temple at the cost of the demon race’s sacred artifact, but only obtained the news that the monk had already become a Buddha. The Fanyin Temple was the sacred place for the cultivators. This move of Bai Li angered all the sects of the mortal races. So the human race united to destroy the demon race.

The demon family lost the sacred artifact, and the demon king was badly hurt. Their strength was not enough even in their heyday*, and it was unable to withstand the cultivator’s offensive. Zheng had no other choice but to stake all in one throw, and give his own demon core to the most powerful among the current demon race- Bai Li, and hoped to help her break through and protect the demon. [T/N: idk why, the term ’11’ was used, idk if it’s a Chinese slang]

Unexpectedly, Bai Li who got the demon core, actually activated the bloodline of the jade rabbit in her body, and stepped into the boundary of ascension. Between ascending and the guarding the demon race, Baili chose to ascend to seek the holy monk, and the entire demon race was almost destroyed in the hands of the human race.

After several thousand years, Bai Li became a demonic immortal, and returned to the mortal world to rebuild the demon territory, and gave the demon race a formidable sanctuary. The demons who knew the events that year were not in this world anymore. The demons who grew up under the protection of Bai Li naturally regarded her as their savior, and Bai Li became the saint among demon race. And Zheng, in the record of the demon race became the chief culprit for the disastrous genocide.

“‘The underworld’s Soul Purification Department’ No. 666 Lu Heng at your service, and will now confirm your request: guard the demon race, so that it does not suffer from the disaster, and you should not become the culprit of genocide in the records. Right?”

Zheng nodded, and suddenly he looked a little gloomy: “That Bai Li…”

“Sorry, according to the data analysis, Bai Li is child of destiny of the plane. Our performers can’t remove her; otherwise it will lead to the collapse of the plane.” Lu Heng immediately understood what he meant.

After a moment of silence, Zheng finally shook hands and reached an agreement with Lu Heng.


In the south of the mainland, there were mountains named Queshan, and the head of the mountains was called Zhaoshan. The mountains were lush and full of grass and valley trees. Wishing grass and bewildering valley tree, these were rare efficacious medicines. Wishing grass had to be eaten in order to cleanse one’s marrows, the fruit of the bewildering valley tree can clean up one’s ears and eyes, preventing them from getting trapped in illusions and getting lost in bewildering formations. However, no one dared to sneak into this mountain, even though it was a treasure trove, because this was the place where the ba she demon king practiced. [T/N: Shan= Mountain]

He saw a horse-shaped demonic beast with a tiger pattern rushing toward the mountain, and stopped at the foot of the mountain. It rolled into the ground and turned into a handsome boy.

The teenager was flustered and pulled out a origami paper bird from his arms and facing the bird, shouted: “My king, my king, there is something to report!”

As soon as the paper bird left the boy’s hand, it turned into a magnificent feathery bird, and flew into the mountain. Soon, the bewildering barrier at the foot of the mountain slowly faded away, and a low and hoarse voice resounded in the air: “Speak up.”

The young man took a step forward and the scenery around him changed instantly. When he recovered, he saw a man in a black robe standing in front of him. The teenager only felt that the beauty of the mountains had lost color in a flash.

The man was wearing a black brocade gown, and the robe was embroidered with gold threads making complicated and gorgeous patterns. However, this gorgeous robe could not contain his elegant demeanor. The man’s hair color was pitch-black. Upon a closer look, the black color was suffused with ink blue. His skin was extremely white, his lips were quite red, his long eyebrows almost met at the temple, the tails of eyebrows were sharp like knives, and he looked very swift and fierce. His eyes were slightly sullen, but charming. The ends of his eyes were slightly raised. When looking at people, there was always a somewhat indifferent feeling.

The teenager in front of him had been staring for a long time, and Lu Heng was not surprised. When he first came over, Lu Heng was stunned for a while when he looked at the body. Still the same as last time, this appearance had also the appearance of Lu Heng, just mixed with some characteristics of the client, such as the white skin, the little mole at the end of the left eye. After this mixing, it somehow let Lu Heng look like a beauty several times, and it’s no exaggeration to praise it.

“Are you a new member of the Sichuan deer family?” Lu Heng has been in seclusion for hundreds of years. This boy should be the demon of this century.

“Answering, answering the king’s words, yes, yes, the little demon is called Lu Youyou.” The boy recovered, realizing that he was staring at the noble demon king, and his face was flushed. [T/N: You you is the sound deers make like moo/meow]

For the newborn demons, Lu Heng has always been tolerant, he hooked his lips: “Speak, what is it?”

“Ah, my King, this is the case.” Seeing Lu Heng’s soft look, Lu Youyou relaxed. “This year, my family was responsible for dealing with the outside world. I found this royal paper bird when I was sorting out the outside communications today .”

Lu Han took out a black-gold coloured paper bird from his sleeve, which was Lu Heng’s special contact paper bird. In addition to Lu Heng, this type of paper bird was only with Bai Li that are now traveling outside. It seems that he has arrived at the time when Bai Li said that she was saved by the cultivation sect, clearly enticing Lu Heng to come out.


Here demon doesn’t mean stuff like Christian demons or Solomon demons. Here “Yao” is used which refers to spirits of objects or animals that achieved sentience, mostly through cultivation.

T/N: Cultivation fantasy world, difficult,confusing terms and personal reasons will lead to weekly/ bi weekly updates. Thank you Helli and vin for explaining the terms.