Chapter 2

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (2)

Translated by: Niladri

Just after the training was completed, the light brain on Lu Heng’s wrist suddenly rang indicating an incoming call. He was able to recognize the caller and it seemed to be a familiar person.

After pressing the button, a holographic image of a military man appeared out of thin air, his face was appeared hale and hearty, his nose was high, his eyes were profound, and his red hair was slightly messy. A few buttons on the top of the shirt were left open, revealing strong chest muscles, and the military uniform was casually draped over the shoulders. The whole person looked full of wild and unattractive charm, which was Xiu Yi Te.

“Yo, little Nana is training. Such ruddy cheeks, reminds me of past…”

“Lord Commander, what is the matter?” Lu Heng face interrupted him with a blank expression. Once Xiu Yi Te began to recall the past, he would not want to bring the conversation back to the topic in a short time.

“I think there is plenty of time now, we can talk a little bit about the past.” Xiu Yi Te seemed stifled, like he couldn’t express himself completely…

“Lord Commander, what is the matter?” Lu Heng repeated in a cold voice.

Xiu Yi Te was just about to say something, when a soft and clear voice chimed in: “Xiu Yi Te, you would best be careful or adjutant Reiner may hang up your call again.”

His expression was stiff for a moment, and it seemed to remind him of the scene where the communication was directly hanged last time. After a few moments, Xiu Yi Te put on a cursory smile on his face. He said: “Reiner, please come at once to the combat command room, there is important intelligence.”

“Yes, I will be there soon.”

It is also amazing that these two characters of such opposing dispositions can be such close friends. Lu Heng picked up the decorative glasses on the table, let them rest on the bridge of his nose and walked out of the cabin.

Crossing the long bridge, Lu Heng walked toward the combat command room at the front end of the starship. His back was quite straight, and every step was accurately paced. The military boots stepping on the hard floor made a very regular “squeaky” sound.

The soldiers along the way saw Lu Heng and stood up straight to give a standard military salute. Perhaps related to the character of the commander, the wind and thunder was not as strict as other legions. In the absence of a mission, the entire starship was generally in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, but this was not so when Lu Heng appeared. With a serious and mechanical demeanor, he has always been the epitome of strictness. In addition, his impeccable adherence to the rules and regulations alienated him from the people. In fact, there were quite a few strange voices inside the wind and thunder [displeased with him].

A soldier who had just finished his salute with Lu Heng looked at his back and disappeared around the corner. He immediately pulled his eyes up with his hands and mimicked Lu Heng’s frozen expression. His companion shook his shoulders and smiled lightly, but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud. They didn’t dare to challenge the listening ability of a 3S rank.

Here, Xiu Yi Te, who hung up the communication, sullenly slammed on the table and said to himself: “Really is more and more amusing, feeling like teasing little Nana again till he blushes.”

“Xiu Yi Te, are you and adjutant Reinar very close?” The young boy who spoke looks very delicate, the skin is white and exquisite like cream, the lips are like petal, plus thin shoulders, slender waist, It is the beauty of an Omega.

“Yeah, we met from the age of three. At that time, Little Nana was as cute as Little Carlo.” The more he said, the more he missed the younger Reiner, he was shy and cute, and he was obedient and gullible. He would believe anything he said. Why is it like this now, like a pedantic old man, full of military discipline…

Even Reiner, who was a youth, was shy, albeit a bit crooked [naughty]. Xiu Yi Te sighed in his heart several times.

Carlo’s eyes widened and the rosy lips opened slightly, surprised: “Is it? I thought that adjutant Reiner was so serious. When I first saw him, I felt as if I was watching the director.”

“How come! When we were in the military academy, a lot of bad ideas were all from Little Nana. Those years of youth were truly full of joy.” Xiu Yi Te sat up straight and suddenly came to the spirit. “Did you know? In our training camp The instructor…”

“When I was at the military academy, I often heard the stories about the captain. At that time, I decided to join the wind and thunder.” Carlo interrupted Xiu Yi Te with some awkwardness.

Because the memories of the past events were interrupted twice in a row, it was a little regretful for Xiu Te. But he was always a little more patient with Carlo. Following Carlo’s words, Xiu Yi Te spoke of a few interesting things in the military school and made him to listen to it, Carlo’s laughter ringing unceasingly.

When the two chatted joyfully, the door of the combat command room slipped open and Carlo suddenly fell silent.

There was a bit of awkwardness in the air. Lu Heng, who came in, seemed to have felt nothing. He saluted Xiu Yi Te, and sat on his right hand side.

“Then let’s get started.” Xiu Yi Te signaled by nodding, then pressed down the holographic projector switch.

What appeared in midair was a yellow planet. This was a neutral planet with poor resources and yellow sand, which was not owned by the Human Alliance. This was a paradise for all criminals, scammers, thieves, and □□, the most wanted terrorists, and sinister murderers. This was the gold cave for star thieves. This place has no law and order. [squares might be rapists]

“According to reliable information, Ereden is now hiding in the largest city of Nabia, Frizian.” Xiu Yi Te zoomed in on the planet and positioned it in a city in the north.

“Wants to get rid of the star road map through the auction?” Lu Heng frowned.

“Bingo! Little Nana, you really have a clever mind.” Xiu Yi Te laughed inexplicably. He saw Lu Heng staring at the projection with a serious look, completely ignoring his words. He shrugged his shoulders and continued talking about business. “So we have to find him before the auction, and take back the road map.”

“As a military force, we cannot openly enter Frizian publicly. Ever since last time’s matter, the parliament has given serious directives to the military headquarters,” Lu Heng said.

“This has just been discussed. “Carlo, who has been silent for a moment, suddenly spoke up. “ Xiu Yi Te suggested that the three of us could secretly sneak in.”

Lu Heng, hearing that scrunched his brows even more instead of loosening them.

This mission is the task where Carlo’s estrus will reveal his identity, and it is also the time when this friend’s and his paths would diverge. The traitor named Ereden stole the star map of the military that had just been drawn. It is said that several unexplored rare ore stars were marked, making it quite valuable. This mission is to hunt Ereden and find the star map.

Carlo’s father sacrificed himself while rescuing Xiu Yi Te, which led to the latter specially favoring him. But it was too irrational to bring a new person in such an important task.

Carlo saw Lu Heng’s disapproving look, and looked at Xiu Yi Te’s eyes with a look of suffering injustice. Seeing what he did not do anything, he also took the courage to say: “Although this is my first mission, I will definitely work hard.”

Lu Heng gently tapped his finger on the table: “Commander, this task is very important, you have to carefully consider the candidates.”

Carlo suddenly stood up and widened his eyes, but his eyes looked at Xiu Yi Te: ” Xiu Yi Te, I will work very hard, please give me a chance.”

Lu Heng, with extreme perseverance resisted raising the corners of his mouth. Are they worthy of being a destined pair? Carlo, who is a second-class private, actually calls the commander by his name.

Xiu Te patted his shoulder and appeased: “You don’t worry Carlo. Reiner, let Carlo go for the consideration of the task. We are disguised as a star thief, and as a star thieves how could we not have a beautiful Omega accompanying?”

He spread his hand: “Look at our entire team. Who else can be pretending to be an Omega besides Carlo?”

“Even this way, I still think that Carlo is not suitable. He used the special recruits quota to enter the wind and thunder. So far, second-class private Carlo have participated in three F-level missions to clean the battlefield, and he is still at the practice stage. His ability is not enough to participate in this A-level mission.”

When he heard Lu Heng’s words, Carlo’s face flushed, and even his eyes were a little red. He bit his lip and still said reluctantly: “I can, I will work hard.”

“Reiner, you…” Xiu Yi Te was a little troubled and rubbed his hair, as if swallowing something that was unpleasant. “Carlo’s school performance is very good, giving him more practical opportunities will hasten his growth.”

” Adjutant Reiner, I, my graduation score was A+…” Carlo was nervous and stuttered.

Lu Heng heard that and pressed a point on the light brain; a translucent screen popped up. It was Carlo’s transcript. He then said: “According to the transcripts in the resume of Second Class Private Carlo Mege, the theoretical score is S, the practical score is B, and the comprehensive score is A+. The risk rating of Frizian in the planet list is A.”

I didn’t care about Carlo’s injured look. Lu Heng also checked the related information about planet Frizian. It was well organized and well-founded.

“The first is the electromagnetic storm. For the first encounter, [without prior experience], the discomfort of the body will adversely affect the judgment of the brain. Secondly, Frizian is an autonomous star, the order is extremely chaotic, and almost half of the 3S-level wanted criminals are hiding here. It can be concluded that if a new person participates in this task, the probability of failure is above 80%.”

Looking at Lu Heng’s indifferent look, listening to the alienated tone of stating his official business, Xiu Yi Te was helpless and somewhat angry. Under the two intertwining emotions, although he knew very well that what Lu Heng stated were all facts, his mouth did not think before saying: “According to the military regulations, the adjutant has only the right to make a suggestion, and the decision is in the hands of the commander. The commander can make corresponding decisions based on the actual situation!”

Even before the words were finished, Xiu Yi Te felt that his tone was too hard, and he scratched his head irritably, closing his mouth and no longer speaking.

“Obeying your orders, sir.” Lu Heng was unaffected. He nodded and gathered a massive amount of information about the auction from the light brain. “Since the candidates have already decided, then we will discuss the details of the mission. Let us proceed.”

Seeing the performance of Lu Heng, the frustration in the heart of Xiu Yi Te grew even heavier. Following this, he was continuously absent-minded. However, the preparation of various details is the responsibility of the adjutant. The absence of Xiu Yi Te did not have any influence on Lu Heng’s work.


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