Chapter 20

The peerlessly talented demon ba she (3): Jump into the pit but be prepared

Translated by: Niladri


Recap: The protagonist, Bai Li- a white rabbit demon is injured and rests at Clear Spring sect, naively believing the sect leader Qing Kongzi’s deceptions- Who in fact, wants to trap our hero, Lu Heng- a demon king ba she (a kind of demonic snake), and torture him for cultivation materials. Lu Heng, instead of blindly rushing in like his predecessor, takes the demon race’s sacred artifact- Suixin (a jelly whose power depends on his owner’s wishes) and his life artifact- ??? (a whip made from his own skin and other stuff) and sets out to rescue Bai Li.


Lu Heng sat resting his chin on his hands while mounted on the body of a golden-winged roc, and from time to time released his condensed sword energy to attack the great mountain barrier. At first, Lu Heng used his sleeve to dispel its counterattack. Later, he was too lazy to deal with it. Anyway, it was unable to hurt his body even the slightest bit. It couldn’t even ruffle the feathers of his temporary mount .

“Is the current strength of human race so bad? This clear spring sect is even renowned as a middle-class sect.” Lu Heng yawned quietly. If he was not afraid of hurting Bai Li, he would have decimated this paper-thin mountain barrier completely.

“Replying to the king’s words, except for the top sects that have been passed down for tens of thousands of years, the current strength of the human race is indeed not worth mentioning.” The Golden Wing roc was temporarily elected as Lu Heng’s mount. You know, he struggled to defeat many competitors, and this won him the honor to have the king sit on his back. The golden-winged roc secretly recorded his heroic moment with a souvenir photo-bead, and he planned to bring it back to let his clansmen envy him.

After a while, from the great mountain barrier emerged an old man garbed in all-white, his appearance and facial features making him the model of someone well versed in the immortal dao .

“The poor Taoist is named Qing Kongzi. Excuse this person for asking, what business does fellow daoist have here?” The old man gave Lu Heng a greeting salute, he was thorough with courtesies.

Lu Heng did not bother with the courtesies of the human race, and indicated the golden winged roc to answer in his stead.

“Does this old daoist think he is of the same generation as our Monarch and deserves to be personally greeted by him?” The Golden Wing Roc was also a powerful figure in the demon race, and its mouth spewed flames. The flame moved very fast, and the lower helm of Qing Kongzi’s dress was scorched, cutting a sorry figure.

It is no wonder that this golden-winged roc was so domineering, since that the relationship between the demon and the human race was not very harmonious. Although Bai Li was saved by the sect of the human cultivators, Bai Li was naive. Therefore, although the demon race thought that this cultivation sect harbored evil intentions, but the monarch always paid attention to Bai Li, and with how strong the king was, there was no demon to raise any objection to the king personally picking up Bai Li.

The face of Qing Kongzi changed, and it quickly showed the humble appearance: “This poor Taoist was out of line, what advice does the two seniors have for this one?”

Looking at the old Taoist behaving as a younger generation, the golden-winged roc was barely satisfied: “I heard that my race’s Bai Li is here with you? Tell her that there are people to pick her up.”

“The noble fairy Bai Li is indeed a guest at our sect, but the fairy Bai Li said that she only wishes to see the demon king.”

“Yes.” Lu Heng opened his mouth, the golden-winged roc that was about to get angry immediately calmed down. “You wait here, I shall bring Bai Li out.”

“Yes.” Regarding the demon king’s orders, no one in the demon race ever objected. What’s more, no one in the demon race believed that the cultivators could even hurt the king’s hair.

Qing Kongzi led Lu Heng straight to the back of the sect, and saw Bai Li turned into her original form encased by a radiant golden barrier. The original form of Bai Li was a white snow rabbit, which looked extremely lovable like jade. The round eyes of the rabbit, seeing Lu Heng, immediately started to tear up.

“Zheng, you have come, I feel pain all over.” Bai Li’s tail rose slightly, and her voice was full of grievances. In the past, when she was bullied by the demon race, she went to Lu Heng.

The demon race was a place which believes in the strong. A little demon like Bai Li was not very popular. There were often those finding troubles with Bai Li, hurting her, and then warning her to stay away from the king. Although Lu Heng carefully taught her to cultivate and supplied all her precious resources, but regarding the ethos of the demon race, as long as Baili’s life was not threatened, he did not interfere too much. It is precisely because of this that Bai Li did not want to marry Lu Heng, she felt that Lu Heng did not know how to care for his future wife.

“How did this happen?” Lu Heng nodded and casually glanced at Bai Li.

“I was attacked by an evil demonic cultivator who wanted to take my monster dan. When I woke up, I found that I was saved by the leader of the Clear spring sect.” Bai Li’s sniffing, combined with her round, moist eyes looked so pitiful that they could melt any person. “Zheng, then I found out that I changed back to my original form. Sect leader Qing Kongzi said they had no way to treat a demon. I could only trust you. I don’t believe in other demons. I am afraid…”

The corners of Lu Heng’s mouth rose in a smile, and his attitude towards Bai Li remained same as always: “To be unskilled, and yet leaving your race boldly. Isn’t your suffering inevitable?”

Bai Li suffering from injustice jumped a step forward and stopped. “I can’t leave this formation now. The seniors said that I was hurt too much. If I leave, my monster dan would collapse.”

“No matter, I will pick you up and protect you with my demonic qi.” After speaking, Lu Heng stepped into the center of the formation.

There was a sudden change, and golden chains burst out of the formation firmly imprisoning Lu Heng. Outside the formation, in addition to Qing Kongzi standing in the northeast, in the other seven positions from who knows where, cultivators wearing the Clear spring sect uniform came in through the door. The imposing manner of the entire formation has suddenly changed, and it became murderous from their combined strength.

“Sect Leader Qing Kongzi, what are you doing?!” Bai Li cried.

“Ahem, you and the other demons, not only killed my family, but also are killing the civilians of our race. We are going to get rid of the evil now! Start it up!” Qing Kongzi instead of answering Bai Li’s question spoke directly.

Lu Heng raised his eyebrows and flickered his sleeves. The chains became spots of light and disappeared into the air. He slowly took two steps forward, lifted Bai Li’s ear and stuffed her into the placket, and his fingers swung in the air, ripping open a big hole.

Qing Kongzi’s face changed, and he quickly bit the tip of his tongue, spraying a stream of blood on the big array. The other seven people are followed him, and the formation that was flickering, was instantly restored. Immediately afterwards, Qing Kongzi pulled out a rope-like artifact and threw it into the air. The rope suddenly turned into an azure dragon and started circling in the air.

“It’s a bit interesting.” Lu Heng said. This Clear Spring sect actually has an immortal grade piece of rope artifact. Although it is not complete, its power cannot be underestimated.

The azure dragon roared and caused the entire mountain to shake with a slight tremor, and then attacked Lu Heng. Lu Heng did not dare to be negligent. His palms turned, and a long black whip emitting golden light appeared in his hands. This was the life artifact of the demon ba she, God Slayer.

Lu Heng grasped the long whip and attacked the azure dragon. The whip whooshed through the air and simultaneously emitted sounds of wind blowing and thunder rumbling. The azure dragon rolled in the air, trying to avoid the long whip, but after all, it was not a living creature, and the reaction was slightly slow. When Lu Heng changed his position, the whip tail maliciously slapped at the neck of the azure dragon, causing it to roll forward by several dozen feet, and its body got paler and paler. So when it went past him, there were hundreds of moves exchanged in an instant.

Seeing that azure dragon falling in the downwind, everyone in Clear spring sect hastened to increase the output of spiritual power, mobilize the array, and produce more chains to imprison Lu Heng. Lu Heng was not afraid, but at this juncture, he felt a trembling in his arms.

Lu Heng looked down and saw that the snow rabbit in the robes was shaking like a sieve while separating chaff and a trace of blood was oozing out from her nostrils. It seems that this battle was overwhelming her soul, and Bai Li’s insufficient healing has caused her unable to bear it.

“I will send you out first.” Lu Heng dispersed a chain and whispered to Bai Li.

“That… then what will you do, I can’t leave you alone.” Bai Li gasped and said something softly.

“Don’t worry, these people don’t scare me. After going out, there is a golden-winged roc, and you will follow him first to demon territory.” After that, Lu Heng deliberately showed a flaw, was hit by the azure dragon, tore a hole in the big array and delivered Bai Li to that demon outside the Clear Spring sect with his demonic qi.

At the moment when Bai Li left, Lu Heng seemed to feel that there was something more inside his clothes, but he had no time to take care of it, and instead concentrated on the azure dragon and Clear spring sect.

As time passed, the azure dragon and Clear spring sect people were gradually suppressed by Lu Heng. The form of the azure dragon became more and more transparent, and it was about to disappear. At this critical moment, billowing dark clouds abruptly began gathering mid air, resonating with intermittent thunderclaps.

Heavenly tribulation! Lu Heng’s heart was in frenzy as the situation was not right. It should not be the time of the tribulation. Where did this strange heavenly tribulation come from? It was also impossible for Lu Heng to make too many reactions, and a purple thunder from the black cloud smashed toward Lu Heng’s heavenly spirit. How can the azure dragon and Clear spring sect people let go of such a golden opportunity and their offensives suddenly got a new lease on life, and they suddenly became fierce.

After the three lightning strikes, Lu Heng’s mouth started to ooze blood, and the tribulation got dangerous. There were enemies eyeing him covetously, it didn’t seem prudent to drag it out.

Fortunately, Lu Heng had an emergency backup. In order to prevent the tragic experience of having his skin being peeled for a hundred years repeatedly, Lu Heng chose teleportation as its supernatural power when the sacred artifact Suixin recognized him. This was not a simple transmission magic, rather, regardless of how powerful the magical formation trapping him was, with Suixin’s supernatural power he would be able to escape.

No need at this time, but do it when I say so. The moment Lu Heng wished it, the sacred artifact of the demon race flew out of his ears.

Sensing Lu Heng’s wish, Suixin let out a dazzling white light and covered Lu Heng. Waiting for the white light to disperse, the demon locking array was totally empty, leaving only the people of Clear spring sect to face each other. The azure dragon also reached the limit, and after swaying a few times, it disappeared into the air and turned back into a rope. And the bundle of immortal ropes, which have not yet fallen to the ground, disappeared into powder. The incomplete immortal artifact finally dissipated the last of its immortal power and disappeared between heaven and earth.

Qing Kongzi, seeing this spurted a bloody mist and after raising his head, fell into the ground. He was unaware that his facial features aged ten years instantly. This time while handling affairs, he overdrew his cultivation to forcefully back up the immortal artifact, but still failed to trap the demon king, and even destroyed the immortal weapon. Qing Kongzi’s life was at its end, this time his vitality was severely damaged, afraid that he would fall in the next day. The clear spring sect lost their leader and their immortal artifact. Finding a footing for themselves in the Fuyu Mountain vein was not possible anymore. A medium class sect of a large scale started to slowly decline.


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