Chapter 3

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (3)

Translated by: Niladri

The restaurant of the Wind and thunder was built with exceptional luxury, and the food from all the star territories could be found here. This was an integral part of ​​Xiu Yi Te’s ideas: Enjoy life fully, fight vigorously. It was not the time to dine yet, but all the members of the third combat squad were gathered in the corner of the restaurant. In the center of the crowd, Carlo silently shed tears.

“What the hell is going on, come on tell us.” A blonde alpha, seeing the object of his affections upset, had a favourable impression of him and anxiously wanted to caress his ears and cheeks.

Carlo looked up at him, almost spat a word out, covered his own lip and shook his head gently.

Blonde Alpha still wanted to say something, but his shoulders were pressed down by someone: “Heard your big voice from the entrance of the restaurant. What happened?”

“Captain, someone bullied our little Carlo.”

The person who came was the captain of the third combat squad, Andrew, who had a gentle smile. Andrew was born with a refined disposition, giving the impression of a spring breeze, and making others put their guards down around him unconsciously.

He sat down opposite Carlo and said softly: “Carlo, don’t worry. Our third squad will always be your strongest backing.”

As if he was comforted by his gentle words, Carlo began to talk about the experience he had just had in the combat command room. At the end, he took another sniff: “Was I wrong? Did I made adjutant Reiner angry, why doesn’t he like me?”

“Nonsense, our Carlo is so cute, how can someone dislike you? Adjutant Reiner is really strict to everyone. Last time I…”

Andrew, who knows his own subordinates, used his eyes to signal the blonde Alpha, cutting short the lengthy speech and changing the subject, and then continued to appease Carlo. “Carlo, you are so outstanding, as long as you work hard, you will surely be recognized.”

“Yes, but what if adjutant Reinar doesn’t approve me?”

“In this starship the final decision rests on the commander and not adjutant Reiner.” Blonde Alpha couldn’t help but open his mouth. “The commander treats you specially. Since I joined the Wind and Thunder division, I have never seen the commander personally recommend a newcomer for an official task!”

“It’s not like that. Xiu Yi Te probably thinks that I am clumsy, and can’t tolerate it.” Caro embarrassedly lowered his head, and the white ear’s ear slowly turned pink. [T/N: ARRRgghh this green tea bitch!]

Andrew smiled and patted Carlo’s shoulder: “In order to live up to the commander’s expectations, you have to cheer up and work hard.”

Carlo’s eyes lit up and he made a decision in silence.

Frizian was not a habitable planet. It was too close to the ZR-21 star causing the climate to be hot throughout the year. The whole planet was basically a desert. There were no valuable mineral deposits on it, and even electromagnetic storms would erupt from time to time. . Such a planet, any country in the alliance, had no interest in, so it became a peripheral zone – a paradise for criminals.

Nabia was the existence that was completely incompatible to this desolate place. Amidst the desert, this was a city of towering appearance, brimming with decadence and luxuriousness. The main industry in Nabia was re-selling of stolen goods, and everything that was unknown or prohibited by the Human Alliance could be found here.

The one-eyed statue of Locke Reid looked down slightly, and the place where he looked was the transparent crystal roof of the central auction hall. The most famous star thief in history was the founder of the auction house. Today’s central auction hall ushered in big customers who spend money lavishly. The FITs in the hall were all discussing things or whispering to one another. [FIT= Free Independent Travelers]

“15th , has anyone counted how much money the 18th box owner has spent?”(1)

“Who is this nouveau riche, have they just discovered an ore-star?”

“This is obviously a star thief who just made a fortune. Obviously they got rid of the weapons and some resources through auction?”

“There has been no good show [lately]. Today’s finale is a masterpiece of Master Oake, his posthumous work- tears of the starry sky . It seems that the 18th is not going to fall behind. I heard that the new favorite of Dahan is here today, and she really wants to obtain this classical piano……”

“Hmph, that woman doesn’t understand such a profound art, posing as a cultured person yet sticking to him like that. If she obtains that, I reckon Master Oake would be rolling in his grave.”

In a warm atmosphere, the finale of the auction appeared on the stage. The host did not talk nonsense and directly pressed a button. With the opening of the exquisite box, a breathtaking piano appeared in front of everyone. The deep blue-black color like the night sky, under the illumination of the light, spilled out radiance just like stars in the galaxy. It was said that this was a powder polished with a large number of nebula stones, and was added to the surface coating in order to have such a beautiful appearance; just as its name suggested, the tears of the starry sky. The piano was so beautiful that even after it was unveiled, people had yet to make a sound. It is said that people who saw it felt that their piano skills were dwarfed in front of the piano.

[^Like this? just a bit more fantasy-like]

However, not everyone was as emotional as the musicians. A sexy woman, who was extremely charming, heard the sound of the finale of the auction and sat up with some excitement. Then she pasted herself onto the sturdy guy’s body, stretched out her voice and in a spoiled manner, entreated “Dear~”

Dahan reached out and grabbed the beautiful and delicate body: “This little demon,I promised to buy it for you, and yet you think Laozi will renege on his promise. I prepared eight million stellar-dollars, enough to buy all the things here!” [laozi= arrogant way to refer to himself]

However, makeup applied to beautify face will not remain forever. Dahan’s voice just fell, and, from the direction of the 18th box, an electronic voice sounded: “10 million stellar-dollars.”

At this moment inside the 18th box, a thin man in black shirt and trousers, appearing to be an ordinary man stood in front of the glass window. It was Lu Heng in an easygoing disposition.

He turned back and complained: “Commander, you cannot buy these goods, we can only buy weapons and resources.”

“You really like worrying yourself.” Xiu Yi Te cocked his index finger and shook it. “This is my private purchase.”

Since it was Xiu Yi Te’s private funds, Lu Heng could not say anything more. Although he couldn’t understand what Xiu Yi Te wanted to do when he bought a piano, Xiu Yi Te was free to do whatever he wanted, and he didn’t have to worry about it as long as it didn’t affect the task. It’s that just because Lu Heng doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean that other people don’t care.

“Xiu Yi Te, what are you trying to do by buying a piano? Are you going to play it? It’s amazing.” Carlo’s eyes sparkled and he looked at Xiu Yi Te.

“I don’t have any artistic cells [in my brain]. This piano has its own use.” Xiu Yi Te smiled mysteriously.

Carlo thought about something and had a blush forming on his fair face. Lu Heng looked at the interaction between the two people. I remember that Carlo’s information showed that he had studied in an art college for a while before he attended the first military school. The specialization was exactly the piano. It seems that the feelings between them had sprouted a long time ago.

“Speaking of which, Little Nana, I am so disappointed today, what are you wearing?” Xiu Yi Te did not seem to want to continue this topic. He heaved a sigh at Lu Heng and exaggeratedly made an expression of closing his eyes .

Today, Xiu Yi Te dressed especially boldly,his upper body was covered by leather clothing with metal accessories, while his lower body had a ragged pair of jeans, and his face had a large piece of strange tattoo drawn with red dye. As for Carlo, he wore some retro Gothic clothing, and the complicated lace shirt made his face more delicate.

“Although my appearance today is quite different [from usual], it will not affect the task.” Lu Heng said.

“No, no, it’s not for the task, it’s about your taste in life. What a boring life you lead!” Xiu Yi Te sighed exaggeratedly, and pressed the bid button in his hand.

Their current task is to madly throw money at large and small auctions in the Nabia Central auction hall to get invitation tickets for platinum auctions. After getting invited to the platinum auction, their mission goal is exactly the goods at this platinum auction.

After taking the tears of the starry sky, the door of the box was knocked, and a beautiful woman in a black tutu walked in. She held a delicate box in her hand and an envelope on the box.

[T/N: Probably looks like this^]

“Premier guests, on behalf of the Central Auction Hall, I invite you to participate in the platinum auction held three days later.” The woman bent down to reveal a beautiful and long neck, and the attractive pheromone floated in the air faintly, that of a precious Omega.

“Worthy of the central auction hall, to have a precious Omega as a waitress.” Xiu Yi Te took the box and raised the woman’s chin, complimenting her, “truly a beautiful young lady.”

The woman immediately tried to fall into Xiu Yi Te’s embrace. For attracting honoured guests, the mere invitation to a platinum auction was certainly not enough. This beautiful Omega was obviously part of the gift as well. The person, Xiu Yi Te couldn’t move, and did not push her away in order to conform to the behavior pattern of Star Pirates.

On the face of Xiu Yi Te, a dissolute expression was maintained, and embracing Carlo, suggested: “Baby, shall we try having a threesome?”

Carlo’s face reddened, and he was so frightened that he started stuttering: “This, this…”

Xiu Yi Te regretfully pushed the waiter away: “Oh, my little baby is shy. Beauty, I shall come to you alone next time.”

The waitress bowed and retired from the room. As soon as the door closed, Xiu Yi Te immediately let go of Carlo: “I am sorry, the task needed it.”

Although Carlo said that it didn’t matter, the atmosphere of the two grew awkward.

Lu Heng’s mouth opened to break this strange atmosphere: “It seems that there is no problem in participating in the platinum auction, we can go back.”


(1) Auction houses in ancient china settings normally have general seats in the lowest floor and private boxes in the upper floor. Not sure if it is the case here. go back

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