Chapter 31

The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (14)

Translated by: Niladri

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The forbidden area of the demon race was located in the Zhaoyao Mountain of the Queshan Mountain ranges. This Zhaoyao Mountain was vast, and there were numerous legendary medicinal plants, but it was uninhabited, because this Zhaoyao Mountain was the territory of the demon king. The demon king was so obsessed with cultivation that he did not like any disturbance and so, he lived alone in the Zhaoyao mountain.

The trio of Lu Heng arrived at the foot of the Zhaoyao Mountain.

The Fox King looked at Lu Heng and said hesitatingly, “There is a barrier deployed by King on this Zhaoyao Mountain. I have never dared to break in, but…”

Lu Heng understood the meaning of her words, so he braced himself and replied, “I’ll try.”

Lu Heng was afraid that his half-baked cultivation would tarnish demon king’s reputation. To his surprise, when he went forward, it felt as if the memories were ingrained into his body. The demonic energy in him spontaneously began to circulate in a mysterious trajectory. Then, Lu Heng’s hand stroked the air gently, and the fog in front of him fizzled away, revealing the scenery of the Zhaoyao Mountain.

As soon as he stepped into the range of Zhangyao Mountain, Lu Heng felt as if something was beckoning him. After discussing this sensation with Shi Kong and Xi Xi, the three of them went into the depths of the Zhaoyao Mountain following Lu Heng’s feeling.

What eventually appeared in front of them was the forbidden land of the demon clan. Looking at the ancient and huge stone gate, Lu Heng felt that what was beckoning him was behind it.

“Just behind the door.” Lu Heng said.

“Only King can enter the forbidden area, I and Master Shi Kong can only wait here.” Xi Xi said.

Lu Heng nodded and was about to take a step, but was blocked by Shi Kong.

“Calm you mind and focus your attention, look into the sea of qi, and then feel the things behind this door, whether there is something different.” The demon’s instinct and intuition have always forewarned of dangerous things, so Shi Kong suggested such an action.

Lu Heng considered Shi Kong’s words for a moment, and confirmed that the things behind the stone gate were harmless and very important to him.

Lu Heng entered the forbidden area along with Min’s corpse. First, according to the Fox King, he found the Fox clan’s burial place and put the Min’s bones in it. At the moment when the Min’s bones fell into the place surrounded by the bones of the fox ancestor great demon, a power of law rose from it and soon merged with the power of law surrounding the forbidden land.

Later, Lu Heng seemed to hear someone whisper in his ear: “Thank you very much.”

At this moment, Lu Heng mentally received more information about the forbidden land. The power of law in the forbidden land of the demon race nourished the whole demon race land and provided the life force for the demon clans in the native land. The great demons who failed to ascend and fell, returned to the forbidden land. They returned their power of law to the forbidden land and continued to guard the demon race.

Life goes on.

After sighing, Lu Heng walked towards the depths of the forbidden land again. At the end of the road was an ancient altar, with a small black snake hovering over its stone pedestal. This snake looked exactly the same as Lu Heng’s original form.

Greatly surprised, Lu Heng walked several steps to the snake and examined it carefully. Only then did he discover that the snake was made of black jade. The black jade snake was intricately carved. Every scale on it was very meticulous. No wonder Lu Heng took it as a living creature when he first saw it.

Sensing it to be the thing that was beckoning him, Lu Heng stretched his hand out towards the snake. The moment he came into contact with the snake, it’s eyes started glowing, and then an illusory phantom appeared from the snake.

This phantom belonged to a man in a gorgeous black robe, with dark hair, extremely fair skin, exquisitely painted eyebrows, and a slight frivolous look when looking at people. This was clearly his own body but a little older, Lu Heng discerned, this should be the phantom left behind by the demon king.

“I don’t know who has come, but it doesn’t matter. Only those who have been identified as a demon can come here.” The shadow said.

The illusion of the demon king began explaining the purpose of the jade snake here.

When Zheng sensed the power of the law in the forbidden land, he suddenly felt that he would have a grave life-and-death tribulation, and at the same time, there would be a great calamity for the demon clan. The demon King feared that if he could not survive the life and death tribulation, the demon race would not be protected from the calamity, so he left a part of his cultivation and comprehension here. When the situation would be critical, the succeeding demon king could enhance his strength as soon as possible and take on the important task of guarding the demon race. 1

After that, the illusion in mid-air disappeared, and the jade snake turned into a ray of light and entered Lu Heng’s body. This was the cultivation of the same body, and Lu Heng absorbed it without feeling any hindrance.

The black robed teenager before the altar disappeared, and in his place stood a black snake whose scales were covered with a radiant mist. Then the figure of the black snake could be seen to be getting bigger and bigger until it reached the top of the stone wall, and it continued to grow steadily.

Lu Heng eventually slowed down the feeling of the surge of power, since it would likely cause the collapse of the forbidden land. He transformed into his human form and his cultivation began to stabilize. The difference between the original form and the human form would not be too big (cultivation wise).

When the light faded, there stood not teenager in black robes, rather, an adult man in gorgeous black robes. Lu Heng sat cross-legged and felt the abundant power. The complete inheritance of the Ba snake clan finally poured into his mind following the complete restoration of Lu Heng’s dantian.

‘There will be an estrus period when the ba snake grows up’… What’s the meaning of this? Only then did Lu Heng realize that he did not feel right. From just then, his body had been feeling a little hot and a little groggy. Lu Heng thought it was because he absorbed too much cultivation in a short time. What is this estrus period? Something seems to be wrong.

A day had passed since Lu Heng entered the forbidden area. The fox king looked a little anxious, fearing that the demon king whose cultivation was damaged and suffered amnesia probably faced some accident in the forbidden land.

On the other hand, Shi Kong wore a look of indifference, because he knew that Lu Heng had not encountered any danger. During the Moon Festival, ever since the strange crescent moon entered his body, he had a sense of connection with Lu Heng’s mind. Shi Kong started to investigate, because mostly when the other side was in distress or emotional instability, he would be able to sense it.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came over him, as if the other party was in a state of mental instability. It was not a trivial matter for someone practicing cultivation to have an abrupt change in their temperament. So he got up and went to the forbidden land gate.

Seeing Shi Kong’s actions, Xi Xi suddenly went to the forbidden land’s gate and urged him to stop. “Master, this forbidden land’s barrier only allows the demon king…”

Her words had barely been spoken, when Shi Kong approached the gate, and a crescent moon appeared on his body, and then the barrier completely admitted him.

Shi Kong’s figure disappeared behind the door, leaving only a shocked Xi Xi. That’s the blessing of Luna. Is this Shi Kong the companion of the demon king recognized by the moon god? Xi Xi felt that she needed to sit down and calm down.

Following the familiar atmosphere, Shi Kong found Lu Heng in a deep, cold pool. As an adult, he was even more alluring than a teenager. Lu Heng’s outer robe was soaking with water, and his plain innerwear, after getting drenched, slightly exposed his skin. His face was flushed, his hair was loose, and some of his long, disheveled hair was draped behind him. His hair was inky-black, his skin was as white as jade, and his lips were as scorching like flames.

Even Shi Kong, who was aloof and uncaring towards everyone, was dumbstruck upon seeing this view. Hearing Lu Heng’s painful voice, Shi Kong somewhat recovered. He stepped forward, grabbed Lu Heng’s wrist and was about to pour his spiritual power in order to probe his condition.

Shi Kong’s finger barely landed on Lu Heng’s wrist, when the other person grabbed the back of his hand, and pulled himself out of the cold pool. The pool may have been chilly, but the person who stuck to Shi Kong’s body was hot as fire.

Lu Heng was actually quite sober. Although he was hot and dizzy, his mind was coherent. From the time Shi Kong appeared at the edge of the cold pool, to Shi Kong’s stunned gaze on him, and then pulling himself off the cold pool, during the entire process, Lu Heng was very sober.

He did everything intentionally. The words of Hong Wei that night had always been in his mind. Why not go for it? Yeah, why don’t I give it a shot? Isn’t this an excellent opportunity? 2

Shi Kong was pulled down unprepared by Lu Heng, and both of them went crashing into the pool. Lu Heng swooped forward, sat on the other’s waist, wrapped his hands around Shi Kong’s neck, and gently blew his breath.

Lu Heng was preparing to make further efforts, but he felt the back of his neck was grasped by Shi Kong’s icy palms. Then a soft but firm force pushed him back.

After that, he saw Shi Kong sit down cross-legged with his hands folded together and said, “Calm down, you are now in an unstable state of mind. This poor monk will recite the heart-calming sutra for you.”

Lu Heng, seeing the tranquil expression on the beautiful monk, was somewhat depressed. It would be difficult for him to make him fall (for him), as perhaps he treated him like a junior. However, Lu Heng later dismissed the idea because Shi Kong’s earlobes were slightly redder than usual.

Lu Heng raised the corners of his mouth, the man was not as calm as he seemed.

In the forbidden land, there was silence. No wind, no sound, only the moonlight sneaked through the cracks in the roof of the cave and furtively disseminated into the cold pool. The moonlight was cool and the pool was chilly. Two figures were entangled in it, feeling warm despite the cold night.

“Zheng, don’t be driven by instinct.” Shi Kong joined his palms together, gazing at the pool, his tone did not waver.

“Instinct?” Lu Heng put his arms on Shi Kong’s shoulder, and his lips gently swam by Shi Kong’s ear.

“The snake race have estrus when growing into adult. You don’t know what you’re doing right now.” Even in this situation, Shi Kong was still unmovable.

“How can I be influenced by instinct when I am a great demon? My mind is clear right now.” Lu Heng caressed Shi Kong’s cheek, but he was still calm.

Shi Kong closed his eyes and began to chant Buddhist verses in a low voice.

“The heart remains steady, the body remains unmoved?” Lu Heng smiled gently, his voice was deep and hoarse. “Shi Kong, I am happy with you.”

After that, Lu Heng came forward and kissed Shi Kong’s lips, which were somewhat cool.

The ten fingers in Shi Kong’s palms slightly loosened, his heart was chaotic after all.

Lu Heng felt a strong pressure behind his head, and their lips were more and more entangled. Shi Kong held the back of his head with his right hand, and his left arm was wrapped around his waist, and there was no room for retreat.

The bright moon in the sky hid behind the clouds. Despite there being no winds near the cold pool, the sound of waves slamming against the wall of the pool echoed throughout the cave.

It was a benevolent and beautiful night.