Chapter 33

The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (16)

Translated by: Niladri

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When the people from Fanyin Temple arrived, there were hundreds of people on the huge lotus pedestal artifact. The leading person wearing a golden red □□, looking compassionate and having unfathomable cultivation, was Shi Kong’s master Yuan Zhen, the abbot of Fanyin Temple. [foornote] No Idea why this was censored[/footnote]

Shi Kong went forward a performed a filial disciple’s salute: “This one greets Master.”

Yuan Zhen closed his eyes and kept chanting Buddhist verses. Behind him, the first seat of discipline hall with a broad black face shouted, “Shi Kong, colluding with evil demons and harming the humans. You know what you have done wrong!”

This first seat had always been apathetic towards the demon race, which was not his own race, and he didn’t want to waste words on him: “Master, disciple can report this matter in detail.”

Yuan Zhen finally opened his mouth: “Shi Kong, the decision has been made by the sect. Assist your sect’s teachers in seizing the demon and all your mistakes will remain in the past.”

Shi Kong remained silent, and merely reached out to protect Lu Heng behind, clearly showing his attitude.

“Stubborn one.” The first seat wore an angry, frowning look on his face and shouted angrily, “Together then! We’ll seize this evil-doer along with you!”

Lu Heng pulled out his long whip and stepped forward to stand beside Shi Kong. It’s just that he was hesitant. After all, they were from the same sect.

“This is the sect’s most powerful Suppressing Vajrapani magic formation. Without raising a hand, they can ensure their safety with that.” It seemed that Shi Kong heard Lu Heng’s thoughts and explained. Immediately, the Buddha beads wrapped around his hands glowed.

There were 108 people flying out of the huge lotus pedestal artifact. Although the number of people was large, it is not disorderly at all, in the blink of an eye, they created a formation.

Although Lu Heng had several experiences in fighting with the cultivators since he came to this world, the strength of those cultivators was not worth mentioning. Lu Heng had not yet experienced the top fighting power of such a super sect like Fanyin Temple, and his heart was somewhat troubled.

“I don’t know how to deal with this formation.” Lu Heng calmly said to Shi Kong.

“Don’t be afraid, just listen to my directions.” Shi Kong squeezed Lu Heng’s hand lightly and quickly loosened it.

At the time the two were conversing, an angry Luohan shadow appeared in the air. The Luohan was holding a demon subduing pestle, his eyes were like copper bells, and his whole body emitted great pressure. The first seat in the middle of the formation could be seen holding the air in his right hand and smashing it down. The Luohan’s virtual shadow also emulated him, holding the demon suppressing pestle in his hand, and directly attacked the duo of Lu Heng targeting the top of their heads.

With a movement of Shi Kong’s fingers, eight Buddha beads flew out of his hands, each expanding to the size of a human head, and surrounded him and Lu Heng. The name of this life artifact of Shi Kong was “Eight Distresses”, which comes from the eight distresses of life: birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas.

The green beads of eight distresses fanned out, turned into vines, tightly wrapped around the pestle, and then started to spread upward, entangling the Luohan.

Seeing the plant-like thing entangling the figure and render it motionless, the first seat roared angrily, and a flash of light shone from the people in the air. Another Luohan phantom appeared in the air.

Seeing the situation, Lu Heng flew forward brandishing his whip. The long whip in his hand had been restored, and the power of the law was concealed within the long whip.

Two people cooperated tacitly; and one after another the Luohan illusory phantoms were dispersed. For a while, the people of Fanyin Temple were out of options.

The battle remained deadlocked.

The first seat suddenly looked back and said, “Brother! Don’t hesitate! Continuous Karmic relationships will harm Shi Kong! ”

Yuan Zhen heard those words and opened his eyes at last. He whispered a Buddhist chant, holding out his hand, and the Karma plate appeared in his palm.

Regarding the powers of the Karma plate of the sect, its function was not only to calculate human Karma. A mere drop of blood from Yuan Zhen fell into the plate. As soon as the essence blood fell into the plate, it turned into a bloody mist, and then it was absorbed. Yuan Zhen’s face also ashened for a moment, the essence blood from heart was different from the ordinary blood, and for a cultivator, losing a single drop was a great loss. If it weren’t for the urgency, Yuan Zhen would have never used his own essence blood.

Suddenly, dozens of different coloured lights appeared around Yuan Zhen. He picked out one of the blue lights, held it in his hand, and the rest of the light dissipated in the air. From the blue light, connected at the other end, was just Shi Kong.

Yuan Zhen gestured with a finger and the blue light whooshed through the air. In an instant, it tightly bound Shi Kong. This power of Karma was extraordinary. Although the master-disciple relationship between Shi Kong and Yuan Zhen was shallow, it could trap Shi Kong in a cinch.

With Shi Kong trapped, the pressure on Lu Heng’s side increased tremendously. To make matters worse, Yuan Zhen forced out another drop of blood, which fell into the plate. A red light appeared from the trapped Shi Kong’s body, which was different from the dim glow of the blue light. The color was vivid and dazzling, almost painting half the sky red.

Yuan Zhen plucked it out, and the red light, following the pattern, also bound Lu Heng. The first seat saw that both of them were trapped, and he felt joyful in his heart. It’s just controlling the Karma plate required too much power, even the abbot Yuan Zhen of Fanyin Temple couldn’t support it for long.

Not wasting this opportunity, the first seat instinctively acted, in the big formation, all disciples started to emit golden light from their bodies, causing the remaining Luohan phantoms in the formation to slowly merge. There appeared a illusory phantom of a Buddha statue in the air. In the half-closed eyes of the Buddha statue, there was mercy yet indifference. He lifted his hands, and exerted massive pressure on Lu Heng.

This palm was as powerful as a mountain. If it came into contact, even the strong body of the Ba snake will be seriously injured.

At this critical moment, however, the Buddha beads around the Shi Kong exploded out and cut off the blue light wrapped around his body. At the cost of destroying his life artifact, he forcibly cut of the Karmic thread. Shi Kong’s mouth and nose started oozing out blood, but he had no time to take care of it. He turned back and rushed towards Lu Heng.

Lu Heng was so anxious since he was trapped by the red light as he saw that huge palm getting closer and closer towards Shi Kong. The more critical the situation was, the sharper his mind became. He suddenly remembered that day when he and Bai were in danger.

At that time, it was the mysterious artifact on his left ear that saved them. Thinking of this, Lu Heng desperately mobilized all the demonic power in his body to pour into the demonic artifact, thinking only about how to get out of this dilemma.

There was an overwhelming burst of white light. This time, Lu Heng did not lose consciousness. He felt himself and Shi Kong being wrapped up in a whirlpool of violent power. Shi Kong had been seriously injured and unconscious, Lu Heng held on to him with his life, trying to compete with the violent amount of power that tried to separate them. After a few moments of perseverance, because of the exhaustion of his demonic power, a feeling of extreme mental fatigue hit him, and eventually he was unable to resist, and was plunged into a darkness.

{Little Lu, Little Lu, this is 666, are you OK? } 1

Lu Heng awoke from the voice of little assistant. He felt as if he hadn’t heard it for a long time. Lu Heng reluctantly sat up with his head feeling like about to burst open.

His mind was disoriented, as if he just had a long dream. Lu Heng could not focus on responding to the little assistant, but said some perfunctory words to placate it for the moment, and began to sort out the mishmash of thoughts in his brain.

He went back in time to a hundred years ago, and lost the memory of entering the Soul Purification Department. Then he met the father of Bai Li- the child of destiny, to whom he owed his life. Then he was besieged by Fanyin Temple, which led him to return back as he wished. These things were still vivid in his memory, but Lu Heng sensed that a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle was missing.

The missing piece of jigsaw puzzle made the whole memory seem to be covered with a white veil, losing a bit of realism, like watching other people’s stories. What is missing? Lu Heng tried to recall, but he felt as if his head was going to explode.

{Little assistant, how come you didn’t appear when I went back in time 100 years? Did you record what happened? }

{What! You traveled back in time to 100 years ago?! After the sacred artifact emitted a white light, I was shut up in a closed space and could not see anything. It wasn’t until just now that a crack suddenly appeared in the space and I seized the opportunity to run out.}

The little assistant didn’t even know what had happened, but the situation was very strange. Lu Heng talked to the assistant about the lost piece of memory and the strange place in his brain.

{I guess the sacred artifact has the power to transport not only through space, but also through time as well, but using the power of time will be expensive. The price may be important memories and the like.}

{It should be like this, the presence of this system is linked to your memories of the soul purification department of the underworld, so I had been sealed in a strange space together that memory. If I hadn’t taken the opportunity to run out, your memory of the soul purification department would have never been restored.} The assistant was smug.

{Not restoring was good indeed. It would have been quite pleasant to remain in this world as a powerful demon king.} Lu Heng mischievously delighted in giving it a psychological blow.

{How can you think like that? When the time comes for the demon king to die, if you don’t die, the plane will collapse.}

{Speaking of which, I travelled back in time 100 years, and it hasn’t caused the plane to collapse, either. When I replaced the demon king Zheng 100 years ago, I owed Bai a debt of gratitude instead of him (Zheng), and then returned to the present. Who had raised Bai Li then? }

{Don’t be anxious, wait for my database to respond.} The little assistant was almost shot dead by Lu Heng’s question.

While waiting for the little assistant to check his database, Lu Heng looked around. I am clearly near the altar in the forbidden place of the demon race. Did Suixin determine this was the safest place to send me to?

For some inexplicable reason, Lu Heng turned left and started to walk. He had a lingering feeling that there was something very important there. At the end of the road was a spring. Although he had never seen it before, Lu Heng knew that the spring was very cold.

Lu Heng squatted down and tested with his hand. As a matter of fact, it was cold to the bone. Why was the water so cold? It didn’t feel like this when he soaked in it last time. Last time? Lu Heng was stunned. When had he ever come to soak in this cold pool?

Lu Heng felt his head ache again. The missing piece of jigsaw puzzle in his memory kept his heart hanging in the mid-air, empty.