Chapter 37.1

The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (20.1)

Translated by: Niladri

The dense fog in front of the Zhaoshan mountains gradually dispersed and the demon king came out of seclusion. As he came closer, the fog started to disperse layer by layer, and the scenery of the mountains grew faint as he stepped into the stage. It’s just that the demon King who had always worn a fitting black robe was adorned in a big red robe with a complex and gorgeous dragon pattern on it today. This warm color, in contrast with his indifferent appearance gave off a somewhat brazen impression.

The demon kings of all nationalities who received the edict had been waiting at the foot of the mountain for almost five days. Seeing the King leaving seclusion, they stopped conversing and stood with their hands down.

“Speak, what’s the situation in the outside world like?” The demon race had always forgone formalities; Lu Heng sat at will, and leaned somewhat lazily on a boulder.

The demon kings of all nationalities started sitting on the ground one after another.

“A few days ago, I sent people to visit the Fanyin Temple to inquire. The origin of the mainland was indeed seriously damaged, and the destructive intent of the soul of incandescent dragon was surrounding it. It’s just that the mainland’s natural energy should be able to repair itself by the law of heaven and earth. If things go on like this, it will probably collapse?” The Rat King reported.

There was a hidden truth related to it, but this matter was from the ancient times, and few people knew about it. Lu Heng was from a clan of Ba snakes. This clan of Ba snakes had received inheritance from the ancient demons and knew the reason for this.

The incandescent dragon was originally a friendly god, and was the totem God of the most powerful tribe on the mainland at that time. The people in the tribe give the incandescent dragon power through faith, and the incandescent dragon guarded the tribe. This was a matter of offering mutual benefits and achieving common progress. The incandescent dragon had a beloved young son, and in the beginning the Tonghua appeared plain and detached from the secular world. When the Incandescent dragon’s time for tribulation had come, he could not distract himself in looking after his youngest son. In order to stabilize his mind and stay calm, the incandescent dragon entrusted his youngest son to the clan.

People’s hearts are not enough to swallow elephants [T/N: Referring to]. The people of this tribe, who had been guarded by Incandescent dragon for thousands of years, became the most powerful tribe, but they had long become greedy. They secretly worshipped the evil gods, and under the guidance of the evil gods, imprisoned the young son of the Incandescent dragon, drew its dragon soul out, and sacrificed it by means of sorcery, in order to become gods, and increase their longevity.

Incandescent dragon returned from overcoming its tribulation, and upon receiving this tragic news, its wrath was abysmal. It swallowed up half of the tribe, and since then it had become an enemy of the mortals, causing a tremendous upheaval. Finally, the ancient God had no choice but to chop the incandescent dragon under his axe, make flute with its bone, and seal the dragon soul in it. The ancient God kept the incandescent dragon bone flute in his belt by his side, in the hope of melting its viciousness. Unexpectedly, before its fierce spirit could have melted away, the war of the gods began. The gods fell, the ancient God became the mainland origin, and the whereabouts of the incandescent dragon bone flute was unknown.

“After the battle of gods, the number of people in the mainland was greatly reduced- compared to their heyday. The tribe that killed the youngest son of Incandescent dragon was afraid of being chased by the incandescent dragon and was able to escape by hiding in a secret world.” Lu Heng recounted.

“Seven or eight out of ten humans on the mainland today are descendants of that clan.” The Nine-tailed fox King Xi explained that this fox tribe was also a demon clan from ancient times, and knew a thing or two about what happened at the beginning.

“No wonder most of the mainland people owe a Karmic debt to the spirit of Incandescent dragon.” A demon king suddenly realized.

Lu Heng nodded: “The ancient god that turned into the Mainland origin is the God of the human race. He was entangled by the force of Karma, so he could not recover.”

“Just desserts well deserved! This is clearly the result of the trouble caused by the humans themselves, and they have the audacity to ask our demon race to bear the consequences!” The fierce Tiger King smashed the boulder on his side with one blow. [T/N: Technically, I feel the demon race is indeed to blame because regardless of the past, Bai Li caused this]

Just yesterday, the demon race received a proposal from the human race that this problem was caused by the demon race, and so, in order to save thousands of life on the mainland, the demon race’s King must take responsibility to use the ancestral bones to supplement the mainland’s origin. Originally, the demon clan had felt apologetic; after all, this debacle was really caused by the demon race’s people. But the place where the bones were buried had been the foundation for the inheritance of the demon race for thousands of years. If the ancestral bones were used to supplement the mainland origin, the demon race would inevitably decline. If they didn’t make up for the mainland origin, the demon clan will race would be obliterated along with the mainland.

The demon race was in a dilemma instantly. The demon kings of all clans wanted to report the matter to the king, so they gathered today.

“Even so, the human race should also take responsibility for this matter. Those sects have a huge collection of holy artifacts and can produce more artifacts afterwards quickly, which can make up for the Mainland origin.” Said the rat King.

But Lu Heng refuted, “I fear that only things unrelated to the human race can clear up the Karma, and make up for the mainland origin.”

The demon kings of all clans grew silent. The things completely unrelated to the human race, and yet able to repair the Mainland origin, what else besides the bones of their ancestors? Moving these bones simply meant breaking off the inheritance of the demon race. There were humans eyeing them covetously. Once the demon race grew weak, they would certainly be swallowed up and even no bones will be left. Any agreement, in the face of interests, is just a piece of scrap paper.

“You go ahead and retreat, I’ll take care of it myself.” Lu Heng retired the demon kings of all clans and went back into the Zhaoshan mountain.

The matter of Shi Kong still needed to be dealt with one or two more times. Lu Heng took him to a secret place and placed a fantasy land around it, creating the illusion of a fairyland brought about by the heart devil tribulation. When everything had been arranged properly, he stared at the person in the formation for a while, one who was destined to become Buddha. After becoming Buddha, he would enter the high level plane of the three thousand worlds, live eternally in the heaven, and the soul will not enter samsara. But he himself would be in the underworld’s department, afraid that they’d never meet each other.

Despite thousand thoughts of unwilling to let go, Lu Heng only took in the clear and meaningful face in detail and bid farewell in his heart.

Never to meet again.

In the forbidden land of the demon race, the atmosphere was different from the past. It seemed to sense that the origin of the mainland was about to collapse, or that the demon race was in imminent danger. There was a deep sense of melancholy in this burial ground.

Lu Heng stood in front of the altar, reaching out to remove the sacred artifact above his left ear, Suixin. He lowered his eyes and looked at the sacred artifact floating above his palm. His five fingers closed slowly. With the tightening of Lu Heng’s palm, a series of cracks appeared on the sacred vessel, which was ultimately unable to bear it and turned into fragments in the air.

A bovine demon with a huge mouth jumped out of it.

Lu Heng saluted it with his hand: “Thank you demon race guardian for your protection for thousands of years, but now the demon race is in trouble. This is a helpless move, and we hope our ancestors will understand.”

The monster raised his hoof in the air and made a digging motion, then bowed his head and barreled towards Lu Heng. Lu Heng put his hand behind him, stared at the demon’s eyes, and did not flinch. At the moment of contact, Lu Heng saw that the demon’s eyes showed gratification, and then turned into a ray of light and rushed into Lu Heng’s dantian.

Sacred artifact Suixin, bestowed upon Lu Heng all its strength. At once, the imposing momentum of Lu Heng standing there rose sharply. Along with power came everything within the sacred artifact.

Wishing beast was a kind of auspicious beast walking between heaven and earth in ancient times. It fulfilled the wishes of people, but one needed to pay a price to achieve their wishes. Wishing beasts fed on memory. The price of having wishes fulfilled was the most precious memory in the heart of the one making the wish.

The same was true of the sacred artifact of the demons that this beast embodied. Everything was answered. He remembered everything at the moment when the soul of the beast merged with Lu Heng’s dantian. Remembering Shi Kong, remembering the encounter with Shi Kong, them getting to know other, but everything was no longer of any use.

Lu Heng’s cultivation was like a sprouting bamboo, climbing layer by layer until he felt thunder rolling over his head.

Ascending into the sky by overcoming heavenly tribulation.

Lu Heng didn’t want to destroy the burial place of the demon race. He moved, and in an instant, he appeared at the boundary of the demon race’s territory and over the prohibition stone.

For thousands of years no one had ascended in this continent. This momentum of the soaring tribulation immediately attracted countless people’s spying intents. At first, no one knew who was undergoing tribulation until the heavenly thunder was at its peak.

A giant snake with a blue head and a black body rose to the sky.

It’s the king of the demon race! People were amazed in their hearts, and after exclaiming in surprise, their thoughts varied.

There was much indignation on the side of the humans. At present, some humans were indignant: “This demon king is a ruthless and unjust man who abandoned his race and is ascending in this critical moment!”

“It’s not surprising to hear that this demon king is of snake clan. Isn’t this snake a cold-blooded and ruthless reptile?”

And those with high weights had deeper level thoughts in a twinkling of an eye. This demon clan lost the protection of the demon king, and with a little persecution, can make it surrender the demon ancestral bones, and supplement the Mainland origin. What’s more, (they) could gradually nibble away at the demon territory. This demon territory, although not as vast as the territory of the humans, was full of vitality, every place contained heavenly treasures.

The human side’s thoughts were complicated, but the demon’s side’s were much simpler.

All the demons worshipped (him) blindly, believing that the king’s ascension at this moment must be to solve this great danger.

The kings of various demon races, who knew many secret matters, had hidden concerns in their hearts. Although the King had never liked to deal with miscellaneous affairs of the clan, no one could compare to him regarding guarding the demon race.

The giant snake in the air was indeed peerlessly talented, and even the 99 tribulation did not cause him much harm. Seeing the last tribulation lightning suffused with destructive force capable of destroying the planet, the giant snake did not evade, opened its mouth and swallowed the tribulation lightning into its abdomen. The tribulation lightning bolt turned into thousands of thunder-snakes wandering in his scales and abdomen, and tyrannically tempering his body.