Chapter 8

The Beta Lieutenant Colonel who died for his country (8)

Translated by: Niladri

After a long conversation with Carlo, Andrew, who returned to the cabin, suddenly lost the smile from the corner of his mouth. He sniffed his left hand and hooked his mouth indifferently: “I have really discovered a serious matter.”

Later, he operated the light brain multiple times and connected through an encrypted channel. A gray-haired man’s holographic projection appeared in midair, but anyone who was present could recognize the man, the head of the Fifth legion, General Wayne.

Wayne was a legendary figure, and he was famous for a battle against the zergs where he won by the tactic of using the few to defeat the many. It was a pity that recently the Fifth Legion, which he led, has not managed to obtain any achievement for a long time, and his prestige among the people has also been reduced. In the special period when the marshal was seriously ill, this was not a favorable situation for Wayne.

On the contrary, his biggest contender, General Reese of the Second Legion, due to the meritorious actions of the wind and thunder special operations force under his son Commander Xiu Yi Te in recent years, had his prestige and popularity steadily rising.

In order to compete for the highest position of the military, Wayne did a lot of action behind his back, but it had little effect.

“Sir.” Andrew respectfully saluted.

Wayne frowned and was dissatisfied: “Contacting directly from the wind and thunder, you are too daring.”

“Sir, I have just learnt a very important piece of information. Carlo Meg, the newcomer that Xiu Yi Te really valued, is actually an Omega. And it seems that Xiu Yi Te and Reiner are divided because of this. ”

“Sure enough, it’s a good news, it has been hard for you.” Wayne nodded thoughtfully.

Until reached the combat command room, Lu Heng’s anger had not subsided, and Carlo’s actions have already violated his bottom line. A man in a military uniform was kneeling like that without dignity.

“Reiner, what happened?” For such a long time, he did not have such huge mood swings. So, Xiu Yi Te subtly asked. Always felt he was out of sorts. Before he would tease Reiner, and was able to make him burst into anger easily.

“It’s not something important, let’s talk about business.”

Although his heart felt as uncomfortable as a thousand ants crawling on it, nevertheless, Xiu Yi Te put aside his questions and opened the holographic projection.

“This is the star map we took back last time, look at this coordinates.” Xiu Yi Te zoomed in on a certain point.

“This is… wormhole?”

“Yes, according to the pictures transmitted by the scouting robot, this wormhole link seems to be leading to the Zerg territory, and is in its center.”

“What? The side of the wormhole is in the Marach defence line rear area. Once the wormhole is discovered by the zerg, the consequences are unimaginable.” Lu Heng said.

Although for humans, only people with 3S physique can pass through the wormhole without being crushed by high-rank wormholes. But for the Zerg, such restrictions are not too strict, and the high-level Zerg basically have the equivalent of 3S rank.

Xiu Yi Te nodded: “The task assigned by the military is to use the high magnetic energy R-1 to induce the wormhole to collapse, but I have an idea.”

Lu Heng naturally responded: “Do you want to go that side of the wormhole and have a look?”

Xiu Yi Te has always considered killing the Zergs as his biggest goal in life, but as long as the Zerg Queen exists, there will always be a steady stream of Zerg harassing the territory of the Terran. The Queen has always been hidden in the center of the heavily protected Zerg territory, without any trace. Now, with such a good opportunity, it is not surprising that Xiu Yi Te wants to investigate that part.

“Even now you understand me.” Xiu Yi Te grinned, and intended to give Lu Heng a big smile.

“This is not in compliance with the rules.”

The moment those words were spoken, the corner of the mouth that Xiu Yi Te had raised to half a smile, suddenly slammed down and looked very frustrated. In the original world line, Reiner eventually did not agree to send Xiu Yi Te to the other side of the wormhole. It was Carlo who went with him. After the two experienced several life-and-death situations, he was more determined to keep Carlo in the wind and thunder. After that, the conflicts with Reiner grew more and more intense. How can Lu Heng let this happen? Anyway, the sons of fate were destined to fall in love, and it doesn’t matter if you change a little detail.

“However, if you explore privately [and not under authority of commander]…” Lu Heng’s words were not finished, and he was interrupted by the repaired Xiu Yi Te.

“Little Nana, you really are my cute little angel, I really love you!”

Lu Heng, who was caught off guard, was indifferent and pushed away the Xiu Yi Te who seemed to be wagging his tail. “Now, let’s talk about Carlo’s problem.”

Xiu Yi Te, who’s blood was boiling with excitement, calmed down and thought about it. Indeed, as Lu Heng said, the existence of Carlo, at any time, could cause the wind and thunder to fall into a calamity. Putting the whole team in such a dangerous situation was not something that a qualified leader should do. However, as soon as he remembered that Carlo was a child of Sergeant Meg, he could not have the heart to hand over Carlo to the law division.

Xiu Yi Te looked at Lu Heng, his expression was dull, his eyebrows were as close as ever, and the pale lips were drawn into a line. This may have looked like an indifferent appearance to others, but it let him settle down.

With Reiner, things could be solved easily. When did it start, Reiner became the leader between them. Throughout his childhood, Reiner was a shy boy who followed him. He didn’t know when it started, Reiner suddenly grew up, became mature and calm, and nothing could make him move his eyebrows.

Such a Reiner is so reliable, but he wonder how long it was since Reiner smiled. Xiu Yi Te suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, like a feeling of distress.

“Commander, Commander? Xiu Yi Te!”

Suddenly interrupted by Lu Heng’s voice, Xiu Yi Te became alert: “Say, you were so angry, was it because of Carlo’s matter?”

Lu Heng nodded: “From my personal point of view, I think Carlo Meg is not suitable for being a soldier. However, considering Sergeant Meg, I think we can give him a chance, you remember General Dylan Shaw?”

Dylan Shaw was a legend, he was the only Omega general in human history. Dylan was born into a family of soldiers. He received blood-and-iron education from an early age. He was not willing to marry and give birth, and trap himself in a house. He chose to cut off the gland and give up all the rights that belonged to Omega and became a soldier. Afterwards, he blossomed in radiant splendor, leaving a lasting and colorful stroke in history.

Without Lu Heng specifying, Xiu Yi Te understood what he meant. “I will talk to Carlo. If he doesn’t want to, I will ask him to submit a retirement report.”

The military headquarters requested the wind and thunder to complete the task of bombing the wormhole within one month. Without further ado, after planning out various details, Xiu Yi Te and Lu Heng set off for the wormhole.

Even with the 3S-level physique, crossing the wormhole still made Lu Heng feel dizzy from vertigo, and made him nauseous. Taking a deep breath, he barely suppressed this uncomfortable feeling. Lu Heng began to work with Xiu Yi Te to explore the situation around him.

The two veterans quickly found a planet in the north of the wormhole. The distance from the star was moderate and the orbit was stable. It was very likely that there were living beings. So both of them chose this planet as their first stop.

The planet was in an extremely primitive state, with tall trees covering the sky, and insanely long vines weaving a huge network on the ground. However, it was too quiet here, without any sound of living beings. This was not normal. A planet so suitable for supporting life, coupled with the sticky sensation under the feet, the smell of sweetness in the air, evidently it was the territory of the Zerg. Only the warriors who have fought in battle can smell this special odour. Lu Heng and Xiu Yi Te looked at each other and looked very dignified.

Lu Heng squatted down, grabbed a piece of white matter on the ground and looked at it: “It looks like the zerg’s egg-shell. It seems that this planet is possibly the queen’s hiding place…”

“It’s not ‘possibly’, it’s ‘certainly’.” The voice just fell, and Xiu Yi Te’s figure flashed like a cheetah. His right leg was like a long whip hitting the zerg’s abdomen.

The Zerg was kicked heavily over to the stone wall, and the stone wall was smashed apart , scattering a lot of debris. However, the Zerg only shook his head and rushed over again without any problem.

The incoming zerg had a golden lining all over it’s body, carrying a pair of transparent feather wings, and the antenna on the top of the head were almost twice as long as the body. This was the high-level zerg that will only appear next to the Queen – the Guardian zerg.

As the Queen’s elite troops, the Guardian zergs were extremely rare, and nearly one in a million eggs became a Guardian zerg. In contrast, the Guardian zerg had a strong combat power, and the golden lining such that almost no weapon could break open, and only the mech could cause damage to it. But the Queen’s Spiritual Network definitely covered the entire planet. Once the mech was taken out of the space button, energy fluctuations were bound to be discovered by the Queen. There would be multiple Guardians attacking, and even fleeing into the sky would be a difficult problem.

Lu Heng grasped the dagger and stabbed into the side of the Guardian zerg, trying to attack the part under the wing that looked vulnerable. Then the knife pierced, only to find that there seemed to be a jelly-like tissue fluid, which caused no harm to the Guardian Zerg.

Stuck there, Lu Heng saw that Xiu Yi Te had made a gesture, indicating that should distract the Guardian Zerg. Lu Heng took the opportunity to slash into the mouthparts that came out from the Guardian. He was extremely fast, lunging at the moment the zerg extended the mouthparts. The dagger made a long hole in the mouth where it had no armor protection.

[T/N: Mouthparts are probably things like these.]

The severe pain made the Guardian Insect emit a sharp scream, and angrily focused all the attacks on Lu Heng. Although Lu Heng’s hands were fast, in his hands were still the saliva droplets of the Guardian zerg that were corrosive, causing a burning sizzle. His face was the same, he was still agile enough to avoid the attack of the insects, but it was still a little difficult for a person to fight against the Guardian insect without using the mech.

The high-intensity action caused the muscles to fatigue quickly. Lu Heng’s movements slowed for a moment, and the sharp mouthparts of the insects were going to fall on his shoulders. If this attack was implemented, it would inevitably pull off half of his arm.