Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Alternative Names:Imdc, 仙武同修

Genre:Fantasy, Xuanhuan, Action, Martial Arts, Adventure

Authors:月如火, Moon Like Fire, Yuè Rú Huǒ



Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear!
Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes!

The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him!

Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years.

This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!

Chapter 15: Decisive Battle With Xiao Jian Chapter 16: Counterattack Of The Good-for-nothing Chapter 17: Mysterious Woman, Top Quality Medicine Cauldron Chapter 19: Dangerous Battle On The Street Chapter 18: Owing A Big Favor Chapter 20: The Valiant Zhang He, Battle In Anger Chapter 21: Impasse Chapter 23: Meteor Burst Chapter 22: Spirit Weapon Lunar Shadow Chapter 24: Refining Medicines Chapter 25: Distracted in the Eleventh Hour Chapter 27: Linlang Pavilion Chapter 26: Successful Refining Chapter 28: Nangong Yan Chapter 29: Re-entering Seven Horn Mountain Chapter 31: Spiritual Sense Appears Chapter 30: Bloodmoon Demonic Bear Chapter 33: How Could It Be? Chapter 32: Universe Ring Chapter 34: Heaven Ranked Martial Technique—Return of the Azure Dragon Chapter 35: Men in black Chapter 36: Gushing Undercurrent Chapter 37: A Bitter Battle Chapter 39: Spirit Beast Uproar Chapter 38: Martial Saint—Liu Fengyin Chapter 40: Six-Tailed Spirit Fox Chapter 41: Where Two Are Fighting, The Third Wins Chapter 42: Sword Spirit—Ao Jiao Chapter 43: Advancing To Medial Grade Martial Disciple Chapter 44: Demonic Beast Forest Chapter 45: Vixen? Chapter 46: Entering Linlang Pavilion Again Chapter 47: Transaction Chapter 49: The Terrifying Ao Jiao Chapter 48: Inner Core Of Rainbow Flame Python Chapter 50: Tang Feng Vomiting Blood Chapter 51: Human Flame, Ghost Flame, Dragon Flame, Heavenly Flame Chapter 52: Who Killed Who? Chapter 53: Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It Chapter 54: Water of Underworld’s Yellow Springs Chapter 55: A Refreshing Wind Moving the Youth’s Heart Chapter 57: In the Gap Between Success and Failure Chapter 56: Initial Appearance of the Sub-Divine Weapon Chapter 58: Wager Chapter 59: Demonic Weapon Lunar Shadow Chapter 61: One Move Destroying a Thousand Techniques Chapter: Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire Chapter 62: The Secrets of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit Chapter 63: Gloomy Forest Chapter 65: Essence of the Trial
Chapter 64: Terrifying Tree Spirit Chapter 66: Bonfire Chapter 67: Controlling Demonic Beasts? Chapter 69: Patterned Demonic Panther Chapter 68: One Saber Three Arrows Chapter 71: Suspicions Chapter 70: The Radiance of Spring Is The Best Chapter 73: Talismans Chapter 72: Who Is Number One Chapter 75: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique Chapter 74: Heavenly Qin School Chapter 77: The Surging Undercurrents Chapter 76: Advancing to Martial Master Chapter 79: Xiao Xiong Chapter 78: Night of the Massacre Chapter 81: Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation Chapter 80: Face Stomping Chapter 83: Holy Sword — Clear Sky Sword Chapter 82: Promise of Ten Years Chapter 84: Defeating Zhang He Again Chapter 85: Essence Light Arrow Chapter 86: Descending Divine Dragon Chop Chapter 87: The Winner is King? Chapter 89: A New Beginning Chapter 88: Goodbye, Mohe City! Chapter 90: Treasure of the Jin Clan, Jin Dabao Chapter 91: Su Xiaoxiao Chapter 92: Drawing The Saber Chapter 93: Talent of the Fatty Chapter 94: Inherited Martial Spirit Chapter 95: Life Is Lonely as Snow Chapter 96: Chasing to Kill Chapter 97: Bitter Training Chapter 98: Seven Leaf Fruit Chapter 99: Black Legged Snake Chapter 100: When Would The Tiger Descend to The Plains? Chapter 101: So-called High Intelligence Chapter 102: I Want The Heavenly Thunder To Roar For Me Chapter 103: Retempering of the Body Chapter 105: Chaotic Gathering Chapter 104: Awe-inspiring Chapter 106: A Truly Fake Map Chapter 107: Lightning Will Strike The Pretentious Pricks Chapter 108: The Mysterious Fatty Chapter 109: Prepare For Action Chapter 110: Golden Holy Beast Chapter 111: Arrival of Chu Chaoyun Chapter 112: The Strong Gathers Chapter 113: The Fat Lord Going Against Ji Changkong Chapter 114: Golden Holy Beast
Chapter 115: Might of a Holy Weapon Chapter 117: Entering the Depths Chapter 116: Sage Dao Comprehension Picture Chapter 118: Fighting the Guiyi Marquis Chapter 119: Soloing Four Big Clans Chapter 121: Demonic River, Demonic Qi Overflowing Chapter 120: I’ll Kill You Three Years Later Chapter 122: Mysterious Stone Chapter 123: The Valiant Fatty Chapter 124: Coffin, Sage Body Chapter 125: Fighting for Treasure: Fierce Battle Between Giants Chapter 127: Ancient Treasure, Warship Chapter 126: You are too Swift and Fierce Chapter 128: Profound State Chapter 129: One with Heaven Chapter 130: Doubts Caused by Chu Chaoyun Chapter 131: Do not Reveal Your Wealth, Reverse Robbery Chapter 132: I’m Rich, I’m Really Rich Chapter 133: Meeting Feng Feixue Again Chapter 135: Xihe Province, Yueluo Prefecture Chapter 134: Berserking Qi Deviation Chapter 136: Accidentally Heard Secret Chapter 137: Saving a Beauty Chapter 139: A Valiant Scabbard Chapter 138: Stolen Kiss Chapter 140: Shaking Saber City Chapter 141: Power of Talismans Chapter 142: Who Exactly is the Robber Chapter 143: Killing Without Mercy Chapter 145: Ice Ape, Ice Crystal Flower Chapter 144: Vicious Spirit Chapter 146: The Man in the Moon Chapter 147: The Deal Under the Table Chapter 148: Soul Stealing Pill Chapter 149: Cheated? Chapter 150: Senior Sister or Master? Chapter 151: Loneliness of Qingyun Peak Chapter 153: Style of the Saber Chapter 152: Exceptional Saber Technique Chapter 154: The Strong Eating the Weak Chapter 155: Fragrant young Lady Chapter 156: Damn Lascivious Bastard Chapter 157: Public Enemy of Men Chapter 159: Biting Cold Killing Intent Chapter 158: Entering Evil Wind Valley Again Chapter 160: Gap Chapter 161: Leaving The Roots When Weeding Chapter 162: The Shy Chu Xinyun Chapter 163: The Heart Must be Ruthless, The Move Must be Heavy-handed Chapter 165: Humiliation, Anger
Chapter 164: Fighting to the Gate Chapter 167: The Strong Eastern Emperor Bell Chapter 166: Perfection like Water Chapter 169: Forced Kiss? Chapter 168: Resounding Slaps Chapter 170: Name Resounding Everywhere Under the Heavens Chapter 171: Rose With Thorns Chapter 173: Contribution Points Chapter 172: Requirements of Ancestral Martial Aunt Chapter 175: Hall of Contribution; Sect Mission Chapter 174: Beauty Nourishing Pill Chapter 177: Chaotic Flowing Sabers Chapter 176: Conflict Arises Chapter 179: Divine Wood Chapter 178: Exchange Chapter 180: Cheated? Chapter 181: Corpse-filled War Chapter 182: Mysterious Companion Chapter 183: Severely Injured Chapter 185: Tyrannical Chapter 184: The Strange Tunnel Chapter 187: The Strange Mu Xinya Chapter 186: Soul Chains and Soul Holy Weapon Chapter 189: Major Turn of Events Chapter 188: Feeling Alarmed Chapter 190: Dangerous Fight with Corpse Horde Chapter 191: Trembling in Fear Chapter 193: Extreme Crisis Chapter 192: Running Corpse Sect’s Inheritor Chapter 194: Corpse King Imprint; Panic Chapter 195: Desperate Struggle Chapter 196: Divine Saber, Sneak Attack Chapter 197: Bizarre Encounter in the Underground River Chapter 198: Too Much Medicine Chapter 199: Mysterious Fluid Chapter 200: Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years Chapter 201: Tempering the Body Chapter 203: Blood Lingzhi Chapter 202: Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art Chapter 204: Peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast Chapter 205: Immortal Grade Spirit Herb Chapter 214: Comprehending A State Chapter 215: Ferocious Person—Wang Rong Chapter 216: Do You Wish to Live in the Shadow of This Person Forever? Chapter 217: Mysterious Senior Chapter 218: Tianyue Peak, Zhang Lie Chapter 219: Core Disciple Exam Chapter 220: Foundational Exam Chapter 221: Beichen Peak’s Mu Heng Chapter 223: Intense Arena Battles
Chapter 222: I Am Calling You an Old Scoundrel Chapter 224: Outstanding Hero Fighting Alone Chapter 225: Mysterious Phenomenon Manifested Chapter 227: The Capital to be Arrogant Chapter 226: One in a Hundred Chapter 228: The Decisive Battle Brought Forward Chapter 229: The Strongest Showdown Chapter 231: Saber Emperor Convening Order Chapter 230: The Shy Xiao Bai Chapter 233: Competition of States Chapter 232: Arena Battles, Ranking Battles Chapter 235: Face Slapping Again! Pa! Pa! Pa! Chapter 234: Murderous Intent Revealed Chapter 237: Another Battle Sage Origin? Chapter 236: Cultivation Technique Advancing Chapter 238: Liu Tianyu’s Request Chapter 239: Divine Flame Talisman Chapter 240: Based on What? Based on the Saber in my Hand! Chapter 241: Entering the Sealed Land Chapter 243: Blood Crow King Chapter 242: Cruel Massacre Chapter 244: High Leveled Cannon Fodder Chapter 245: If There is a Next Time, I Will Kill You Personally Chapter 247: Big Snake Chapter 246: Horrifying Saber Strike Chapter 249: Surrounded by Shadow Demons Chapter 248: Horrifying Battle Chapter 250: The Rugged Road Ahead Chapter 251: Demon General Chapter 252: Merely A Chess Piece Chapter 253: Fight on the Warship Chapter 254: Unlimited Revival Chapter 255: Failure? Chapter 257: Final Battle Chapter 256: Ying Yue’s Arrival Chapter 259: That Sculpture… Chapter 258: Battle Sage Origin’s Strength Character Formula Chapter 261: Auction Chapter 260: State of Mountain Chapter 262: Unfortunate Bandits Chapter 263: Seeing the Vulgar Fatty Again Chapter 264: The Stronger the Opponent, the More Excited I Will be Chapter 265: Map, Treasure Chapter 267: Encounter with a Sea Monster Chapter 266: Targeted Chapter 269: Conflict in the Restaurant Chapter 268: Lack of Final Effort Chapter 270: Pride? Do You Have Any? Chapter 271: Ending the Battle Quickly Chapter 273: Scram
Chapter 272: He Whose Fist is Bigger is Right Chapter 275: Complete Secret Treasure Chapter 274: Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique Chapter 276: Struggles for the Superior Grade Spirit Stone Chapter 277: Sky High Price Chapter 279: The Higher You Fly, The Heavier You Fall Chapter 278: Targeted by Mu Chengxue Chapter 280: Wukui Saber Technique Chapter 281: Early Peak Chapter 282: Chu Chaoyun’s Legend Chapter 283: Scene of the Armageddon Chapter 284: Killer Revealed, Panic Chapter 285: Counter-kill Chapter 286: Leaving no Danger Behind Chapter 287: Tendon Refining Flower Chapter 288: The Robbed Fatty Chapter 289: Internal Injury Chapter 291: Liu Ruyue Injured Chapter 290: Murong Chong to the Rescue Chapter 292: Wukui Breaks the Heavens Chapter 293: Murong Chong’s Trump Card Chapter 295: Breaking the Predicament Chapter 294: Fight Begins Chapter 296: Broken Undefeatable Legend Chapter 297: One Move to Decide Victory Chapter 299: True Expert of the Divine Saber Camp Chapter 298: Enticement of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Chapter 301: Arrogance to Deference Chapter 300: Wind From Tiger, Cloud From Dragon Chapter 302: Acting Like a Snob Chapter 303: Playing With Fire and Getting Burned Chapter 304: The Angry Fiery Cloud Vulture Chapter 305: Fire Li Sect Branch Hall Remnant Chapter 306: Tiger Leaps Dragon Soars Chapter 307: Profound Ice Flower Chapter 309: Ink Mountain Range Chapter 308: Profound Ice Palace Chapter 310: Great Danger Emerges Chapter 311: Danger of Death Chapter 312: Terror of the Rank 7 Demonic Beast Chapter 313: One Sword Light Freezing Nineteen Prefectures Chapter 314: Oppressed Scarlet Flame Chief Chapter 315: Where is Xiao Chen? Chapter 317: Combat Puppets Chapter 316: Iconic Sect Treasure—Dragon Phoenix Cauldron Chapter 319: Intent to Massacre Chapter 318: Pressuring Everyone Chapter 320: Perfect Secret Tunnel; A Whole New World Chapter 321: Lunar True Flame Chapter 322: Cruel Martial Way
Chapter 323: What is Mine Will Eventually Come to Me Chapter 325: Chu Chaoyun Retreats in Defeat Chapter 324: Origin of the Desire to Murder Chapter 326: The Awesome Xiao Bai Chapter 327: Four-Legged Crown Snake Chapter 329: Horrifying Number of Demonic Cores Chapter 328: Lifeforce Origin Drained Chapter 330: Pawn Shop Chapter 331: Awkwardness, Feng Feixue Chapter 333: The Bashful Liu Ruyue Chapter 332: Meeting a Beauty at Night Chapter 334: Xiao Bai Changing Form Chapter 335: Horrifying Lightning Strike Chapter 337: He is Only a Passerby Chapter 336: The Attractive Xiao Bai Chapter 339: Cause and Effects Chapter 338: Lunar Shadow Saber’s New Weapon Spirit Chapter 340: Sword Heart Chapter 341: Arrival of the Three Holy Lands Chapter 342: Barging Into the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Chapter 343: Divine Saber Camp’s Killing Move Chapter 344: Unblockable Chapter 345: Long Tu at Full Power Chapter 346: Divine Weapon in Hand, Unrivaled Under the Heavens Chapter 347: Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Trump Card Chapter 349: Entrusting the Divine Weapon? Chapter 348: Method of Opening the Minor Meridians Chapter 350: A Tempting Reward Chapter 351: Seven Emotions and Six Desires Chapter 352: Gathering of the Strong Chapter 353: Order to Kill Chapter 355: If I Say I Will Defeat You in One Move, I Will Defeat You in One Move Chapter 354: Arrogant Phoenix’s Passion Palace Chapter 357: Identity Revealed Chapter 356: Boundless Fighting Spirit Chapter 359: Unrivaled Throughout the World Chapter 358: If You Want to Fight, Let’s Fight Chapter 361: All Three Together Chapter 360: Dual Between Geniuses Chapter 363: Exterminating Song Que Chapter 362: The Tragic Mu Chengxue Chapter 365: The Vast World Chapter 364: Ancient Desolate Treasure Map Chapter 367: Bitter Resentment Chapter 366: Extreme Danger Chapter 368: Heavenly Craft Manor’s Young Manor Lord Chapter 369: Yue Chenxi Chapter 371: Rights to be Arrogant Chapter 370: Proving Myself with the Saber in my Hand Chapter 372: Yue Chenxi’s Martial Technique
Chapter 373: Provocation; Straightforward Personality Chapter 374: Merging States Chapter 375: Birth of a Secret Treasure Chapter 377: Strong Inner Vest Chapter 376: The Result of Underestimating Xiao Chen Chapter 379: Meeting Wu Shangxuan Again Chapter 378: World of Experts; Great Era Chapter 380: Acting Against One’s Interest Chapter 381: Viciously Turning Against Each Other Chapter 382: The Angry Seven-Headed Snake Chapter 383: Two-Hundred-Year-Old Golden Flowing Light Fruit Chapter 385: Numerous Treasures Chapter 384: Sage Coffin Chapter 387: Daybreak Flower; Rank 7 Ferocious Wolf Chapter 386: Yue Chenxi’s Invitation Chapter 388: The Serious Heroine Chapter 389: Sinking into Depravity of Massacre Chapter 390: Firmament Body Tempering Art Chapter 391: The True Trump Card Chapter 392: Forcefully Opening the Meridian Chapter 393: Martial King Realm Chapter 395: Invitation from the Supreme Sky Sect Chapter 394: Genius Cultivator’s Utopia Chapter 396: Xiao Bai’s Departure Chapter 397: Killing Wu Shangxuan Chapter 398: Deal with Bai Lixi Chapter 399: Suffer Great Losses Chapter 400: Tempting Suggestion Chapter 401: Heavenly Sword Gate? Kill! Chapter 402: Ding Fengchou Chapter 403: Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ginseng’s Effect Chapter 405: Half Step Martial Monarch Expert Chapter 404: Exploring the Demon Battlefield Chapter 407: Mysterious Bronze Sculpture Chapter 406: Killing Demonic Beast to Expose Secret Treasures Chapter 408: Bloody Battle in the Stone Forest Chapter 409: High-Rank Blood Demon Appears Chapter 411: Blood Flame Shoes Chapter 410: Blood Shadow Clone Chapter 412: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind Chapter 413: Making a Move Chapter 415: Two Dogs Strive for a Bone, and a Third Runs Away With It Chapter 414: Frantic Self-Detonation Chapter 416: Fleeing for One’s Life Chapter 417: The Cicada Sheds its Carapace Chapter 419: Spiritual Energy in the Mysterious Pearls Chapter 418: Rank 8 Treatment Holy Medicine Chapter 420: Peak Punch Chapter 421: Holy Fire Manor’s Strength Chapter 423: Assaulting the Villains?
Chapter 422: Disposing Stolen Goods Chapter 425: Second Layer of the Firmament Body Tempering Art Chapter 424: Wild Dance of Whales Chapter 427: Ancient Desolate Pass Chapter 426: Martial King Training Partner Chapter 428: Sidetracked from the Mission Chapter 429: Nine Sun Sword; Thunder Wind Sword Flash Chapter 430: Might of the Heavenly Extermination Union Chapter 431: Rank A Wrestling Ring Chapter 433: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique Chapter 432: He Who Shames Will Be Shamed Chapter 434: Mu Xinya Fell in Love? Chapter 435: A Thousand Rank 7 Demonic Beasts Chapter 437: Desperation to Win Chapter 436: Calamity Chapter 439: Ending with Consecutive Victories Chapter 438: Ten Consecutive Victories Chapter 441: Increasingly Difficult Battles Chapter 440: Dark Horse Chapter 442: Gao Yangyu’s Plot Chapter 443: Manipulating the Rules Chapter 445: Frantically Gaining Consecutive Victories Chapter 444: Regardless of How the Wind Blows Chapter 446: Bleak Outlook Chapter 447: Two Million Medial Grade Spirit Stones of Bettings Chapter 448: Bai Mufeng Chapter 449: Bullying the Exhausted Youth Chapter 451: Can’t Afford to Lose Chapter 450: New State Chapter 452: Mad Person Shi Feng Chapter 453: The Legend of a Hundred Consecutive Victories Chapter 454: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Chapter 455: Massacre Chapter 457: Ancient Desolate Underground Market Chapter 456: Blood Wolf Gang’s Invitation Chapter 459: Holy Fire Burning the Heavens Chapter 458: Reckless Fly Chapter 461: Picking up Something Good and Earning Big Chapter 460: Astral Iron Chapter 463: The Flood Dragon’s Present Chapter 462: Heavenly Emperor’s Gravestone; Supreme Flood Dragon Chapter 465: Luck is a Kind of Strength Chapter 464: Competition of States Chapter 467: Nine-Winged Demonic Ape Chapter 466: Best of the Four Great Nations? Chapter 468: Played in the Palm of One’s Hand Chapter 469: Might of the Evil Moon Pavilion Chapter 470: Great Fiend Essence Pill Chapter 471: Meeting again at the Ancient Desolate Tower Chapter 472: Jiang Zimo Admitting Defeat
Chapter 473: Chu Chaoyun Draws His Sword Chapter 474: Spots Filled Chapter 475: The Second Floor Chapter 476: Defeating the Shadow of the Great Emperor Chapter 477: Four Season Saber Chapter 479: Test of Death Chapter 478: Secret of the Stone Coffin Chapter 481: With All One’s Might Chapter 480: Blood Flame Beast King Chapter 482: Gate of Desire Chapter 483: Sinking into Desires? Or Breaking through Them? Chapter 484: A Clear Heart Chapter 485: The Horror of Cultivating the Heart Chapter 486: The Sixth Floor Chapter 487: Pilgrimage Chapter 489: You Just Have to Stay Alive Chapter 488: Fighting Bai Shuihe Again Chapter 491: Thousand Flaming Palms; Ferocious Chop Chapter 490: Fighting Xie Ziwen Again; Despicable Chapter 492: Soaring Five Mountains Chapter 493: Terror of the Heavenly Extermination Union Chapter 495: Scheming against Gao Yangyu Chapter 494: Arrangements to Leave the City Chapter 496: Killing Gao Yangyu Chapter 497: Fighting Qin Yu with All of One’s Might Chapter 499: Nine Secret Techniques of Qingyun Peak Chapter 498: Coincidentally Meeting the Black Dragon Group Chapter 501: Battlefield Begins Chapter 500: Entering the Third Grade Battlefield Chapter 503: Waging War on Winged Demons Chapter 504: Executing Blood Demons Chapter 504: Deep in the Inner Area Chapter 505: Blocking a Swordsman Chapter 506: Ghost Race Chapter 507: Fighting an Iron Demon Alone Chapter 509: Eros Demon Revealed Chapter 508: Killing the Fire Demon Chapter 511: Holy-Attributed Witch Fiend Chapter 510: Subduing Leng Yue Chapter 513: Fighting High-Ranked Blood Demons Alone Chapter 512: Leng Yue Protecting Her Master Chapter 515: Working with Bai Lixi Chapter 514: Mysterious Youth Changing 516: Exchange Room Chapter 517: Xuanyuan Zhantian Chapter 519: Attack of the Scar-Faced Man Chapter 518: Refining the Spirit Gathering Pearl Chapter 521: Refining the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid Chapter 520: Noble Imperial Fragrance Pill Chapter 523: Reforging the Palm Sword
Chapter 522: Plotting against Xiao Chen Chapter 524: Using the Spirit Gathering Pearls Again Chapter 535: Demonic Spirit Blood Moon Appears Chapter 527: Comprehending the State of Massacre Chapter 526: Outstanding Heroes Killing Demons Chapter 528: Divine Azure Dragon Palace Chapter 529: Fighting the Green-Robed Young Master Chapter 530: Killing the Green-Robed Young Master Chapter 531: Killing Three Young Masters Chapter 533: Peak Fire Demon Chapter 532: Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting Chapter 535: Bai Zhan Blocking the Way Chapter 534: Leaving the Battlefield Chapter 536: Fighting Bai Zhan Chapter 537: Defeating Bai Zhan Chapter 538: Outstanding Heroes Fighting a Martial Monarch Chapter 539: Breaking Through to Martial Monarch Chapter 540: Comprehending the Dao Chapter 542: Rushing to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Chapter 541: Thunder Emperor Valley Chapter 543: Returning to Qingyun Peak Chapter 544: Saber Intent Pushing Back the Elders Chapter 545: Exactly the Same as Before Chapter 546: Five Nation Youth Competition Chapter 548: Hidden Treasure Pavilion Chapter 547: Fighting Murong Chong Again Chapter 550: Reaching Mohe City Chapter 549: Four Holy Lands Chapter 552: Sacred Heavenly Church Chapter 551: Returning to Mohe City Chapter 554: Destroying the Sacred Heavenly Church Chapter 553: Waging War on the Black-Robed Man Chapter 556: Zhang Clan Destroyed Chapter 555: Royal Clan of the Previous Dynasty Chapter 557: Saber of Grief Chapter 558: Yue Chenxi Emerging from Closed-Door Training Chapter 559: Going to the Five Nation Youth Competition Chapter 560: Qualifiers Begin Chapter 561: Bitter Fight Chapter 562: Passing Strongly Chapter 563: Sima Lingxuan Chapter 564: Strive Chapter 566: Liu Xiaoyun Chapter 565: Entire Army Waiting to Depart Chapter 568: Grouping Up Chapter 567: Investigating the Coiling Dragon Wall Chapter 570: Might of the Fatty Chapter 569: Intense Small Group Matches Chapter 572: A New Generation Replacing the Old Chapter 571: Instant Kill
Chapter 573: So Close Yet Worlds Apart, Endless Moonlight Leading in the Front Chapter 574: The Enticing Xiao Bai Chapter 575: Famous under the Heavens Chapter 576: Undeniable Sweeping Defeat Chapter 577: Xiao Chen versus Gong Yangyu Chapter 578: Completely Unleashing the State of Thunder Chapter 579: This Sky and This Ground Cannot Stop Me Chapter 580: Chu Chaoyun versus Liu Xiaoyun Chapter 581: Cruelty: He Who Succeeds Becomes King, He Who Fails, a Bandit Chapter 582: Violent Girls Chapter 584: Unresigned Chapter 583: Great Contrast Chapter 586: Victory or Defeat in One Move Chapter 585: Four Dragon Veins Awaken Chapter 588: Battle between Bladesmen Chapter 587: Xiao Chen versus Bai Zhan Chapter 590: Kingship Chapter 589: Bai Qi versus Nangong Ziyue Chapter 591: Coiling Dragon of the Ground, Flood Dragon of the Sea Chapter 592: Battle of the Giants: Xiao Chen versus Wang Quan Chapter 593: Conceding Defeat Chapter 594: There Is No Strongest, Only Stronger Chapter 596: Ancient and Unending until the End of Time Chapter 595: State of Kingship Chapter 598: Four Season Saber Technique versus Four Season Saber Technique Chapter 597: Intense Fighting Spirit Chapter 599: Making the Best Use of Time Chapter 600: Defeating You in Ten Moves Chapter 602: Heart of a King, Sword Dazzling the People Chapter 601: Countless Trump Cards Chapter 603: Fight of the Two Dragons Chapter 604: Too Strong Chapter 606: King Grade True Dragon Chapter 605: Who Won and Who Lost? Chapter 608: True Dragon Ranking Chapter 607: Thousands of Arrows Piercing the Heart Chapter 610: Kunlun Realm Chapter 609: Invitation from Nine Great Sects Chapter 612: Bai Clan’s Favor Chapter 611: Enticement with a Large Sum Chapter 613: Birthplace of the Netherworld Flame Chapter 614: One Person Beating Up a Group Chapter 615: The Tragic Holy Fire Manor Chapter 616: Desire for Power Chapter 618: Obtaining the Flame Seed Chapter 617: Swallowing Another Origin Flame Chapter 620: Sima Clan’s Shamelessness Chapter 619: Immortal Spirit Ring Chapter 622: The Terrifying Sima Hong Chapter 621: Fighting the Sima Clan Head-On
Chapter 623: Divine Weapon Revealed Chapter 624: Incomparably Domineering, Leng Tianhe Chapter 625: The Arrival of Princess Ying Yue Chapter 626: Uncontrollable Emotions Chapter 627: Xiao Chen’s Decision Chapter 628: Be Decisive if You Are a Man Chapter 630: Vile Traitor Chapter 629: Forcefully Breaking Through Chapter 632: It Is Better to Be the Tail of a Phoenix than the Head of a Chicken Chapter 631: If You Do Not Submit, I Will Beat You until You Do Chapter 663: Overestimating Yourself Chapter 634: Unrivalled within the Same Cultivation Realm Chapter 635: Greed Chapter 636: So What if You Are the Welcoming Envoy Chapter 638: The Miserably Oppressed Wan Feng Chapter 637: Pack Up that Worthless Pride of Yours Chapter 640: Capital to be Absolutely Unrestrained Chapter 639: The Fatty’s Style—Stripped Bare Chapter 641: Leng Tianhe’s Request Chapter 642: No Inherent Lightning in the World Chapter 643: Initial Entry to the Kunlun Realm Chapter 644: Country Bumpkins Chapter 645: Breaking into the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking Chapter 646: Successful Entry to the Ranking? How Can It Be? Chapter 647: Dancing Clown Chapter 648: Fire Spiritual Body Chapter 650: Battle Realm; Another Great Wave Chapter 649: Supreme Sky Province Chapter 651: Inner and Outer Sects; Two Different Treatments Chapter 652: Three Goals Chapter 654: Protection Fee? Reverse Snatching Chapter 653: Wealth is King Chapter 655: Fierce Battle with Nefarious Cultivators Chapter 656: Overwhelming Baleful Aura Chapter 657: Profit Chapter 658: Sure-kill Situation Chapter 659: Killing is the Faster Way to Wealth Chapter 660: Rebirth Chapter 661: Death Blade Chapter 662: Contribution Ranking Chapter 663: Downwind Chop Chapter 664: Sure Loss? Not Necessarily. Chapter 665: Only the Strong Is Acknowledged Chapter 666: Warned Chapter 667: Unexpected Treasure Chapter 668: Minor Breakthrough Chapter 669: I’ll Be Snatching Yours Chapter 670: Underestimated? Chapter 671: Treacherous Lone Wolf Chapter 672: Comparing Saber Techniques
Chapter 674: Let Me Borrow Your Head Chapter 673: Horror; Recklessness Chapter 676: Mysterious Map Chapter 675: External Incarnation Chapter 677: Ancient Sovereign’s Aura Chapter 678: Pure and Innocent Like the Heart of a Newborn Chapter 680: Eternal and Endless Chapter 679: Satisfying a Debt of Gratitude Along with a Duty to Avenge Chapter 681: Inner Sect Disciple’s Invitation Chapter 682: Peak Grade 8 Spirit Beast Chapter 684: Surprise; Narrow Escape Chapter 683: Most Dangerous Moment Chapter 685: Forcefully Suppressed Chapter 686: New Level of Respect; Sharing the Booty Chapter 688: Demonic Calamity Erupts Chapter 687: Attack at Night Chapter 689: Bloody Battle without Retreat Chapter 690: First Senior Sister, Shui Lingling Chapter 692: Troubles Arriving Chapter 691: Cause and Effect of That Day Chapter 693: Seven Giants: Bai Wuxue Chapter 694: Oppressing Wan Feng Again Chapter 695: Stunning Challenge Chapter 696: Shaking the Nine Heavens, Coming from All Directions Chapter 698: Ancient Giant Bloodline Chapter 697: Land of Experiential Training Chapter 699: Blood Crystal Chapter 700: Passionate Young Master, Murong Lingfeng Chapter 702: Huang Qianren; Evil Cultivator Ranking Chapter 701: Shui Lingling’s Strength Chapter 704: What Does the Ximen Clan Count For Chapter 703: Golden Essence Fruit Chapter 705: Unparalleled Chapter 706: Escape, Escape, Escape Chapter 708: Killed in One Move Chapter 707: Withered Wood Gains New Life Chapter 709: Five-Element Absolute Sealing Formation Chapter 710: One Sword for a Century, a Century with One Sword Chapter 711: The Mysteries of Space Chapter 712: Divine Soul Power Chapter 713: I Have Waited for You for Ten Thousand Years Already Chapter 714: Ample Gains Chapter 715: Monarch Blood Grass Chapter 716: Mutated Twin-Armed Demonic Ape Chapter 717: Strong Efficiency of a Peak Grade Immortal Spirit Ring Chapter 718: Fight in the True Dragon Cave Chapter 719: Clearing the Path Chapter 720: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind Chapter 722: Fight for the True Dragon Remains Chapter 721: Xiao Chen Draws the Saber
Chapter 723: Opposing Bai Wuxue Chapter 724: Challenge Chapter 725: Making Gratitude and Grudges Clear Chapter 726: Dragon Marrow Chapter 727: First Senior Sister Angered Chapter 728: Hard Bottleneck to Surpass Chapter 730: He is Too Strong Chapter 729: Might Resounding Everywhere Chapter 731: Temptation of the Drawing the Saber Painting Chapter 732: The Strength of the Dragon Tone Art Chapter 733: Eternal Heavenly Sword School Chapter 734: Thousand-Year-Old White Nascent Fruit Chapter 735: Secret Information Chapter 736: Savage Beast Forest Chapter 206: All In Chapter 208: Inner Disciple Ranking Chapter 207 Unwavering Hope Chapter 210: The Alcoholic Xiao Bai Chapter 209: Quick Saber Lin Feng Chapter 213: Engrossed in an Illusion Chapter 211: Listening to the Sword, Controlling the Sword Chapter 212: Ancient Absolute Saber Formation Chapter 737: Treacherous Oriole Chapter 738: Boundless Trump Cards Chapter 739: Pulling Chestnuts Out of the Fire Chapter 740: Superior Grade Martial Monarch Chapter 741: I’ll Help You Strike Back at Them Chapter 742: Eternal and Inextinguishable Chapter 743: Magnificent Fiend Hall’s Sinister Plot Chapter 744: Suspicions Chapter 745: Treasure with an Astronomical Price Chapter 746: Retreat When Everything Else Fails Chapter 747: Blood Filling the Night Sky Chapter 748: Extremely Inconceivable Chapter 749: Transaction Chapter 750: Auction Chapter 751: Lavish and Imposing Chapter 752: Myriad Heaven Divine Fist Chapter 753: You Lost Self-Control Chapter 754: Deities Descending Chapter 755: Trying to Run? Too Late! Chapter 756: Woman of Unknown Origins Chapter 757: Opening the Grave Palace Chapter 758: Kill! Chapter 759: Pieces of the Great Roc Spreading Wings Painting Chapter 760: Dancing Clowns Chapter 761: Heavenly Ice Sword Chapter 762: Massacre! Chapter 763: Even Chapter 764: Trapped
Chapter 765: Advancing to Half-Sage Chapter 766: Evil Spirit Chapter 767: Fiend Race Forbidden Land Chapter 768: Complete Suppression Chapter 769: Sent Flying with One Palm Strike Chapter 770: Entering the Forbidden Land Chapter 771: Golden World Chapter 772: Shocking Scene Chapter 773: Bound Together for Good or Ill Chapter 774: Acting in Full Force Chapter 775: Attacking Together Chapter 776: You Forgot Your Saber Chapter 777: Start All Over Again Chapter 778: Uninvited Guests Chapter 779: Will of Thunder Chapter 780: You Can’t Stop Me Chapter 781: Gentle Kiss Chapter 782: You Will Definitely Not Lose Chapter 783: Acting like Snobs Chapter 784: Directly Blown Away Chapter 785: Horrifying Battle Chapter : 786: Incredible Battle Result Chapter 787: Secret Land of the Supreme Sky Sect Chapter 788: Unfathomable Chapter 789: Cruelty of the Heavenly Battle Palace Chapter 790: Heavenly Moon Saber Technique Chapter 791: The Seventh Layer’s Lightning Tribulation and Heart Tribulation Chapter 792: Vast Starry Heaven Chapter 793: Corpse Race Cultivator Chapter 794: Corpse Dragon Warship Chapter 795: Boasting Shamelessly Chapter 796: Past Glory of the Azure Emperor Chapter 797: Could He Be the One That Is the Wild Beast? Chapter 798: Bloodbath in the Starry Heavens Chapter 779: Death and Massacre Were Originally One Chapter 800: Central Province’s Martial God Palace Chapter 801: Noble Clans’ Decision Chapter 802: Sect Master’s Instructions Chapter 803: Rage of the Lightning Dragon Chapter 804: Horrifying Force Chapter 805: Supreme Sky Emperor Makes a Move Chapter 806: Profound Domain Chapter 807: Rock of Origin Chapter 808: Challenge and Wager Chapter 809: Deity Race Chapter 810: Qualification to be Tyrannical Chapter 811: We Will Fight Sooner or Later Chapter 812: Demonic Race’s Contingency Plan Chapter 813: Chu Chaoyun’s Will Chapter 814: A Small Realm
Chapter 815: Becoming the Focal Point Chapter 816: Legendary Existence Chapter 817: Best Use of Astral Cores Chapter 818: Densely Covered with Traps Chapter 819: Strong Restrictions Chapter 820: Malicious Intentions Chapter 821: Falling Out, Battle to the Death Chapter 822: Seven Wills Chapter 823: Demonic God Blood Sacrifice Chapter 824: Martial Sage Deathsworn Warriors; Surrounded Chapter 825: The Great Escape Chapter 826: Refining the Breaking Sage Pill Chapter 827: Martial Sage Duel Chapter 828: Peacock King Chapter 829: The Legendary Martial Gods Chapter 830: Passing On for Many Years Chapter 831: Reverse Scale Chapter 832: Giving a Toast to Your Ancestor’s Grandfather Chapter 833: Spirit Vein Revealed Chapter 834: Snatch! Frantically Snatching! Chapter 835: Free Labor Chapter 836: Horror of the Black Flame Sovereign Snake Chapter 837: Played in the Palm of the Hand Chapter 838: Running after Gaining Benefits Chapter 839: Fighting to the Death with the Keepers Chapter 840: King Grade Secret Treasure Chapter 841: Deity Race Combination Martial Technique Chapter 842: Star Breaker Arrows Chapter 843: Miraculous Use of the Heavenly Sea Cloak Chapter 844: Leisure Feather City Chapter 845: Dragon’s Gate’s King Grade Warship Chapter 846: Heavenly Secret Divination Disk Chapter 847: One versus Three Chapter 848: Insignificant Chapter 849: Mysterious Shop Owner Chapter 850: Sky Dome Immortal Lord Chapter 851: Down Memory Lane Chapter 852: Washing the Sima Clan in Blood Chapter 853: There Will Be a Fight between You and Me Chapter 854: Comprehending the Immortal Will of Thunder Again Chapter 855: Subdue Chapter 856: Entering the Sky Dome Immortal Realm Chapter 857: Bite Off More Than One Can Chew Chapter 858: Strange Place Chapter 859: The Excited Jin Dabao Chapter 860: Longevity Fruits Chapter 861: Bashful Chapter 862: Opportunity Chapter 863: Holy Beast of the Immortal Epoch Chapter 864: Duel with the Same Moves
Chapter 865: Horrifying Lightning Tribulation Chapter 867: Returning to Thunder Emperor Valley Chapter 868: Pulling Stars Chapter 869: Immortal Art—Magic Skill Chapter 870: A Saber without the Saber Chapter 871: Martial God Palace’s Mission Chapter 872: Body like a Saber Chapter 873: Final Line of Defense Chapter 874: Sovereign Martial Emperors’ Descendants Chapter 875: Illustrious Military Merits Chapter 876: Overbearing Island Lord Chapter 877: Outstanding Chapter 878: Geniuses Gather Chapter 879: Beating Someone at His Own Game Chapter 880: The Extremely Daring Xiao Chen Chapter 881: Who is the Prey and Who is the Hunter? Chapter 882: One Man against One Army Chapter 883: Sneak Attack on the Corpse Refining Pool Chapter 884: Sneaking In Chapter 885: Metamorphosis Chapter 886: Flawless Chapter 887: You Are Not Even within My Sights Chapter 888: Outstanding Military Merits; Conferred a King Chapter 889: Flipping Night and Day Chapter 890 Chapter 891: White Bone Sovereign’s Will Clone Chapter 892: My Body as the Saber, My Thoughts as the Saber Chapter 893: Air of a Grandmaster Chapter 894: Asura Race Chapter 895: Troubles of the Merfolk Race Chapter 896: Azure Dragon Bamboo Scroll Chapter 897: Evil Demon Chapter 898: Sea Monarch Palace Chapter 899: Countermeasure Chapter 900: Fire Dragon God Mister Qin Chapter 901: Price of Underestimating One’s Enemy Chapter 902: Winter Snow Drifting, Flawless Four Seasons Chapter 903: King of Lightning-Attributed Flames? What a Joke! Chapter 904: Entering the Sea Monarch Palace Chapter 905 Chapter 906: Ninety-Nine Peak Spirit Veins Chapter 907 Chapter 908 Chapter 909 Chapter 910: Noisy Chapter 911: Assassinating the Evil Demon Chapter 912: Major Characters Making a Move Chapter 913: Ancient Mutated Beast—Thousand Feathered Snake Chapter 914: Greatly Prestigious Heroes’ Convention Chapter 915: Big Dipper Banner
Chapter 916: All of You Deserve Death Chapter 917: Disgusting Martial God Palace Chapter 918: Cleanly Swallowed Up Chapter 919: Greatest Trump Card Chapter 920: Big Dipper Banner Upgrade Chapter 921: There Will Always Be Reckless People Chapter 922: When the Kun Peng Spreads Its Wings, It Hates the Heavens for Being Too Low Chapter 923: Someday, You Will Pay Ten Times More Chapter 924: Northern Sea Alliance’s Young Master Ye? Chapter 925: King Killing Alliance Chapter 926: Through the Dark Demonic Flame Chapter 927: I Really Did Not Kill Him Chapter 928: Alliance Chief, Do Not Panic Chapter 929: Thunder Origin Chapter 930: This Lord Jiu Has an Ultimate Technique as Well Chapter 931: The Fake Meets the Real Chapter 932: Strangely Large Appetite Chapter 933: This Efficiency Is Extremely Good Chapter 934: Frantically Consuming Chapter 935: Killed in One Blow Chapter 936: There Are Many Who Want Me Dead Chapter 937: Army Killing Fis Chapter 938: Profound River Mirror Chapter 939: I Only Wanted to Touch Her Chapter 940: If I Can’t Vent My Frustration, I Will Feel Distressed Chapter 941: Get Eliminated Chapter 942: I Will Trample on You Again Another Day Chapter 943: You Are More Ruthless than Me Chapter 944: Mine, All Mine Chapter 945: Receive a Palm Strike from Me Chapter 946: Massacre Saber Dao, Extinguish All Life Chapter 947: Valiant Battle Formation, Angered Crowd Chapter 948: Trouble at the Supreme Sky Sec Chapter 949: Fatty Receiving a Visitor Chapter 950: Embryonic Soul Chapter 951: Sword Casting Grandmaster Situ Leihong Chapter 952: White Emperor City’s Holy Scion Chapter 953: Purple Night Sword Sect, Ouyang Feng Chapter 954: Just Do Your Bes Chapter 955: Situ Leihong’s Method Chapter 956: Ying Zongtian’s Aspiration Chapter 957: Granting a Favor Chapter 958: Heavenly Mystery Pavilion, Saber School Ranking Chapter 959: Truth of the Saber Dao Chapter 960: Things Happening as They Were Spoken Chapter 961: Ancient Saber Sovereigns Appearing, Speaking of Their Dao Chapter 962: Gatecrash Chapter 963: Conflict between Saber and Sword Chapter 964: Subduing a Group of Ten with One Chapter 965: Xiao Bai Will Forever Be That Xiao Bai
Chapter 966: Xiao Bai’s Problematic Matter Chapter 967: Underworld Kingdom Chapter 968: Threatening a Beauty Chapter 969: Flood Dragon Scissors Chapter 970: Death Throes Chapter 971: Ghost God Descended? Chapter 972: Avici Hell? Begone in One Strike Chapter 973: Gates of Hell Chapter 974: Deliver All Living Creatures from Suffering Chapter 975: I Am Bullying You Chapter 976: Death God Sickle Chapter 977: Yellow Springs Road, Do Not Turn Your Head Back Chapter 978: Bridge of Helplessness Chapter 979: Buddhist Words in the Ear Chapter 980: There Is Only This Life, No Next Life Chapter 981: Be Chapter 982: If You Knew This Would Happen, Then Why Did You Do It? Chapter 983: Dusk of Deities Chapter 984: Aiming for the Divine Weapon Ranking? Chapter 985: Saber, Figh Chapter 986: Broken Saber Chapter 987: The Final Tes Chapter 988: Grandmaster-Level Martial Sage? Chapter 898: I Desire to Be King, No One Can Stop Me Chapter 990: Comprehension amid Life and Death Chapter 991: Who Will Pay the Price? That Is Not Certain Ye Chapter 992: Emperor Grade Secret Treasures Chapter 993: Deity Race Making a Move Chapter 994: The Hidden Trump Card Chapter 995: Ice Immortal Pearl Chapter 996: True Wealth Chapter 997: Hidden Dragon in the Depths, Soaring to the Sky in One Go Chapter 998: The Most Crucial Hurdle Chapter 999: Battle of Talents Chapter 1000: Completely Revealing Trump Cards Chapter 1001: Ao Jiao Awakens Chapter 1002: The Strong Gather Chapter 1003: Azure Dragon King Chapter 1004: After Prime, There Might Be Martial God Chapter 1005: Taking Inventory of Congratulatory Gifts Chapter 1006: Dragon Marrow Chapter 1007: Fifty Dragon Force Chapter 1008: Creditors Visiting Chapter 1009: One with Heaven Chapter 1010: Instant of Glory Chapter 1011: Eternal Glory with Outstanding Talents Chapter 1012: Heading to Heavenly Star Island Chapter 1013: Quasi-Emperor Qin Yu Chapter 1014: Path of a Quasi-Emperor, Building a Bridge Chapter 1015: Azure Dragon Medallion, Immortal Legend
Chapter 1016: Seventy-Two Spirit Universe Formation Chapter 1017: Parting to Meet Again Chapter 1018: Falling to Martial Monarch Chapter 1019: Ethereal Luck Fluctuating Irregularly Chapter 1020: Thousand Year Flame Chapter 1021: Solar True Flame Chapter 1022: Beat Up a Kid Chapter 1023: The Liu Clan Chapter 1024: Remember to Honor Your Be Chapter 1025: Forcing Back the Enemy with Words Chapter 1026: Small Perfection Will of Ice Chapter 1027: Acting Separately Chapter 1028: Mo Chen in Trouble Chapter 1029: Life Did Not Have Roots; It Drifted about like Dus Chapter 1030: Inextinguishable Anger Chapter 1031: Saved Chapter 1032: Innate Beauty Nourishing Pill Chapter 1033: Quasi-Emperors Working Together Chapter 1034: Promising Ten Years Chapter 1035: Chaos Begins Chapter 1036: Six Great Loose Cultivators Chapter 1037: Strong Sun Palace Disciples Chapter 1038: Followed by Vile People Chapter 1039: Disappointmen Chapter 1040: Disaster with a Though Chapter 1041: The Emergence of the Divine Bow Chapter 1042: Ten Thousand Dragons Soaring; Returning to the Peak Chapter 1043: Quasi-Emperors Working Together Again Chapter 1044: I Have a Saber Higher than Emperors Chapter 1045: Rich Harves Chapter 1046: Ao Jiao Fighting Quasi-Emperors Chapter 1047: Finally Close to Emperor Chapter 1048: Foundation Returning Ar Chapter 1049: Thousand Frost Battle Snow Chapter 1050: Beyond Cure, Only Ten Years Left? Chapter 1051: Holy Daughter Falling in Love Chapter 1052: Kidnap the Holy Daughter with Me Chapter 1053: Rainbow Lights Chapter 1054: Only the Heart Is Not Cold Chapter 1055: Feas Chapter 1056: The Feast Begins Chapter 1057: Heaven Subduing Rock, Dragon’s Gate’s Mountain Table Chapter 1058: Flabbergasted Chapter 1059: The Heart Is Not Dead Chapter 1060: Huge Chasm Chapter 1061: Azure Dragon Chasing the Sun Chapter 1062: Golden Crow Holy Beas Chapter 1063: Despair Throne Chapter 1064: Despair City Chapter 1065: Black Profound Wolf
Chapter 1066: Seething Chapter 1067: Source of Despair Chapter 1068: Accepting Reluctantly Chapter 1069: Chaos Everywhere with One Glance Chapter 1070: Meteor Shining Again, Passing in a Flash Chapter 1071: Chased Chapter 1072: The Road that Buried Emperors Chapter 1073: Solar Plume Feathers Chapter 1074: Dare to Fight? Chapter 1075: Don’t Cry Chapter 1076: One Sword Chapter 1077: Cause and Effec Chapter 1078: Emperor in Five Years Chapter 1079: Meeting Zi Ying Again Chapter 1080: Auction Chapter 1081: Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor Chapter 1082: Dragon Revealing Mirror and Dragon Subduing Platform in Hand Chapter 1083: Continuity of the Ye Clan Chapter 1084: Seeking Dragons and Fixing Veins Chapter 1085: You Go If You Are Capable Chapter 1086: Blood Rain Pouring Chapter 1087: Blood-Locked Berserk Dragon Chapter 1088: Entering the Blood Sea; Powerful Enemy Appears Chapter 1089: Geomaster Beiming Feng Chapter 1090: Traces of Holy Spirit Veins Chapter 1091: Chance at Life Chapter 1092: Cyclic Astral Palace’s Chu Yang Out of Closed-Door Cultivation Chapter 1093: Heroes Gathering at Bright Moon City Chapter 1094: Fang Qingxuan Chapter 1095: Young Master Qingshu Chapter 1096: Fighting in the Gathering Chapter 1097: Night Visit by Qingxuan Chapter 1098: Visiting the Lunar Palace; Death in Kunlun Chapter 1099: The Past; Competition Begins Chapter 1100: Suppressing the Outstanding Talents in the Arena Chapter 1101: Defeated in One Move Chapter 1102: Inherited Holy Land, Immortal for Ten Thousand Years Chapter 1103: Contend in Beauty and Fascination Chapter 1104: Might of the Heavenly Spiritual Body Chapter 1105: Phantom Poison Palm Chapter 1106: Grief Chapter 1107: Miss Bingyun Arrives Chapter 1108: I Am Not a Pushover Chapter 1109: Absolute Strength Chapter 1110: Overjoyed at Unexpected Good News Chapter 1111: Huge Battle Begins Chapter 1112: Overwhelming Rage Chapter 1113: Strange Little Monk Chapter 1114: The Black Sea of Bitterness Chapter 1115: Absolute Difference in Strength
Chapter 1116: A Pleasant Surprise Chapter 1117: As Many Spirit Veins as There Were Dogs Chapter 1118: The Only Method Chapter 1119: Great Defensive Formation Chapter 1120: No Time to Lose Chapter 1121: Dangerous Situation Chapter 1122: The Scheming Fu Lianyun Chapter 1123: Heaven Is Watching Chapter 1124: Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerate Chapter 1125: Where’s the Treasure? Chapter 1126: Buddhist Amule Chapter 1127: Torrential Hatred Chapter 1128: Method to Repair Meridians Chapter 1129: No Mercy Chapter 1130: Kill without Pardon Chapter 1131: Close Friend Chapter 1132: A Strange Sudden Occurrence Chapter 1133: Core of a Martial Emperor Chapter 1134: He Has Such a Qualification Chapter 1135: Showing No Fear in Fights Everywhere Chapter 1136: The Pride of the Purple-Clad Marquis Chapter 1137: No Hesitation to Fall Together Chapter 1138: Horrifying Sovereign’s Tribulation Chapter 1139: Uncontrollable Bloodlus Chapter 1140: Never-Changing Character Chapter 1141: Invitation Letter Chapter 1142: Legendary Bandi Chapter 1143: Huge Favor Chapter 1144: The Great Roc Hates the Sky for Being Too Low When It Spreads Its Wings Chapter 1145: Divine Weapon, Heavenly Cloud Jadeite Sword Chapter 1146: Comparison of Great Strength Chapter 1147: Wolf Smoke Ar Chapter 1148: Jadeite Mountain Manor’s Manor Lord Chapter 1149: Villain Tricking Another Villain? Chapter 1150: Great Shuffle Chapter 1151: Divine Weapon Descending Chapter 1152: Secret Technique—Life and Death Ar Chapter 1153: Fighting over the Blood Cocoon Chapter 1154: Seeking Dragons and Fixing Veins Chapter 1155: Calamity Dragon Chapter 1156: I Alone Am Enough Chapter 1157: Hurdle of Quasi-Emperors Chapter 1158: Mysterious Hemp-Clad Swordsman Chapter 1159: Unparalleled Sword Inten Chapter 1160: Wondrous Use of the State of Death Chapter 1161: Essence Stone Chapter 1162: Deterren Chapter 1163: Paying a Person Back in His Own Coin Chapter 1164: In a Difficult Position Chapter 1165: Piercing through the Sky, Tearing through Space
Chapter 1166: Saber Soul Erupts Chapter 1167: Dealt a Hard Blow Chapter 1168: Glorious Painting Chapter 1169: Familiar Face from the Sky Dome Realm Chapter 1170: Complete Dragon Subduing Platform Chapter 1171: Accepting Bets Chapter 1172: Vital Points of the Metal Puppe Chapter 1173: Effortless with Ease Chapter 1174: Astonishing Explosive Power Chapter 1175: Show of Strength Chapter 1176: A Thousand Cups Are Too Few When Drinking with a Bosom Friend Chapter 1177: Resounding throughout Dark City Chapter 1178: Hazy Dream Chapter 1179: Confident and at Ease Chapter 1180: Incomparably Bold Chapter 1181: The One Going Down is You Chapter 1182: Unfathomable Enemy Chapter 1183: One Million Mighty Ice Soldiers Moving Unhindered through the Four Seas Chapter 1184: Ao Jiao’s Old Friend Chapter 1185: A Bolt from the Blue Chapter 1186: Quasi-Emperor-Level Ferocious Beas Chapter 1187: Experts Are What We Lack the Leas Chapter 1188: Strong Battle Armor Chapter 1189: Half-Step Martial Emperor Chapter 1190: Eight Star Dragon Grave Chapter 1191: Can’t Stop Me Chapter 1192: Blown-Up Matter Chapter 1193: The Dragon’s Gate’s Azure Emperor Was Here Chapter 1194: Soul of a Bladesman Chapter 1195: One Cannot Be Too Greedy Chapter 1196: The Final Winner Chapter 1197: Mysterious Purple-Clad Men Chapter 1198: Dugu Ao’s Favor Chapter 1199: Unexpected Answer Chapter 1200: The Best Proof Chapter 1201: Yin and Yang Flames Displaying Their Migh Chapter 1202: Innate Thunder Crystal Chapter 1203: Treasure Sabers, Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 1204: Startling Saber Inten Chapter 1205: Battle between Peaks Chapter 1206: No Mercy after Gaining Power Chapter 1207: News about the Flower of Life Chapter 1208: Ao Jiao’s Hear Chapter 1209: Inner Circle Chapter 1210: Who Is Trash? Chapter 1211: Temptation of the Demonic Essence Core Chapter 1212: Don’t Try Testing My Bottom Line Chapter 1213: Surging Hot-Bloodedness Chapter 1214: I Have One Saber Strike That I Hope Everyone Will Offer Me Pointers On Chapter 1215: Unparallelled Will of Thunder
Chapter 1216: Shameless Encirclemen Chapter 1217: Blood Demon Transformation Chapter 1218: Venomous Snake Hissing Chapter 1219: Life Aura and Death Aura Chapter 1220: Forcible Breakthrough Chapter 1221: Slaughter This Beas Chapter 1222: Breaking Technique with Strength Chapter 1223: Indelible Hatred Chapter 1124: Azure Dragon Palace, Heavenly Flame’s Origin Flame Chapter 1225: Azure Dragon Merchant Association Chapter 1226: The One Who Humiliated Would Get Humiliated Chapter 1227: Domineering Chapter 1228: Secret News about the Nine Star Dragon Grave Chapter 1229: Brand-new Cycle Banner Chapter 1230: Nine Heavens of Martial Emperor Chapter 1231: The Awesome Dragon Slaying Mountain Manor Chapter 1232: Attack as a Means of Defense Chapter 1233: Burning Rage Chapter 1234: Revealed Dictatorship Chapter 1235: Mortal Danger Chapter 1236: Vast Boundless World Chapter 1237: Dragon Race Ferocious Beas Chapter 1238: Strangely Strong Enemy Chapter 1239: Great Battle with Martial Emperors Chapter 1240: Life Essence Chapter 1241: Horrifying Change Chapter 1242: Tomb Keeper Chapter 1243: Dragon Race Secret Treasure Chapter 1244: Secret of the Ghost Hou Chapter 1245: Familiar Scene Chapter 1246: Pointers from the Flame Rock Sovereign Chapter 1247: Technique to Pass Tribulations Chapter 1248: Sharp Spirit Finger Chapter 1249: Relationship with the Flame Rock Sovereign Chapter 1250: The New Generation Surpasses the Old Chapter 1251: Prime-Level Exper Chapter 1252 Chapter 1253 Chapter 1254 Chapter 1255 Chapter 1256 Chapter 1257 Chapter 1258 Chapter 1259 Chapter 1260 Chapter 1261 Chapter 1262 Chapter 1263 Chapter 1264 Chapter 1265