Chapter 100 Golden Hawk

The White Fairy wakes Lin Luoran up with a handful of water and tells her that they must get out of the valley today. Lin Luoran is frightened that something has happened, so she is wide awake immediately.

Seeing that the fairy looks serious, Lin Luoran knows that she is not joking. However, Lin is not nosy, so she doesn’t ask anything more. After filling her belly, she starts to practice the Sword-riding Spell.

The White Fairy holds nothing back while teaching Lin Luoran, and she almost wishes that she could do the flying for Lin. By afternoon, Lin Luoran can finally ride on the sword unstably at the expense of falling down on the ground a dozen of times, which makes her entire body hurt.

The sun is going down. The White Fairy has nothing to do with Lin Luoran’s progress on sword-riding, so she urges Lin to go and dig out that big round stone.

Digging out a stone is effortless, but Lin Luoran assumes at first that she has to take it with her, which may be difficult in the context of not exposing the space in her bead. Luckily, the fairy only tells Lin Luoran to cut off the surface of the stone. With the sharp Snow Sword, Lin Luoran cuts the stone like she is cutting a melon. Lin reaches to the inside of the stone under 15 minutes and she sees a prismatic black spar. This is the Soul Stone the White Fairy talks about, which is where her essence has been hiding.

The White Fairy breathes a sigh of relief after making sure that the Soul Stone is safe and sound. She says, “on the basis of my observation for years, the wind in the valley will be the weakest today. You hide it close to your skin and I can get out of here unscathed under the protection of your liveliness.

Lin Luoran nods. She does have to help the fairy out because the Sword-riding Spell she receives from the fairy is so valuable.

Unlike normal spells, the Sword-riding Spell needs to be casted with both hands. After putting the Soul Stone in the Universal Sack, Lin Luoran starts to make the gestures. The Snow Sword becomes bigger against the wind, just like Wen Guanjing’s sword did. What is different is that the Snow Sword is slim and smoothly shaped, and it gives out a sense of arrogance!

Lin Luoran is certainly glad. The Snow Sword is like a sport car with an aerodynamic body, which is so much better than Wen Guanjing’s “bus”…

Lin looks back at those deer-horses who are staring at her with wet eyes. She draws back her attachment, steps on the sword and rushes to the sky…

This valley is a perfect place to live for seclusion, but Lin Luoran can’t abandon her family and friends in the mortal world. Farewell, deer-horses!


The sun is going down. For Li Xi’er, who is on a terrace of the cliff, sunlight always pours directly on her no matter it is going up or down. She has been stuck on the terrace for three days.

Food is not a problem for the time being. There is enough food for a month in the Universal Sack.

The problem is water. How can she get more water to drink?

Li Xi’er has made a little bowl out of the leaves of the vines, and she has been gathering dews in the valley with the bowl to drink. However, she feels sticky because of her sweat, and every time she thinks about this, the crying-baby feels like crying again.

Different from her soft character, Li Xi’er has an extremely good quality — her Taoist root is in the single nature of gold. She would be a precious one in millions of talented cultivators even in a thousand years ago when spells were popular.

Li Xi’er is so well-protected that even Wen Guanjing and others have no idea that this cute little girl has already reached the medium stage of Training Qi in her early twenties. In this age of agitated Reiki and declined spells, Li’s achievement is really enviable!

The Night of Bermuda is dangerous. Li’s master lets her come because she may have a chance of entering the level of Laying Foundation here, also, her master wants Li Xi’er to grow up during the hardship — it is so shameful that Li is a cultivator who dares not to kill chickens.

Though gifted, Li Xi’er is a junior cultivator in the medium level of Training Qi. She doesn’t come from a school of swordsmen, so there is no way that she can ride on a sword. Besides flying swords, magic weapons which can fly are valuable and rare. Li Xi’er doesn’t have a flying weapon, but she does have that ball of fish wire. In fact, it is a perfect weapon to do sneak attack on enemies, but Li Xi’er insists on putting a bell on it. She is such a silly girl.

These three days, Li Xi’er sometimes cries for Lin Luoran, and sometimes tries to gather water to drink. However, she fails to come up with any idea to get herself out of this valley.

Besides, there is a bigger problem.

Li Xi’er looks at the sky. The moment she thinks of solving this big problem, a long howl comes above her head. Li’s heart starts racing—

It comes again!

On her wrist, the magic weapon with the little bell looks like an exquisite bracelet. Li Xi’er steps further back towards the cliff and looks up. A hawk with golden feathers and claws is circling around the valley. Staring at the target it has been drooling over for two days, the hawk rushes down at high speed.

Li Xi’er has suffered a lot during the last two days, and she is clearly aware of what the golden hawk is capable of. She has been preparing the minute it shows up, and when the hawk rushes down to her, Li Xi’er has finished casting a “Gold Blade Spell”. She waves her right hand when the golden hawk is meters away from her and shoots out a golden light. Her attack is quite accurate. The light blade hurts the huge claw of the hawk.

Gold, which is known for the “sharpness”, is originally the most aggressive nature of the five elements. However, Li’s light blade slashes the huge claw of the hawk only to leave two shallow wounds. The hawk wails and flies up, leaving several drops of blood in the air.

Seeing that the golden hawk is hurt, Li Xi’er is relieved. Without any magic figures, Li Xi’er is able to make such an attack five times here in the place filled with Reiki. After dealing with the hawk for two days, Li Xi’er knows that it won’t just give up like this. Still, she now has more confidence in herself after hitting it with the light blade!

The golden hawk circles around the valley for a while. Its claw does hurt much, but that creature on the terrace indeed makes it hungry. The hawk hesitates for a few minutes and starts to rush down again—

Li Xi’er has also prepared for her second attack. She casts the Gold Blade Spell once again and cuts the hawk on its wings… However, her light blade touches its features and slips off like a waterdrop falls down something oily. The hawk manages to dodge the light blade!

Li Xi’er is surprised and she is getting anxious. By the next time the hawk rushes down, her light blade misses the target. She tries again but still fails to hit it… The golden hawk now realizes that Li Xi’er is just a paper tiger, and it flies up to the sky, howling.

Li Xi’er is relaxed. She assumes that the hawk has finished today. All of a sudden, a strong wind comes. Li Xi’er looks up and sees the hawk coming right at her. Its huge golden claws are getting closer. Li is frightened by this quick and fierce attack and forgets that she can cast the Gold Blade Spell one more time or make use of the weapon on her wrist… Being scared, Li Xi’er closes her eyes and starts to cry…

Will she die here? Li Xi’er thinks. The images of her master and parents, as well as her teammates, “Brother Wen” and “Sister Lin”, flash in her mind. Sister Lin has fallen into the valley in order to save her. If Lin were here, she would beat this hawk easily, right?

The more Li Xi’er thinks, the sadder she becomes. She cries and cries and finally gets tired. Still, the scene in her imagination that she is eaten by the hawk never comes true.

Forget it. She may as well jump into the valley and die along with Sister Lin. It will be better than being eaten by the hawk. Li Xi’er opens her eyes and attempts to jump. However, she sees that Sister Lin, whom was supposed to have died by Li, is riding on a blue flying sword. Lin’s dress is fluttering because of the wind in the valley, and she is trying to catch the gold hawk with a water rope! So cool!

“Sister Lin!” Li Xi’er kneels down on the terrace and sheds tears of joy.

Lin Luoran infuses more Reiki into the water rope to make it stronger. Seeing that Li Xi’er has come to herself, Lin nods and says,

“Come on! Help me catch it!”