Chapter 101 Pact

Catch the golden hawk?

Li Xi’er is stunned by Lin Luoran’s courage. After Lin urges her again, Li Xi’er rummages through her belongings anxiously and finally thinks of the fish-wire magic weapon on her wrist… Right!

Li Xi’er makes some gestures and infuses Reiki into the fish wire. It flies up from her wrist and rushes at the hawk on her command, jingling. The hawk completely focuses on Lin Luoran and has no time to deal with Li’s loud “sneak attack”.

The hawk doesn’t take this thin string seriously. It reaches out to the string with a claw. However, the “fish wire” doesn’t just break apart as it imagined. Instead, the string crawls on the claw and ties the hawk up in no time. The fish wire seems to be endless. Not only the wings of the hawk, but its sharp claws and beak are also tied up. The amazing thing is, the more the hawk struggles, the tighter the wire becomes. There is nothing the hawk can do with it.

This aggressive golden hawk loses its ability to fight, and it can’t simply fly away because its wings are strapped too. The hawk is falling down into the valley. Suddenly, Lin Luoran grabs the hawk by its claw and carries it to the terrace.

Li Xi’er feels that she is dreaming. She throws herself on Lin Luoran and wants to grab Lin’s sleeves. Unfortunately, Lin is wearing a sleeveless dress. Li can find nowhere to put her hands, so she stares at Lin Luoran with wet eyes, “Sister Lin, thank god that you are ok!”

Lin Luoran looks at Li’s puppy eyes and sees from Li’s appearance that she has also suffered a lot during the last three days. People tend to get closer when they are in the same adversity. Lin and Li have got separated from the team, and they may have to spend the whole month in the secret land together. Thinking of this, Lin Luoran can’t fake her usual indifference anymore. Still, she has no idea what to say when Li’s eyes are drowned in tears. Minutes later, Lin finally resolves her embarrassment and asks, “Are you hungry?”

Li Xi’er is pouting. She nods hard but then shakes her head, “Not hungry… I’m thirsty…”

This terrace is so isolated, and drinking water is indeed a problem. Thinking of this, Lin Luoran takes a bottle of water out of her Universal Sack. Seeing that Li Xi’er is drinking water as fast as she can , Lin Luoran asks in surprise, “I remember that there are food and drinks enough for a month in the Universal Sack.”

Li Xi’er is awkward. She answers in a low voice, “I put several sets of clothes in my sack…”

It’s natural that girls love to dress up so Lin Luoran intends to let this topic pass. Li Xi’er has had enough water and says pitifully, “Sister, I want to take a bath…” Li has seen Lin wave her hand carelessly and build a bridge over the sea. She thinks that Lin can make some water drop and let her clean herself up.

Lin Luoran looks at Li’s dirty little face. Since she was the one who threw Li to the terrace, Lin sighs and casts a “Cleaning Spell”. A gentle wind blows and takes away the dirt on Li’s body.

Li Xi’er is thrilled and she almost wants to give Lin Luoran a kiss. Li takes a bunch of palace costumes out of her Universal Sack and picks one. Li puts on the clean clothes and insists on giving a lotus-white Tang dress to Lin Luoran as a gift.

Lin Luoran lifts the golden hawk in her hand and indicates that she can’t change clothes while carrying it. Li Xi’er pats herself on the head and says, “Sister, let me carry it. This bad thing has been bullying me for two days, and I have to let it have a taste of my power!”

Lin Luoran smiles and doesn’t look down upon Li’s childish actions.

Li’s fish-wire weapon straps the hawk tightly with one end around Li’s wrist. Perhaps because of the unique design of the magic weapon, it doesn’t take too much strength for Li Xi’er to carry this huge hawk. The poor golden hawk swings in the valley with its head down, and it looks very much like a kite. Its skin under feathers is definitely red since blood is rushing to its head due to hanging upside down!

The palace costume Li Xi’er gives to Lin Luoran is of high quality. The stitches are exquisite, and two plantain lilies are embroidered on the sleeves. This dress does match the Snow Sword better than the sleeveless dress she is wearing… In fact, this is the White Fairy’s thought. Though hidden in the Soul Stone, the fairy knows everything that happens outside. She has been despising Lin Luoran’s dress designed by the famous designer and she sneers now and then at the indecency of this age, which really drives Lin Luoran crazy.

According to the White Fairy’s requirements, this palace costume is certainly below standard because there is not a Dust-free Circle on it. Anyway, the dress is decorated with some classical characters and its style is fairly nice for the fairy — how about trying it on?

Li Xi’er keeps swinging the hawk and staring at Lin Luoran with eager eyes. Lin puts on the palace costume behind a water curtain she makes. After the water Reiki disperses, Lin Luoran stands right in front of Li Xi’er. Her dress flutters against the strong wind in the valley, which makes her look like a fairy who is about to fly up to the palace in heaven.

Li’s mind goes absent and her hand, which is holding the wire that straps the hawk, slips. The “fish wire”, actually a magic weapon called “Bundling Rope”, is extensible. The hawk falls down into the valley. Lin Luoran is speechless. She hurries to reach out to the Bundling Rope and pulls the golden hawk up…

Lin Luoran stares at the hawk which is almost scared to death. She says frankly, “I’d like to have you as my servant pet. What do you think?”

Li Xi’er blinks. She can’t understand why Lin Luoran just talks to a hawk. Alright, even this hawk is strong, it is only a big bird. Why does Sister Lin want to have it as her servant? Can a hawk work?

Being hanged head down, the golden hawk feels dizzy. It wants to tear these two creatures apart but it can’t move its wings. It’s weird that the hawk never sees any intention of harm in Lin Luoran’s eyes. However, it certainly can’t understand the words Lin just said. The hawk rolls its eyes and nods its head to beg for mercy.

Lin Luoran laughs, “You are too young to understand me. I’m being impatient.”

The golden hawk can’t talk, so it certainly can’t object to Lin Luoran’s offer. Lin takes the chance and bites her finger. She casts a spell silently, draws a magic figure in the air with her blood, and pushes the figure into the hawk’s head… This is the pact that cultivators use to recruit spirit animals as their servants, and the figure drawn with blood is called blood pact. Blood pact is the strictest bond between cultivators and their servants, so it is usually used to deal with fierce animals.

The golden hawk senses the impending of a strong force and instinctively wants to resist. As one of the spirit animals, it has an extraordinary perceptivity. Though its talents are not awakened by now, the hawk knows that this force will take away its freedom… However, will the powerful “creature” here throw it down into the deep valley if it keeps rejecting?

Thinking of the feeling of hanging head down, the hawk is softened. While the hawk hesitates, the blood pact is completed rapidly so that it is too late for the hawk to resist any more!

What? Why the creature seems to be more kind and friendly? The golden hawk is now still too simple to realize that it is experiencing the normal reaction after the master-servant blood pact comes into effect. The hawk stares at Lin Luoran with doubtful eyes.

Once the pact is made, Lin Luoran is able to sense the emotion changes of the golden hawk. She tells Li Xi’er to draw back her Bundling Rope because there is no longer any need to tie up the hawk.

Li Xi’er is stunned by everything that just happened. She can’t understand why Lin Luoran hurt her fingers. Nevertheless, Li is impressed by Lin’s power, and she is confident that the two of them are able to tie up the hawk again if it doesn’t submit. Thus, Li Xi’er draws back the Bundling Rope.

As expected, the minute the hawk is free, it comes right at Li Xi’er and tries to peck her with its beak. It has been bearing grudges against Li for tying it up for so long.

Li Xi’er screams. She forgets about the plan she just made and goes hide behind Lin Luoran.

“Goldie. I give you the name Goldie. Would you like to follow me on the path of cultivation?” Lin Luoran uses her spirit to convey her thoughts into the hawk’s head. The hawk is surprised by the voice in its head and it can understand, strangely.

Goldie? My name is Goldie? Though it doesn’t know what “name” is, it is aware that it refers to its name. Goldie only has basic emotions like pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy, and it can’t speak. To answer Lin Luoran’s friendliness, it walks closer to her, trying to rub its head against her. Li Xi’er is frightened and almost falls down the terrace.

“How! Sister Lin, how can it understand you!”

Li Xi’er is very surprised that the golden hawk doesn’t act fiercely as she expected. Still, she hides behind Lin Luoran and dares not to come closer to the hawk.

Lin Luoran smiles, “Xi’er, Goldie is obedient, and it will help us get out of the valley later!”

The hawk will help them get out of here? The doubts in Li’s big eyes almost give Goldie an emotional outburst. Li Xi’er sticks her tongue out and decides to shut up.