With a loud howling, a hawk flies out of the deep valley.

Sky of the Lost Land is so blue. River runs and forest flourishes. Deer are drinking water and tigers are catching sheep. Everything is so peaceful and harmonious.

Looked down from the sky, the view here is even better… Humans always bear the dream of flying, which is the reason why space becomes so attractive and fairies in myths who ride on clouds are worshipped.

This is entirely different from flying on a plane.

Lin Luoran looks down from the back of Goldie and has the feeling of a real cultivator. Cultivation, cultivation, what is the purpose of cultivation? Isn’t it the joy of flying around the world?

Li Xi’er is screaming. If she weren’t in the mid-air, she’d like to stand up and jump because nothing else can express the thrill in her heart.

She was born in a mortal family. When she was seven years old, her master found pure gold nature in her and then she was taken to the school to cultivate. Living in a secluded mountain, this little girl grew up to be innocent. As a talented cultivator, she always enjoyed the best things the school could provide. Therefore, Li Xi’er never had to compete for anything, and she was not aware of the sinister side of the human heart — the school asked nothing from her but to focus on cultivation. Her parents lived an affluent life in the mortal world, and a bright future was waiting for her.

Li’s personality is perfect for cultivation, but she is not progressive enough!

Li Xi’er has the one-in-a-century pure Taoist root. Her school certainly doesn’t simply hope that she can enter the level of Laying Foundation. Besides, with the nature of gold, she must gain more sharp vigor to match her nature. Otherwise, the gap between her state of mind and her physique will become an obstacle on the path of cultivation.

However, Li’s life has been going so smoothly compared with her peers! She never had to do things proactively, nor did she ever work hard, until she met Lin Luoran. Li is in the medium stage of Training Qi, and Lin is in the later stage. Their levels of cultivation are similar, but there is a huge gap between their strengths. Also, Sister Lin can cast water and wood spells, which means that she has at least two natures!

Sitting on Goldie’s back, Li Xi’er enjoys the beautiful view and the will of fighting rises in her heart. As a mixed-nature cultivator, Sister Lin has cultivated herself to become so powerful. Li realizes that she should also work harder from now on.

Li Xi’er never intends to be the best. She only hopes that if anything like this happens again, she will be able to get herself out of the trouble instead of being trapped on the terrace and waiting for her brothers and sisters to come and save her…

Lin Luoran doesn’t realize that she has exerted such a huge influence on this innocent little girl. If Lin knew this, she would think it a good thing. The path of cultivation is so long, and it will really be sad if she becomes the last female cultivator in the world.

“Sister, look!”

Li Xi’er screams, pointing at something below them.

Lin Luoran looks in that direction and sees a forest. From above, all she can see is that fruits are hanging on the trees like stars in the sky. Lin can’t tell what kind of fruit trees there are, but the entire mountain is covered by those trees.

Looking at Li’s expressions, Lin Luoran knows that this little girl is hungry. Li loves food and never tries to hide her nature, which always remind Lin Luoran of Baojia, who may be losing her mind because of the boredom of staying in the house by Mount Qingcheng. Lin Luoran laughs. She can’t steel her heart against Li Xi’er.

Besides, Goldie is wailing. It must be thirsty after all the fighting and struggling.

Lin Luoran tells Goldie to find somewhere to land. Goldie’s back is two meters wide, and its wings are over seven meters long. It is big enough to carry two people and fly, so it surely needs an open area to land.

Goldie circles around the mountain and finds an open field. It rushes down. Li Xi’er is so scared that she grabs Goldie by its feathers and Lin Luoran also has to cling to its neck, or else she may be thrown out.

Goldie chirps and slows down. Being able to sense its emotions, Lin Luoran is amused. Goldie rushes down like this only to get back to Li Xi’er for swinging it head down in the mid-air. It is really an intelligent hawk.

Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er see that this is a forest of peach as they get closer. Big and pink peaches are hanging on the trees. They can smell the fragrance of peaches from afar.

The smell is so pleasant!

Lin Luoran jumps down from Goldie’s back and helps Li Xi’er down.

The peach trees are about half the height of a man so Goldie can reach to the peaches with an effortless jump. However, this silly hawk has a better idea — it spreads its wings and flaps. Its wings, which the “Golden Blade Spell” can’t even cut through, knock many peaches off the trees. Before Lin Luoran gives any order, Goldie picks a big one and staggers to Lin Luoran. Li Xi’er, who dislikes Goldie, finally starts to love it because of its cuteness…

Li Xi’er wants to pick a peach on the ground, but Goldie just stares at Li and flaps its wings to stop her… While exclaiming that Goldie treats Lin and herself so differently, Li Xi’er pouts and goes to another tree, picking the biggest and ripest peach. She bites the peach with anger!

Though the peach seems to be hard, it is in fact juicy. Li Xi’er bites the peach so hard that the juice splashes all over her face, which makes her even angrier!

Goldie chirps and flaps its wings because of Li’s embarrassment. Lin Luoran giggles. This silly hawk is actually mocking at Li Xi’er…

Also, Goldie arrogantly opens a little window on a peach with its beak and easily sucks all the peach juice, just to piss Li Xi’er off.

Lin Luoran gets a feeling that both of Li Xi’er and Goldie are so cute, no wonder they can stay in a stalemate on the terrace for two days. Lin peels the peach Goldie gave her and takes a bite. The peach is so sweet and tasty… If she plants it in her space, will the peach evolve to something like peento which is written in myths?

Although it will take a long time for the peach to evolve, she may as well plant some. Lin Luoran gathers a few peach pits and puts them in her Universal Sack.

The White Fairy loathes: “How dare you put these things next to me!”

Seeing that Li Xi’er and Goldie are having fun provoking each other and have no time to notice her, Lin Luoran starts to communicate with the White Fairy with her spirit.

“Thank you, fairy, for teaching me the spells to rein animals, or else I won’t be able to tame Goldie.” Though Lin Luoran is able to get out of the valley by riding on the sword, she is more than happy to have this aggressive but cute hawk by her side.

“You are lucky to meet this young golden hawk. It will grow stronger. Just wait!”

Lin Luoran agrees. She is grateful to the fairy and fears her at the same time. In the first place, she only needed to learn the Sword-riding Spells in order to get out of the valley. Still, the White Fairy gave her the precious introduction of weapons. Besides, why did the fairy teach Lin to tame Goldie?

Lin Luoran never believes that others will treat her well for no reason. The more the White Fairy gives, the more she must want from Lin. Lin is sure that the White Fairy’s requirement is not simply to take her out of the valley.

Lin Luoran hesitates for a while and chooses to tell the fairy about the value of the Weapon Introduction. The White Fairy can’t help smiling:

“Is it valuable? That introduction belongs to the School of Zu Mountain. Things of the others never mean much to me. You don’t have to thank me so much.”