Chapter 103 Monkeys on the Peach Mountain

The introduction is connected to Wen Guanjing?

Lin Luoran is embarrassed. She knows that the White Fairy doesn’t feel like talking about her purpose right now, so Lin stops pursuing.

Suddenly, Lin Luoran sees that Goldie flies into the sky and it seems to be alerted. Li Xi’er is also done eating peaches and she runs towards Lin Luoran.

Lin looks up. It turns out that a bunch of long-haired monkeys just run down from the mountain. They swing among the trees and are heading here very fast.

In fact, this peach mountain is those monkeys’ territory. Peaches growing on the top of the mountain taste the best, and even the monkeys sometimes grudge eating them. A baby monkey first detected that Lin and Li were here, so it ran back to send the message. Thus, the army of monkeys now are arriving.

These monkeys come menacingly. However, they are scared of Goldie and stop at a distance. The leading monkey looks fierce, and it clearly hates to give up. It thinks for a while and starts to pick up peaches on the trees, throwing them at Lin and Li.

The army of monkeys all do the same, trying to drive Lin and Li away.

Screams of the monkeys fill the air, and peaches and leaves are all over the place. With the huge amount of “armor”, the attack of the monkeys is quite serious.

Of course, these peaches can not hit Lin Luoran, but they do provoke Goldie. Goldie spreads its claws and is about to tear a monkey apart, and Lin Luoran stops it from doing this.

With the Bundling Rope on her wrist, Li Xi’er is also able to dodge the peaches. She thinks that the monkeys are so cute, and she agrees with Lin Luoran that Goldie should not attack them.

Seeing that Goldie is angry, the leading monkey whistles. The army of monkeys all drop the peaches in their hands on the ground and run away together.

“Sister, the monkeys are so cute. Shall we follow them to see where they live?”

Li Xi’er is playful and immature. Lin Luoran agrees to Li’s suggestion because she wants to explore the secret land.

Lin and Li are both able to jump among trees, so there is no need to ride on Goldie. They follow the monkeys at a distance unhurriedly.

Looking back from time to time and seeing that two people and a hawk are following them, the monkeys get angry. They scream, trying to intimidate the chasers and go even faster.

Lin and Li follow the monkeys and climb over a mountain. The forest is so thick that they have to slow down. By the time they reach an open area, the monkeys are nowhere to be found. Li Xi’er gets anxious, but Lin Luoran tells her to stay quiet.

Goldie has been spying in the sky, and it leads Lin and Li to the monkeys.

They arrive at a waterfall surrounded by stones in strange shapes. Lin Luoran hears the sound of running water. She pushes the tree branches aside and sees no monkey. Still, Goldie hovers over the waterfall and refuses to leave.

Lin Luoran looks at Li Xi’er. The two of them say with one voice,

“Water Curtain Cave?”

“Water Curtain Cave!”

It’s funny that they think of the same thing at the same time. Lin Luoran leads Li Xi’er to go ahead. As expected, the army of monkeys rush out of the waterfall, covered by water drops.

The monkeys all look serious with stones in their hands. Lin Luoran touches her face. She and Li Xi’er are just being childish. Have they caused too much trouble for the monkeys?

“Forget it. We will disturb them if we break into the cave.” Lin Luoran tries to persuade Li Xi’er to leave, and a tall old monkey walks out of the waterfall. It has silver hair, and it walks upright with the help of a young monkey. It looks exactly like an elder person!

It appears that the old monkey is in poor health. Still, it makes a bow to Lin and Li to show politeness. Lin Luoran is stunned.

The old monkey makes a shaking gesture to invite them in, which stops Lin Luoran from leaving. Also, since the old monkey came out, the army of monkeys have let their guard down though they are still holding the stones.

No one who grows up reading Journey to the West can resist the attraction of Monkey King in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. Li Xi’er never thinks much and she only knows to follow Lin’s lead. Finally, Lin Luoran fails to stop herself from yearning for the view. She tells Goldie to wait for them nearby and follows the old monkey into the cave behind the waterfall with Li Xi’er.

Walking through the waterfall, water drops are all over Lin’s hair, which makes the hairpin on her head more glittering and stunning.

This is a natural path. Being behind the waterfall, this path, which is enough for three people to walk side-by-side, is wet. Lin and Li both lift their dresses.

The old monkey walks in the front to lead the way and sometimes looks back at Lin and Li. Lin Luoran has noticed that the old monkey will pant if it walks fast, so she deliberately slows down so that the old monkey can take it time.

The old monkey seems to know Lin Luoran’s thoughts. It turns around and waves its hand, like saying that it is able to walk faster. Nevertheless, it chooses to go along with Lin Luoran and slows down, too.

Two monkeys and two persons walk down the path for quite a while. Li Xi’er is a little afraid of the silence. Lin Luoran has a keen feeling that according to the direction they are heading to, they seem to be going deeper into the mountain.

Do the monkeys live inside the mountain? Imagining the environment, Lin Luoran loses her interests in those dark caves. However, after making two more turns, they arrive at a door made of stone. The old monkey gives the door a hard push. Light comes from the other side of the door.

Lin Luoran follows the old monkey through the door, and the view in front of her eyes almost takes her breath away.

This is truly the masterpiece of nature!

This is an open cave, or to say, a cave house, to be more specific! It is around 200 meters square and 10 meters high. Sunlight pours down from the above so the cave house is not dim at all!

Stalactites are hanging on the roof. A huge tree grows in the center of the cave house. The tree is leafy, and its trunk is over 4 meters thick. It is almost as high as the roof. Sunlight shines through the leaves onto the stalactites, and the dappled shade looks too beautiful to be real.

The thick trunk is hollowed and it is made into a house with lots of windows. The old monkey is inviting them to the treehouse!

The old monkey makes a gesture of “please”, and Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er follow it inside.

Air in the treehouse is fresh and there is a faint smell of fruits. It doesn’t look like the house of a monkey. In fact, in Lin’s view, the old monkey has no difference from human except that it can’t speak the language of human beings.

Lin and Li sit together with the old monkey on the wooden chairs. Later, they hear the noise of monkeys and look out through the windows. It turns out that the other monkeys are all here. Also, they are carrying all kinds of fruits and a few leading monkeys send the fruits in.

Peaches, pears, bananas… Lin and Li even can’t recognize some of the fruits.

The old monkey starts coughing again while eating fruits. Lin Luoran wants to return the favor of the fruits and she pities this silver-haired old monkey. Therefore, she can’t help seeing the inside of the monkey with her cleared eyes…

What? There is plenty of Reiki flowing inside of the old monkey. Is it a so-called beast cultivator?