Chapter 104 Monkey Fruit Wine Is the Best

Beast cultivators belong to a different kind from human cultivators. People always talk about killing beasts and demons, and the “beasts” refer to cultivators of other species while “demons” refer to human cultivators who study evil spells and step on the path of temptation.

If Wen Guanjing was here, he would never follow the old monkey into the cave and he would decisively swing his sword and kill it. However, Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er have never heard of such taboos, which is their difference of concept from Wen.

As a matter of fact, this old monkey is bold because it is wounded. The monkey believes that even it uses all its strength and manages to kill one of the human cultivators and dies together with her, however, the other one will definitely slaughter all the other monkeys. Therefore, the old monkey decides to take the risk and invite the two female cultivators to the cave house. It prepares to let them take everything they want as long as they don’t hurt the other monkeys. The old monkey thinks that lives of the monkeys are more important.

As expected, the two female cultivators seem to be nice because they didn’t attack the monkeys at the first sight. The old monkey is thinking about what to give will make the two human cultivators leave in peace… However, it is alerted again because it senses that Lin Luoran is probing it.

Inside of the old monkey, there is not only Reiki but also a shadow around its lung.

“Are you wounded?”

The old monkey is stunned. However, it can’t deny the truth since she has already seen the shadow. The old monkey nods.

Li Xi’er feels bad. She looks at Lin Luoran with wet eyes, and then looks away.

Lin Luoran is silenced. The nature of wood centers on vitality, and she knows a healing spell from Spells of the Five Elements. She never tries to cast the spell before, but according to the book, this spell will at least consume half of the Reiki inside of her — there are so many beasts and monsters in the secret land, and she is lucky to be able to tame Goldie whose talent is unawakened. It will be so dangerous for herself if she uses up her Reiki.

The old monkey is relaxed since Lin Luoran doesn’t pursue. It claps its hands and the monkeys waiting outside bring three stone cups into the house. The fragrance of wine comes along. Li Xi’er exclaims,

“It’s the monkey fruit wine!”

“You recognize it?” Lin Luoran asks curiously.

Li Xi’er nods and tells a story to Lin Luoran in low voice.

The school which Li Xi’er is from is also located in a mountain. As a lively little girl, Li Xi’er often went to play on the mountain, and she sometimes made fun of the animals living there. One day, she found the den of some monkeys and took almost all the monkey fruit wine they made. Those monkeys went to make trouble at the gate of Li’s school every day. Then Li’s master heard about what she did and commanded her to give back the wine.

Lin Luoran is amused by the story. Li Xi’er is always able to do things that put others in dilemma.

However, it seems that the “monkey fruit wine” means a lot to the monkeys?

Lin Luoran picks up the stone cup. The color of monkey fruit wine is clear amber, and it has a fragrant and rich smell… There is something flowing in the wine. Is it Reiki?

Lin Luoran is surprised, but she can’t help taking a sip. The wine combines the flavors of fruits and alcohol, and it tastes so good. More importantly, the Reiki inside of her is nourished after she drinks up the whole cup of wine!

The monkey fruit wine is spirited!

While Li Xi’er keeps filling her stomach with wine, Lin Luoran thinks of something else. The monkey fruit wine is mild, which is perfect for her parents and Luodong’s health.

One has to give and take the risks in order to gain. Lin Luoran cares the most about the health of her family members. One “Healing Spell” in exchange for some monkey fruit wine seems to be a good deal. Since she is aware that the old monkey can understand human language, Lin Luoran asks directly,

“If you can give me some wine, I may have a cure for your wound.”

The old monkey is tempted. The wound on its lung has been bothering it for a long time. It has tried all kinds of spirit herbs but none of them worked. If this female cultivator can really help it with the wound, giving her some wine will mean nothing. The old monkey nods to Lin.

Lin Luoran is frank. After asking Li Xi’er to protect her while she casts the spell, Lin Luoran begins to recall the gestures of the “Healing Spell”. First is to draw half of a full moon in the air… The whole spell consists of 108 hand gestures, which is the highest-level spell Lin Luoran is able to cast.

The secret land is filled with pure Reiki, so the spell is much stronger when she casts it here. After finishing making all the 108 hand gestures, green light has gathered on Lin’s fingertip. The green Reiki molecules are so dazzling that the army of monkeys outside of the treehouse starts to scream again.

Lin Luoran is almost exhausted. Illness and death are natural, so spells relevant to healing are very arduous. The Tao of nature is fair. It is said that when some cultivators managed to make some elixirs, they would also be cursed to make no more. The Elixir Curse is the nature’s anger at humans who try to meddle in life and death.

The green light becomes brighter, but Lin Luoran starts to sweat. Li Xi’er and the old monkey both look at Lin with concerns. The White Fairy, who is staying in the Universal Sack, is displeased — does this mean that this junior cultivator has the Taoist root of three natures? The fairy now loses hope in her previous plan. A cultivator with the Taoist root of three natures wouldn’t even be able to get in any school back in the age when spells were prosperous. The White Fairy even doubts that Lin Luoran may have taken some elixirs to retain her youthful look. According to her quality, there is no way that she can enter the later stage of Training Qi when she is in her twenties… Especially, Lin said that the world of cultivation is already declined.

Lin Luoran now has no idea that she has changed the fairy’s mind. The brimming wood Reiki on Lin’s fingertip nourishes this hollowed old tree. When casting spells, cultivators should use the Reiki inside of them to direct and make use of the Reiki in the air. However, “Healing Spell” is a high-level spell which can only be smoothly cast by cultivators who have completed the level of Training Qi. Lin Luoran doesn’t know about this. She exerts herself to cast the spell, and the Reiki inside of her is drained — except for the fire Reiki which has been separated.

Lin Luoran finishes the Healing Spell by completing the other half of the full moon she drawn in the air. The rolling green light now is in the size of a peach pit. Lin points to the old monkey and the green light merges into its lung.

The Healing Spell doesn’t show instant effect. After all, it is a spell in the level of Training Qi, not a magic performed by high-level cultivators. Still, the Healing Spell is able to stop the cough, and those pure wood Reiki filled with vitality will continue to heal the wound of the old monkey in the next few days.

Lin Luoran sits on the wood chair and rests with her eyes closed. The old monkey also closes its eyes and feels its health condition. It is grateful to Lin Luoran. The old monkey pats on the little monkey beside it and tells it to fetch something.