Chapter 105 Here Comes the Bear King

“Sister Lin.”

Li Xi’er calls gently. Lin Luoran opens her eyes and sees the little monkey holding a stone cup filled with monkey fruit wine.

The difference is that the color of this cup of wine is much deeper than the last one. It is almost red and contains lots of Reiki… Right. Lin Luoran, who is still weak, thinks of the joke about “tea”, “nice tea”, and “best tea”.

With the joke lingering in her head, Lin Luoran drinks up the wine. A few minutes later, a stream of warmth flows all over her body. The Reiki she used to cast the “Healing Spell” are gradually being replenished. Lin Luoran is surprised. The monkey fruit wine is like the magic juice in video games which can fill up the characters’ mana bar!

The secret land stays open only for a month, and according to the jade pendant in the Universal Sack, Lin and Li are still too far away from the others. The time limit stops Lin Luoran from staying at one place for too long. However, when she is thinking of taking some wine and leaving, the scream of monkeys comes from the outside.

The old monkey stands up immediately and rushes out the treehouse regardless of manner. Lin Luoran is still enjoying the aftertaste of the wine, but she can’t stop looking out through the window — Li Xi’er covers her mouth with her hand and screams. Lin Luoran squints.

It turns out that some monkeys just return to the cave. Their liveliness of throwing peaches at Lin and Li is gone because they are injured. The leading monkey is badly hurt. One of its arms droops down powerlessly and it’s covered with blood. The arm is definitely broken.

The old monkey is able to stop the bleeding, and the other monkeys will recover from the injuries by drinking some monkey fruit wine. As for the broken arm of the leading monkey, it will be ruined if the bone fracture is not fixed.

Lin Luoran sighs and walks out of the treehouse. She breaks off two similar branches from the tree and finds a string. She sets the bones of the leading monkey in place and puts the simple splint on its arm.

“Tell it that it has to wear the splint until the bone is healed, understand?” When Lin Luoran binds up its arm, the leading monkey seems to be in a lot of pain. What are the things on the corner of its eyes? Are they tears?

The old monkey uses body language to deliver Lin Luoran’s instructions to the leading monkey. The leading monkey nods to express its gratitude to Lin, and its eyes are filled with kindness.

Lin Luoran never intends to be a savior. It’s only that people always talk about the fact that monkeys are closely related to humans because both of the two species are primates. Besides, Lin Luoran doesn’t dislike monkeys. She is glad to do them a small favor.

The arm of the leading monkey doesn’t hurt so much now, and it uses gestures to tell something to the old monkey. The old monkey looks serious, and its eyes turn red. Then, it rushes out of the cave in Lin and Li’s presence.

Li Xi’er wants to follow the old monkey out, and Lin Luoran also can’t let the old monkey die since she hasn’t got the wine she earned. She can’t just take the wine from those powerless little monkeys!

Both of them go out very fast because they now know the way. Soon, Lin and Li hear the sound of running water. Within a few minutes, they arrive at the waterfall.

After walking through the waterfall, Lin Luoran is relaxed when she sees the thing which is confronting the old monkey — she has been worrying that perhaps Goldie is the one who has hurt those monkeys because she stays in the cave for too long.

Certainly, it’s not Goldie that stands opposite to the old monkey. It is a two-meter-tall black bear which is carrying a large stick!

Ok, what is the grade of state protection that black bear is under? Lin Luoran can’t remember the detail for now, but this is not important. The point is why the black bear comes to the cave of monkeys with a large stick!

Seeing that the black bear is strong and armed and there is Reiki flowing inside of it, Lin Luoran assumes that the wound of the old monkey was caused by the bear… However, if the old monkey couldn’t beat the bear when it was healthy, it may die fighting the bear now that it is wounded.

Lin Luoran feels that she is being passive. At this time the black bear makes an attack. Perhaps bears are not smart enough, after all, it dares to attack first when the old monkey has got two more backups.

To be more specific, it has got only one backup — Li Xi’er has eaten a lot of fruits and drunk the “monkey fruit wine”, and she is used to playing with monkeys. Li likes those cute monkeys so much that she won’t let the old monkey get hurt again!

As a result, Li Xi’er makes a sneak attack against the black bear when it is busy waving the stick! However, the bell on her fish-wire weapon rings so loud that the bear manages to dodge her attack. The “fish wire” drops into the water. When Li Xi’er pulls it back, a big fish is actually struggling to get rid of the wire…

Lin Luoran now worries that she may end up as stupid as Li Xi’er if they stay together for too long.

“Sister, let’s help the old monkey!”

Li Xi’er fails to hit the bear. Then she thinks of this powerful elder sister of hers and asks for Lin’s help. Lin Luoran has been taking care of her all the time, so Li Xi’er believes that Lin will settle this effortlessly. Yet, Lin Luoran shakes her head,

“Sister, I have used up my Reiki to cure the wound for the old monkey. It depends on you now.”

Li Xi’er is stunned. She now remembers that it is true that Lin Luoran just exhausted herself, and she is so ungrateful to ask for Lin’s help now!

However, the black bear is so tall and strong. Before Li Xi’er makes another attack, she recalls the scene which she fought with Goldie on the terrace and starts to doubt herself. Can she beat this black bear?

Li Xi’er, who always chickens out when things get tough, now loses all the confidence!

While Li is hesitating, the old monkey takes a hit of the bear and falls down into the water. The water instantly turns red because of the blood it sheds. Li Xi’er can’t tell if the old monkey is still alive.

Li grasps the Bundling Rope harder and bursts into tears.

She thinks of the scene that Lin Luoran threw her onto the terrace on the cliff and fell down the deep valley. Though Sister Lin turns out to be fine, Li Xi’er blames herself for not being brave, mature and swift enough to grab Lin back then.

With tears hanging on her face, Li Xi’er jumps forward. She throws the Bundling Rope to strap the bear and makes some gestures with her right hand at an unprecedented high speed. By the time the black bear rushes at her, Li shouts: “Papery Wing!” She uses the same spell that Lin Luoran used to cut the rabbit meat.

Though the spell is not that lethal, it is the first step that Li Xi’er has ever taken. Lin Luoran breathes a sigh of relief. The White Fairy, who is still in the Universal Sack, laughs.

“You are being too nice. Why do you bother to worry about a cultivator of another school?”