Chapter 109 Bats

In the deep narrow path, Lin Luoran is walking quietly.

Since her connection with the Sword of Bright Snow is interfered around the peak, Lin Luoran has no choice but to guard herself with spells. It is a common sense that fire and light will upset bats, so Lin doesn’t light the path.

The problem is that she thought this was just a normal bat cave. Going deeper into the cave, she is also going down. Lin Luoran starts to question herself that maybe she forgot to search the bottom of the mountain before and the entrance on the top of the mountain actually leads to the bottom by the path.

However, it’s already too late to regret. The lower she goes, the path becomes wider. The thing is that she hasn’t seen any bat along the way. They are resting, or something has happened to them?

Strange things are mostly monstrous. As she goes deeper inside, Lin Luoran raises her vigilance.

The cave gets bigger. Lin Luoran smiles bitterly. It appears that the bat cave locates at the foot of the mountain, and she actually has spent twice of the time to get here. Nevertheless… Why so quiet?

Lin Luoran looks forward with her cleared eyes. The winding path spirals down to the bottom of the mountain. Lin Luoran is surrounded by the creepy darkness, and what scares her is that the path is too tidy to be natural.

What is waiting for her at the bottom of the cave?

Going downhill is even harder than going up. Lin Luoran has spent twice of the time she took to climb to the peak in the spiral path because she has to be on guard. Lin Luoran frowns — she has been in the peak for three hours, and she still hasn’t seen any bat. This can’t be a good omen!

The sound of running water!

Lin Luoran stops walking and listens. After confirming the sound, she instinctively walks faster.

Lin makes another two turns and finally arrives at an open area — she is in a huge karst cave full of stalactites. The stalactites in the monkey’s cave house were beautiful and dreamy, but those in the bat cave are dark and creepy.

The running water Lin Luoran heard just now is there. It is a not-so-rapid underground river.

The river is running inside from a hole, which must be another exit of the cave. However, Lin Luoran now is in no mood of exploring it — two people are lying on a huge and smooth stone table in the center of the karst cave, and Lin can’t tell whether they are dead or alive!

By contrast, the skeletons scattered on the side of the stone table are more frightening… Some of the bones even look like human skulls!

Lin Luoran gasps. What kind of bat cave is it? It is clearly a den of monsters!

A few bats are hanging head down on the stalactites far from the stone table. It seems that the bats have not noticed that Lin Luoran is here, and they are just resting with eyes closed.

A thick layer of Luminous Sand lies on the ground under the bats. In fact, generally speaking, Luminous Sand is the feces of bats.

There is such a huge amount of Luminous Sand in the cave which clearly is not produced by these bats. Have the other bats gone out to hunt for food?

Lin Luoran clenches her fists. She can’t decide whether she should check on the two people on the stone table first or just take some Luminous Sand and leave.

Bats which have gone out may return any time. Lin Luoran thinks fast and casts a glance at the two people on the stone table. One of them has brown hair and the other has blond hair, and both of them look pale. The two people are not from the State of Huaxia. Though they do look familiar, Lin Luoran is not nice enough to save them first. She plans to wait and see.

Lin Luoran is relieved and decides to collect some Luminous Sand first!

Bats can’t see, and they locate things with sound wave. Lin Luoran never relaxes her guard because the bats are sleeping with their eyes closed. Instead, she walks closer very carefully to the bats. Lin takes out a little jar she made before and uses the Sword of Bright Snow to dig into the feces.

The feces of bat reeks. Over ten inches deeper, the feces have become black crystals which can be used as medicine. The black crystals are the bat feces stored for around 100 years.

Lin Luoran is glad and she keeps digging carefully. Then she finds some white crystals which look like white sugar. It takes the bat feces a hundred years to become crystal and a thousand years to turn white. This is the Luminous Sand she is looking for!

Now that the White Fairy is out of reach, Lin Luoran can stop worrying about the secret of her space. She has got two empty little jars and hurries to fill one with the Luminous Sand first. Then Lin Luoran’s greediness urges her to dig deeper into the feces. The feces in the middle layer are over a thousand years old, so what about those in the lowest layer?

Lin Luoran puts the jar filled with 1000-year-old Luminous Sand into her space and starts to dig deeper. As expected, under the white crystals, there are some yellow ones. She keeps digging and finds some golden crystals which are clear as diamonds!

Lin Luoran is ravished with joy. She takes both of the yellow and golden crystals. Immersed in happiness, Lin Luoran fails to notice that a black eye flashes out of nowhere beside the stone table.

Lin puts away the two little jars with satisfaction and cleans her sword. She has achieved her main purpose here and received a windfall. Shall she leave the cave now in case something bad happens, or try to figure out the reason why the two people are lying there?

Lin Luoran’s sculp tingles every time she thinks of those skeletons.

Forget it. It’s not easy to be a nice person. Taking care of herself is more important!

Lin Luoran is indeed a kind person, but she only takes care of her own people. According to Wen Guanjing, in the secret land, these foreign cultivators won’t show mercy to Huaxia cultivators. Therefore, she will be friendly enough not to take advantage of others. Why bother to save two enemies of the Huaxia cultivators?

Lin Luoran is about to leave the cave through the exit by the river when she hears a woman’s voice, which makes her stop walking and hide behind a huge stalactite.

“Dana, we have to hurry up. Those vampire bats will return soon.” The woman has a British accent and she speaks fast. As soon as the sound of her voice died away, the woman comes into Lin’s sight.

People always say that one can’t avoid one’s enemy. It is Crystal and her companion, the handsome guy with a noble temperament, from the Blood Line who were in a conflict with Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran holds her breath and relaxes, trying her best to blend in this dark environment.

Crystal walks directly to the stone table. Lin Luoran finally realizes why the two people on the table look so familiar. They are Crystal’s sidekicks.

After sensing the liveliness in the two people, Crystal’s cold face is covered with happiness. She and Dana each holds a hand of the two people on the stone table. They pass over some unique power of their race and the two men wake up in a few seconds.

“Miss, we are so sorry that we startled you.” The first thing the two men do after waking up and seeing Crystal is to apologize.

The two of them are trembling. They seem to be very afraid of Crystal.

Noticing that Crystal is about to act out, Dana says: “We should leave here first.”

Dana is speechless about Crystal’s impatient face. If she hadn’t asked for the vampire bat, these two men wouldn’t have taken the risk and entered the cave. Now that they were hurt for Crystal, Dana didn’t think that saving them were too troublesome.

Crystal is not a woman to follow. Dana draws the conclusion in his heart.

The four of them are about to leave. Meanwhile, Crystal’s ears tremble, and she looks frightened.

“They are back…”

They? Lin Luoran is nervous. According to the speed that people from the Blood Line showed when boarding the platform over the sea, Lin Luoran is not sure whether she is able to rush out of the cave before Crystal and her men.

Crystal and her men run to the exit by the river and they seem to be trying to get out of here before the bats return. Lin Luoran holds her breath. Though she doesn’t know why Crystal is so afraid of the bats, Lin chooses to leave through the path she came in.

Now, Lin Luoran hasn’t realized how serious the situation is. Li Xi’er, who is waiting on a mountain nearby, opens her eyes widely and looks scared.

Bats. An overwhelming amount of bats are flying around the polished peak…!