Chapter 110 Sneak Attack

Just when Lin Luoran is about to leave quietly, Crystal screams. The four of them actually have backtracked.

Looking at the bats that follow them in, Lin Luoran freezes. She really doesn’t want to show herself now and become another free meal of the bats.

Thanks to the bats, Lin finally gets to see the people from the Blood Line fight.

After Crystal and her men are forced back into the cave, bats in the size of owls gather. Bat-like wings grow on Crystal’s back. Crystal’s eyes turn red, and she starts to scream in a voice which normal people can’t even hear.

It’s sound wave attack!

Hiding behind a stone, Lin Luoran is also influenced by the sound wave. She immediately feels a faint sting in her spirit, which makes her too scared to probe anymore.

At this point, Crystal’s sound wave hits the bats’. Clearly, this princess of the Blood Line is powerful. She has gained the upper hand in this confrontation and bats rushing in the cave fall down, dead.

Dana is not happy about this. He says: “Crystal, we should not irritate them…”

Crystal sneers: “Do we have another option?”

Dana looks grim, and the two sidekicks are frightened. Still, the three of them choose to transfigure as well. With her sharp eyes, Lin Luoran discovers that though the four of them all have wings on their backs, Crystal’s wings are mixed with golden lines and there are also silver lines on Dana’s wings. However, the other men’s wings are pure black.

Is this the difference between their origins? Lin Luoran has no idea why she is in the mood of considering this question, yet she keeps this slight difference in her mind.

After Dana and the sidekicks join the fight, more and more bats are dead. Lin Luoran is relieved. Though there are lots of bats, there is a chance for them to win as long as they keep guarding the entrance and kill the bats one by one.

The strange thing is that Crystal and her men don’t look relaxed.

Soon, Lin Luoran realizes that the bats are still coming endlessly. Before the bats inside the cave are killed, more rush in. Also, a host of bats are coming in from the path which leads Lin here. This means that she can no longer leave quietly!

Now, both of the exits are blocked by the army of bats. Dana has to go fight those coming in from the path along with a sidekick. The line of defense leaks and a bat manages to get in. It bites the man beside Crystal on the arm and starts drinking his blood greedily!

These are vampire bats! Lin Luoran frowns. These vampire bats drink the blood of people from the Blood Line, which means that they are a mutated species… This is not working. When the four of them are exhausted, Lin will be the one being trapped.

Lin Luoran makes a decision at once. She waves the Snow Sword and cuts the vampire bat on the man’s arm in half. The other bats smell the blood and rush down. In a second, they suck the dead bat up.

Crystal looks at Lin Luoran who just came out of nowhere. She says with light in her eyes: “Miss Lin, you finally show yourself!”

Lin Luoran draws back her sword and kills several bats which are too close to her. She nods to Crystal.

Although she is calm on the outside, she is quite frustrated. It turns out that the princess of the Blood Line has long since sensed her presence. If she didn’t come out, she would look like a coward.

“先合力对付蝙蝠,我们的事儿出去再说!” (Fight the bats together first. We can deal with each other after we get out!)

Lin Luoran says in mandarin. She doesn’t care whether these British people can understand her. Lin just doesn’t want to accommodate them and speak English.

“蝙蝠越杀越多,我们是杀不尽的,合力冲出去才行!” (More bats are coming, and we can never kill every last one of them. We should rush out of the cave together!) Clearly, Crystal can understand Mandarin, and she answers in Mandarin though her pronunciation is not so standard.

Lin Luoran looks at Crystal surprisingly, who is smiling jauntily.

The five of them gradually walk closer to each other and stand side by side. Lin Luoran uses the Fire Ball Spell to hit the vampire bats in groups. The heat generated by the fireballs is lethal. Bats on fire fly around and set other bats on fire. One fireball can almost kill as many bats as one strike of Crystal’s sound wave attack.

Crystal is impressed and she puts on a faint smile.

Lin Luoran waves her sword and kills a vampire bat which tries to bite her. Lin fails to notice Crystal’s difference.

After Lin Luoran joins the fight, Dana and the two sidekicks are relieved. They now have no idea about Crystal’s plan. Dana is a more thoughtful person. This is the first time they encounter this female cultivator from the State of Huaxia, but she is obviously more powerful than the famous “ST” … Is she Huaxia’s secret weapon?

Looking at the bats coming endlessly, Lin Luoran frowns. Crystal and her men are good at quick attack and sound wave attack, which are not enough to deal with the bats. Clearly, fire is the most lethal weapon. The problem is that she only has limited Reiki inside her and she can’t use them freely.

Should she cast that spell?

Lin Luoran thinks of her weakness after casting the “Healing Spell”, and she can’t trust Crystal and her men to take care of her when she is defenseless.

Lin Luoran kills another two bats with her sword and decides to wait and see how the situation unfolds.

If the strange mountain didn’t restrain the Sword of Bright Snow, things would be much easier once she activates the magic circle carved inside the sword.

While Lin Luoran is distracted by her own thoughts, Crystal turns around and attacks Lin with her sound wave.

Lin Luoran is stunned. Then she can’t help groaning because of the pain in her head.

Dana shouts angrily: “Crystal, are you mad?! Why do you attack her now? Do you want all of us to die here?”

No sane people can understand what Crystal is thinking. Seeing that Lin Luoran has lost her ability to fight, Crystal immediately dislocates Lin’s wrists. Crystal is so skillful at this, which indicates that she is aware that Huaxia cultivators have to use their hands to cast spells.

Lin Luoran is sweating because of the pain. She curls up on the ground. With both of her wrists dislocated, Lin is not able to cast any spell to fight back.

Crystal’s beautiful face is filled with joy. She says: “Dana, I dare to do this because I am confident that we will get out of here… Even you don’t believe in me, you should have faith in the Blood Vessel Master Edward gave me.”

The Blood Vessel! Dana’s pupils constrict. He looks at the bat ring on Crystal’s finger. With a flash of red light, the bats around them become too scared to come any closer.

Crystal squats down and lifts Lin’s sweaty chin up. She says: “Beauty, how can you end up in my hands?”

Crystal laughs. Lin Luoran regrets. It’s so true that people say those from other nations are always malicious. She will never trust these people with wings!

Crystal seems to believe that she has already beat Lin Luoran so she doesn’t hurt Lin again. Crystal stands up and sneers at the army of bats.

“Dear, since you don’t behave yourselves, how about be the sacrifice of the Blood Vessel!”

While saying, Crystal scratches her wrist, and the special sweet smell of the blood of the Blood Line pervades. Regardless of the pale face of Dana and the sidekicks, Crystal drops her blood on the bat ring…

After absorbing Crystal’s blood, the red glow of the ring becomes brighter and adds more sense of evil to itself!