Chapter 111 The Devil

Lying on the ground, Lin Luoran’s forehead is covered by sweat but she has got through the pain. Crystal is insane, and the Blood Vessel sounds evil. How can Lin get away from the situation?

While Lin Luoran tries to come up with a plan, she is moved to the corner of the cave by Dana under the command of Crystal. Dana and the sidekicks stand against the wall in a semicircle, and Crystal stands in front of them. Holding the ring up, Crystal starts to say the obscure spells of sacrifice.

“Great Cain, I use my blood to wake up the spirit of the holy vessel. I prepare living things as the sacrifice…”

The vampire bats begin to fly around anxiously. They seem to want to leave, but a mysterious force stops them from doing that.

After Crystal finishes the spell, her wings spread. A bloody force breaks the seal and rushes out of the ring in the form of black smoke, which then rushes at the place where the vampire bats gather.

The bats try to fly away but they fail to escape. “Boom!” Lin Luoran hears the sound of bursting. It’s like there are bombs hidden inside the bats and the black smoke just ignited them. Flesh and blood are everywhere. People who have weak minds may throw up after smelling the blood and seeing this brutal scene.

Dana frowns. He always sees himself as an elegant and noble new aristocrat so he doesn’t approve Crystal’s actions of holding a Blood Sacrifice when there is no absolute need to. Also, the vampire bats are connected to their race to a certain degree. The Blood Sacrifice is just too cruel.

The smell of blood pervades, and the sound of bursting doesn’t stop. The ring on Crystal’s hand is clearly a weapon of mass destruction. It has killed most of the bats in the cave. Though the bats are still rushing in, they are not as powerful as before.

With such a lethal ring, Crystal faked to be overwhelmed on purpose to make Lin Luoran show herself — this vampire is indeed unlovable.

Lin Luoran pretends to be in unbearable pain. In fact, her wrists are just dislocated and the pain has already gone after she directed Reiki to flow around her body. The problem is who can fix the wrists for her?

Lin Luoran looks at the three men over there. The sidekicks are so submissive to Crystal that they will never help Lin.

As for Dana… Lin Luoran has a feeling that he and Crystal actually dislike each other though they always treat each other with respect — can she take advantage of that?

Lin Luoran is caught up in her thoughts and doesn’t forget to fake some painful moans now and then. She is trying to let Crystal lose her guard so that she can find an opportunity to escape.

As soon as she thinks of Dana, this man in noble style happens to be looking at her. He gives her warning eyes to tell her not to move.

Lin Luoran is fully aware that Dana is not showing his love for her. She is stressed. He perceives her intention so fast. How is he able to do that!

Crystal now can’t spare herself to care about Lin Luoran. Her hands are crossed, and her fingernails are so long. If Lin Luoran could see Crystal’s face, she would find that Crystal’s pupils are gone and her eyes are deep red. Crystal’s vampire teeth are out, adding a sense of evil beauty to her!

Suddenly, Crystal looks up and screams. She spreads her fingers, and the blood of dead bats floats in the mid-air. The blood gathers and forms a circle in the cave.

From Dana’s frown and the sidekicks’ admiration, Lin Luoran realizes that the black smoke killed the bats to prepare for the actual Blood Sacrifice which is happening now!

The ring glows red. It is obviously absorbing the essence in the blood of the bats. Lin Luoran’s head aches. She is worried about that Crystal will become stronger after this creepy Blood Sacrifice.

Lin Luoran feels that God may just hear the voice in her heart. By the time the ring is about to absorb all the bat blood, black smoke rises from the stone table. Lin Luoran feels heat on her wrist. Rarely, the bead is heating up!

Except for Crystal, who is dizzy now, Dana and the sidekicks certainly notice the black smoke and they instinctively get nervous.

Lin Luoran is anxious after she senses the bead’s abnormality. She has no time to fake the pain now and all she wants is to leave at all cost. However, as soon as she moves a little, Crystal turns around and looks at Lin with her red eyes. Crystal sneers and turns back. She seems to despise Lin for trying to escape.

Lin Luoran stares at Dana and says seriously: “Fix my wrists. We have to leave right now.”

Dana glances at Crystal and says nothing. He seems to be thinking about the authenticity of Lin Luoran’s words.

Within just two minutes, the black smoke on the stone table gets thicker. It gradually takes shape in the air and becomes a dark shadow. The shadow looks at Lin Luoran and Lin gets scared!

“真是年轻,鲜美的……血肉啊! (Young, fresh… flesh and blood!)” The voice of the shadow sounds to come out from the endless abyss. Its voice echoes in the cave and lingers.

Dana turns around and looks at Lin Luoran. Lin is definitely more surprised. The evil shadow actually just spoke Mandarin… Though its voice and tone are strange, it is Mandarin, the language of the State of Huaxia!

Crystal opens her red eyes and shouts: “You have interrupted the sacred Blood Sacrifice. The Great Cain will give Blood Punishment!”

The black devil shadow thinks for a while about the “Cain” Crystal is talking about. Later, it reaches out and drags out the bat blood which is being absorbed by the ring. The bat blood, which is in the size of a table, is compressed into one single drop of blood by the shadow!

Seeing this, Lin Luoran starts to crawl to the exit though her wrists are not fixed. Dana steps back. The black devil shadow throws the drop of blood into its mouth — if that thing can be called a mouth.

Crystal’s wings shake. She is hurt because the devil shadow dragged the bat blood away. The red in her eyes fades a bit, and her face is twisted because of the pain.

Dana knows that Crystal is backfired by the unsuccessful Blood Sacrifice. If something bad really happens to Crystal, he will also be punished. Thus, unwillingly, Dana steps forward and supports her.

“Crystal, are you ok? Let’s go!”

The two sidekicks are standing by her side. They are ready to take Crystal out of this creepy bat cave as long as she gives the order.

The devil shadow becomes more solid after absorbing the bat blood. It smiles arrogantly: “化外蛮夷嘀咕什么,你等毁了本座的血蝙蝠,就拿自己来抵债吧……还有你,小小的练气士。 (What are you muttering about, foreign barbarians? You killed my vampire bats, and you must pay with your own bodies… And you, junior cultivator.”

The devil shadow “looks” through Crystal and her men at Lin Luoran, who has crawled to the exit of the cave.