Chapter 112 Inhibition

The devil shadow seems to be quite interested in Lin Luoran. It checks on her for a while and laughs. The creepy laugh makes Lin’s scalp numb. She steps back in a rush, desperate to leave this uncomfortable bat cave.

With her speed, it should be easy for Lin to rush out of the cave. The devil shadow laughs and reaches out to Lin with its huge hand. Lin Luoran can’t make hand gestures to cast spells so she controls the Snow Sword with her spirit to shield herself — Lin was going to use this to get away under Crystal’ watch. Except for Li Xi’er, no one knows that she can control swords. Even if the sword can’t hurt people from the Blood Line, it will buy her enough time to escape!

The Snow Sword is cold and sharp. If it hits Crystal, she will be seriously wounded even she is lucky to be alive!

However, the sword has to deal with the black shadow. Lin Luoran is not sure whether the shadow will be hurt by the sword, but she only wishes that it can buy her some time… The black shadow sneers at the Grade Five Magic Weapon and easily holds the blade with its hand.

The sound of fire meeting ice comes. Moments after the Snow Sword is touched by the black hand, its blue glow is stained with black smoke. Lin Luoran has a sudden feeling that her connection with the sword just becomes much weaker.

Does this mean that the black shadow is the one that disconnects Lin Luoran from the White Fairy and the Snow Sword?!

Lin didn’t panic so much when she was attacked by Crystal. For the first time, she feels that she can’t even move her feet and her heart is tightly grabbed by fear.

No. She can’t just let the shadow destroy the Snow Sword!

Lin Luoran tries her best to regain some connection with the Snow Sword. Perhaps the black shadow despises the sword so much that it doesn’t stop Lin Luoran from calling it back after disabling it for now.

The shadow is about to say something. However, Crystal, who just comes to herself from the pain caused by the interrupted Blood Sacrifice, pushes away Dana and her sidekicks and rushes at the black shadow!

“Miss Crystal!” The three of them shout. Crystal is moving so fast that they fail to drag her back!

Lin Luoran has no interest in finding out whether Crystal is insane. She knows that this may be her only chance of getting out!

Lin Luoran runs to the exit as fast as she can, and the vampire bats don’t try to stop her. Before Lin Luoran gets happy, she hits a light dome and is bounced back.

“Inhibition!” Lin Luoran is more than familiar with this because there is a similar inhibition in her space.

Lin gasps. Fortunately, the inhibition only stops her from leaving. If this were a killing inhibition, she would be dead by now.

Meanwhile, Crystal flaps her wings and rushes at the black shadow like a sharp blade. Crystal says, “Since you dare to interrupt the Blood Sacrifice, you can now prepare to take the Great Cain’s Blood Punishment!”

Sparkles are shining between her fingers. Crystal is clearly confident of the so-called “Blood Punishment”!

Since there is no way out, Lin Luoran immediately decides to go back. She rushes to the people from the Blood Line and says, “Dana, we must work together…”

Dana looks away from the black shadow and glances at Lin Luoran. He ignores her proposal.

Lin Luoran bites her lips. Are these people from the Blood Line so stupid? How can they not see the situation? Do they really believe that “Blood Punishment” is able to beat the black shadow?

It’s not that Lin Luoran doesn’t believe that there are powerful skills or treasures in the world. However, the person who uses the skills or treasures is more important. It is so stupid for a person to try and beat the enemy when their powers are not equal.

Lin Luoran steps back to the wall. At this very moment, Crystal’s “Blood Punishment” takes shape. A long red sword slashes down from the mid-air. Unlike Lin Luoran’s flying sword, this is a blood sword made of pure power… As soon as the “Blood Punishment” comes down, Lin Luoran bumps her arm against the wall!

“Ouch…” Lin can’t help groaning because of the pain of fixing the wrist on her own. However, her wrist is still dislocated.

Dana glances at Lin Luoran when she groans. He is surprised by the female cultivator who is so harsh on herself. Yet he looks away and pays all his attention to the fight.

Crystal’s “Blood Punishment” falls down. There is no confrontation and no equal strength. The appalling sword of power of the Blood Line…disappears when it hits the black shadow…

Like a drop of water falls into the sea, the sword is absorbed by the black shadow!

Crystal’s brown eyes are wide open because of fear. Lin Luoran bumps her wrist against the wall again — she finally gets the right position. Her wrist hurts a little. After that, Lin Luoran finds that she is able to move her arm!

After Crystal’s sword disappears, Dana and the sidekicks rush to save her. Lin Luoran is 100 percent sure that she heard the black shadow burp, like the “Blood Punishment” was some nutritious food… After burping, the black shadow reaches out a huge hand and targets at Crystal. Crystal, however, still can’t believe that the “Blood Punishment” has no effect. She is pushed away by one of her sidekicks and Dana drags her back in a rush.

Meanwhile, Lin Luoran has fixed both of her wrists. Dragging Crystal, Dana falls down by Lin’s side and shouts, “Together!”

Together? Lin Luoran sneers. It’s too late for that!

Lin moves her arms. Her bones were only dislocated, so they are now fine after they are fixed. Inflammation and swelling will start half an hour later, therefore, Lin Luoran’s fingers are quite flexible right now.

The sidekick who pushed Crystal away is in the hand of the black shadow. Just like Lin Luoran’s Snow Sword, the man can’t move and he is surrounded by black smoke. No one can tell he is dead or alive.

Lin Luoran has no intention of fighting. Again, she rushes to the exit. Dana and Crystal follow Lin though they were turned down just now.

Lin Luoran pushes herself to cast a “Golden Blade Spell” against the inhibition. The golden blade hits the inhibition and is bounded off.

A junior cultivator actually wants to break through my inhibition. Your over-confidence is so hilarious. The black shadow squeezes his hand while saying. The man from the Blood Line ends up like a bat during the Blood Sacrifice. “Boom!” He is rushed into pieces!

Crystal’s big brown eyes are dull. The black shadow is clearly getting back to her for using the vampire bats as the sacrifice.

When the black shadow is digesting the flesh and blood of the man, Lin Luoran takes the chance and prepares to cast a high-level gold spell in order to break through the inhibition. Suddenly, the White Fairy, who has been silenced since Lin went into the mountain, says,

“Use the Fire Arrow Spell! You only have one chance! Hurry up!”

The White Fairy sounds anxious, which is the first time she acts this way since Lin Luoran met her. However, even when Crystal, Dana and the sidekick who stand by the side of Lin don’t hear the fairy’s voice, the black shadow stops “eating” and says in surprised with his head tilted,

“There is another one. I have slept for too long and almost get fooled by your clumsy tricks.”