Chapter 113 The Power of Arrow!

Fire Arrow Spell!

This is a spell which can only be cast by cultivators at least in the later stage of Training Qi. As the “Healing Spell” does, Lin Luoran will become defenseless if she can’t break through the inhibition once and for all.

Hearing that the black shadow called White Fairy “little one”, Lin Luoran finally understands the reason why the fairy has been hiding. Perhaps, the minute Lin stepped in the range of the isolated peak, White Fairy sensed the presence of this evil “Venerable”. Was the fairy not able to warn Lin, or was she trying to wait and see how the situation would unfold? From the panic of the fairy, Lin Luoran assumes that her first guess is more likely to be possible.

Lin’s thoughts seem to be so complex when they are written in words. In fact, everything is happening so fast. Lin Luoran makes the decision after hearing what the Venerable said — she must do as White Fairy said this time!

She has to make 108 hand gestures to cast the spell. In this life-threatening condition, Lin Luoran feels that she has never made hand gestures so fast. Her right fingers are dancing. Within half a minute, she finishes.

As Lin is making the hand gestures, fire Reiki are gathering on her fingertips. Unlike the Fire Ball Spell, a bow of flames appears in the air and floats in front of Lin Luoran.

The black shadow Venerable seems to be quite interested in White Fairy. He stops absorbing the essence and blood of the unlucky man of the Blood Line and reaches out to Lin Luoran with his huge hand. Meanwhile, Lin has just put her fingers on the bowstring. All of a sudden, Dana, who has been keeping a low key, spreads his wings and shouts, “Thunder Strike!”

Electricity flows in the silver lines on his wings and gathers to his chest in a flash. The electricity rushes at the Venerable like a snake of thunder!

Like Crystal’s “Blood Punishment”, this is Dana’s ultimate attack!

The snake of thunder roars. It aims at the shadow on the stone table instead of the huge hand. The snake of thunder hits its target.

After hitting the black smoke, the snake of thunder is not absorbed like Crystal’s “Blood Punishment”. Instead, it is consuming the black smoke. Things in the nature of thunder have been the bane of demons since ancient times!

The black smoke groans. He didn’t expect that this snake of thunder could do such damage to himself. His body disperses into the void.

Crystal is pleased, but Lin Luoran doesn’t lose her guard. If the black shadow Venerable can be defeated so easily, White Fairy will not be too scared to show herself.

An arrow of flames is fitted to the string that made of fire Reiki. Lin Luoran is already feeling tired when she draws the bow. Just like the “Healing Spell”, the “Fire Arrow Spell” can only be easily cast by cultivators who have completed the level of Training Qi. Lin Luoran is exerting herself to draw the bow!

When Lin Luoran is preparing to shoot the arrow, the shadow on the stone table becomes concrete again.

Dana looks anxious. He has no other options but to make the “Thunder Strike” once again in a short time. The black shadow Venerable has underestimated his enemy once, and he will not do that again. His huge black hand comes quicker than Dana’s snake of thunder, and the hand actually grabs Crystal and throws her right to the snake!

The sidekick screams. Dana hurries to withdraw the snake of thunder. Truth is, the more powerful a strike is, the more it will backfire. The minute the snake of thunder retrieves back into Dana’s chest, he stumbles back. Blood spills out of his mouth. Clearly, Dana is suffering from internal injuries.

Lin Luoran now has no mood to care about everything else. Red light-spot is floating around her and she has stretched the bow to its full limit. On the red arrowhead, there are not only the Reiki inside of Lin but also all the fire Reiki that the mysterious spell can direct!

Everybody is attracted by the sparkling arrowhead. However, the black shadow Venerable on the stone table is looking at Lin Luoran’s right wrist — the bead is usually covered by her sleeve. Even if sometimes it comes out, others always believe that it is only a simple pearl bracelet. Now, the bead is burning hot and it attracts the attention of the Venerable.

“What?” The black shadow Venerable has a feeling that the bead is so familiar and he can’t help being bewildered. He wants to run away but stops. If this is really the bead he knows, how can it end up in the hands of such a junior Qi-trainer?

Though he is puzzled, the Venerable reaches out to Lin Luoran!

“Zap— ” The fire arrow which contains all Lin’s Reiki is out. It is glowing and sharp like a shooting star. This is the most powerful and splendid spell which a cultivator in the level of Training Qi can cast!

The arrow is bearing the essence of the universe!

With the power of breaking through the air, the arrow is shoot into the inhibition of the Venerable like a star—

This is the battle of pure fire Reiki and the black smoke from hell. Nothing in the world can fight the burning fire. Besides, the Fire Arrow Spell has gathered fire Reiki into the arrowhead so it is so much more powerful than the Fire Ball Spell!

The inhibition is torn open by the fire arrow. First, there is only a small hole, and then the entire inhibition is about to fall apart!

Seeing that the black smoke is rolling and fixing the inhibition, Lin Luoran pushes herself to rush out.

Dana, Crystal and their sidekick follow. They obviously want to take this “free ride”.

When Lin Luoran is half-way out of the inhibition, the three vampires actually are also one foot out. Meanwhile, the huge black hand reaches out to Lin Luoran’s right wrist!

“Ouch…” Lin now understands why the Snow Sword lost its vitality when it was caught by the black smoke. It’s like that the huge black hand is made of concentrated sulfuric acid. Though it doesn’t melt her skin or flesh, the sharp pain almost makes Lin want to cut off her own arm!

Lin Luoran’s heart sinks to the bottom. At the same time, the black shadow Venerable says in surprise, “It’s you!” All of a sudden, he let go of Lin’s wrist like he has seen something horrible. Even his body on the stone table loses the entity and the black smoke rolls because of the irritation!

It’s now or never!

Lin Luoran rushes out of the inhibition with her wounded hand and runs towards the exit of the cave.

The black shadow Venerable is angry. He regains his entity and tries to catch Lin Luoran again regardless of the injuries caused by the bead.

However, Crystal is right behind Lin Luoran and the exit is so narrow. The Venerable changes his target and goes for Crystal. Dana runs faster. The loyal sidekick pushes Crystal away and falls into the hand of the Venerable!

“Grand Father, your subject will never betray you!” The man from the Blood Line knows that he will die and he chooses to kill himself!

“Boom— ” The bats at the exit start to eat his flesh and drink his blood. For the moment, the Venerable is hindered by the bats and he gets angrier.

Lin Luoran keeps running along the underground river. By the time she sees light, she almost collapses. A ringing chirp of bird comes from the outside…

It’s Goldie!

Lin Luoran regains some strength and tumbles forward. She remembers what the black shadow Venerable just said… “It’s you!” What was he talking about?