Chapter 115 Eternal Suffering

Burning sun is shining over the isolated peak. White Fairy only has her essence. Let alone the clothes she is wearing, her body is created by illusion spells. She looks beautiful but unreal.

Right now, the palace costume that White Fairy is wearing is fluttering when there is no wind. She was arrogant in the beginning, but sweat is now running down her face… As an illusion, she is not supposed to sweat. Yet she is suffering from too much pressure, which reflects on this virtual body!

The black skull is over ten meters away. A beam of light comes out of White Fairy’s fingertip and shines on the black skull. Then the scene around them changes and goes into the black shadow Venerable’s memory.

The desolated great mountains sometimes flash in the head of White Fairy. She uses the illusion spells to probe deep into the Venerable’s soul so that she can see his past with his eyes — she has spent thousands of years on creating the illusion spells since she was trapped in the deep valley. The spells are so strong that she doesn’t think it will worth it if she uses them on Lin Luoran.

Nevertheless, White Fairy never imagined that the first one she uses the illusion spells on would be a primitive monster! She used to believe that the peak was suppressing a demon, but she didn’t expect a primitive monster… Right, she should have known because except for the primitives, no one else would refer to the cultivators as “Qi-trainers”.

Back in her time, the Lost Land was only a training field. White Fairy had killed numerous high-level monsters with her own hands, but she didn’t expect that she would have to fight a primitive monster one day — though both of them only have their essence, their powers are not equal!

Fortunately, it seems that the Venerable is suppressed by the peak…

White Fairy grits her teeth and strengthens her control over the illusion. The scene is changing quickly, and she sees a hand with the eyes of the Venerable.

It is… White Fairy is familiar with the hand and she is frightened!


“Playing spooky!” The Venerable ignores the ethereal voice and reaches out to the little girl. “Boom— ” Momo’s body is cut into pieces. The young Qi-trainer is in so much pain that he passes out.

The black shadow Venerable smiles defiantly. This spooky voice comes to his territory and tries to meddle in his business!

What can the voice do? It has to watch he kills this human girl!

The Venerable is proud of himself. He hears the sigh of the ethereal voice and feels that something is wrong. He looks down at the blood under his feet. Where is the human blood? The body pieces of the little girl are gone too. Only a big stone is smashed by his hand!

This is, Substitution?

The Venerable frowns. Substitution is not such a high-level trick of the Qi-trainers. However, he has never seen someone who has the power to do the Substitution under his nose!

He finally looks up at the entrance of the dungeon.

First, he sees a hand. The fingers are long, clean and jade-like. A bead is hanged by a string on the wrist, which makes it harder to tell whether this is the hand of a man or a woman.

The human little girl called Momo is lying in the arms of this person. The Venerable finally sees how the person looks like — the person’s hair is casually down, and he is wearing the most common linen robe. His features are not ugly, but his appearance doesn’t stand out. This is a person who is hard to remember. Yet, the Venerable is sure that this person is a human man.

Momo is sleeping soundly. The dungeon is dirty because not only the 350 Qi-trainers of the Qingluan School but also other humans and monsters have died here. Nevertheless, the moment this man steps in, the dirtiness is dispersing. This human guy, who is obviously ordinary, adds a sense of clearness to this dungeon.

“Is it true that I can kill and humiliate you if I am stronger?” The man in robe asks casually. He asks the question in such an easy tone that it sounds like he is asking whether the Venerable has had his meal today.

The black shadow Venerable stares at the man in robe and he can’t see anything outstanding about him. The scariest thing is… He doesn’t see any trace of cultivation in this man.

The body of the Venerable suddenly disappears. The next second, he appears in front of the man in robe. The vampire teeth of the Venerable are out, and they are inches away from the man’s neck!

It’s not that the Venerable doesn’t want to or can’t move. It’s that after the man in robe moves his fingers, time freezes around the Venerable. His eyes are wide open, but he can’t move at all!

The Venerable used to fight with high-level Qi-trainers and powerful monsters. He has reached the peak of intelligence for so many years but he has never had a day like this that he is overpowered so easily before he makes his attack.

The man in robe looks indifferent like he doesn’t think what he did is so amazing. He asks carelessly,

“Did you kill the 351 people from the Qingluan Moutain?”

The black shadow Venerable moves his lips and finds himself able to speak again. He answers, “Yes!”

“You are indeed responsible…” The man in robe says carelessly. He looks down at the little girl who is sleeping soundly in his arms and murmurs to himself, “Humans eat monsters and monsters eat humans. It is the natural selection that the fittest survive. If you killed those people to fill your stomach, I would believe that you are not wrong.”

Suddenly, he looks up and asks, “Did you kill those people to eat?”

The black shadow Venerable is silent. This man in robe has come here with no kind intentions. It’s the most likely that he came here to revenge an old friend of his. If he tells the truth, the Venerable knows that things won’t end well… However, the man in robe is so casual. His casualness leaves the Venerable no chance to lie!

Lie. It is such a strange word. He has ruled the region for so long, and he never lies.

“No. I caught them to torture them and to kill time. Feel free to kill me, just cut the crap!”

The man in robe laughs, “You are quite honest. Are you trying to irritate me into killing you so that your people will be spared?”

The Venerable’s pupils constrict. This man plans to exterminate his entire clan!

The man in robe waves his hand and one of the Venerable’s guard appears in the dungeon.

“Your Venerable!” This is the most talented one in the younger generation of his clan. He has been promoted to be a guard for ten years, which is a short period of time for the intelligent vampire bats.

This young and talented beast cultivator will have a great future.

“Is it right or wrong that humans eat monsters?”

Before the Venerable answers the question, the guard says, “Humans are weak like ants. They are born to become the food of us vampire bats!”

The man in robe laughs. The black shadow Venerable now can’t retort on the young guard because what the guard said is exactly he always tells his men. Humans are like ants and monsters are the masters of the universe. Humans only deserve to live in the cracks and they must obey the monsters… Humans eat monsters? Ridiculous!

The man in robe shakes his head. He waves his hand again and the young guard is frozen like the Venerable. Then he is forced to transform back into a vampire bat. Later, the bat turns into dust under the Venerable’s nose. Wind blows. The dust is swept away.

This careless wave of hand has frozen the Venerable and turned the bat guard into dust. Seeing this, White Fairy is so frightened that the illusion she created almost falls apart!

Luckily, the black shadow Venerable is also immersed in his memories. White Fairy exerts herself to keep the illusion stable. Thousands of years have passed in the illusion, while in fact, however, the Venerable has been in there for only a quarter of an hour. White Fairy is sure that with Goldie’s speed, this black skull will be able to catch up with them within ten minutes!

White Fairy wants to stop the illusion. However, since she knew that she was dealing with a primitive monster, there is no way back. If she doesn’t win… Her essence will be destroyed!

The next time White Fairy sees the scene in the Venerable’s memory, they are at the misty square on the mountain. The man in robe is sitting casually on the white marble throne, and the little girl Momo is looking at the square. More than 800 intelligent vampire bats are all standing on the square.

The hand of the man is so frightening. Every bat he points at will disappear into the air. The cold-blooded way of killing makes the fierce vampire bats shiver!

Yes, the black shadow Venerable is scared… Especially when the man in robe points at Yan’er. The Venerable must admit that he feels regretful at the very moment!

“It’s you, right? He tortured and killed over 300 people from the Qingluan Mountain for you. You were only slightly wounded that day, and you let the Qingluan School pay such a huge price… In this case, you can pay the debt with your life and make it even.” The man in robe says indifferently and sets the fate for Yan’er.

Momo is staring at Yan’er. She is the one to be blamed for the death of her brothers, sisters and her old master… So many humans and bats have died for her, and the woman still pretends to be so effeminate. Momo makes up her mind that she will never become a woman like this when she grows up!

“If you hurt her, We, vampire bats, will rival against you forever. Even you kill all the masters in my clan, more of them will cultivate themselves and seek our revenge from you!” The man in robe puts out his finger. Yan’er panics, and the Venerable can’t help roaring!

The man in robe turns around. For the first time, he shows another expression except for indifference. “Blood feud forever?” He points his finger and sneers,

“Alright. I shall just curse the race of vampire bats. You will not be able to cultivator ever again. You can drink blood every day, but never gain intelligence!”

Alright. I shall just curse the race of vampire bats. You will not be able to cultivator ever again.

You can drink blood every day, but never gain intelligence!

The words of the man in robe echo, and the illusion White Fairy created collapse!