Chapter 116 Into Silence

It is a sunny day. However, outside the isolated peak, even the essence of White Fairy feels cold.

After the illusion collapses, the black skull goes around in circles. White Fairy exerts herself to shoot the last beam of light at it, hoping to draw it back to the illusion before it comes to itself. As expected, the black skull is stunned under the light.

White Fairy is relaxed. Yet the black skull suddenly moves and transforms into its human form. He directly grabs the fairy’s essence!

White Fairy is frightened. The man in front of her is exactly the primitive monster in the illusion — the man in robe must have suppressed the monster under this magnetic mountain, but now…

The black shadow Venerable has been suppressed here for thousands of years, rage and hostility covering his face. He bears the grudge of being trapped in the bottom of hell!

“A junior Qi-trainer like you want to trick me… If you hadn’t given me the chance to see Yan’er again, your essence would have been destroyed by now.”

Yan’er… The delicate girl of the vampire bat race. White Fairy shudders. She doesn’t think the thing between the Venerable and Yan’er is love. The girl is clearly cursed. White Fairy has a feeling that Yan’er will bring bad luck like a dark cloud over her head.

As expected, the Venerable sneers, “Though you did something good, it can’t make up for what you had done wrong. I have to punish you, or else I will let down the vampire bats that died!”

Although White Fairy was a cultivator thousands of years ago who lived a virtuous life, she now wants to curse like a red neck — those bats were used as the sacrifice by the people from the Blood Line, why she has to take the blame? In fact, the vampire woman didn’t get anything good from the dead vampire bats because all the essence and blood ended up in the hands of the Venerable here. He was the one who got the benefit!

The black shadow Venerable points at White Fairy’s forehead, and the fairy is thrown away!

White Fairy is surprised and delighted. She follows her connection with the Soul Stone and escapes.

The Venerable remains still. He senses the direction White Fairy is heading to and smiles coldly,

“Can’t cultivate forever… You didn’t expect that I can get out of your suppression. Now, I will show you how the race of vampire bats rises again!”

The magnetic mountain shakes. A few bats fly out. The Venerable separates a few streams of his spiritual mind and infuses them into the bats. He waves his hand and the vampire bats fly away to chase both Lin Luoran and Crystal!

The Venerable stands still and looks up into the sky. There are days and nights in the Lost Land, but no sun, moon or stars. Every time he tries to leave the isolated peak, the same things will definitely happen — the sound of thunder comes out of nowhere and thick purple thunder strikes. The Venerable transports himself back into the bat cave immediately.

The purple thunder hits the spot where he was standing. “Bang— ” A deep hole appears on the ground!

In the distance, a group of people notice the strangeness. Yamaguchi is wearing kimono. He stares at the strange weather over the magnetic mountain with greedy eyes. He turns around and whispers to the woman in kimono beside him. The group of people head to the mountain.

On the other side, the tall and strong man in the Russian team whose nickname is “polar bear” smiles and says to his companion, “What do the spooky men from Huaxia always say? There must be treasures when dark clouds suddenly appear in the sky?”

The slim Russian beauty sneers, “They are called the cultivators!”

While bickering, all of them can’t hide their desire to go to the magnetic mountain!

“Let’s go, in case other people arrive there first.” “Polar bear” says and goes ahead. Two of his companions are wounded. Nevertheless, they are prepared to fight with their lives after going into the secret land. Thus, all of them follow “polar bear”.

Only the slim beauty stays put. She murmurs to herself and goes after her group after all.


Actually, after being nourished in the Soul Stone for thousands of years, White Fairy is not as weak as she said. Still, at this moment, she can feel her connection with the Soul Stone and she knows that she is losing her power.

The point of the Venerable at her didn’t affect her instantly. It’s like that it is slowly drawing the power of her soul. White Fairy is anxious that she is feeling uncomfortable.

She runs for half a day then senses that her connection with the Soul Stone becomes stronger. White Fairy transforms into a plume of smoke. The smoke circles a tree and disappears.

Behind her, two bats are anxiously flying around the tree.

“Puff, puff.” Two golden blades come down from the tree and hit the bats. Then two fireballs fall down and encase the bats. A few seconds later, the bats are burnt into ashes!

The streams of spiritual mind inside of the bats are immediately detected by the dark clouds in the sky. Purple thunder strikes down and shocks them into smoke.

Lin Luoran slides down from the tree, panting. She is stunned by the purple thunder from the sky. Amateur Lin now doesn’t realize that a mysterious force is interfering with the escape of the bat monster. Lin thinks that she just got lucky and that God was helping her.

Seeing that the streams of spiritual mind inside of the bats are destroyed, White Fairy finally shows herself. She transforms back into her human form. Now that White Fairy looks like her usual arrogant self, Lin Luoran is relaxed.

Though it’s true that White Fairy has a sharp tongue, she has given a lot to Lin Luoran than she has taken from Lin since they met. Lin Luoran certainly doesn’t want anything bad to happen to White Fairy.

“Junior, you are so bold to make the ambush.” White Fairy sneers. Though she acts to be displeased, she is quite moved that Lin stays to back her up.

“Eh-hem…” Lin Luoran coughs not because of the awkwardness. She wipes the blood off of the corner of her mouth. After exhausting herself to direct Reiki to cast the spells, the Reiki inside of her is completely drained. Her internal organs are burning — her healing ability is amazing. Last time, her spiritual mind was hurt when she peeped the man in robe casting spells in her dream, and the injuries healed quite quickly. The wounds on her body will be better soon.

Lin believes that she owes White Fairy much so she can’t just leave her. However, she can’t drag Li Xi’er along with her. On Goldie’s back, Lin Luoran was escaping. Though she was weak, she worried whether White Fairy was doing fine because she didn’t catch up with them back then.

Li Xi’er certainly wound not agree her to go back alone. Lin Luoran seized the chance and knocked Li out and strapped her on Goldie’s back. Then Lin told Goldie to fly to the exit of the secret land.

Staring at the bead on Lin’s wrist, White Fairy remembers the scene in the bat monster’s memory. Of course, she knows that the black shadow Venerable is after the bead because it looks exactly like the one that the man in robe was wearing… Did this junior inherit it from the man in robe so that she can reach her current level of cultivation when her quality is the worst, or is she the offspring of that man — the first possibility tempts White Fairy, but the second one smashes all her greediness.

Magic weapons have spirit and they choose their masters. White Fairy can’t believe that the bead chooses Lin Luoran, a trash cultivator, as its master. Thus, she assumes that the bead is Lin’s family heirloom.

White Fairy takes a deep breath and holds her greediness down. She says in a hoarse voice, “He is able to send bats to follow us and he must have other ways. We should hit the road as soon as possible…” White Fairy used too much power to create the illusion because the Venerable’s mind was strong, and she has been feeling tired along the way. After Lin Luoran nods and agrees to her proposal, White Fairy wants to return to the Soul Stone and replenish some power. The next second, she feels that something is rushing out of her and she loses control over her actions!

White Fairy doesn’t know what is happening. In Lin Luoran’s eyes, black lines are crawling onto the fairy’s face and her hands become dark and cold just like the Venerable’s ghostly claws. White Fairy reaches out right to Lin with the unique coldness!

For the moment, Lin Luoran thinks that it is so strange that White Fairy now has the mood to joke. Her instinct helps her dodge the fairy’s attack, but Lin is drenched in sweat after detecting the murderous intent of White Fairy.

Is White Fairy pretending to be kind this whole time?

That’s not right. Looking at White Fairy’s dark face, Lin Luoran makes the judgment instantly. Granted that White Fairy couldn’t attack Lin before because she needed Lin to take her out of the deep valley, she had millions of chances to do that along the way. Why does she suddenly become hostile now?

There is only one explanation. White Fairy is manipulated!

Lin Luoran is anxious. She keeps dodging the creepy White Fairy’s attacks and shouts, “Fairy, wake up!”

White Fairy turns a deaf ear. Lin Luoran has no mood to worry about whether her words are vicious or not. She shouts, “Fairy, you haven’t avenged yourself yet!”

Perhaps White Fairy has been bearing so much grudge against the fact that she was sneak attacked. After twisting and struggling fiercely, White Fairy finally comes to her normal self.

“Fairy…” Seeing that White Fairy is floating unstably, Lin Luoran tries to call.

Black smoke flashes on White Fairy’s face, which frightens Lin to step back—

“You are such a coward. My spiritual mind is in control now.” White Fairy says arrogantly. Lin Luoran puts her hand on her chest to feel her pounding heart, and White Fairy becomes more serious.

She says, “The stream of spiritual mind that the damn bat monster put in my head is so strong. I may actually lose myself if I didn’t manage to suppress it… Junior, I’m afraid that I must close my Soul Exit and go into a deep sleep!”

A deep sleep? Before Lin Luoran gets to say anything, White Fairy transforms into a cloud of smoke and disappears into the Universal Sack.

Later, White Fairy sighs. A crystal memory bead floats out of the sack and into Lin Luoran’s head.

Lin Luoran is not surprised this time because she has experienced similar things before. While checking on the memory bead, Lin is caught between happiness and sadness.

After making sure that she can’t communicate with White Fairy, Lin Luoran goes after Goldie.