Chapter 117 Reunion

Reiki are abundant in the secret land. Between breaths, the feeling of opened pores is so refreshing.

Lin Luoran just thought of the trick of using the breathing methods in her run.

Since Reiki of the five elements are everywhere, why should she be restricted to the rule that she can only cultivate herself by meditating at night? Other cultivators choose to do so because in the age when Reiki in the world are rare, they can only catch the agitated Reiki molecules in quiet nights so that they can concentrate on absorbing and refining the Reiki.

For Lin Luoran, with the bead’s help, she doesn’t have to refine the agitated Reiki molecules by herself even in the mortal world. In fact, she is absolutely able to use the breathing methods in every breath she takes, which means she can have more time to cultivate.

This is only a flash of genius. It is not hard for Lin Luoran to control the rhythm and frequency of her breath. Yet, she will have to spend more time on making the breathing methods her habit in order to fight her natural instincts.

Lin Luoran is jumping and running among the thick forest on the mountains and she is trying to maintain frequent breathing between jumps. After climbing over a few mountains, she gets instant results from the methods. The burning pain in her meridians caused by the overuse of Reiki is relieved. She is now able to absorb Reiki actively while walking.

Lin Luoran is not going too fast. First of all, her internal organs are wounded; second, the memory bead White Fairy gave to her before going into silence includes so much information that Lin has to organize the information on the road.

Boluses, magic weapons, spells… All in the level of Laying Foundation. Lin Luoran looks through the memory bead again and doesn’t find any instruction on the cultivation in the level of Laying Foundation, which disappoints her. White Fairy leaves a note saying that Lin has inherited something that others can’t even dream of, and she should just focus on her cultivation because no instruction can compare with her inheritance. Also, these boluses, magic weapons and spells will only serve as assistance — the words White Fairy used to talk about Lin’s inheritance somehow express her jealousy.

Lin Luoran casts a glance at the bead on her wrist. Perhaps the log cabin in the space is the so-called “inheritance” that White Fairy is jealous of? However, Lin Luoran now wants to roll her eyes because the log cabin in her space is protected by inhibition, and she has no idea how to get the inheritance!

If the inhibition around the cabin is something like that of the black shadow Venerable, Lin Luoran may be able to break through it using the flying sword of some spells. The problem is, the cabin belongs to herself, and she can’t bear risking ruining it.

Speaking of the flying sword, Lin Luoran calls out the Snow Sword. It is obviously still suffering from the injuries so that Lin can’t ride on the sword now.

According to White Fairy, the Snow Sword is infected by an evil spirit and it can only be of use again after Lin recasts it with hellfire or expels the evil spirit by refining the sword with her own Reiki.

Lin Luoran is far from being able to recast the sword with hellfire. Cultivators under the level of Laying Foundation won’t be able to cast the ending spell of weapon-refining. How can she recast the sword?

Nevertheless, the prescriptions of several boluses are exactly what Lin Luoran is drooling over — she first read the prescription of the Foundation-laying Bolus twice and decides to make the bolus by herself!

Rather than hoping to get lucky and find the Foundation-laying Bolus left by the ancestors in some cave, it is better to spend the rest of her time to gather all the ingredients she needs to make the bolus after getting out of the secret land.

Though making the bolus is nothing easy, it is more practical than luck. Besides, Lin Luoran has gathered a lot of Luminous Sand, the most important ingredient of the Foundation-laying Bolus which can’t be planted even in her space… She has one-thousand-year-old Luminous Sand and some ten-thousand-year-old ones. God is actually helping her. Lin Luoran secretly encourages herself.

Although there is no instruction on cultivation in the memory bead, there are some water sword spells. Lin Luoran puts away the Snow Sword and calls the Bright Sword out — the twin swords are so user-friendly! It’s like driving a car with a spare tire in the trunk!

White Fairy said in the memory bead that Lin Luoran will be able to make full use of the water sword spells after she finds the Bright Snow one day. Lin smiles bitterly. She has the Bright Sword in her hand, but the Snow Sword is infected by an evil spirit. This is just so sad…

The memory bead White Fairy gave to Lin in a hurry is like an encyclopedia on cultivation before the level of Bearing Essence. Lin Luoran certainly bears a lot of gratitude to White Fairy.

No matter White Fairy has other plans or not, Lin Luoran has no idea how she can pay the fairy back — she picks up a spirit herb by a spring and can’t help thinking about the first demand of White Fairy.

The first thing about the three demands is to find a piece of ten-thousand-year-old Hollow Azurite as big as possible!

Let alone the size, Hollow Azurite is such a rare and precious medicine in the world of cultivation. A little bit of the Azurite powder is able to elevate the quality and efficacy of any medicine. Hollow Azurite is like the white truffle in the mortal world which usually sells by grams. Nobody may go to the store and ask for a big chunk of white truffle… Thus, this demand of White Fairy is difficult to achieve.

However, the more White Fairy demands, the easier Lin Luoran feels. She is not friend or family with White Fairy and she will have doubts if White Fairy keeps helping her without asking something in return. Besides, it will impede her state of mind during the cultivation if she always believes that she owes White Fairy.

Along the road, Lin Luoran picks up some spirit herbs in the prescriptions and random herbs which are filled with Reiki. A few days later, she is still far away from the exit of the secret land. She will have to ride on sword if she wants to get there in time.

Maybe because of the abundant Reiki in the secret land, Lin Luoran discovers that the field in her space becomes larger again.

The space used to be less than half an acre. With the log cabin covering one-third of the area, the rest of the land was not so large. Various kinds of useless grass were growing there and there was a pond. Thus, Lin Luoran was only able to plant a few seeds of everything on the medicine and vegetable fields she opened up. Now, spirit herbs are flourishing and the smell of them is refreshing in the space. Yet, the space doesn’t seem to be crowded.

Lin Luoran takes a closer look. The log cabin doesn’t change, but the medicine and vegetable fields almost cover an area of half an acre! Does this mean that the more she plants advanced herbs, the better the space will become?

Lin is not sure about this. She plants several peach pits in the vacant land beside the log cabin. Since one day on the outside equals to a year in the space, she will be able to harvest fresh peaches before leaving the secret land.

As for the planting of spirit herbs, Lin believes she will need a few more days to clear some land. She plans to do this after getting out of the secret land since she is in no hurry to use the herbs.

She moves all the monkey fruit wine into the space. Except for the Soul Stone which contains White Fairy’s essence, there are lots of seeds of various herbs she collected along the road. She has transplanted some young herbs into the space and collected the seeds of some herbs which she couldn’t recognize. The secret land opens once in a hundred years. Granted that cultivators above the level of Training Qi can go in here, Lin Luoran has to wait another one hundred years to come here again.

Days before, Lin Luoran’s internal organs were injured so she was not able to ride on sword. She has walked in the forest for five days by now and she has regained enough Reiki inside of her body. Lin gets on her flying sword.

She flies in the right direction for three days and arrives at the peach mountain. She doesn’t go to visit the old monkey, but she breaks a branch from the peach tree and plants it in her space in case the peach trees grow from peach pits may be different from the original ones.

Eight days later, peaches in Lin’s space ripens. Lin Luoran takes a bite. The peach actually tastes better than those in the peach mountain. Suddenly, a brilliant idea flashes in her mind. Will she be able to make some monkey fruit wine? This idea indeed puts her mind at rest.

It has been 19 days since Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er fell down the cliff. It is not a problem for Lin to arrive at the exit of the secret land in time as long as she is not delayed by anything else.

However, Lin Luoran is disturbed that Li Xi’er and Goldie never come back to find her after she sent them away eight days ago.

Li Xi’er relies so much on her, and the bond between Lin and Goldie will stop it from leaving her behind. Lin Luoran worries that something bad may have happened to them.

She only needs the last two ingredients to make the Foundation-laying Bolus. With the space, Lin never has to pay attention to the age of the herbs, which makes it so much easier to collect the ingredients. Lin Luoran now doesn’t have to look for the herbs deliberately so she focuses on flying to the exit on the sword.

Two days later, she arrives at a river.

The water is torrential and sandy. The river is so wide that she can’t even see the other side!

Flying in the sky, Lin Luoran sees something moving at the bank. She takes a closer look. Though she doesn’t see clearly, she is sure that they are humans!

Lin Luoran takes out her jade map. Ten light-spots are flashing closely to her. Lin is glad. It turns out she runs into her companions!

But— who are the other people around?