Chapter 118 One Astonishing Attack

Different from Lin Luoran’s relaxing way here, what Li Xi’er has confronted after she woke up on Goldie’s back is truly very troublesome.

Just like Lin’s assumption, as soon as Li wakes up, her first thought is to go back and find Lin. The rope on Li belongs to herself after all, so it is easy to untie herself.

When she takes out the jade slip to find a direction, however, Li Xi’er notices the red dots flickering and it seems that Wen Guanjing and others are not very far from her…Li is very delightful and directs Goldie to catch up with them.

Rarely did Li Xi’er become smart—after she saw that Lin Luoran was scared off by the black skull, she decided to call up Wen Guanjing and others to save “Sister Lin” together. Goldie carried her to chase them but the light dots just kept moving forward. It was not until they arrived at the Monkey Hill did Goldie and Li Xi’er finally catch up with them but it was impossible to turn back and save Lin Luoran any more…

Li Xi’er takes a glimpse at the surging river behind her and grips on her rope. She normally pays close attention to how she looks, but now she is covered with dust. Huaxia cultivators have already been stopped by this river for two days.

The number of their tracers are increasing: the Vampires and the Werewolves have joined the Vatican and the Japanese.

The Vatican and Vampires are surely deadly enemies. Wen Guanjing have never predicted that they would cooperate to chase Huaxia cultivators for interest.

“ST, you are wasting everyone’s time and we will get nothing in the end. Why not just hand it out and we can open it together? That would be so much better,” says Dana who joined the chase half-way. It’s strange that there are just four vampires altogether and Crystal is not present.

Wen Guanjing just ignores him.

The Japanese in kimono says something in Japanese. Hearing his words, Qu Yiren,a young cultivator who can understand Japanese, blushes. Taking a look at the innocent Li Xi’er, he does not translate those indecent words despite being very angry.

These chasers belong to a couple of groups. Some of them have two or three people while others have four or five so there are over twenty enemies against nine Huaxia cultivators. If they just fight recklessly, they will suffer loss for sure and that’s why Wen Guanjing wants to speed up and gets rid of them.

If his sword didn’t break while resisting the lethal hit from the monster, they would not be traced down by these people… Thinking about the parchment in his Universal Sack, Wen Guanjing decides to fight desperately when they have to.

They have fought several times in the chase, and each is fully aware of what the opposite is capable of.

Overall Huaxia Cultivators cannot defeat all the chasers, but if they want to take away the parchment from Wen Guanjing and his men, they will certainly suffer heavy losses as they are not bond together as one team. Wen and others manage to survive thanks to their enemies’ suspicion against each other.

Goldie hovers over Li Xi’er—Lin Luoran just asked it to take this one person, so it does not care about the others. Goldie just hovers leisurely and only dives down to attack when Li Xi’er is attacked. Those foreign cultivators are all annoyed by Goldie and they try to avoid attacking that girl — but she is so active in the fight that enemies coming against her ends up being hurt by Goldie.

Wen Guanjing is very pleased to have Goldie as an assist. Knowing that Goldie is the new steed of Lin Luoran, all Huaxia cultivators envy her so much. What Goldie is capable of has made them firmly believe in Lin Luoran’s power.

It’s a pity that its owner is not here and no one knows whether she’s safe or not. Wen Guanjing wants to go back to save her, but they are chased by this group of enemies and going back for her is like bringing her a crowd of wasps—it will not help at all!

As soon as Wen Guanjing thinks about this, Goldie, who has been hovering over them, suddenly screams and flies fiercely to the upper sky.

The jealous Japanese become wild with joy: it is perfect that the beautiful golden eagle leaves the stupid Huaxia cultivators and such a great eagle can only match the great Yomato people!

The Japanese becomes bitchy and says in crappy Chinese: “Wen, you have lost another assist, why don’t you just surrender!”

Qu Yi becomes even angrier: if this Japanese can speak Chinese, he must have said those dirty words to Li Xi’er on purpose! Qu Yiren’s anger makes him hold tightly his weapon—as soon as Wen Guanjing orders to fight, he will go and hit that leading Japanese at once!

Hearing that, however, he can’t help raising his head and thinks: the great eagle has been helping the Huaxia cultivators for days and they all enjoy its company; why does it choose to leave now? Does that mean it does not want to be with them, just like the Japanese said?

Huaxia cultivators are angry hearing that foreign cultivators mock at Goldie’s sudden sneaking away but they are not familiar with Goldie. They look at Li Xi’er, but she is also surprisingly looking at the sky. Does she not know where Goldie is heading for? They all feel disappointed at Goldie’s leaving but they at the same time do not want to believe that it leaves because of fear .

Wen Guanjing is the only one who has noticed something else: there is a deep joy in Li Xi’er’s eyes apart from surprise. He says: “Is that…?”

Li Xi’er uses such strong strength to nod her head that she almost hurts her neck. Goldie swoops down and foreign cultivators have embarrassed themselves by the bad look on their faces. They do not want to waste their time anymore and decide to attack the Huaxia cultivators together, which is rarely happening.

That middle-aged Japanese with a bald head has been drooling over Li Xi’er for a while so he sneaks behind her and is ready to attack. With a sudden scream, Goldie swoops down and everyone raises their heads and looks up. This time they notice something they ignored before because of the distance — someone who looks like a fairy is standing on Goldie’s back!

Lin Luoran flies down on Goldie’s back and sees that foreign cultivators are attaching Huaxia cultivators, especially that a dreadful one, who appears to be Japanese judged by his clothes, is trying to sneak attack Li Xi’er!

Lin Luoran may look cold on her face but she has a warm heart. She is easy to get close to people who can get along well with her. Although she has just known Li Xi’er for a short period of time, Lin Luoran has already treated her as a little sister who is growing up under her watch. How could she let anyone attack Li Xi’er?

Lin Luoran has not fully recovered. It is better for her to make a strong entrance and finish the fight quickly than to join the fight and be stalled by enemies.

Thinking this through, Lin Luoran stands up on Goldie’s back and summons the Sword of Bright Snow.

The long and narrow sword is glistening blue, and its smooth shape looks elegant and beautiful. It is also a powerful weapon to kill…Lin Luoran sneers as she has been trying to understand that instruction on sword spells along the way here.

They are now next to the Sand River and water Reiki is everywhere. God is helping them!

As Lin Luoran slowly infuses Reiki into the sword, this hairpin-shaped magic weapon glistens dazzling light. It becomes bigger and white frosts start to form on it, making the sword disseminate chill air.

People on the ground are all surprised and distracted by her imposing manner and they forget to fight each other for a while. The Japanese, however, is too focused on the sneak attack on Li Xi’er to look up and notice Lin Luoran.

The first move in the spells is to transfer calm water molecules into a strong weapon based on ample water Reiki…it is called “Frost’s Decent”.

Light is shining around the frosty sword — that is the chill light of the sword!

Usually frost appears at night. When no one is noticing, little frost flowers form on leaves and grass slowly.

Frost is another form of water. If it’s not for the spells and the sword itself, Lin Luoran cannot direct this form of “water” with her current cultivation.

Lin Luoran feels that at this moment, water Reiki from the Sand River is gathering and becoming agitated and excited. And herself is becoming water, is becoming frost and finally her mind attaches to the Bright Snow in her hand. She is, at this moment, a part of water Reiki, the white and chill frost, the “Frost’s Decent” and the sharp sword beam!

Different from the Grade Five Sword of Bright Snow, the water sword spells that white fairy taught Lin Luoran are on the top level, which she has not known yet. Rookies in the level of Training Qi can never imagine what cultivators in the later stage of Gathering Vitality are able to do.

Lin Luoran has just been trying to understand the knack in her head for over ten days and it is the first time for her to actually practice it. However, the power of top-level sword spells has already start to shine in her hands!

Circled by rays of light, the Bright Snow rushes out rapidly yet soundlessly. The middle-aged Japanese is the only one who feels something — he feels something chill behind his neck, touches his neck and finds there is a thin layer of frost. He can’t help raising his head and sees a flash of white light. And then…

Then he does not have a “then” anymore!

That hit is soundless. Lin Luoran strikes the sword. The moment that the frost descents, the Japanese’s head is chopped in half!

Lin Luoran gets off of Goldie’s back. Cultivators on the ground are all staring at her, not daring to make any sound.

The body of the middle-aged Japanese is just lying by the Sand River, with a confused face like he is wondering what that white flash is. However, his body is already chopped in half so he can never know the truth. There is no blood shedding from the dead body, just white frost on the wound. Still, everybody thinks this is worse than a bloody slaughter and they are all scared.

Li Xi’er is the only one who hasn’t notice anything. She does not realize that an astonishing attack just happened behind her. She is very pleased and surprised to see that Lin Luoran actually comes. Li Xi’er comes to Lin and grabs her sleeve, saying with grievance:

“Sis, finally! They all bully me! You have to punish them for me!”

Li Xi’er points at “they”, which almost includes everyone except for the Huaxia cultivators. They are all scared and take a step back, and those coward ones are almost about to cry—

Sis? Bully?

Dear princess, no one dares to bully you! Don’t make things up in front of this terrifying woman!