Chapter 119 “Goldie Express”

“You bastard!” Watching their companion’s dead body by the river, other Japanese cultivators finally come to themselves from the panic.

They are indeed obscene, but they are commendable in some aspects. For example, when everyone is frightened by Lin Luoran and doesn’t dare to move, Japanese cultivators dare to rush up with katanas.

There are many ways of cultivation, and it is not limited to the Taoist School. This Japanese cultivator, for example, is worthy to be called a master in Martial School in the small country of Japan. Over 50 years old already, he started his cultivation through martial arts. Although he has just stepped into the congenital realm, when it comes to close combat, there is little chance that Wen Guanjing can conquer him!

A Kanata has a sharp edge and it is long and narrow. The strength that Japanese cultivator uses to slash Lin Luoran is mountain-splitting. Lin Luoran steps back with Sword of Bright Snow as she cannot fight back easily before she finds any flaw in his movement. Getting trapped with him is not doing anything good to her, and it will weaken the deterrence she deliberately created before.

She is only a few steps away from the Sand River and now she is standing on the torrential waves. With the help of water spell, Lin luoran is standing on top of the waves, just like Luoshen, Goddess of Luo River, travelling on top of river.

With the help of his internal Qi, the Japanese cultivator is moving like a reed crossing the river and reaches Lin Luoran. He waves his Kanata, hoping to split Lin Luoran in half like what she did to his companion in order to ease his anger.

Lin Luoran sneers. The Sword of Bright Snow is a Grade Five magic weapon. With the infusion of Reiki, it cannot be defeated by any of the so-called magic weapons. At first she just wants to split the Japanese cultivator in half with one slash, but on second thought, since they are all standing by the torrential river, why bothers?

When it comes to making a reputation, of course, bigger movements are better. Lin Luoran does not have time to feel sorry for wasting all the Reiki she has gained in these days. She dodges a killing slash from the Japanese cultivator, quickly makes some gestures with her right hand and casts a “Water Dragon Spell”. It is not a big killing spell, but its effect is extremely gorgeous – just the right spell to make a reputation at this moment!

Lin Luoran’s fingers are moving fast and she finishes seventy-two hand gestures instantly. A dragon chant comes from the depth of the Sand River. At first, a whirlpool forms on the surface of the river. As the whirlpool grows larger and larger, the river gets more and more torrential as if a thunderstorm is coming.

Lin Luoran says “Spell completed!” and a three-inch-long water dragon suddenly jumps up from the whirlpool. It flashes past quickly and rolls toward the Japanese cultivator accompanied by the dragon chant!

As the waves hit the Japanese cultivator, he is terrified at first. When the water dragon wraps him around, however, he finds that it is only water and there is no aggression. He lets out a sigh of relief and feels that he is fooled by the Huaxia woman. Just when he is ready to fight back to “clear name for Martial School”, he finds that the “powerless and soft” water dragon is wrapping him more and more tightly. As he struggles, the water dragon drags him into the water!

At first, he is still trying to struggle and his head comes out of the water from time to time. Time passes. Thirty seconds, one minute, five minutes… Ten minutes later, the waves of the Sand River is still rolling but no one can see any part of his robe.

Lin Luoran chuckles to herself that using a water spell next to a river against someone who has just started cultivating seems like bullying…But so what?

Lin Luoran is satisfied as she has done what she wanted to and made a reputation. The water dragon is very powerful and the Japanese cultivator has died in a very supporting way. Foreign cultivators freeze at the scene. They look at each other and see fear in each other’s eyes – robbing is fine, but keeping alive is more important. After you?

Dana stops other vampires’ plan of encirclement. Even if they attack together with both offensive and defensive capabilities and they can kill this Huaxia woman, they cannot predict how many casualties they will suffer.

The reason why they despised Huaxia cultivators before is that Huaxia cultivators need time to cast their mysterious spells. Now they realize that eastern cultivators are not weak and that they just haven’t met someone so powerful. The handsome one from the Vatican feels so heart-broken — why does a girl with an angel face is so cruel like a dragon?

Everybody from the State of Huaxia is glad. Wen Guanjing himself has dropped all his arrogance. On strength alone, Lin Luoran has already proved to be the best among all the young Huaxia cultivators with her performance!

Li Xi’er feels much honored. Qu Yiren, who used to be an “angry-youth”,immediately lists Lin Luoran as one of the top three people that he admires most. Of course he lists his Master in the first place, but he is not sure to put whom in the second place – is it Sister Lin, or is it still Brother Wen? Qu Yiren looks at We Guanjing, who knows nothing about his listing, and decides that since he has known Wen for so many years, the second place should go to Brother Wen. As he is not familiar with Sister Lin, it will be ok that she stays in the third place…

“Miss Lin, I haven’t seen you for a couple of days. You still look very good.” Dana speaks easily and breaks the stalemate.

Lin Luoran pulls her lip and fakes a smile as a response to Dana. People say foreigners are straightforward at everything and now she seriously doubts that as Dana the vampire is doing good at the so-called aristocratic etiquette. He has secretly attacked her in the bat cave but now he acts as nothing has happened.

“Brother Wen, are we crossing the river?” Lin Luoran turns around and asks, exposing her back to the enemies. Actually the more relaxing she looks, the less those people dare to move. She is performing “bullying the weak and fearing the strong” to the utterly best.

Crossing the river? Wen Guanjing is in a daze for a second, and then nods his head.

Actually, there is no difference between crossing the river and not doing so… But if they cross the river, they will certainly get rid of the “wasps” which have been following them around. It seems that crossing the river is a better choice.

However, it is recorded in the jade slip that the Sand River is about 50 kilometers wide and is torrential on the surface. Wen Guanjing mainly uses fire spells and with a destroyed flying sword, he is afraid that he will not be able to absorb water Reiki from the river when his Reiki is not enough half-way.

Lin Luoran’s flying sword seems to be designed for female cultivators. It is extremely exquisite but it seems that it is not equipped with an enlarging magic circle.

Seeing him nodding, Lin Luoran waves her hand and Goldie lands next to her, rubbing its head against her. Lin Luoran whispers to its ear and Goldie nods its head reluctantly.

“Brother, for safety reasons, Goldie can carry two people at a time. Let’s cross the river!”

Wen Guanjing agrees. He and Luoran will definitely bring up the rear. Li Xi’er, who is pouting, is arranged with Qu Yiren to get on Goldie’s back first. In the cheerful expression on faces of Huaxia cultivators and hateful expression on faces of the other side, Goldie flutters its wings and takes off.

As a very professional “flyer”, “Goldie Express” flies very fast. In a moment, it has travelled really far and there is nothing but a small black dot for people to see.

It only takes Goldie fifteen minutes to travel 50 kilometers back and forth. Although it is not as fast as an airplane for the time being, it is as good as a sports car.

Lin Luoran takes out a peach to reward Goldie. Receiving the “sugar bullet” from Lin Luoran, it doesn’t feel tired anymore. Goldie raises its head, despising the foreign cultivators who are staring at them.

Are the foreign cultivators dumb?

Actually it’s not. They are not so much dumb as embarrassed. With so many people, they cannot take Wen Guanjing’s parchment, rather, they have wasted so much time long enough for Huaxia cultivators to get a strong support. They are all encouraging each other but in the end, no one dares to move. Dana is the only one with aristocratic demeanor. He is unwilling to waste time so he leads the vampires to go away and find a new direction.

There are actually no other options. If you stay here, the only option is to fight against this terrifying woman. You cannot expect to shake hands and make it up and then ask her to direct the hawk to take you across the river, can you?

Stop dreaming!

Watching foreign cultivators leaving in little groups, Lin Luoran relaxes a little bit. She has internal injuries and cannot recover soon. Even if she manages to win, the fight will definitely hurt her root. What is the point of that?

“Brother Wen, why is it so easy to talk these people over?” Watching a shirtless werewolf leaving reluctantly, Lin Luoran recalls what Wen Guanjing said outside that every time the secret land opens, cultivators of all countries will never stop fighting. Right now, however, it seems that they are not willing to fight to death?

Wen Guanjing smiles bitterly. If you had not killed those men viciously, no way they would have left so easily. However, it is indeed different from what the minister said before. After thinking for a while, Wen Guanjing answers, “Maybe cultivation is becoming more and more difficult, and these foreign cultivators are not willing to fight to death easily.”

It’s definitely true that cultivation is not easy. Among all the Huaxia cultivators who came out of the secret land a hundred years ago, only less than five of them successfully laid foundation. What about this time…Wen Guanjing looks at Lin Luoran and knows for sure that she will be one of the successors but he cannot predict anything else.

Lin Luoran sensitively perceives the depression in Wen Guanjing’s words. She smiles and says with great certainty, “Brother Wen, I’m sure that you will lay foundation!”

Her words, of course, are not promises, but a belief in Wen Guanjing and an expectation of Huaxia’s world of cultivation.

Wen Guanjing is only half step behind her and he is a cultivator in the later stageof Training Qi. If he cannot lay foundation, among the young generation of Huaxia cultivators, Lin Luoran will be the only one.

How lonely will she feel if that comes true…

Wen Guanjing thinks of the parchment and regains some faith in himself. He has always been the role model among the young generation of Huaxia cultivators. If he cannot lay foundation, how can he build confidence for the younger generation?

He takes a look at Lin Luoran, who is looking for Goldie on the river and clenches his fist in secret. If he cannot lay foundation, how can he be the “Brother Wen” of hers?

Breathing out slowly, Wen Guanjing feels much better and even the sky seems to be a lot clearer for him.

Lin Luoran does not look back, but she feels the change of Wen Guanjing’s mood and it is just like her sudden insight at Commander Qin’s home the other day. Cultivation needs a brave heart pursuing the Tao of nature. Without a heart like that, how can anyone gain immortality and eternal freedom?

Goldie appears in a distance above the river. It has travelled four times. For the last time, there are only Wen Guanjing and Lin Luoran to carry…

Of course “Goldie Express” is the happiest one. Seeing from afar that there are only two people left, it chirps tiredly with joy.