Chapter 122 Possession

The woman in the coffin opens her eyes. A shiny light suddenly bursts out and disappears into Lin Luoran’s face. Lin Luoran doesn’t have time to avoid and freezes instantly.

Wen Guanjing sees the light as well. With profound and immense knowledge, he comes up with a lot of ideas. Suddenly his face changes color. Looking at Lin Luoran in a blank face, he murmurs, “This is… Possession!”

The woman in the coffin is incredibly beautiful. Lin Luoran is beautiful and elegant. The two of them are like peony and green lotus, each with a unique feature.

“You are a descendant of Zu Mountain, so I will not make things difficult for you. However, if you want to be a busybody, hum!” Lin Luoran says with her lips remained still, but the voice is not hers.

That voice is soft, but there is coldness and unspeakable fierceness and viciousness inside. Wen Guanjing feels cold from head to foot!

This is not Lin Luoran’s voice. Does that mean that the dead woman has the upper hand right now?

At this moment, Wen Guanjing is having complex feelings. Judged from the murals on the wall and the inhibition guarding the door, this mausoleum obviously belongs to the ancestor of the Zu Mountain School. The woman in the coffin, even if she is not an ancestor of Zu Mountain School, she must have a history with Zu Mountain… Before reaching the level of Gathering Vitality, no one can conduct the secret spell of taking over other peoples’ body. That is to say, the woman was actually a cultivator in the level of Gathering Vitality!

If she succeeds, she will be a strong assist of Zu Mountain School as a cultivator in the level of Gathering Vitality. We Guanjing feels that his heart, which is always calm as water in a well, is beating so hard for the first time!

However, Possession has been an evil sorcery ever since ancient times, and it is disgraced by decent class. Wen Guanjing has always been taught to be gentle and righteous, so what happens now is against his morality!

On the one hand, there is the temptation of a cultivator in the level of Gathering Vitality; on the other hand, there is the inner condemnation. Moreover, the body captured by the dead woman belongs to Lin Luoran, who looks cold but is good to everyone she knows, who has just been accepted by her master, who is so dedicated to cultivation, and who has just started her life…

The struggle inside Wen Guanjing’s heart is even fiercer than that inside Lin Luoran’s body.

As for Lin Luoran, she knows that something bad is happening as soon as the light leaps into her ocean of consciousness.

“Possession!” Anyone who has read fictions on cultivation is familiar with it: they read about the protagonists in the fiction casting Possession or being casted the spell and they will only applaud the scene without shouldering any moral burden — they know that it is fake and will not put themselves in the story.

When she encounters it herself, however, Lin Luoran realizes that it is more than just a plot in the novel. If the dead woman takes her body successfully, from then on, there will be no such person as Lin Luoran!

Once spiritual mind is formed, ocean of consciousness will unfold. In fictions, its position is vaguely described as “inside brain”, but its actual location is inside pineal gland, the small red-brown, bean-shaped endocrine gland under Baihui acupoint and deep behind glabella, which is only a few millimeters long and wide.

The size may be small on the outside of ocean of consciousness. There is, in fact, something else inside it. With the deepening of cultivation and the expansion of spiritual mind, the ocean of consciousness will continue to grow.

Lin Luoran’s level of cultivation is not high, but her spiritual mind is somehow different from that of ordinary people. As soon as the dead woman enters her ocean of consciousness, she finds the difference and bursts out, “Eh?”

She has been cultivating for many years and has met many strange situations, so she does not care about this anomaly. She uses her hand as a sword and slashes towards Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind.

Lin Luoran looks at the woman who looks exactly like White Fairy and feels very emotional. The Soul Stone is lying quietly in her Universal Sack. Is it possible that all these are the trap set by White Fairy?

“White Fairy…” Even though she has already known that White Fairy wants something else, this scene still makes Lin Luoran very uncomfortable.

The woman in palace dress hears Lin Luoran’s words and her eyes narrow, “White Fairy… So you have heard of me.” Saying that, she doesn’t stop her movement.

Lin Luoran only feels unacceptable emotionally but she actually knows what is going on. Hearing her words, “heard of”? They have spent a lot of days together, how can she just “have heard of” White Fairy?

Lin Luoran instantly knows that this woman, no matter what relationship she has with White Fairy, is definitely not the White Fairy she knows!

Yes, even though White Fairy has taken every possibility into account, she cannot predict that Lin Luoran will follow Wen Guanjing to this underwater palace, so she cannot be waiting here to take Lin Luoran’s body.

Realizing that it is not a conspiracy, Lin Luoran feels that she has some strength back. She dodges the attack and retreats to one side. However, her ocean of consciousness is not broad so she is caught up by the dead woman only after a few seconds. Lin Luoran has nowhere to hide and she feels worried that if she does not fight back, she will be in a worse situation.

However, they are in her ocean of consciousness, how can she fight back?

Lin Luoran is worried, but she cannot cast spells. Even if she can, how can she destroy her own ocean of consciousness?

The dead woman sneers and makes some hand gestures. A net covers Lin Luoran. The dead woman draws the net and spits out a flame. She wants to burn up Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind!

The dead woman takes the upper hand. She assumes that Lin Luoran, a cultivator in the level of Training Qi, cannot defeat her. Therefore, she just keeps burning Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind and takes her body.

Wen Guanjing is still struggling, “Lin Luoran”, however, suddenly opens her eyes and moves her body. She is very happy that she finally owns a real body after so many years.

Looking at her expression, Wen Guanjing sees charm and elegance at the same time. It is still Lin Luoran’s face, but the expression shows that this person is definitely not Lin Luoran.

Has she lost? Wen Guanjing feels disconsolate.

“Lin Luoran” moves her eyes, and her expression looks vivid. She stares at Wen Guanjing and asks, “This body did not practice the mental cultivation method of the Zu Mountain School. And you, which branch do you belong to?”

Wen Guanjing does not know who she really is so he doesn’t dare to deceive her. He answers with respect, “I belong to the fifty-third generation of the Wen-branch of the Zu Mountain School.” He lowers his head and hides the strange looks in his eyes.

“The fifty-third generation of the Wen-branch? It’s been more than a thousand years…” “Lin Luoran” frowns, as if she is unable to accept the passing of time. She stands still for a moment and does not have time to check the nature of Taoist root Lin Luoran.

Wen Guanjing has so many questions to ask. Looking at this “Lin Luoran” who is obviously someone with a higher level of cultivation and who is standing in front of him arrogantly, he knows that if he doesn’t help, there is no chance for Lin Luoran to come back!

Wen Guanjing quietly casts a complicated spell. He looks at Lin Luoran and finds that she seems to be wandering. With his palms being very sweaty and veins on his neck popping, he slightly moves his hands…

“Bang!” A flash of light strikes on Wen Guanjing’s shoulder, and his unfinished spell is instantly stopped. Besides, Wen Guanjing himself falls into the lotus pool, making a huge splash, and crushing a lotus flower!

“Lin Luoran” sneers, “You betray your school for the sake of a woman. Even though you belong to Zu Mountain, there is no reason for me to keep you alive!”

Wen Guanjing barely stands up with no expression on his face, “There is no such evil thing as you in the Zu Mountain School, keeping your corpse from rotten just to wait to possess somebody today. You are…the traitor.”