Chapter 123 The Dead Woman’s Confusion

Hearing Wen Guanjing calls her “evil thing”, “Lin Luoran” is furious. She slaps in the air backhanded. With another “bang”, Wen Guanjing rolls back into the lotus pool. His right face is swollen, but he refuses to admit defeat. He stands up again, staggers forward and tramples on several lotuses.

Even people who don’t like flowers will feel sorry for the ruin of such beautiful lotuses. On the face of “Lin Luoran”, however, there is a lot of impatience as if she hates the lotuses in the pool. The question is, if she hates them so much, who it was that planted all these fantastic lotuses which accompanied her for thousands of years when she was asleep.

Wen Guanjing spits out blood: “What have you done to her?”

“Lin Luoran” fakes a smile and says: “Since you know about Possession, you should know that after I possess the body, your little lover’s soul is scattered.”

Wen Guanjing is furious, but he doesn’t want to explain to her that Lin Luoran is not his “little lover”.

Being attacked by the dead woman’s fire, Lin Luoran feels extremely painful and she cannot stop crying at first, and then she cannot move at all. However, the shape of her spiritual mind has not been burnt into ashes. The dead woman is not sure whether Lin Luoran is dead or not, so she doesn’t let go of her big net woven by her spiritual mind.

“Lin Luoran” looks at the crystal coffin. The female corpse lying inside looks exceedingly beautiful. Then she makes a mirror with water and looks into it. She is very dissatisfied with the present appearance, but she can only cast the spell of “Possession” once and there are only one man and one woman here. The dead woman has no other choices but to take the body of Lin Luoran.

She sees another movement of Wen Guanjing and loses her patience with this young cultivator of Zu Mountain School. She waves her right hand and lotus leaves which seem to be harmless start moving. The leaves move close to Wen Guanjing and tightly entangle him. Wen Guanjing is covered by this cocoon of lotus leaves, not being able to move.

As the “moral boy” is no longer a trouble, “Lin Luoran” grins and starts checking inside the body.

The net is still covering the spiritual mind of Lin Luoran. The dead woman takes a glimpse at the net, and then turns her attention to Lin Luoran’s body.

Finding the fire Reiki quietly laying in her meridians, the dead woman frowns and speaks to herself: “Taoist root of fire, this is not good.”

She used to be a cultivator of both Water and Wood. As water nourishes wood and wood protects water, it was easy for her to cultivate. Although she has cast “Possession” now, it shouldn’t be hard for her to get her ability back with the help of previous insight of cultivation — but why is fire Reiki, exactly what conflicts with water, in this body?

She recalls that Lin Luoran used a water spell and that means that she has Taoist root of water. Having two kinds of Reiki simultaneously is good, but that is for the complementary ones such as “water and wood” or “gold and fire”. Water and fire are incompatible. If one has this pair of Reiki, it is not something good, rather, it will be a burden.

She takes a closer look at the body and finds that apart from fire Reiki, there is only white Reiki with no attribute inside Lin Luoran’s body. Even though she knows a lot, she has never seen any of the young cultivators in the period of Training Qi has Reiki with no attribute. The dead woman frowns tightly at first and then thinks that there has to be a reason that the original owner can cultivate with such a strange body. Does she know any secret spell that no one knows? Or does she have any precious treasure with her?

The dead woman opens Lin Luoran’s Universal Sack and finds it filled with ordinary herbs and seeds. There is also a black stone, which she recognizes as a Soul Stone and does not care much about it. The Sack is very ordinary, and what’s inside is more ordinary. It’s strange that this female cultivator has nothing but all these seeds on her.

The dead woman was a female cultivator before she died and she knew about girls. Girls want to look good. Even if Lin Luoran doesn’t have any ornament or dust-free clothes, there have to be some dresses to change… Even if she doesn’t care about her appearance, why does she have no magic weapons to keep her safe?

There is only one possibility… “Lin Luoran” thinks for a while and looks at the bead at her wrist. She suddenly realizes that high-level storage magic weapon can look like all kinds of ornaments and only low-level cultivators will use the ordinary Universal Sack. This bead is the only ornament on her, so it has to be it.

The spiritual mind Lin Luoran uses to seal the Universal Sack is very easy to crack for the dead woman. She probes the bead carelessly. However, the bead has no reaction to her at all!

Instead of blocking her spiritual mind, it does not have any response to her spiritual mind’s exploration at all, just like a secular item.

Something is wrong!

Years of experience helps the dead woman make a quick judgment. If it were really something from the secular world, she would know it immediately. It is impossible that her spiritual mind cannot explore what’s inside.


Instead of getting angry, the dead woman smiles and her eyes are narrowed. She looks very charming and gentle. Her expression does not suit her act of robbing another people’s body the first time they meet.


Wen Guanjing is tightly wrapped by those crazy lotus leaves, and he looks just like a rice dumpling. He struggles hard to get his head out and breathes hard. He sees that “Lin Luoran” laughs with her eyes narrowed and scratches on her wrist with her own nails. Blood comes out.

Wen Guanjing says anxiously: “You have already taken her body. Why do you hurt her like that?”

“Lin Luoran” looks at him and smiles: “You really have a tender heart, don’t you? Let me ask you something. Which School does this girl belong to? If you tell me everything you know, I will consider not hurting her body.”

Wen Guanjing becomes speechless. He wants to answer this question, but the problem is, he does not know what School Lin Luoran belongs to. He doesn’t have another choice but to grinds his teeth and tells the truth.

“Lin Luoran” drips the blood from her wrist to the bead. Seeing the bead absorbing blood little by little, she is certain and says: “Sure enough, even her origin is mysterious. This is interesting…”

Wen Guanjing is still wrapped in lotus leaves and he can hardly breathe. His face turns red because of the lack of oxygen. He is always careful and thoughtful and he feels that Lin Luoran shouldn’t just die easily like that. He notices that “Lin Luoran” is now talking and behaving in a strange way so there is still hope inside him that maybe she is alive.

She’ll need some time… Wen Guanjing breathes out and says suddenly: “Since I have brought you a body, can you solve some problems for me, please?”

The bead is still absorbing blood, so “Lin Luoran” has some time for Wen Guanjing. Hearing this, however, she jeers at him:

“Clever. Why do you stop being a spoony?”

Although she jeers at him, she is now very bored so she is willing to talk to this young man of Zu Mountain School. She immediately says: “Ask your question. I’m now in a good mood and maybe I will give you the answer.”

At first, Wen Guanjing wants to ask if she knows the whereabouts of a classic of Zu Mountain School that has been lost for a long time. The answer to that question, however, is easy to answer — if she knows where it is she will say yes and if she doesn’t she will just say no. The yea/no question is very easy to answer and it is hard to buy time. Wen Guanjing reluctantly leads the topic to the murals outside. On the one hand, he does want to know the mystery of the disappearance of masters on the level of Gathering Vitality; on the other hand, it will take a lot of time to explain such a big event.

Hearing that this young cultivator asks about the murals, “Lin Luoran” has a mixed expression of fear, nostalgia, rejoice, loss and joy.

Wen Guanjing swears that he has never seen so many expressions on one face at the same time in his life.

The expression of “Lin Luoran” gradually became normal. She looks at the bead that has stopped absorbing blood and speaks with dignity:

“How can you ask this question with such a low level of cultivation? It’s better to change to another one… I have a lot of secret spells. Don’t you want to know?”

“Lin Luoran” speaks with temptation. She smiles and looks at Wen Guanjing. Breathing gently, Wen Guanjing shakes his head slowly.