Chapter 124 The “Antivirus” Bead

“Lin Luoran” doesn’t get angry, instead, she smiles. When she is about to say something, the bead has absorbed enough blood and starts vibrating and buzzing fiercely on her wrist. She leaves Wen Guanjing aside and explores the bead with her spiritual mind.

This time the exploration goes very well because Lin Luoran’s blood is working as a guide. As soon as she gets in, the dead woman sees the spring full of Reiki and the medicine field — she has experienced a lot, so the spirit herbs growing there seem to be common to her. Still, she is very surprised at this systematic space that is portable and full of Reiki.

In the cultivation world, there is always the legend of blessed spot. Judging from the amount of Reiki, this place is definitely a blessed spot. However, there is no blessed spot that is portable just like this.

The dead woman only knows that this place has enough Reiki for spirit herbs to grow. She doesn’t know that one day here is one year in the outside world. If she knows about this, she will no longer be able to calm herself and she will kill Wen Guanjing, who is watching the bead vibrating.

Even so, she is very delighted. The charm and gentleness on her face now all disappear, and there is only the sinister look, as if she comes from hell.

“Ha-ha-ha, God is helping me!”

Her insolent laughter echoes in the space. She laughs till tears roll down her cheeks. Suddenly, she sees the Sword of Bright Snow that Lin Luoran has left in the space and stops laughing.

At first, she only sends her spiritual mind in to explore, so she cannot touch what’s in the space. Seeing something she is familiar with, the dead woman takes Lin Luoran’s body into the space.

Suddenly, “Lin Luoran” disappears in the air. The bead she wears drops on the ground and makes a tinkling sound. Wen Guanjing does not know what is happening or where this woman who casted “Possession” goes, but he knows it is a good opportunity for him to get rid of the lotus leaves. He starts to struggle, trying to free himself.

The body is safe and sound and it can be taken into the space. The dead woman is now sure that it is truly a blessed spot. She goes forward, picks up the Bright Sword and looks closely at the almost-damaged Snow Sword, and she feels very shocked as if she got hit by a bolt of lightning —

“The Sword of Bright Snow… How many years have passed since I saw you last time?” The dead woman is sad, but then she becomes ferocious again, “No wonder that girl calls me White Fairy. She knows you… No, that’s not possible, you have lost your body and spirit. How can she know you?

The dead woman seems to be shocked and her emotion is out of control. Influenced by her spiritual mind, strong wind blows in the space, making the spirit herbs reel left and right. The dead woman, however, does not know it at all. She becomes crazy and her hands wave wildly. One flash from her hand hits the inhibition of the cabin and that stirs up a hornets’ nest.

Lin Luoran has tried many times. Although she can’t break the inhibition, it never hurts her because the space has accepted her.

This time, the dead woman takes Lin Luoran’s body and uses her blood as a guide. She casts some spells and forces the space in the bead to open and that’s why Lin Luoran’s body can come inside successfully.

Spiritual mind of the dead woman does not belong to Lin Luoran, which has raised vigilance of the space. However, the inside of the bead is like a computer program with a security sequence — as spiritual mind of the stranger does not pose a threat to the bead, it just raises vigilance and does not fight back.

When the spiritual mind hits the inhibition, the bead finds that this does not belong to its designated administrator and finally starts reacting!

Let’s compare the bead to a smart computer. Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind is the authorized administrator. Now that the spiritual mind is different, the bead believes that it is invaded by a virus… The antivirus program does not need the approval of the administrator and it starts to run automatically.

The inhibition ripples. The dead woman suddenly raises her head. Strong wind in the space finally stops, but the bead does not want to forgive the invader easily.

The inhibition ripples beautifully and there is a red light over the cabin. The warble of phoenix echoes in the space. A fire phoenix emerges from the inhibition and looks at “Lin Luoran” from above coldly. It is pure soul fire but it is looking at her coldly as if it wants to freeze her.

The dead woman was an absolute master in the cultivation world before her death. She was one of the cultivation masters at the level of Gathering Vitality who were acknowledged by the world of cultivation. As a high-level cultivator, she has gone through countless live-or-die fights, but none of her enemies has this freezing look like the fire phoenix!

She stares the phoenix for a few seconds and feels cold all over her body. She can’t help but step back, crushing a few spirit herbs.

She doesn’t dare to leave the space despite the stalemate — she has the feeling that the fire phoenix will not hesitate to kill her as soon as she moves.

Her face is bathed in sweat, and suddenly she smiles again. The bead belongs to the cultivator. Even if it seals her, she now occupies the body. If the fire phoenix kills her, it will kill its master too.

The dead woman feels relieved and smiles brightly.

The fire phoenix seems to know what she is thinking and sneers at her in a personified expression. It flies out of the inhibition, hovers gracefully over the cabin several times and once again makes a very clear chirp.

At that moment, Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind, which is trapped deep in the ocean of consciousness of “Lin Luoran”, slightly moves.

“Hum!” The dead woman draws her spiritual mind back to the ocean of consciousness.

Her net is still there and the fire is still burning, but something under the net is struggling. The dead woman makes a hand gesture and the fire burns more vigorously. Whatever struggles under the net stops moving. The dead woman sighs with relief.

The fire phoenix is intimidating, but there is nothing more than that. It seems to be just a bluff.

Subconsciously, the dead woman knows it can’t be this easy. However, she has just woken up from thousands of years of sleep, possessed a body successfully and gained a treasure of blessed spot inside a bead, so her heart is filled with joy. She just has to wait for the vanishing of Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind and she can take over the body and the mysterious space — thinking about this, she makes her fire burn more and more vigorously, hoping to burn Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind into ashes in an instant.

Inside the fire, as the net shrinking, Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind becomes smaller and smaller and finally it is as small as a walnut. The dead woman smiles and reaches out her hand, ready to crush the “walnuts”.

Her “hand” shaped by her spiritual mind looks just like her hand before she died, slender, white and long. Although it is doing such an evil thing as destroying some one’s spiritual mind, it is undeniable that every move carries a kind of unspeakable sense of beauty.

Unexpectedly, as soon as her fingers touch the little fireball, she feels as if her hand is tainted with strong acid. She cries out of pain and takes her hand back immediately.

White smoke comes out of her right hand. She is burnt by her own spiritual fire…

It’s impossible!

“Young girl, how dare you mystify me!” Looking at her wounded hand, the dead woman shouts furiously. In response, however, there is only a sneer from inside the walnut-like fireball.